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Disaster Recovery Team

What Does Disaster Recovery Team Mean?

A disaster recovery team is a group of individuals responsible for establishing and maintaining business recovery procedures and also coordinating the recovery of business processes and functions. For an effective IT disaster recovery plan to be implemented and maintained, a disaster recovery team is essential.

A disaster recovery team is also known as a business recovery team.


Techopedia Explains Disaster Recovery Team

The disaster recovery team is responsible for creating, maintaining and implementing the disaster recovery plan. The size of and composition of a disaster recovery team largely depends on the location, facility and size of the department. Its role is to ensure minimal disruption of business operations, assuring a reliable and sound backup system, minimizing risks of delays, ensuring the maximum security level and aid whenever needed in speedy restoration of operations and any other actions which are part of the disaster recovery plan.

The disaster recovery team is also responsible for analysis of existing network or IT structure, applications, databases and organizational setup. They are also responsible for having the master list of all storage locations, inventory, customers, forms, policies and alternate locations for operations. It is often recommended for a disaster recovery team to have members from all departments of an organization.

Having a disaster recovery team helps in creating an actionable disaster recovery program, considering all constraints and capabilities. The team can accurately identify requirements and see actions and needs from operational perspectives.



Business Recovery Team

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