Splash Screen

What Does Splash Screen Mean?

A splash screen is a particular screen on a website or piece of software that displays while the application or other item is loading. After the load is complete, the user is generally taken to another more functional screen. The splash screen is generally just a display screen to orient users and give them something to look at while hardware is working to present the software to them.


A splash screen is also known as a start screen or startup screen.

Techopedia Explains Splash Screen

Some of the most common elements of a splash screen involve a company’s name and logo or some type of title that indicates what people will be using. The Microsoft logo on Microsoft operating systems is an excellent example of a splash screen. The primary purpose is just to show people what they are using and reinforce the brand image, while remaining a kind of placeholder that people look at while they wait for the operating system to start up.

The term “splash screen” is also closely related to the term “splash page.” Unlike a splash screen, splash pages are often functional, but a splash page, like a splash screen, is still an initial landing point for the user. Users most often click out of a splash page through a limited set of command choices.


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