eTukTuk: More Than a Vehicle, It’s a Sustainable Ecosystem with Impressive Rewards

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Alongside its groundbreaking EV-powered three-wheeler, eTukTuk is building a revolutionary ecosystem with impressive rewards.

Investors in the TUK token earn a commission every time drivers use the charging infrastructure to charge their vehicles, creating long-term passive income.

Its electric tuk-tuk has earned eTukTuk the recognition of becoming the Tesla of developing nations, helping to accelerate the uptake of EV solutions in poorer countries.

Overall, eTukTuk provides an avenue to sustainability while simultaneously providing rewards for investors.

Let’s take a look at this sustainability project.

eTukTuk Brings Groundbreaking Sustainable Ecosystem to Developing Nations

eTukTuk is on a mission to bring electric vehicle transportation to developing nations through sustainable EV solutions.


The project allows investors to join the green AI revolution and is seen as the most important sustainability project of the developing world this decade.

The project is building a dynamic multi-revenue ecosystem that has the power to balance sustainability with innovation.

eTukTuk wants to install a network of innovative charging stations and eTukTuk electric vehicles to help drivers switch from the internal combustion engine tuk-tuk to a more sustainable EV-powered three-wheeled vehicle.

Tuk-tuks are by far the most popular transportation method in developing countries. With over 270 million registered tuk-tuks, citizens use them on a regular basis to get around cities.

Although very versatile, tuk-tuks have been proven to emit significantly more CO2 than traditional cars.

As a result, the popular transportation method is one of the world’s biggest contributors to global air pollution.

The World Health Organization (WHO) predicts a major health crisis for developing nations, with 99% of the population breathing polluted air.

In addition, rising costs at fuel pumps are causing drivers to struggle even to make a basic wage.

eTukTuk wants to change this through its EV solution.

Revolutionary Three-Wheeler EV at the Heart of the Green Revolution

The revolutionary EV-powered eTukTuk is at the heart of the green revolution.

The tuk-tuks are built to be more sustainable and safer than traditional tuk-tuks, using a patented roll cage design to keep passengers safe.

These Zero-Emission Vehicles (ZEVs) have taken five years to develop, and eTukTuk is finally ready to start its campaign this year.

The eTukTuks can be locally manufactured using less than 200 components, reducing production costs and bringing jobs to local communities.

The team estimates a 78% reduction in operational expenditure, which should result in up to 400% increased driver pay.

eTukTuk is establishing itself at the forefront of the EV revolution in the developing world.

Although Tesla has made significant strides in the EV revolution, its technology is far too expensive for developing countries.

eTukTuk looks to change this through its affordable three-wheeler EVs.

With the two and three-wheel EV sector expected to become the largest by 2030, eTukTuk is putting itself at the forefront of the industry – helping early investors achieve substantial returns over the long term.

Sri Lanka: First Target Before Global Expansion

eTukTuk has set its first target in Colombo, Sri Lanka, before its global expansion.

Sri Lanka has over 1.2 million registered tuk-tuks and increasing fuel prices, causing drivers to struggle to earn a living wage.

eTukTuk will launch its affordable vehicle in the region and build a growing network of charging stations powered by blockchain to help make the revolutionary switch to EV as seamless as possible for drivers.

The project will use the Capital Maharaja Group as its Territory Partner in the country.

CMG is one of the largest conglomerates in Sri Lanka, and they will help to strategically place charging stations in the country to ensure accessibility and frequency of charging for drivers.

TUK Token: Get Positioned Today and Earn Rewards

The TUK token is your gateway to getting positioned in this revolutionary project and earning rewards as the charging infrastructure expands.

TUK serves as a utility token that will form the backbone of the entire ecosystem.

The token has been carefully designed to ensure long-term rewards for network participants alongside its capital appreciation.

Holders of TUK simply have to stake their tokens to start earning rewards.

As the efficiency charging network gains more adoption and drivers use the network to charge their vehicles, the yield earned by stakers continues to grow.

TUK is currently in the first stage of its presale, selling the token for a price of $0.024.

However, it’s using a rising pricing strategy, so the cost of the token will increase during subsequent presale stages.

Therefore, those investing earlier benefit the most from discounted prices.

Users can get positioned in TUK through the project’s website by converting BNB or USDT for the token. Bank cards can also be used for the purchase.

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