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The Fitbit line of collections has undergone changes, especially since Google snapped up the company in 2021. Not so long ago, we witnessed a reshuffled Fitbit app and the introduction of the Fitbit Charge 6.

While Charge 6 looked very similar to Charge 5 from the outside, the technological flair it packed at launch was more pronounced since Google took over the management.

But it seems the Charge 6 isn’t going to reign for a longer time, as the rumors of the Fitbit Charge 7 launch are already upon us. There are more expectations on Charge 7 specs and features, with some rumors suggesting that Fitbit would debut the Charge 7 with a larger and higher-resolution display, improved health tracking features, longer battery, and even improved smartwatch features.

While details about the release date, specs, and features are still in flux, Techopedia has compiled the information that is out there below.

When is the Fitbit Charge 7 Coming Out?

Expected Launch: September 2024

The Fitbit release cycle is not easy to predict. While the company has not made any official announcement about the Fitbit Charge 7, we can make some educated guesses on when to expect the model.

Looking at the announcement of the last three Fitbit Charge models, we can see that the Fitbit Charge 4 was released in March 2020, the Charge 5 followed up in September 2021, and then the Charge 6 in September 2023.


While there have been both one-year and two-year intervals between past models, rumors surrounding the Charge 7 suggest a shorter, one-year cycle this time around.

If these speculations prove accurate, we could see the Fitbit Charge 7 launch in September 2024.

We will keep a close eye on all the rumors around Fitbit Charge 7 and update you with more concrete information on the release date.

Fitbit Charge 7 Features

Higher Resolution Display, USB-C Charging, Improved GPS, Longer Battery Life

Fitbit Charge 7 is expected to pack a lot more features than we saw in Charge 6. One of these rumored features is that Charge 7 might have a larger and higher HD ​​AMOLED display, like its rivals, Amazfit Band 7 and Xiaomi Mi Band 8.

Since Charge 6 has a 1.04-inch diagonal display and a 206×124 resolution, Fitbit might decide to increase on both sides, with rumors suggesting 1.5 inches and 240×240 pixels respectively.

While the Charge 6 already includes many health-tracking features, the Fitbit Charge 7 may include newer metrics like Continuous Blood Glucose Monitoring for diabetics and Menstrual Health Tracking. Fitbit Charge 6 uses AI and machine learning to enhance the heart-rate sensor, so we also expect to see this in Charge 7.

There are also rumors of Fitbit Charge 7 coming with better GPS and workout tracking than we currently have in Charge 6. Fitbit may leverage Google Maps data and Wi-Fi networks to offer more precise GPS tracking in Charge 7, similar to what Apple devices do.

The Fitbit Charge 6 arrived without an altimeter for accurate elevation tracking. With users in the Fitbit online community calling for the return of an altimeter, speculations suggest that Fitbit will listen to their yearnings in the upcoming Charge 7.

Aside from elevation tracking, the feature will also help refining individuals’ Daily Readiness Scores for more personalized workout recommendations.

Again, since modern devices are now moving towards a common universal charging port, the Fitbit Charge 7 might debut with a USB-C port. While the battery life of about 7 days in the current model is not bad, it’s still inferior to Amazfit Band 7 with a battery capacity of 232 mAh which promises about 18 days of battery life.

So, if Fitbit wants to catch up with this competition, they will have to increase the battery capacity in Charge 7, so users won’t need frequent charge rounds.

Fitbit Charge 6 vs Fitbit Charge 7

Here is how we think the Fitbit Charge 7 might compare to its predecessor.

Features/specs Fitbit Charge 6 Fitbit Charge 7
HD AMOLED Display  1.04inches diagonal display Rumors suggest Fitbit might increase the display to 5 inches in Fitbit Charge 7
Altimeter Absent Fitbit might include an altimeter in Charge 7
Wear OS  Absent, still runs on Fitbit’s proprietary OS Might come with Google’s Wear OS
Charging port USB-A Fitbit might change to USB-C in Charge 7
Launch price $159.99 Likely going to be between $159 and $179

Fitbit Charge 7 Price

Expected Price: $159.95 to $179.95.

Fitbit Charge pricing has been up and down in the last few years. The first Fitbit Charge was launched at $130, followed by $149.95 for the Charge 3 and Charge 4.

The price went up to $179.95 in Charge 5 but dropped to $159.99 in Charge 6. With this recent drop in Fitbit Charge model pricing, it will be reasonable not to expect any further price increase in Fitbit Charge 7.

So expect Fitbit Charge 7 to launch around $159.99 when it arrives. Even if there is any price increase, it may not exceed $179.95. However, it is important to note that these are just mere speculations, so it’s good to take them with a pinch of salt.

Fitbit Charge 7 Colors & Bracelet

Expected Colors: Black Aluminum, Silver Aluminum, and Champagne Gold Aluminum

Fitbit Charge bracelets returned to using a regular button in Fitbit Charge 6, so we expect to see that too in Fitbit Charge 7.

As for the colors, Fitbit may likely maintain the same color combinations found in Charge 6 in Fitbit Charge 7.

So, with that, Fitbit Charge 7 may come out in these colors: silver aluminum, black aluminum, and champagne gold aluminum. The same applies to the band — they can still come in Coral infinity, Porcelain infinity, or Obsidian infinity.

The Bottom Line

While Fitbit has remained tight-lipped about a precise date for the launch of the Fitbit Charge 7, we expect this wearable device to hit the market sometime in September 2024.

As the competition gets tougher in the fitness trackers market, Fitbit might decide to improve and add some new features to its next Charge series. So expect to see things like higher resolution displays, longer battery life, improved GPS and workout tracking, and AI and machine learning capabilities as we have seen in the Fitbit Charge 6.


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