How to Bet on Esports in 2024 – Guide to Esports Betting in the US

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Why Trust Techopedia

Esports have boomed in recent years, with games like League of Legends, Counter-Strike, Valorant, Mobile Legends, and Dota 2 providing great gambling opportunities throughout the year. And, with the number of esports enthusiasts and occasional viewers expected to grow in the years to come, this is the best time to learn how to bet on esports.

Our expert guide will give you a rundown of the top games and how they work. We will also show you how to get in on the action and start betting on esports right away. Continue reading to learn all about it.

BetOnline How to Bet On Esports

How to Prepare Before Betting on Esports?

With esports becoming so popular, it can be easy to rush into things. So, before you start gambling at esports betting sites, let’s go over some tips on getting everything ready.

1. Do Your Research

The most important aspect is having all of the information you need to make a correct esports bet. While the final outcome can come down to luck, doing your research in advance can tip the scales in your favor. So, we recommend researching the esports game you wish to bet on, the teams taking part in the tournament, and the event.

For the first step, researching the game is often the easiest. This is because most esports gambling enthusiasts are already familiar with the games. We recommend playing them yourself for a while to better understand the mechanics. Also, make sure to follow some of the tournaments or look at recent events for more information. Esports matches are often recorded and easy to find on the official Twitch and YouTube channels from the organizers.

Becoming familiar with the teams and the players is very important. Moreover, make sure that you have up-to-date information during your research since esports teams are known to change players very often. So, while the organization name is the same, the players can be completely different from just a year ago.

2. Find an Online Sportsbook

The easiest way to bet on esports in the US is online, at the best offshore sportsbooks. These provide solid coverage for the most popular sports, so you can expect to find all of the major events here. As a result, you can prepare for a big tournament in advance after finding a solid sportsbook for esports betting.

To help you with this step, we recommend looking into detailed reviews from our experts here at Techopedia. The ratings will allow you to compare multiple sites and find the right fit without having to spend time and money joining each one.

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3. Learn the Available Betting Options

Another aspect that you can research in advance is the range of betting options available for esports. These can depend on the game in question, so we recommend looking at on-going or recent tournaments.

While all sportsbooks will have odds for the winners of the matches, the top sites will also provide plenty of props. These can represent great esports betting opportunities, especially if you know the teams and how they usually play. Prop bets can include the first team to kill Roshan in Dota 2, the number of kills in the first pistol round in CS 2, and much more.

Familiarize yourself with spread betting, totals, and more. We also recommend checking out the live section for esports and maybe placing some practice bets to see how the betslip works. You will want to have everything ready during the tournament, especially if you plan on betting live.

4. Set a Budget

Setting a budget will allow you to bet responsibly and will help you avoid financial issues. Your esports gambling budget should be made out of funds that you can afford to lose and that have no other expectations. It is best to start with a small amount and use it as a practice run until you learn the ropes.

The budget can be for a set period of time or for a tournament. You can then calculate the size of each bet based on the provided odds and how much of a risk you are taking every time. Based on our experience, it is best to leave a big chunk of the budget for the finals since these matches will likely have more betting options available, and also a lot more hype.

5. Claim Bonuses

When learning how to bet on esports, having more funds can be very useful, especially if they are free. Online sportsbook bonuses can help increase your bankroll, which allows you to take bigger risks and place more bets throughout the tournament. Moreover, the bonuses are easy to claim. As a new player, you often just have to create an account on the site and then make a first deposit with the corresponding promo code.

There are also reload bonuses and other promotions worth checking out for extra rewards.

Most Common Types of Esports Bets

You will find a wide range of betting options for the major esports events. Knowing how these work is essential so that you can take advantage of favorable spots. Let’s go over the main types of markets that you can find online.

  • Moneyline – The moneyline bet is the main market when betting on esports in the US. It displays the odds as a + or – value, indicating the underdog and the favorite to win. The moneyline also shows the potential payout if the bet is correct. For example, a +120 moneyline means that you win $120 when betting $100.
  • Totals (O/U) – The main total bet can be displayed as O/U online and is often one of the key options that you need to know when learning how to bet on esports. The details can depend on the game, but is usually the total number of kills or points scored by both teams. It can also be the total number of maps played.
  • Point Spread – Point spread bets are not as popular in esports as they are in other US sports. However, you will find the category online for matches consisting of multiple games or maps. Here, the underdog receives a map advantage, while the favorite gets a map handicap. To win the bet, the outcome must meet the point spread selected.
  • Prop Bets – Prop bets in esports can vary quite a bit and the bigger the event, the more props there usually are. These can be for the team that gets first blood, how many towers are destroyed, what team kills the Baron first, and so on.
  • Parlays – Parlay bets are combinations between two or more single bets. You can create a parlay by adding selections to the slip, under the parlay tab, and then entering the bet amount. To win, all of the selections must be correct.
  • Futures – A future bet is an option that will not conclude in the near future. Sportsbooks can offer esports future bets for the winner of the tournament before it even begins. Futures often have big payouts, but they are difficult to predict correctly.

Dota 2 How to Bet on Esports

How to Sign Up and Bet on Esports Online

Once you know how to bet on esports and have everything ready, it is time to jump in on the action. Setting up an account is very simple and you just need to follow these quick steps.

Step 1 – Go to the Site

You can take your pick from an entire list of recommended esports betting sites. We will use BetOnline for this example as it is the highest-rated sportsbook in the US right now.

BetOnline Sportsbook Homepage

Step 2 – Enter the Account Details

On the site, click the “Join” button to view the registration form. Here, you will have to enter some personal details and account information. Once all the boxes are filled, click the “Create Account” button at the bottom.

BetOnline Registration Form

Step 3 – Deposit and Claim the Bonus

Sign in using your email and account password. Click the cashier link to view the available banking methods. Select the preferred one and enter the amount you wish to deposit. Make sure to also enter the sports welcome bonus code.

BetOnline Deposit

Step 4 – Browse the Esports

Select the esports tab from the top and then browse the preferred games. You will find a list of esports games on the left side and can then view the available match in the center.

BetOnline Esports Tab

Step 5 – Place Your Esports Bets

You can add selections to the slip by clicking on the odds. Then, simply enter the stake you wish to bet for the preferred bet type and place the bet. Your winnings will be added to the account balance automatically if you are successful.

BetOnline Esports Bet

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How to Bet on Esports and Win

Winning in esports betting is actually easier than it is in major sports and it all comes down to doing your homework. Having the latest information can be essential in this sport since changes happen all the time. With most teams only having five players, the smallest roster change can result in a big difference.

Furthermore, esports games change often as well, with new patches being released by the developer. A major patch can change the esports dynamic and maybe even favor a particular playstyle.

So, in order to win your bets, we strongly recommend that you stay informed and keep up with the changes. The esports meta will directly affect your betting results. Of course, there is always an element of luck involved and surprise wins are bound to happen every tournament.

Esports Betting Tips

Once you know how to bet on esports, the next step is improving the results. For this, keep the following expert tips in mind:

  1. Don’t Rush In – It is often best to avoid betting at the start of the tournament, especially if it is a big event. Teams will often prepare specific strategies going in and this can result in a lot of surprises. You will want to avoid this period of uncertainty and hold your bets for later in the tournament when you better know the teams.
  2. Look for the Right Spots – Esports betting is often about finding the right spots with the best odds. Don’t just bet on the favorites and look for small profits since this can backfire. It only takes a few lost bets in this situation to use up your bankroll. Instead, see what teams are listed as underdogs but actually have a good chance of winning.
  3. Consider the Type of Tournament – Online esports tournaments can be very different from live tournaments. Playing on stage in front of a live audience can make some players nervous and result in mistakes. Consider who is the more experienced team in this situation. Also, look at the time zone since international events can be more beneficial for some teams, depending on the location.
  4. Bet Small – The “bet big or go home” approach isn’t one that we recommend. It is generally best to keep your bets small throughout the tournament. This will provide you with more opportunities to win so that you don’t just rely on a few matches.
  5. Have Fun – Esports betting should be fun and entertaining and not a way to make money. Having some money on the line can make watching the action more exciting. So, make sure you take a step back and enjoy yourself during the next esports tournament.

How to Bet on Esports Live

Also known as in-play betting, live betting is a form of gambling where you place the bets while the match is taking place. The odds change to match the way the game is going, so the ideal live betting strategy requires faster bets in order to take advantage of the situation. Most sites will also provide a live streaming window via Twitch so that you can watch the match on the same page with the betting markets.

We also found that there are fewer betting options when it comes to live events and that some markets can close early.

BetOnline Live Esports Betting

Most Popular Esports to Bet On

It doesn’t come as a surprise to see that some of the most popular esports games by viewership are also the ones that are most popular for betting. However, there are key events throughout the year for each esports title that bring in more action. This is the case with The International for Dota 2, World Championship for League of Legends, the Majors for Counter-Strike 2, and so on.

If you want to get into esports betting, these are the most popular games in 2024:

  • League of Legends
  • Counter-Strike
  • Valorant
  • Dota 2
  • Call of Duty
  • Rocket League
  • Mobile Legends
  • FIFA
  • Arena of Valor
  • Overwatch

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