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What is Leonardo AI?

Leonardo.ai is a free image creation tool that uses generative AI to create images on demand. Users can enter text and image prompts to generate multiple images at once.


The solution enables users to change the dimensions and resolution of output images and can also be used to create multiple digital images in the same style.

According to the company website, users retain ownership of all inputs entered into Leonardo.ai and all outputs generated. Images created with the platform can also be used for commercial purposes.

The platform is available for free via the official website or through the Leonardo.ai app for iOS.

Techopedia Explains the Leonardo AI Meaning

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The simple definition of Leonardo.ai is that of an “AI art generator.” It allows you to create many images at once and adjust their size and quality. As part of this focus, it offers users a diverse range of image creation and editing capabilities.

Leonardo AI Features

We’ve included a summary of some of Leonardo.ai’s top features below:

Image Generation

Generate multiple high-resolution images at once with text or image input.

Realtime Canvas

Create and edit images in a real-time canvas view.

3D Texture Generation

Upload OBJ files and use contextual intelligence to add textures to 3D assets.


Produce generative video assets in a single click.

Train Your Own Models

Users can train and fine-tune their own custom image models (over 470,000 models have been trained to date)

Negative Prompts

Enter prompts detailing what you don’t want to see in your creations.

Leonardo.ai’s features mean you can create and edit visual content for various use cases.

How to Join Leonardo AI

  1. To join Leonardo.ai, you need to create an account on the official website. To do this, click on this link to the website’s landing page and click on the Create an Account button.
  2. This will take you to a new window where you’ll be prompted to enter your name and email. Click on the Sign Up hyperlink below, enter your details, and then press the Sign-Up button.
  3. Leonardo.ai will now send you an email with a confirmation code that you can use to log in.
  4. Copy and paste the confirmation code from the email, enter it into the Verification Code text box, and press the Confirm Account button.
  5. You’ll receive a welcome message and be prompted to pick your username and interests. The welcome message will also ask whether you are over 18 and want to enable NSFW content.
  6. Completing this information will take you to the homepage, where you can view content recently produced by other creators.

How to Use Leonardo.ai

In this section, we’re going to take a look at a few of the different ways you can use Leonardo.ai. This includes Image Generation, Realtime Canvas, and Realtime Gen.

Image Generation

If you want to create images with Leonardo.ai, click on the Image Generation tab. Here you will be given a range of configuration options to choose from when creating your image.

This includes choosing what model you want to use to generate the image, the number of images you want the output to produce, the dimensions used, and whether the images will be made public. You can also enter a negative prompt to outline what you don’t want to see in the results.

To begin creating an image, simply enter a prompt in the text box and press the Generate button. It’s worth noting that the Generate button features a number that tells you how many tokens your request will consume (see the pricing section below for more details on tokens).

Realtime Canvas

Realtime Canvas is an image-to-image transformation tool that allows you to draw your own images. It is designed to convert drawings into digital artwork and visual assets.

To use Realtime Canvas, click on the tabbed option with the same name in the sidebar, and click your mouse on the canvas to start drawing. You also have an option to enter text prompts to guide the output.

How the model will transform your drawn design depends on the value of the Creativity Strength selected (the lower this value, the more of your original input design is retained, the higher the value, the more it is transformed), and the Style Selected. For instance, users can switch between Anime and Concept Art.

Realtime Gen

Realtime Gen is another tool in the sidebar that you can use to generate images with Leonardo.ai. To use it, simply enter a text prompt, and the solution will generate an output image instantly.

You can change the style of the image with the Elements setting. Here you can determine the influence of styles such as Coloring Books, Folk Art Illustrations, Kids Illustration, Toons & Anime to edit the output further. If you’re unhappy with the output, click on the Random Seed button to produce a new output image.

Leonardo.ai Pricing

Leonardo.ai is available to users in both free and paid packages. We’ve created a summary of the main packages below. The key difference between the free and paid packages is that the latter offers more tokens for creating images, can generate content faster, and provides access to additional features.

FreeApprentice StandardArtisan UnlimitedMaestro Unlimited

Price: $0

Tokens: 150 daily tokens

Video Generation: No

Model Training/Retention: No

Pending Jobs: No

Price: $10 per month

Tokens: 8,500 tokens (resets on billing date)

Video Generation: No

Model Training/Retention: Train 10 models per month and retain up to 10 models

Pending Jobs: Up to 5 pending jobs

Price: $24 per month

Tokens: 25,000 tokens (resets on billing date)

Video Generation: No

Model Training/Retention: Train 20 models per month and retain up to 20 models

Pending Jobs: Up to 10 pending jobs

Price: $48 per month

Tokens: 60,000 tokens (resets on billing date)

Video Generation: Unlimited video generation

Model Training/Retention: Train 50 models per month and retain up to 50 models

Pending Jobs: Up to 20 pending jobs

Is Leonardo.ai Safe?

Leonardo.ai is a popular and reliable image creation service that comes with some basic content moderation guardrails in place.

For instance, the provider uses prompt-level filtering and generation/output-level filtering (NSFW) to filter certain word combinations and images. This helps to restrict the production of offensive or harmful content.

That said, content moderation policies aren’t foolproof and can be sidestepped with certain prompts. As a result, it’s important for users to be aware that some NSFW content may slip through the net.

What Can You Do With Leonardo AI?

Leonardo AI’s image creation capabilities open the door to many different use cases. In this section, we will examine some of the high-level use cases for AI-generated content produced by the platform.

These are as follows:

  • Produce digital artwork for recreation or profit.
  • Create images on demand for content, including articles, blog posts, Q&As, webinars, and emails.
  • Generate video game assets, including character designs, props, buildings, background environments, tiles, concept art, and more.
  • Streamline product design for 3D physical objects such as devices, clothing, and furniture.
  • Develop visual assets for marketing campaigns to use in online ads, website banners, landing pages, and social media
  • Help human graphic designers accelerate their workflows and produce artwork faster.

Leonardo AI vs. Midjourney

One of Leonardo.ai’s biggest competitors in the market is Midjourney. Midjourney is a text-to-image solution available via Discord, which uses generative AI to create images out of a written prompt.

The main difference between the two is that Leonardo.ai offers a permanent free plan, whereas Midjourney doesn’t. However, Midjourney generally offers the ability to create higher-quality output images than Leonardo.ai’s. This comes at the cost of being more difficult to use.

In this sense, Leonardo.ai is a better fit for users who are new to text-to-image large language models (LLMs) and want to try out an image generation solution that’s easy to use. Midjourney is better for more experienced users who want to create high-quality AI-generated images.

The Bottom Line

Leonardo.ai is one of the fastest-growing image-generation tools on the market because of its diverse and accessible variety of features. Whether you want to develop content for recreation or enhance your marketing strategy, the platform has everything you need to achieve impressive results.


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