How to Bet on College Football – NCAAF Betting Guide and Tips

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Why Trust Techopedia

Learning how to bet on college football will afford you vital insights into finding an edge while betting on one of the toughest collegiate sports in the US. The NCAAF is the breeding ground of future NFL stars and there is ample opportunity to bet on these developing stars.

Our college football betting guide will teach you the basics of how to bet on NCAA football, but we’ll also reveal insider tips provided by some of the sharpest football bettors in the US. Read on to get the hottest NCAA football betting tips.

How College Football Betting Odds Work

NCAA football betting

College football betting is still all about favorites and underdogs.

The favorite will be the bet selection with the shortest odds, while the underdog will be priced with the longest odds.

How to Bet on NCAAF – An Example

Let’s imagine an NCAAF game between Penn State and Illinois.

BetOnline, one of the top offshore sportsbooks available in the US, has priced Penn State as the favorite at -600 while Illinois are underdogs at +450.

A $10 bet on Penn State would yield a $11.67 payout while the same $10 bet on Illinois would pay out $52.50.

But we can get a little more complex than that. This college clash provides a unique PK betting opportunity since both spreads are at even odds (-110 each) and the spread is pretty big.

You could bet on Penn State at Over 14.5. For the bet to be successful, Penn State simply needs to win by 15 points or more, and at -110, you’ll get a higher payout than betting the moneyline.

If you feel your prediction prowess is really on point, you could try a same game parlay (SGP).

For example, you could bet the moneyline on Penn State, add a totals bet of Over 48.5, and a game prop backing Penn State to be leading at the end of the first half. All three bets would need to be successful for you to receive a payout.

How to Bet on College Football

To bet on college football, you will either need to visit a retail sportsbook or one of the leading college football betting sites, like the ones we recommend here at Techopedia.

Online sports betting is the superior option as you’ll be able to shop around for better odds and value.

Once you’ve signed up, all you need to do is find a game to bet on and select the amount to wager before placing your bet. There are various betting markets available, which we’ll explain in more detail next.

Types of Bets

While you won’t see quite as many betting options as your average NFL game, top online sportsbooks will still offer copious amounts of possible bet selections for a single game. These come in the form of multiple bet types that allow you to bet on different aspects of the game – or the entire season at large.


The moneyline bet is the simplest bet type, as it just needs you to pick which team will win the game – simple as that! For example, backing the Navy Midshipman to beat the Memphis Tigers at +450.

Point Spread

A point spread is the margin in which a team wins or loses. If you bet on the favorite to win a spread bet, you’d need that team to win by the chosen margin or more. Alternatively, if you back the loser to cover the spread, they would only need to lose within the given margin or win the bet. For example, Navy to win with a spread of +14.5 means they need to beat the Tigers by 15 points or more.


Totals betting sees you trying to predict the combined total of points scored by the two teams in a single game. For example, a score line of 37 – 40 would be a total of 77. You can choose to back “Over” a given total or “Under” a total. Over 59.5 means you think the score will be a combined total of 60 or more.

Prop Bets

Prop bets are special bet types that are not tied to the outright outcome of the game. For example, many game specials are prop bets, such as “1+ Rush TDs in Each Quarter”. No matter who wins the game, the bet is successful if more than one rushing touchdown occurs in each quarter of the game.

ncaa prop bet betonline


A futures market covers the final outcome of a specific series, tournament, round, or league. It is placed well in advance of the actual event and, in many cases, bookmakers will close the market as the outcome approaches. For example, betting on Georgia Bulldogs to be the outright winner of the Championship.


A parlay is a bet that features multiple single bets. The bet is packaged together and benefits from odds that are multiplied by the other legs, which provides far longer odds than the combined payouts of the individual bets. Unless otherwise stated, a parlay must be made up of bets from different events. For example, a moneyline bet in Game X, a moneyline bet in Game Y, and a totals bet in Game Z.

Same Game Parlays

College betting markets are usually allowed to be added to a same game parlay. This is a parlay bet with two legs or more, but you can select different markets from a single game. For example, you could bet on the moneyline and a totals market and place it in a parlay bet for greater odds.

College Football Betting Tips & Strategies

Teaching you how to bet on college football wasn’t enough. We herded a few of our top football insiders and sharpest bettors to help us develop the perfect strategy guide. These NCAA football betting tips will help you develop your strategies and aid in your ability to spot a valuable point spread from a million miles away.

  • Consider the wind – Specifically consider how windy the conditions will be on game day. If the wind is blowing 10mph or more, it can be a good idea to grab the under totals market while it is still valuable. College quarterbacks have weaker arms than the NFL stars and statistically have struggled in the windier conditions.
  • Keep it tight – Just like NCAAB betting, there are way too many games in a college football season to bet on every game you see. Stick to looking at the numbers and spot bets of value in a couple of games rather than trying to bet at excessive volume.
  • Pick the small games – Have a look at the games that no one else cares about. When the media is talking about the big ABC prime-time clash, have a look at a game between two lower ranked teams. You’ll often find the bookmakers have also overlooked these games and have let their odds go rather long. You can find exceptional moneyline and spread value when this occurs.
  • Do a deep dive of the data – If you truly want to be a sharp college football bettor then you’ll need to do some serious research. The data isn’t as readily available as you’d find NFL betting so you need to get creative. Consult the websites of smaller colleges and crawl through odd centers. The data is available, you’ve just got to be willing to put in the leg work.
  • Gamble responsibly – No matter what strategy you choose to leverage, make sure you gamble responsibly and safely. Don’t chase any losses and always stick to your limits. Remember there is plenty of help available if you feel like you need it and if you can’t find an edge, there is no harm in simply walking away.

US States with College Football Betting

College football betting is big business, so it is little wonder the regulated state markets want some of the action. In 2014, the most heavily bet on NCAAF game took in more than 112,000 bets.

A total of 38 states accept bets on college football but they are not without restrictions. Some states, like betting in South Dakota, only allow in-person bets, as mobile sports betting either hasn’t gone live yet or only offers in-person betting.

However, offshore sportsbooks have been legally accepting bettors based in the US for decades. Offshore operators offer some of the best odds around, making them an attractive option for players looking to bet on college football without any state restrictions.

How to Bet on College Football Online

It all begins with signing up to one of the best US sportsbooks. All of the operators we recommend are trusted and boast an abundance of college betting options.

Placing college bets is super simple and we can show you how to bet on college football online in five quick steps, using BetOnline as an example.

1. Sign up to BetOnline

Head to BetOnline and hit the ‘Join’ button to access the registration forms.

betonline signup

2. Create an Account

Simply provide the required details which will include your full name, residential address, and phone number.

betonline account

3. Make a Deposit

Click on the ‘Deposit’ button and select your preferred payment method. Nominate a deposit amount and follow the prompts.

betonline deposit

4. Claim Your Welcome Bonus

Enter your promo code (if needed) and access your welcome bonus. Remember to read any T&Cs before you accept the terms.

5. Place a Bet on College Football

Be sure to check out our NCAA football betting tips to make sure you’re fully equipped to find an edge. Next, go to the sportsbook and find a preferred game to bet on. Make a single bet selection or browse multiple games and create a parlay.

Sign up for a new account and start betting on college football at BetOnline today.

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