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What is the Gencraft AI Art Generator?

Gencraft is a text-to-image AI art generator that allows authorized users to create and modify digital images and videos from prompts.


Gencraft was designed by Suman Gupta, a product designer at According to Gupta’s LinkedIn profile, the design process for Gencraft focused on creating an intuitive and user-friendly app that empowers users to transform ideas into images and videos.

Customization and personalization options were a priority.

How Text-To-Image AI Art Generators Work

Art generators are typically low code/no code (LCNC) generative AI apps. A simple user interface (UI) hides the complexities of multiple machine learning  (ML) models that work together to analyze and reproduce different artistic styles – and different artistic elements like shapes, colors, and textures.

Essentially, a text-to-image AI art generator works by transforming a written description into a visual image.

1. First, the machine learning models analyze the input text, using natural language processing (NLP). Then they use deep learning algorithms to interpret the text and extract key elements like objects, actions, and styles.

2. Next, a neural network combines its understanding of the text with its learned artistic knowledge to create a new image that corresponds to the text description.

This process often involves a lot of computational resources, which is why most art generators are served from the cloud. For example, artificial intelligence (AI) might need to use computer vision to analyze reference images, use a generative adversarial network (GAN) to blend styles and fill in gaps in the description based on what the collaborative models learned during training.

Gencraft Components and Features

Gencraft ML models, which were trained with large datasets of labeled art, can create original image and video content in more than 25 styles.

The app has six different components and provides community members with two different ways to interact.

  • Image Gen: This component features a prompt box, an optional field for uploading photos, and an optional menu of artistic styles.
  • Video Gen: This component provides paid subscribers with a prompt box, an optional field for uploading videos, and an optional menu of artistic styles.
  • My Models: This component allows paid subscribers to fine-tune Gencraft’s pre-trained foundation models with the subscriber’s own captioned images. Only Pro users are allowed to use this feature, and users are charged an additional fee for each fine-tuned model.
  • Reference Image: This component allows paid subscribers to upload a single image with their prompt. Gencraft’s ML models will refer to the image when responding to the prompt.
  • Photobooth: This component allows paid subscribers to upload a single image of a person with their prompt. Gencraft’s ML models will refer to the image when responding to the prompt.
  • Magic Edit: This component allows paid subscribers to regenerate specific segments of a generated image with a new prompt. This component is useful for removing or replacing a specific object in an image.
  • Discord Community: This component, which is hosted by the third-party community site Discord, provides a discussion forum for Gencraft members.
  • Explore Feed: This component allows members to publish the images they have created. Members are also given the choice of “liking” specific creations and following the artist.

Is Gencraft Free to Use?

Gencraft is available through two different paid subscription plans. The Pro subscription, which costs $9.99 a week to use, unlocks all the art generator’s components and features.

New members are given ten chances per day to try the image generator component of the app for free. Free images are licensed through Creative Commons and can be used for non-commercial purposes only. Gencraft says they keep free images for 30 days before removing them from their servers.

Paid subscribers can use their creations for commercial purposes because they own the images and videos they create.

The Starter subscription model, which costs $3.99 a week to use, allows 25 prompts per day. This subscription does not provide 4k resolution downloads and does not unlock the My Models component of the app.

Subscription Plans

The Pro subscription model allows members to generate unlimited “creations” and train/fine-tune their own models for an additional $4.99 per model.

Additional features of the Pro subscription include:

  • 4k resolution downloads;
  • The ability to generate videos;
  • The ability to upload unlimited reference and training images;
  • Access to Magic Edit tools;
  • Lifetime image storage.

Gencraft Alternatives

AI-powered tools are democratizing artistic expression by allowing users of all ages and skill levels to create unique visuals with just a text description and a few taps or clicks.

Popular Gencraft competitors include:


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