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Virtual Hosting

Last updated: January 13, 2013

What Does Virtual Hosting Mean?

Virtual hosting is the act of using a remote hosting service provider to host websites, data, applications and/or services. Virtual hosting enables a myriad of IT services and solutions that can be deployed, hosted and executed from a remote server or computing facility, where the backend infrastructure is completely managed by the provider.

Virtual hosting is also known as Web hosting.


Techopedia Explains Virtual Hosting

Virtual hosting is a broad term that incorporates a lot of different hosting services and solutions. Virtual hosting generally allows multiple IT appliances, such as websites and applications, to share a single Web server.

Traditionally, virtual hosting was limited only to website hosting, where websites were hosted and executed from a hosting service provider. However, with the advent of cloud computing and other managed services, virtual hosting now includes other solutions, such as virtual server hosting, virtual application hosting, virtual storage hosting and/or entire virtual data center hosting.



Web Hosting

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