Floki Inu Is A Screaming Buy This Week.Is Pepe Unchained Ready To Explode?

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Floki Inu tokens are basically a fire sale at FLOKI prices on crypto exchanges this week. The entire cryptocurrency industry is in the red on the 7-day scale, but the biggest loser for the week is Floki, so its prices are a screaming bargain bin value buy for interested altcoin gem hunters. 

But would they get the same value out of Pepe Unchained ($PEPU)?

That depends on how markets turn out for this interesting new Layer-2 meme coin with its own coin issuance based on the Pepe frog cartoon meme. 

What Makes Pepe Unchained ($PEPU) Presale Tokens Special

Ever since just last year, Pepe has sealed itself indelibly into the Web3 ecosystem as an important meme to consider. Coming from out of nowhere, Pepe Coin ($PEPE) on Ethereum became a large cap currency in mere months.

Now, it’s one of the most dominant currencies on the planet. Ranking #23 out of all cryptocurrencies by market capitalization (a couple ranks higher if you forget the stablecoin cryptos), all the PEPE in the world is worth about $5 billion on the market today.

That’s a hefty amount of extra savings for these Web3 bros to show off on the Ethereum blockchain with a frog meme on it. Someone’s been doing their research, doing the math, and not having fun staying broke. But Pepe is already a currency with a mature market adoption curve, so its tokens don’t come cheap and take longer to deliver returns than they did at first.


Imagine getting into Pepe tokens last year before the meme altcoin’s biggest pumps these past six months. That could be what it’s more like to get into new Web3 meme projects today like Pepe Unchained instead of the original 2023 Pepe Coin on Ethereum. Pepe Unchained is currently in its presale event and has raised an enormous sum in a small amount of time!

Floki Inu vs. Pepe UnChained This Week

Pepe Unchained Floki Inu

That still doesn’t mean the altcoin gem hunter on the prowl with their degenerate hands in their pockets should automatically jump for Pepe Unchained ($PEPU) when there’s Floki Inu to be had for as cheap as this week’s underdog prices for the doge meme coin.

Floki is trading down 36% on the 7-day window. That makes it the losingest coin out of all cryptocurrencies for market price this week. Floki lost more than Dogwifhat ($WIF), Bonk ($BONK), and Pepe ($PEPE), but all three of these Floki competitors were in the red for the week’s trading.

A week ago, traders were moving FLOKI markets at $0.0003147 per token, while the price for Floki Inu tokens has settled down to $0.0002027 this week in a sad seven days for bag-holders, but a happy week for volatility traders who profit most when markets face their biggest swings.

Just a month ago, Floki surged in price over 20% in just seven days, so it’s a pretty hot digital commodity to snag at a 36% discount over last week’s prices. Investors looking for something simpler, more hassle-free, and just less potential upside got a great opportunity in front of them. But those looking for a nice risk-reward proposition have a decision to make.

Visit Pepe Unchained’s Official Presale Website Here.


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