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What Does Stack Overflow Mean?

A stack overflow is a runtime error that happens when a program runs out of memory in the call stack. The stack overflow generally signals a problem in resource provisioning and has to be fixed in order to allow the program to run and use memory properly.


Techopedia Explains Stack Overflow

It is important to point out that a stack overflow is a logical runtime error and not a syntax error. Syntax errors result when the computer cannot read a section of code correctly, and these errors are caught by the compiler or at other key points before production. A stack overflow, on the other hand, happens “in the mix” and can be hard to figure out.

Stack overflows can be caused by not allocating enough memory to a particular program. They can also be caused by a codebase where the coder or developer did not remember memory limits and programmed the executable to exceed them. Many programmers consider recursive functions as a major culprit: With recursion, the iterative process eats up all of the available memory and then triggers a stack overflow.


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