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Very High-Level Language (VHLL)

What Does Very High-Level Language (VHLL) Mean?

Very high level language (VHLL) is a high level programming language designed to reduce the complexity and amount of source code required to create a program. VHLL incorporates higher data and control abstraction abilities.

A very high level programming language is also known as a goal-oriented programming language.


Techopedia Explains Very High-Level Language (VHLL)

Sleek and simple, VHLLs supports rapid prototyping of software programs and applications. Generally, VHLLs don't require typical variable declaration and supports autotyping of routine tasks and advanced memory management services. Although designed for limited and specific use, modern very high level languages may be applied to a broad and versatile range of software products and services.

VHLL examples include Python and Ruby.



Goal Oriented Programming Language

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