Dreamcars ($DCARS): The World’s First Crypto for Buying, Selling, and Trading Luxury Cars on the Blockchain

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Dreamcars (DCARS) is a new crypto project, unlike anything seen before in the market.

It is launching the world’s first cryptocurrency for buying, selling, and trading luxury cars on the blockchain.

Investors don’t just benefit from the value appreciation of Dreamcars NFTs. They can also earn daily rewards from rentals.

Dreamcars: The World’s First Marketplace for Fractional Car Shares

Dreamcars introduces a creative new crypto concept with high real-world relevance.

It makes fractional ownership of luxury rental cars possible through blockchain integration.

Using $DCARS tokens, users can buy fractions of prestigious cars like Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Bentley, Rolls Royce, Ferrari, Lamborghini, and more.


Dreamcars Royal Cars

A wide range of luxury cars will be a part of the Dreamcars Rental Car fleet.

The platform will mint Dreamcars NFTs, backed by a physical luxury car. It will be fully insured, and available in one of the project’s rental car showrooms.

Investors can own fractional NFTs for as little as $10 using $DCARS tokens.

While many people dream of owning a luxury car, few can afford it. With Dreamcars, you don’t have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a single car or lose money on depreciation every year.

Instead, investors earn an additional source of income with positive monthly cash flow from rent.

How $DCARS Revolutionizes Luxury Car Investments

All Dreamcars NFTs are linked to the car’s purchase contract. Blockchain verifies every asset’s authenticity by adding the vehicle’s serial number and other essential details to the NFT metadata.

The team of experts from Dreamcars vet and secure the car NFTs. A fraud-proof, decentralized record of the car’s history is maintained to ensure the highest transparency.

The NFTs provide a stable, growth-oriented alternative to cryptocurrencies and stocks, which are highly volatile. The car-backed NFTs are an excellent way to diversify investment portfolios.

Dreamcars is also launching a lending protocol where users can secure loans using their NFTs as collateral.

Dreamcars vs Traditional Car Investment

The ecosystem opens the luxury car market to everyone through blockchain tokenization. Anyone can own prestigious sports and luxury cars using $DCARS tokens, starting at just $10.

Apart from profits from the value appreciation of the NFTs, investors can earn lucrative rent as passive income.

The NFTs are easy to sell, unlike luxury cars. The liquidity of the asset is high, as a result, giving flexibility to investors. The NFTs can be traded on the native Dreamcars marketplace or any other third-party compatible marketplaces.

Build your Dream Cars Collection For Under $1000

From a long-term investment outlook, the key allure of the $DCARS token lies in the fact that it is easy to understand.

It doesn’t require technical analysis like stocks or cryptocurrencies.

Anyone can buy, trade, and sell shares of their favourite car while earning up to 60% APY through staking.

Dreamcars roadmap

Since the fractional NFTs are priced starting from $10, the entry barrier to the investment is incredibly low. On a $1000 budget, investors can build a diversified portfolio of luxury cars and earn passive income through rent.

Diversification is a great strategy to mitigate the risks attached to asset ownership.

Dreamcars Now Owns a Black Lamborghini Urus

The very first car that has made the Dreamcars collection is a black Lamborghini Urus.

All safety and legal aspects of the ownership have been taken care of. The car comes with a warranty from the Lamborghini Garage.

Investors will be soon able to buy shares of the car on the Dreamcars NFT Marketplace.

All Dreamcars luxury cars are sourced from trusted dealerships with insurance, warranties, and full car history.

$DCARS Presale Window is Open

The presale of $DCARS tokens is now live. Money secured in the presale phase will be used to reinvest and expand the brand worldwide.

Dreamcars Tokenomics

During the presale phase, investors can grab the token for heavily discounted prices. The price increases with each new stage of the presale.

For a better perspective, the expected listing price is $0.03. It marks a 285% jump from the current presale price of $0.0105.

How High Can $DCARS Go?

$DCARS stands out in the crypto market, which is mostly crowded with hollow projects like meme coins now. The token is backed by a real business generating high APYs.

Millions of people are interested in luxury cars. Thanks to its high investment cost, however, it’s a privilege reserved for the super-rich.

Dreamcars unlocks the market for all.

The project is not designed to draw investors looking for quick gains, although the short-term investment outlook of the token is highly promising. It shows potential to climb the charts 5X to 10X in the initial phase of exchange listings.

$DCARS Presale

But $DCARS will prove to be a better investment in the long run. It will build passive income for investors over time, and consistently expand the car collection.

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