Bad Idea AI (BAD)

What Is Bad Idea AI?

Bad Idea AI is an experimental project that combines blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), and decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs).


The project recognizes that AI is here to stay and seeks to consider different scenarios on how this innovative technology could better work with humans towards a collective goal. However, the outcome of this union remains uncertain.

It’s loudly and proudly a meme coin, “an audacious, tongue-in-cheek decentralized experimental project”, with the creators stressing it is for “education and entertainment purposes only”, but some of the thinking that underpins it suggests thought has gone into the road ahead where AI and humans collaborate on governance decisions.

Will AI be our savior, or could it be the beginning of the end for the human race? Bad Idea AI thrives on these dual possibilities and seeks to create a platform where both realities can be explored side-by-side.

How Does Bad Idea AI Work?

Bad Idea AI is crafting a tokenized ecosystem where the power of blockchain, AI, DAOs, human intuitiveness, and creativity are harnessed for a collective goal. Think of it as a high-risk fun-seeking meme creation so surreal that it is simultaneously audacious.

The project’s mission lies in envisioning a world where AI and humans share equal decision-making powers across various scenarios. However, it is still contained, meaning this experiment will only be executed within the distributed ledger system.

Trust is one of the things that blockchain technology epitomizes in reaching consensus. Bad Idea AI aims to see if this innovative technology could become a middle-ground where humans and AI can work collaboratively for the onward progress of the protocol.

But how does it work? Bad Idea AI operates on four key governance principles or scenarios:

  • AI participating in governance;
  • Human DAOs serving as counterweights to AI overlords;
  • Multi-sig veto power;
  • The balance between humans and AI.

The first principle hinges on the scenario where AI overlords have a say in key decision-making processes.

Using its highly analytical prowess, these AI systems will analyze data, assess risks, and formulate strategies that might be impossible for humans to do. This way, AI would help shape and influence decisions and their outcomes.

Human DAOs directly contrast this and feature a decentralized community of individuals who will serve as a check and balance for the AI overlords. Think of it as a counterweight.

The individuals here will also get equal decision-making powers and offer human intuitiveness and ingenuity to ensure humans are not taken out of the picture entirely.

Meanwhile, the multi-sig system will ensure that only human signatories can approve certain decisions. This is meant to be a safety net.

Finally, the project aims to create a harmonious environment where humans and AI can co-exist peaceably.

What Are the Bad Token Tokenomics?

Bad Idea AI is powered by a native token called BAD. The digital asset was launched on 5 May  2023. It is currently available on UniSwap, an Ethereum-based decentralized exchange (DEX), and a number of centralized exchanges like Poloniex and BitMart.

The tokens are meant for entertainment purposes only.

BAD has a total supply cap of 831 trillion tokens. 58% of the BAD tokens will be publicly available, while the rest will be split across team, AI, and blockchain development, and several others.


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