Find Out How IMPT’s Retail Partnership Program SaaS is Ready to Push IMPT Into Mainstream Audiences – 10x IMPT Surge Ahead?

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Experts believe a strong IMPT surge is imminent after the project released its groundbreaking Retail Partnership Program, designed to push IMPT in front of mainstream audiences.

IMPT has already released its revolutionary shopping platform application on Google and Apple stores and has introduced its staking mechanism with over 275 million $IMPT staked.

Now, the project continues accelerating its expansion plan through its Global Rollout Strategy and its Retail Partnership Program, bringing IMPT Planet’s Loyalty Program to offline local retailers.

IMPT Starts to Roll Out Its Ecosystem Products Following Successful Presale

The IMPT snowball continues to roll down the hill as it gathers momentum to push the Planet’s Loyalty Program in front of millions of users across the globe.

IMPT is an environmentally focused project designed to let individuals and businesses reduce carbon footprints by buying or earning carbon credits.

The project managed to raise over $16 million in its presale and has started releasing its ecosystem of products – including its Carbon Credit Marketplace and Shopping Platform.


The Shopping Platform is revolutionary, allowing shoppers to earn carbon credits by purchasing products from the world’s biggest brands.

The platform has over 10,000 famous brands onboarded, including Nike, Samsung, River Island, and Amazon.

These brands have allocated a specific percentage of margin sales for environmental projects like IMPT. As shoppers purchase products on the Shopping Platform, the sales margin is held in their accounts as IMPT tokens until they have enough for a carbon credit.

Once they have a carbon credit, users can either retire the credit to reduce their carbon footprints or put them toward sustainability projects as financing once they have a carbon credit.

With the Shopping Platform thriving, IMPT wants to focus on bringing the same benefits offline, allowing customers to earn carbon credits from local retailers that have signed up for the Planet’s Loyalty Program.

Groundbreaking SaaS Set to Push IMPT into Mainstream Audiences

IMPT recently launched its Retail Partnership Network to expand into local territories, allowing businesses to join the Planet’s Loyalty Program.

Retailers who sign up for the partnership network gain access to a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform designed to provide retailers with their ready-made customer loyalty program.

Leveraging the SaaS platform, businesses and retailers can gain exposure to thousands of environmentally-conscious shoppers who have downloaded the IMPT shopping app – all looking to shop in stores doing their part for the environment.

The technology helps retailers connect directly with eco-friendly shoppers and rewards them with Carbon Credits for loyalty.

Retailers can access the Retail Partnership NEtwork through the iOS and Android apps or the web application.

Global Rollout Strategy Provides Infrastructure for Rapid Global Expansion

In addition to the SaaS Retail Partnership Network, IMPT has started its Global Rollout Strategy.

This revolutionary partnership program allows entrepreneurs to partner with local retailers and expand Planet’s Loyalty Program.

This network allows entrepreneurs to become country and area partners, allowing them to expand in their territories and earn from the expansion of the IMPT ecosystem.

For example, Country Partners are tasked to build out the loyalty program in the country they buy. They receive 5% of all leadership agreements, 2% of all shopping in their country, and 5% of all IMPT merchandise sales in their territory.

Country Partners will need leadership and management skills and experience in marketing and negotiation.

Area Partners are responsible for directly creating relationships with retailers and educating them on the benefits of joining Planet’s Loyalty Program.

Area Partners can approach all types of businesses, from car washes to restaurants, pharmacies to hair salons – there are no restrictions on what retailer or service can join.

Similarly, Area Partners also receive financial rewards through commissions on the volume of shopping that occurs in their areas.

Overall, the Global Rollout Strategy will be the fastest road to expansion for the IMPT ecosystem, pushing the Planet’s Loyalty Program in front of millions of shoppers.

10X Price Surge Incoming?

With the Retail Partnership Network and the Global Rollout Strategy in full swing, experts are predicting strong IMPT price surges on the way.

The token has somewhat dropped in price with the overall market downturn, providing the perfect entry opportunity for investors looking for long-term growth potential.

With such a thriving ecosystem underway, the price of IMPT is set to explode over the coming weeks.

The best part about it is that the token is still mainly under the radar, meaning you’re very early to the party and have the perfect opportunity to get positioned before the price explosion.

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