GambleFi Hits Headlines After Scorpion Casino Pays $100K To $SCORP Holders In Intuitive Revenue-Sharing Model.

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GameleFi is starting to make headlines after projects like Scorpion Casino continue to prove the revenue-sharing model is profitable.

Scorpion Casino has already paid out $100K to its holders as investors continue to rush to get positioned in this passive income ecosystem.

The project has already raised an impressive $2.4 million in fundraising, demonstrating the building confidence behind the crypto-based casino.

With deflation integrated into its ecosystem, a high-profile incubator partnership, and a fully licensed platform, $SCORP might be one of the most lucrative investments of 2024.

GambleFi Hits Headlines as Investors Seek Passive Returns

GambleFi is starting to make the rounds on news outlets as investors seek passive returns in intuitive revenue-sharing models.

In particular, Scorpion Casino continues to emerge as a solid option for a groundbreaking revenue-sharing model that shares platform revenues with all holders on the network.


Although projects like Rollbit continue to flourish, new investors are looking for alternatives that can produce significantly higher returns.

Scorpion Casino is on a mission to build the number one social crypto-based gambling platform where holders can earn from the revenues generated.

As a result, the passive income increases as the platform grows in adoption, giving way to long-term earnings.

Scorpion Casino now has a year of operation under its belt and has already paid out $100K to $SCORP holders, demonstrating that its revenue-sharing model works flawlessly.

Revenue-Sharing Model Combining Deflation With Passive Income

The revenue-sharing model for $SCORP stands out from its competitors as it introduces a novel deflationary mechanism into the ecosystem.

The revenue-sharing model provides increasing scarcity of the $SCORP token, making it more valuable over time.

The team will use a share of the platform’s revenues to buy $SCORP from the open market.

These buybacks provide a form of consistent demand for $SCORP, helping to stabilize the price for investors.

The team will then distribute half of the $SCORP purchased to $SCORP stakers on the network, providing them a passive income.

The other half is then sent to a burner wallet, removing $SCORP from the ecosystem to create deflation.

The rising demand driven through buybacks and the falling supply driven through deflation can potentially turn $SCORP into a 100x token over the long term.

Crypto Incubator and Highly Professional Platform for 100X Returns

Investors are also excited by the high-profile crypto incubator partnership announced by the team.

Scorpion Casino has partnered with Tenset, a crypto incubator that has helped previous presale projects surge by over 100x from their presale prices.

For example, Tenset masterminded Meta Hero’s epic ascent into the top 250-ranked projects, and investors believe it can produce similar returns for $SCORP holders.

Scorpion Casino is a highly professional platform with over 200 highly polished games to provide an exceptional gaming experience.

Through its integration with significant gaming providers, Scorpion Casino provides games for blackjack, poker, roulette, and slots.

It also has a sportsbook to wager bets on the outcome of popular sports matches.

Most importantly, Scorpion Casino is a fully licensed casino, obtaining its credentials from the Curacao eGaming licensing entity.

This means that Scorpion Casino is a provably fair platform, making it a perfect venue for crypto-based gamblers.

Presale Ending Soon: Final Opportunity to Get Positioned

The presale for Scorpion Casino is approaching its final days of operation as it quickly closes in on its fundraising goal.

$SCORP is the native token behind the platform and is a utility token that will be used as the platform’s default betting and payment currency.

Investors can currently purchase $SCORP for $0.024 in the presale.

With the listing price set at $0.05, this provides exceptional returns for early adopters.

In addition, if you buy more than $1,000 $SCORP in the presale, you will automatically be enrolled into the Elite Scorpion Members Club, which provides perks like VIP Services, cashback on the Casino, and extra staking rewards.

Finally, investors can quote the exclusive bonus code “Scorpion20” to get an extra 20% SCORP on their investment for a limited time.

Overall, Scorpion Casino has set the foundation for an explosive ride in 2024. Its intuitive revenue-sharing model combined with its highly professional experience and high-profile incubation partnership provides $SCORP holders with the chance for a 100x return over the coming months.



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