What is a Grand Salami Bet? – Grand Salami Betting Explained

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Betting on one game may not be enough for some fans.

They may want to have skin in every game from the afternoon through the end of the night. But parlays are tough to hit, especially at the six- and seven-leg mark, and round robins can add up quickly with the increased stakes a player needs to wager to win.

Enter Grand Salami betting, which invites you to wager on the total number of runs or goals scored in a single day.

If you’ve heard of Grand Salami betting and are curious to learn more but aren’t sure how the mechanics work, we’re here to help.

What is a Grand Salami Bet?

Grand Salami betting is when you wager on the total number of runs, goals or points scored in a day of action in a single sports league.

The term Grand Salami stems from a casual nickname for baseball’s grand slam, so naturally baseball is the primary sport for this type of wager. However, there is Grand Salami betting available in hockey as well.

Aside from betting the total number of runs or goals in a given day, sportsbooks will also produce moneyline odds for the full lot of home or road teams to win the day’s action.

That means you can choose either the home or road teams to finish with more goals/runs.

How Does a Grand Salami Bet Work?

MLB Grand Salami Betting

Since Grand Salami is a baseball term, mainstreamed by Seattle Mariners broadcaster Dave Niehaus in the 1990s, it makes sense that it is the most popular with bettors at top MLB sportsbooks in the US.

If you’re interested in Grand Salami baseball betting, sportsbooks will set a total — like Over/Under 100.5 runs scored on an 11-game day — and you will be required to choose either the Over or Under.

The sportsbook will also include corresponding odds, of -110, the sportsbook equivalent of a coin flip, for either the Over or Under.

You may also choose the full lot of home or road teams to finish with more runs in a given day with corresponding odds too.

NHL Grand Salami Betting

Hockey totals, as with baseball, can skew high or low depending on the matchups and time of the year. This means you can also place Grand Salami wagers at NHL betting sites and get involved in the action.

While NHL Grand Salami betting on a five-game night, there may be an Over or Under of 30.5 goals, or 63.5 in a 10-game night on the ice.

As with baseball, there are corresponding odds for home or road teams to finish with more goals and for the Over and Under too.

How to Place a Grand Salami Bet

grand salami bet

Here’s a list of steps to placing your Grand Salami bet:

  1. Sign into one of the best online sportsbooks, like the ones we recommend here at Techopedia.
  2. Click on “Grand Salami” under either the MLB or NHL tab.
  3. Peruse the odds and determine whether to wager the Over, Under or Home or Road moneyline.
  4. Click on the bet you wish to make.
  5. Root for your bet to hit!

Pros & Cons of Grand Salami Betting

As with everything, there are advantages and disadvantages to Grand Salami betting.

Pros pros

  • Can still wager on all games without placing long-odds parlay.
  • Bet can still hit even if one game goes higher or lower than expected.
  • Road/Home moneyline option.

Cons cons

  • Unpredictable.
  • Multiple high-/low-scoring game can skew the total.

Grand Salami Betting Tips

1. Do Your Homework

1. Do Your Homework

Is there a pitcher that handles a certain opponent or a goalie who struggles against a specific club? Or are there a few teams that are offensively deficient or slumping that could throw off the whole day’s Over?

Seeking out knowledge that either affirms or contradicts your belief system is always advisable, rather than just blindly choosing one side.

2. Create a Story

2. Create a Story

I always advise bettors to do this when considering multi-leg wagers. Simply, go through each game and objectively craft an outcome you believe will happen.

After you’ve done that, do the math in your head and decide whether your total will be higher or lower. Try to give yourself some wiggle room just in case things don’t go exactly how you planned.

3. Target Value

3. Target Value

If the Dodgers are a -225 favorite at Coors Field and the Yankees are -250 at Oakland, there’s a good chance of the Road Team winning a Grand Salami moneyline bet. If the Road Team is +100 in that scenario then it is worth mashing.

If there are multiple home teams that are heavily favored, and those teams are going off at reasonable price like -120 or longer, then it’s worth considering that option too.

4. Try to Have Fun

4. Try to Have Fun

We bet on sports to make the games we love a little bit more enjoyable and add a tangible winning element to it. If you are betting more than your limit then it becomes stressful and can have a negative effect on your well-being.

Have fun and be responsible, and you’ll be doing it right.


Grand Salami betting can be a lot of fun for fans who are trying to cash in on offense or a lack thereof without the lottery-ticket odds of a parlay.

If you do your homework, craft a story and seek out the most valuable plays while not breaking the bank, Grand Salami betting can be a lot of fun.

Patrick Pickens
US Sports Expert
Patrick Pickens
US Sports Expert

Pat Pickens is a veteran versatile sportswriter who has covered pro sports since 2013 and has written about sports gambling since 2021. He is the author of the 2021 book "The Whalers: The Rise, Fall, and Enduring Mystique of New England's (second) Greatest NHL Franchise.