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What Does Videography Mean?

Videography is the process of capturing videos or moving images using electronic media such as tape, hard drive, DVD/CD, Blu-ray and the like, and also involves the art and process of shooting video in a way that elicits a desired effect on the viewer. A videographer may be the person shooting the video, as the camera man, or the person in charge of the production of the video.


Techopedia Explains Videography

Videography is simply the production of videos from conception to the final product, generally in a small scale ranging from a team of a few individuals to a single person who does everything from shooting the video to setting and editing. The medium has always been the digital camera or camcorder, with the resulting captured video being stored in a digital storage medium such as a tape; modern cameras save video onto hard drives, solid state drives or flash storage.

In recent times, mainly because of the advancement in video capture and video editing technologies, the line between cinematography and videography has blurred a little bit and many videographers have begun calling themselves cinematographers. But despite the identical technology for video capture and editing tools, a simple yet very big distinction between the two is still present. Cinematography involves the visual and overall direction in the production of movies intended for the cinema or theaters, whereas videography, no matter how large scale, refers to any production not intended for theaters, such as those for TV and videos meant to be streamed on the Internet.


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