Senator Elizabeth Warren Goes Hard Against Crypto (Again!)

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Senator Elizabeth Warren, a Democrat from Massachusetts, has recently intensified her critique of the cryptocurrency industry.

In a series of letters addressed to key players in the crypto world, including Coinbase, the Blockchain Association, and the Coin Center, Warren has raised serious concerns about the industry’s hiring practices, particularly the recruitment of former military and Congressional members.

Warren’s primary accusation centers around the crypto industry purportedly undermining Congressional efforts to regulate the sector, especially concerning its alleged role in financing terrorist groups.

Key Takeaway:

  • Warren’s Escalated Crypto Scrutiny: Senator Elizabeth Warren intensifies her criticism of the crypto industry’s hiring of former government officials.
  • Allegations of Lobbying to Undermine Regulations: Accusations focus on the crypto industry using ex-government hires to resist regulations against terror financing.
  • Industry’s Strong Rebuttal: Crypto leaders defend their right to hire experts, denying allegations of undermining regulatory efforts.
  • Focus on Stricter Regulations: Warren pushes for enhanced anti-money laundering laws in the crypto sector amidst lobbying and ethical debates.

Warren’s Bold Move: Probing Crypto’s Recruitment of Government Elites

The Senator specifically referenced the crypto industry’s recruitment of ex-defense and law enforcement officials, which she views as an attempt to lend a “veneer of legitimacy” to the industry while it resists regulations aimed at preventing terror financing.

Warren’s letters demand detailed information about the employment of former military and Congressional members in these crypto organizations, questioning the ethical implications of such hires.

In her letter, she calls out Coinbase’s recruitment of former President George Bush’s counterterrorism adviser Frances Townsend, one-time Defense Secretary Mark Esper, as well as other retired or former senators and representatives from both sides of the bench.


She argues:

“This abuse of the revolving door is appalling, revealing that the crypto industry is spending millions to give itself a veneer of legitimacy while fighting tooth and nail to stonewall common sense rules designed to restrict the use of crypto for terror financing — rules that could cut into crypto company profits.


“It also reveals significant gaps in the nation’s ethics laws.”

Crypto Industry Hits Back

The crypto industry has firmly rebutted Warren’s claims. Coin Center Executive Director Jerry Brito criticized the Senator’s assertions as a “bullying publicity stunt,” defending the industry’s right to engage experts who share their perspective, especially on matters they believe are detrimental to constitutional rights and national welfare.

Coin Center’s complete statement read:

“Engaging like-minded experts to advocate against legislative proposals that one sincerely believes are unconstitutional and detrimental to the nation’s welfare does not constitute ‘undermining bipartisan efforts in Congress.


“Rather, it is the exercise of the fundamental right to freely associate and petition the government. It’s everyone’s right and no one should apologize for doing it. Resorting to questioning motives often reflects an inability to prevail on the merits of an argument itself.”

Galaxy Digital founder Michael Novogratz also hit back with strong words:

“It is sad that @ewarren, who started her career with good intentions, has morphed into a disingenuous know-it-all who uses any chance she gets to make a headline.


“We must throw out the populists and replace them with a group of leaders who want to get things done. Not a senator who has passed ZERO bills!”

Decoding the High Stakes: The Financial Ripple Effect of Warren’s Plan

Senator Warren has been a vocal proponent of imposing stricter anti-money laundering regulations on the crypto market.

She has garnered bipartisan support for legislation aimed at enhancing these safeguards, particularly in the wake of the Hamas attacks in Israel on October 7.

The crypto industry, however, argues that concerns over Hamas funding via crypto have been overstated and that hiring former officials is a part of bolstering legal compliance.

The ongoing tussle between Senator Warren and the crypto industry highlights the complex interplay between regulation, lobbying, and ethics in this rapidly evolving sector.

With the crypto industry’s growing engagement of former government officials, the debate over appropriate regulatory measures and the industry’s influence in shaping these policies is set to continue.

The Bottom Line

As the crypto industry navigates through these regulatory challenges, the outcome of Senator Warren’s inquiries could significantly impact the sector’s future.

The debate underscores the need for a balanced approach that addresses regulatory concerns while fostering innovation in the burgeoning field of cryptocurrency.


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