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Triple Mode (Tri-Mode)

What Does Triple Mode (Tri-Mode) Mean?

Triple mode (tri-mode) is a mode redundancy technique for building fault tolerant information systems by creating redundant instances of a system. Triple mode enables the execution of a process on three systems simultaneously, where the resulting output is cast as a single output by a voting system.

The triple-mode technique is primarily implemented in information systems that require high system redundancy and fault tolerant capabilities.

Techopedia Explains Triple Mode (Tri-Mode)

In triple mode, if one of the three participating systems fails the other two can produce the result and eradicate the problem. However, if the voting system falters, the entire system will fail. However, in efficiently designed systems, a voting system also has redundant instances or the final output is the combination of several voting systems.

Besides hardware-based systems, triple mode is also implemented in software development processes to create multiple versions of a single program from the same specifications, all of which operate independently.

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