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What Does Squeak Mean?

Squeak is a language that is part of the Smalltalk set of object-oriented tools. It’s sometimes called a “dialect” of Smalltalk that helps with cross-platform implementations, such as in some forms of virtualization.


Techopedia Explains Squeak

With four user interface frameworks, for example, Morphic-based visual programming scripting, Squeak integrates specific elements of the design work that went into Smalltalk 80 and related language operations, including the contributions of Alan Kay and his 1960s “Dynabook” concept.

In modern implementation, Squeak users observed a unique licensing process, where Apple initially released Squeak under a proprietary license, then later utilized an Apache open source license. As a Smalltalk language, Squeak has been somewhat marginalized by other innovations, but remains a part of past projects in many different industries.


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