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Running for two weeks in January, from 15 to 28 in 2024, the Australian Open is the first Grand Slam and tennis major of the year, signaling the start of another season of tennis. The Australian Open can be a serious eye-opener for sports betting as it reveals the biggest contenders of the year to come.

Read on for our best Australian Open betting tips. Our tennis betting experts provide unique insights into finding value on the men’s and women’s tournament, and provide a simple guide on how to bet on the Australian Open tennis in 2024. 

How to Bet on the Australian Open Tennis

Picking the best sportsbook is the first step on your journey to betting on the Australian Open. With so many different sports betting sites offering tennis betting this can be a little overwhelming, but use our list of recommended Australian Open tennis betting sites at the bottom of this guide to help work out which one is the correct fit for you.

When you’ve decided which sportsbook you like best, you’ll need to open an account. As soon as you’re registered you’ll be able to make bets, so navigate to the tennis section and then the Australian Open. A simple first bet for players learning the ropes would be picking the outright tournament winner.

Once you’ve got a few tennis bets under your belt – hopefully including some winners – you can use the Australian Open betting tips and strategies outlined below, and move on to the more advanced betting markets. You’re looking to beat the bookie, which means taking advantage of any odds you think are under-valued.

Bettors will only be aware of the draw for the Australian Open in the weeks just before it starts, but once it’s announced, that’ll be a crucial tool in plotting how far players might go, and who could end up triumphant.

In the months building up to the event, keep an eye on other competitions, the form of players you like, and any injury news.

Be sure to make the most of any promotions your sportsbook is running around the tournament, and remember that as a new bettor you’re almost guaranteed to be given a generous welcome bonus, so don’t be afraid to sign up to more than one site. 

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Real World Example of an Australian Open Tennis Bet

Let’s delve into a real-world example of an Australian Open tennis bet so you’re familiar with the process before staking yourself. At the time of writing we’re months away from the 2024 Australian Open so we’ll look into the outright tournament winner with BetOnline (but do check back nearer the event start date for a full range of betting markets).

BetOnline AUS Open futures.

We’ve opted for Novak Djokovic to retain his 2023 title and win the tournament outright at odds of +115. This means wagering $100 on the outcome on our betslip, on the right-hand side, would return winnings of $115 (including the original stake) should the Serbian triumph again.

This market will remain open until there’s a winner of the 2024 Australian Open, or were Djokovic to be knocked out, or pulled out of the competition through injury or anything else.

If you were to back a player to win the tournament and they even made it to the first round you’d probably get your money back. Make sure to check the terms and conditions with the sportsbook.

Step-by-Step Australian Open Tennis Betting Guide

To make sure novice bettors know how to bet on the Australian Open before the tournament kicks off, we grabbed our best tennis insider and had them create a simple guide.

Using BetOnline as our example, we walk new bettors through the sign up stage, deposit process, and that all-important placing of the very first bet.

1. Head to BetOnline

Go to BetOnline and click on the green “Join” button, easily located on the homepage.

BetOnline homepage.

2. Fill out the forms

Complete the simple web forms by providing your personal details. This includes your name, mobile number, residential address, and email address. Once completed, go ahead and verify your email address by clicking on the link provided in the first email from BetOnline.

BetOnline signup section.

3. Deposit and claim bonus

Log into your account and click on the “deposit” button. At the top of the cashier section, you’ll see the latest BetOnline promo codes too. Copy the code for the bonus you’d like to claim. Next, choose a deposit method, nominate an amount, enter any required details and enter the promo code in the space provided. 

BetOnline cashier section.

4. Choose an AUS Open bet

Consider our hottest Australian Open tennis betting tips and then head to the sportsbook. Navigate to the tennis section using the side menu. Alternatively, you can search for the Australian Open directly too. Find the Australian Open market of your preference and make a selection. 

BetOnline tennis futures selections.

5. Place your Bet

Your selection will be sent to the bet slip located on the right of the screen. Enter your stake and click “Place Bet”.

BetOnline bet slip with tennis bet.

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Types of Australian Open Tennis Bets

All of the top tennis betting sites cover a wide range of markets that allow you to bet on numerous parts of a single tennis match or tournament. We’ve identified the most popular tennis betting markets below to get you up to speed ahead of the Australian Open.

Tennis betting options for a single match.


Moneyline betting refers to wagering on which player will win in a single match. So, Roger Federer to beat Nick Kyrgios would be a moneyline bet. You simply need the player you select to win the match for the bet to be successful.


A bet on the tournament winner will be referred to as a futures or outright bet, depending on which sportsbook you choose, and is essentially the tournament winner. This is a market that usually goes live well in advance of the tournament and sometimes closes at the commencement of the tournament.

Simply select the player you think’ll reach the final and win the entire Australian Open. This market’s available for both the men’s and women’s tournaments.

Sharp tennis bettors keep a close eye on this market as news around injuries, and training sessions, becomes available, and betting trends affect the odds. The odds are usually longest weeks or months before the event, and you can find an edge by betting early.

Prop Bets

Prop betting is any market relating to a single tennis match that isn’t directly tied into the outcome of that match.

For example, “Novak Djokovic to serve three aces” is a prop bet because it doesn’t matter who wins, Djokovic just needs to serve three aces for the bet to be a winner.

There’s both player, and game props. Player props relate to the performance of single players, while a game prop relates to outcomes in the match as a whole. For example, “Match to have five tie-breaks” would be a game prop since it doesn’t relate to an individual player.

Common prop bets will cover the number of games in a set or the exact score after certain sets.


Parlay bets are a special wager in which two or more selections are combined to create a larger bet with multiplied odds. The risk’s greater because every single one of the selections must win for the overall parlay bet to be successful.

A parlay is a bet that combines two, or more, selections into a single larger bet and to be successful, each of the individual legs or selections must win.

For example, if only three of your four legs of the parlay win, you’ll lose the bet. But if all four are successful, you’ll win. The payout’s greater than if you placed four individual bets because the odds are all multiplied together.

Live Betting

The Australian Open is one of the many tennis events for which online sportsbooks will offer live betting. These are largely the same markets as pre-match betting, but the odds dynamically shift in real time with the outcomes of the match.

For example, the underdogs odds will suddenly shorten if they get off to a fantastic start against the favorite. If a match is tight with loads of tie-breaks, the totals market will likely get stronger.


Also known as handicapping, spread betting sees you betting on who’ll win the match, and by how many games. By applying a game handicap on the favorite, you’ll get more valuable odds. For example, a -1.5 spread on the favorite means they need to win by two games or more for the bet to be successful. 

Spread betting is great for getting better odds when a favorite’s a sure bet against a far weaker underdog. Additionally, you can bet on the underdog to cover the spread so you win, even if they lose.

For example, if the underdog has a +2.5 spread, they simply need to lose by two games or less, or win, for the bet to be a winner.


Sometimes referred to as over/under bets, a totals market is where you bet on how many games or sets will be played in a single match. For example, a +21.5 totals bet would mean you need the match to last at least 22 games for your bet to be successful.

Conversely, a bet of -21.5 would mean the game needs to conclude after 21 games or less. The best way to find value with totals betting is determining whether a favorite is going to quickly beat an obvious underdog (Under bet) or predicting the underdog is no push over (Over bet).

Totals tennis bet.

How to do Live Australian Open Betting

You can bet on almost every match of the Australian Open in real time through live betting. The odds will shift dynamically with the action and you’ll be able to find an advantage by predicting outcomes over the next few minutes, or hour, rather than just the overall result.

Head to any of the top AU betting sites and you’ll find available live markets in the “live sports” section. You can also search for the match directly. Notice that each market will have a marker to denote whether the odds have gone up or down.

For example, if a player wins a game, the odds of them winning a set will likely increase, and vice versa. When you add live bets to the bet slip, you’ll receive the odds as you clicked on them – this is called “bet acceptance”.

You don’t need any special Australian Open betting tips here. Just click on a selection, add your stake and place your bet like you would a pre-match market.

Australian Open Betting Tips and Strategies

Our tennis experts have been kind enough to provide their most valuable Australian Open betting tips and strategies. These betting tips for the Australian Open are not sure fire ways to win but provide key ways to increase your likeliness of making accurate predictions. 

1. Follow updates on fitness & form

Keep your eyes on the latest tennis news. Follow the X accounts of players, coaches, and pundits. This is the best way to find out whether players are fit and injury free.

The Australian Open is one of the more difficult tournaments to predict based on fitness and form simply because it’s the first. Much of the data regarding form may be quite dated and some top players will simply skip the tournament if not 100% fit to make sure they can play more tournaments throughout the year.

There are a couple of tournaments right before the Australian Open – chiefly, the Auckland Open or Saudi Masters – and this can be a great way to observe the form of some of the lower seed competitors. Remember to consider that the Auckland Open has three-set matches, compared to the five-sets of the Australian Open. 

2. Consider playing surface

The Australian Open is played on a hard court but its composition is still very different to most other hard courts, including the US Open. Since 2008, the Australian Open has been played on Plexicushion, which is made up of acrylic and rubber.

The bounce is consistent and predictable, but the surface has low bounce and grip. This means senior, more experienced players do have a significant advantage as shot control isn’t always as easy as it might otherwise be.

Some players also prefer hard courts too. For example, Novak Djokovic is widely considered to be the best hard-court player ever, and has won a record 10 Australian Open Men’s titles.

3. Check recent Australian Open performances

Grand Slams are a big deal and not everyone can hack the pressure. Recent Australian Open performances are often a good indicator of future performance.

For example, Daniil Medvedev made consecutive finals in 2021 and 2022, but has never managed to win the title. We also know that Novak Djokovic is more than capable of consecutive finals wins since he has done so multiple times.

Aryna Sabalenka is a brand new champion, having won the Women’s title in 2023, and numerous competitors, including Petra Kvitova and Jennifer Brady, have made the final but failed to win. The Women’s title seems very much more of an open field than the Men’s title. 

4. Consider previous head-to-heads

Another good way to predict a winner is to consider each player’s performance when they played each other in the past. Obviously, this won’t be possible for every match.

Check head-to-head records to see who has the most wins when they clash, and the conditions of those matches. For example, does one player have more wins over another but they’re all on grass courts rather than hard courts?

Head-to-head data can provide tons of little insights into the likely outcomes of individual matches. This data is also very easy to come by.

5. Study rankings data

The Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP), and the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) rankings are a good general indicator of players that are likely to perform well. It’s hardly the be all, end all though. It’s the start of a new season, so the rankings won’t carry a huge amount of weight just yet, but it can indicate some rising stars.

6. Study statistics

This ties in with form and previous performance data. You can dive really deep into player and tournament statistics to crunch the numbers relating to details such as faults, break-points, serve percentages, and error counts.

You might find some key stats that can be useful. For example, Elena Rybakina won 82% of her first serves and found half of her first serves weren’t even returned.

7. Take advantage of live betting

Live, or in-play betting, is a very strategic way to gamble on the Australian Open. There’s a delay in the shifting of the odds, so quick and nimble bettors can often beat the price shifts. Additionally, live betting odds are largely algorithmic, and knowledgeable bettors can often spot trends way before the odds adjust.

8. Follow tipsters

You can also gain unique insights and valuable Australian Open betting tips from social media platforms, newsletters, and sports betting sites. Former professional players, sharp and pro bettors, and even sports pundits can all provide insights into a match or tournament.

Who’s Favored to Win the Australian Open 2024 – Men’s Singles?

Novak Djokovic claimed his 10th Australian Open title by defeating Stefanos Tsitsipas in straight sets in Melbourne in 2023. This extended his record ahead of nearest challengers Roy Emerson and Roger Federer, who both won six Grand Slams down under.

Dropping just one set en route to the final, the Serbian was in imperious form, dispatching the likes of Grigor Dimitrov, Alex de Minaur, and Andrey Rublev. Djokovic may have turned 36 this year, but he’s heavily favored going into the 2024 tournament due to his dominance in Australia.

Carlos Alcaraz of Spain is the man that may well stop him though, having overcome Djokovic in a five-set Wimbledon final thriller earlier this year. Alcaraz won his first major at the 2022 US Open, so knows his way around the hardcourts. 

Another potential winner is Daniil Medvedev, who won his only major at the US Open in 2021. He has twice made the final of the Australian Open, only to lose both times in straight sets to Djokovic in 2021, and over five sets to Rafael Nadal, in 2022.

Despite his ongoing injury troubles, Nadal cannot be discounted, having won in Australia in both 2009 and 2022. But it may be more likely that homegrown hitter, Nick Kyrgios, comes good on his undoubted talent and tastes success on his own patch, having made the Wimbledon final in 2022.

Other contenders include Greek ace, Tsitspias, who has already made the final once; Jannik Sinner, who reached the quarter-finals at every major before he turned 21; as well as Dane, Holger Rune, and Norwegian star, Casper Ruud.

Who’s Favored to Win the Australian Open 2024 – Women’s Singles?

Last year’s winner, Aryna Sabalenka, loves a hard court. Besides winning the Australian Open and claiming the world number one sport for a spell, she made the 2023 US Open final and Indian Wells final.

Elena Rybakina has enjoyed major success, winning Wimbledon in 2022, and dominated during her run to the 2023 Australian Open finals, despite losing to Sabalenka when it counted. In a perfect world, these two stars will reach the final once again.

However, there are some big possible returns in 2024. Angelique Kerber hasn’t competed since 2022 due to pregnancy, while Naomi Osaka and Caroline Wozniacki are tipped to launch their comebacks.

Interestingly, BetOnline is offering great value on Coco Gauff who is priced at +700. The teenage sensation beat Aryna Sabalenka to claim the 2023 US Open title.

Of course, they’ll all have to contend with world number one, Iga Swiatek, who is continuing to dominate after winning the WTA finals to cap off 2023.

Women's Aus Open futures.

Australian Open Tournament History

The Australian Open has been played every year since 1905 and initially began as a grass court contest. Numerous Australian and New Zealand cities have hosted the tournament until Melbourne became the eventual home in 1972.

Many 20th Century tennis stars have never actually played the Australian Open due to its geographical remoteness – it was an awfully long boat ride from the US and Europe.

The tournament switched to hard courts in 1988 and has remained a hard court Grand Slam ever since. Fun fact – Mats Wilander is the only player to have won the tournament on both grass and hard courts.

A pioneering tournament, the Australian Open, was the first Grand Slam to feature exclusively electronic line judging. The 2024 tournament will feature earlier day sessions to prevent lengthy matches going into the early hours of the morning which plagued the 2023 tournament.

Types of Australian Open Events

The Australian Open features every possible tennis event. This includes singles and doubles events for Men’s, Women’s, Men’s Wheelchair, Women’s Wheelchair, Boys’, and Girls’ categories.

Men’s Singles

The men’s tournament will kick off on the first day of the Open, with three days of singles matches ahead of the second round on Wednesday.

Last 10 Years of Men’s Singles Finals

Year Winner Runner-up
2023 Novak Djokovic Stefanos Tsitsipas
2022 Rafael Nadal Daniil Medvedev
2021 Novak Djokovic Daniil Medvedev
2020 Novak Djokovic Dominic Thiem
2019 Novak Djokovic Rafael Nadal
2018 Roger Federer Marin Cilic
2017 Roger Federer Rafael Nadal
2016 Novak Djokovic Andy Murray
2015 Novak Djokovic Andy Murray
2014 Stan Wawrinka Rafael Nadal

Women’s Singles

The Women’s singles tournament also kicks off on the first day and follows the same format as the Men’s contest.

Last 10 Years of Women’s Singles Finals

Year Winner Runner-up
2023 Aryna Sabalenka Elena Rybakina
2022 Ashleigh Barty Danielle Collins
2021 Naomi Osaka Jennifer Brady
2020 Sofia Kenin Garbine Muguruza
2019 Naomi Osaka Petra Kvitova
2018 Caroline Wozniacki Simona Halep
2017 Serena Williams Venus Williams
2016 Angelique Kerber Serena Williams
2015 Serena Williams Maria Sharapova
2014 Li Na Dominika Cibulkova

Men’s Doubles

The Men’s Doubles begin on Tuesday 16th, during the last day of the singles’ first round.

Last 10 Years of Men’s Doubles Finals

Year Winner Runner-up
2023 Rinky Hijikata & Jason Kubler Hugo Nys & Jan Zielinski
2022 Nick Kyrgios & Thanasi Kokkinakis Matthew Ebden & Max Purcell
2021 Filip Polasek & Ivan Dodig Rajeev Ram & Joe Salisbury
2020 Rajeev Ram & Joe Salisbury Max Purcell & Luke Saville
2019 Pierre-Hugues Herbert & Nicolas Mahut Henri Kontinen & John Peers
2018 Oliver Marach & Mate Pavic Juan Sebastian Cabal & Robert Farah
2017 Henri Kontinen & John Peers Bob Bryan & Mike Bryan
2016 Jamie Murray & Bruno Soares Daniel Nestor & Radek Stepanek
2015 Simone Bolelli & Fabio Fognini Pierre-Hugues Herbert & Nicolas Mahut
2014 Lukasz Kubot & Robert Lindstedt Eric Butorac & Raven Klaasen

Women’s Doubles

The Women’s Doubles start alongside the Men’s Doubles on Tuesday too.

Last 10 Years of Women’s Doubles Finals

Year Winner Runner-up
2023 Barbora Krejcikova & Katerina Siniakova Shuko Aoyama & Ena Shibahara
2022 Barbora Krejcikova & Katerina Siniakova Anna Danilina & Beatriz Haddad Maia
2021 Elise Mertens & Aryna Sabalenka Barbora Krejcikova & Katerina Siniakova
2020 Timea Babos & Kristina Mladenovic Hsieh Su-wei & Barbora Strycova
2019 Samantha Stosur & Zhang Shuai Timea Babos & Kristina Mladenovic
2018 Timea Babos & Kristina Mladenovic Ekaterina Makarova & Elena Vesnina
2017 Bethanie Mattek-Sands & Lucie Safarova Andrea Hlavackova & Peng Shuai
2016 Martina Hingis & Sania Mirza Andrea Hlavackova & Lucie Hradecka
2015 Bethanie Mattek-Sands & Lucie Safarova Chan Yung-jan & Zheng Jie
2014 Sara Errani & Roberta Vinci Ekaterina Makarova & Elena Vesnina

Mixed Doubles

The Mixed Doubles tournament begins on Thursday, two days later than the Men’s and Women’s Doubles.

Last 10 Years of Mixed Doubles Finals

Year Winner Runner-up
2023 Luisa Stefani & Rafael Matos Sania Mirza & Rohan Bopanna
2022 Kristina Mladenovic & Ivan Dodig Jaimee Fourlis & Jason Kubler
2021 Barbora Krejcikova & Rajeev Ram Samantha Stosur & Matthew Ebden
2020 Barbora Krejcikova & Nikola Mektic Bethanie Mattek-Sands & Jamie Murray
2019 Barbora Krejcikova & Rajeev Ram Astra Sharma & John-Patrick Smith
2018 Gabriela Dabrowski & Mate Pavic Timea Babos & Rohan Bopanna
2017 Abigail Spears & Juan Sebastian Cabal Sania Mirza & Ivan Dodig
2016 Elena Vesnina & Bruno Soares Coco Vandeweghe & Horia Tecau
2015 Martina Hingis & Leander Paes Kristina Mladenovic & Daniel Nestor
2014 Kristina Mladenovic & Daniel Nestor Sania Mirza & Horia Tecau

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