Dogecoin and Shiba Inu Have Saturated – Chimpzee is the Next 100X Meme Coin

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Meme coins are one of the most promising crypto sectors. No doubt about that. But investing in Dogecoin and Shiba Inu now, targeting 100X returns, is delusional. They are saturated with $10.98B and $5.9B market caps already.

The best way to take advantage of the meme coin mania, that at one point rewarded early investors with 14016.26% (DOGE) and 620240.86% (SHIB) ROI, is presales. Unearth fun and utility-rich meme coins before they go big. The latest example is Chimpzee – a meme coin powered by the mission to make a positive impact on the environment and save animals while opening plenty of passive income opportunities.

How Meme Coin Mania Can Save the Planet – Chimpzee Shows the Way 

Chimpzee is one of the unique projects to enter the crypto market this year. While we have seen plenty of meme coins in the past, Chimpzee is the first to integrate a robust green mission into the niche. Chimpzee taps into the meme coin craze to draw attention to wildlife protection and climate change.

To understand the market relevance of the project, we should first look at the alarmingly unprecedented surge in the number of endangered species and the rate of deforestation. Deteriorating wildlife takes a toll on climate worldwide, putting our future at hazard. According to NOAA’s 2021 Annual Climate Report, the average global land and ocean temperatures have risen by 0.14 degrees Fahrenheit every decade since 1880. Close to one million animal and plant species will fade into obscurity soon.

Interestingly, the gradual elimination of flora and fauna will lead to human extinction as well. After all, we’re a part of the ecosystem, without a separate existence. It’s time for us to act, by putting an end to destroying wildlife habitats, releasing harmful pollutants into the environment, and overusing natural resources. The key lies in understanding how climate change and wildlife destruction incite each other.

We can’t save the human species without saving animals and forests. Everyone knows that, but there is little action. And this is where Chimpzee comes in.


The platform uses blockchain and crypto incentivization to motivate more people to join the fight against climate change. It recognizes the need for global coordination, setting aside 10% of its total coin supply as donations to organizations working for the same cause. Partnered organizations include The Giving Block, One Tree Planted, and the WILD Foundation.

As the project expands, it will collaborate with more initiatives and update the website with their details to ensure better transparency and accountability. Moreover, they intend to create an online donation tracker on the website that will display the positive contributions it makes.

This is How the Chimpzee Ecosystem Functions

The key asset of Chimpzee is the Chimpzee NFT passport. In addition to giving you membership in the community, it provides you with more advantages and rewards in the ecosystem. The Chimpzee Transformation Generator is an AI-based desktop and mobile app that will generate customized NFT passports for each user. It converts your photo into a unique personalized avatar.

You can use the Chimpzee NFT passport to get access to the platform’s different features, sell it on the Chimpzee NFT marketplace and most importantly use it to get more rewards, advantages and higher earnings than someone without one. And if you feel like it, you can print it onto a variety of products using Chimpzee’s print shop and flaunt your camaraderie with the initiative.

The Chimpzee ecosystem opens three ways to earn money.

  • The Chimpzee Shop sells unique merchandise. By purchasing these products, you are showing your support for climate action. How? Chimpzee donates a share of profits generated from the platform to charity. And it rewards you with passive income in CHMPZ coins.
  • Chimpzee NFT Marketplace:  The first NFT marketplace that shares a portion of trading fee profits with users. In essence, you can trade and earn your way to a better world with the platform. You will find environment-focused NFTs on the main page of the marketplace, in addition to popular and promising NFTs sourced from a wide range of projects. They are vetted to eliminate duplications.
  • Zero Tolerance Game: It allows you to earn CHMPZ coins and premium prizes by immersing yourself in an epic quest that inspires youngsters to join climate missions.

At the heart of the Chimzpee storyline is Max Chimpzeeski, a brilliant scientist with a heart of gold. He has dedicated his life to saving the planet from wildlife destruction and climate crisis. His mission comes to fruition with Chimpzee. Part man, part ape, and part machine, Chimpzee can eradicate animal poaching and deforestation using its unmatched strength and wisdom.

Chimpzee Presale is Now Live with an Attractive Bonus for Early Investors

As the crypto market matures, investors are increasingly favoring innovative projects that make real-world changes. This is especially true when it comes to traditional investors who are waiting for the right window into cryptocurrencies. Chimpzee has already drawn their attention, as the fast-growing community reveals. But we can expect the project to collaborate with more traditional brands and initiatives in the coming months as the word gets around.

Chimpzee’s focus on acknowledging the human need for rewards and recognition, even in wildlife conservation and climate action, underscores its market relevance. The platform judiciously inspires people to save the planet while earning passive rewards. It brings both short-term and long-term rewards for investors.

Factoring in these features, CHMPZ is widely predicted to acquire a $1B market cap within a month of its launch, bringing multifold returns to users. While the days that follow the token launch will take the price 20X-30X, the launch of the ecosystem can bring 100X ROI to presale investors by the end of the year.

Since the price increases as the presale enters new stages, it is best to grab the token early. CHMPZ is selling at a starting price of $0.0005 per piece at the time of writing. The exchange listing price is $0.00185.

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