Diablo Market Rival Will Make Web 3.0 Debut this Quarter – An Investment to Not Miss Out on

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Swords of Blood is touted as the ultimate Diablo killer. The gripping game has already won a large community as the fast-moving presale of $SWDTKN shows. Now in the third and final round, the presale is heading for an early sell-out with the overwhelming influx of retail and whale investors.

The Web 3.0 MVP of Swords of Blood is scheduled to go live soon. According to top market analysts, the launch will kindle the next big bull run in the crypto P2E market.


There are no dull moments in Swords of Blood

Diablo is one of the biggest RPGs of all time. The game has a large community of fans across the world in different age groups. But the popularity of the game has been waning for some time now. The recent versions are less than inspiring.

Hit Box Games LLC aims to revive the action role-playing niche with Swords of Blood. The game, built on the framework of an award-winning title, integrates multiple interesting Web 3.0 elements to spark excitement.

The old version has a 4.8 out of 5 average user rating, over 4M downloads on App Store and Play Store, and 6M+ revenue from in-app purchases. That strengthens the credibility of the game and the gameplay themed around the resurrection of the World of Ezura. The project has already proven what it is capable of, but the team believes that crypto reward mechanisms and advanced features can take it to more users.


The AAA-quality fast-paced hack-and-slash role-playing game will be built on Polygon and boast flashy combat, stellar graphics, and various game modes. SWDTKN presale participants get exclusive access to the closed beta (launching in May), where they can try out the game modes, which can be synchronous or asynchronous.

Some of the most-awaited game modes are:

  • Main campaign dungeons in three difficulty levels.
  • Monster Hunt dungeons, where you play against waves of progressively harder monsters.
  • Boss Fortress, where you team up with four other players to fight against powerful bosses.
  • PvP, where you compete against other players to rank up in the global leaderboard to earn prizes.
  • Daily dungeons, where you enter a special rift to play a daily selection of dungeons with special rewards.
  • Event dungeons are time-limited event dungeons with a special currency that can be spent on unique event items.
  • Challenge dungeons are special events where you take challenges to win prizes from the global leaderboard.
  • Shattered Mazed is a week-long special event with an event shop where you go through mazes and fight monsters and bosses.

A free-to-play game with play-to-win gaming mechanics

We have seen how the crypto play-to-earn gaming arena has decayed over the last two years. Despite the overwhelming initial enthusiasm, it has proven to be unsustainable. The prominent reason behind the deterioration is the lack of exciting gameplay.

Most crypto games are utterly simple for an adult player who can afford to pay for the crypto and NFT gaming assets. While play-to-earn games used to have investor backing, they don’t capture or retain the interest of gamers. Without a solid gaming community, they have lost their appeal among investors too.

Swords of Blood doesn’t plan on following the P2E formula. Instead, it focuses on building a strong foundation for the game through gamers. It is designed to please gamers first. That in turn will bring investors to the project and sustain the value of the native assets.

The basic game is free to play for all. You need to pay only when you want to access more content. This is where SWDTKN comes into the picture. The token is used to access certain hero levels, thresholds for PVE/PVP content, tournaments, and battle passes. You will also need them to level up your items using Gold and Gems or unlock rankings.

The key is to give gamers the right to choose whether they want to go premium or not. If they find the game engaging, nobody has to force them to spend money on the assets. And that makes all the difference in building a solid gaming community.

Can Swords of Blood match Diablo’s success?

Swords of Blood is one of the most promising RPGs to enter the market in recent times. If the white paper and gaming trailer are any evidence, the game is a strong competitor to Diablo. Apart from the gameplay, the advanced Web 3.0 features give it a sharp edge in the RPG market.

To begin with, the crypto reward mechanism allows players to earn rewards from their gameplay. The blockchain foundation tackles the inherent limitations of Web 2.0 by bringing more transparency and decentralization to the ecosystem.

As the project transforms into a community-centric MMORPG, it will integrate E-Sport micro tournaments, community-based gaming with guilds and clans, and community-based communication areas. It will support both crypto (multichain) and fiat payments via SphereOne and Simplex.

The new 4, 8, and 16-player PVP modes and a soundtrack featuring members from popular acts will underscore the superiority of its gaming experience and mechanics.

How high can SWDTKN go?

As the native cryptocurrency of Swords of Blood, SWDTKN is a promising investment this year. While the gameplay is designed to rival RPGs like Diablo, the project has the potential to outperform crypto-gaming heavyweights like The Sandbox, Decentraland, and Axie Infinity.

Analysts predict a 600-800% surge for the token upon its initial exchange listings. But it can do much better later this year as the gaming community gains strength. The fact that the Web 3.0 MVP of the game will be soon launched instills faith in the project. And so does the team of gaming veterans like James Seaman that drives the project.

The SWDTKN presale is now in the final phase. This is the last opportunity to buy the token for a discount before it goes live on exchanges and the price takes off.


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