How To Bet on NHL – NHL Betting Tips & Strategies

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You’re in luck if you want further information regarding how to bet on NHL games. Everything hockey fans need to know, including NHL betting tips, suggestions for winning strategies, and details on how to place NHL bets, will be covered right here.

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How To Bet on NHL

Choosing which NHL game to bet on should be your first priority when placing a wager on an NHL event. If you haven’t already, you must register with a licensed online sportsbook to place bets online in a state where sports betting is permitted. Finally, use the sidebar on the home betting page of the best online sportsbooks we recommend to locate the NHL betting page.

You might notice NHL betting options prominently highlighted on the site if the NHL is a popular league occurring when you place your bet. After you choose a game and wager, your selections will fill on the sportsbook’s bet slip, which often shows up on the right side of your screen if you’re using a desktop or laptop.

After that, you may enter the amount of money you wish to risk, calculate your chances of winning, and finish placing your NHL wager.

Of course, there are differences between simply how to bet on NHL versus how to bet on NHL and win. Now that you know the fundamentals of placing a wager, let’s move on to other topics in our NHL betting guide, such as NHL betting strategy. Let’s start with some primary wager-placing examples.

NHL Betting Examples

Perhaps you want to learn how to bet on NHL hockey in exact form. Let’s look at a few illustrations of how placing an NHL wager on a well-known offshore sportsbook would appear. You can use this to start learning how to win NHL bets.

You may want to wager on one club to defeat another in a game that day as a basic NHL betting notion. To do this, go to that game on your preferred sportsbook and choose the team you want to win under the “moneyline” betting option (more on this later).

Following that, you would enter the amount you wish to bet on the sportsbook’s bet slip, check your potential winnings, and then submit your bet.

A second example of a prevalent NHL betting strategy is that you can prefer to bet on the total number of goals scored in a game to a team winning.

Go to the game you’re interested in, then choose either “over” (O) or “under” (U), the specified number of goals that are displayed under “Total.” Your chosen wager will appear on the virtual bet slip provided by the sportsbook, where you can enter your bet amount, calculate your potential payout, and place your wager.

nhl betting over under

How NHL Betting Works

It makes sense to be curious to learn more about the specifics of NHL betting. Fundamentally, it is pretty straightforward: You place a bet on potential NHL events at one of the best NHL betting sites, and depending on your picks, you may either gain or lose money if you are correct/incorrect. The results of a single game, such as which side will win or how many goals will be scored, and season-long events and skater statistics all form betting trends.

You might be able to win at NHL betting if you analyze the game, make wise choices, and take advantage of good odds. In addition, watching NHL play with money on the line can provide an extra element of excitement, regardless of whether you use the finest NHL betting formula to make your choices.

Finally, it’s critical to be aware of your betting objectives, make responsible bets, and use wagering wisely to help you reach your goals – not the other way around.

How To Place an NHL Bet

Of course, there are instances when having a detailed walkthrough of the steps involved in putting in an NHL wager might be helpful. Let’s look at how to accomplish it in five separate steps, using BetOnline as our example.

1. Sign Up for a Sportsbook and Log In

If you’re a new bettor, you must provide personal information like your name and date of birth, and you need to create a username and password. Once complete, log into your account and start betting on NHL.

betonline account

2. Go to the NHL Betting Section of the Sportsbook

Go to the NHL betting section after logging into the sportsbook, usually found in a drop-down menu to the left of the screen. These alternatives might be prominently shown during the NHL season as soon as you log in.

Also, there may be a means for you to access NHL betting from the list of sports presented at the top of the sportsbook’s homepage.

nhl betting betonline

3. Choose an NHL Betting Option

Finding a game and a wager to put in requires you to locate the NHL betting options. Pick the bet, and it will populate on the sportsbook’s bet slip, which frequently shows up on the right side of the screen.

nhl bet options

4. Input the Amount You Want To Wager

After selecting a betting option, you must now choose your wager size. Once you enter your bet amount, the sportsbook bet slip will show your potential profits. Also, you will have the choice to parlay multiple betting options.

5. Finalize Your NHL Bet

Once you’ve made your betting decision, you must place your wager using the sportsbook’s bet slip. Using a ‘My Bets’ or comparable feature on your preferred sportsbook, you may now keep track of the wager.

Types of NHL Bets

Let’s move on to the bets you can make now that you have a solid grasp of NHL betting. There is no ideal NHL betting formula, but knowing your possibilities is essential to determine how to bet on NHL and win. Understanding the various bet kinds in detail is one of the best NHL hockey betting tips we can offer.

NHL Moneyline Betting

The simplest way to wager on an NHL game is on the moneyline odds. This wager must predict which team will win a game (the payments are based on the odds). Starting with the fundamentals is one of our biggest tips for betting on hockey, and the moneyline is about as essential as they come.

As an example of how moneyline betting functions, consider a game where the Boston Bruins (-310) are the favorites vs the Chicago Blackhawks (+250).

In this scenario, a $310 bet on the Bruins would gain $100. Your $100 money line bet would have profited you $250 if the Blackhawks won.

NHL Puck Line Betting

A popular NHL betting option is to wager on the puck line. In the context of NHL betting, the term “point spread,” used to describe a handicap in other sports like NBA basketball and NFL football, is called a puck line instead. All NHL games typically have a puck line of 1.5 goals.

You give or earn 1.5 goals most of the time when placing an NHL puck line wager.

In the below example, the Dallas Stars are -1.5 goals, while the underdog Columbus Blue Jackets are +1.5 goals. This means that if you place puck line bets on the Columbus Blue Jackets, you will win even if they lose by one goal. Yet if you wager on the Dallas Stars, they must win by at least two goals for your wager to be successful.

nhl puck line betting

Both sides will have odds that can change to decide your payout. For NHL puck line betting, these odds are frequently far more variable than what you’d generally see for an NFL football point spread betting scenario.

NHL Totals Betting

Another option is to wager on the total rather than a side when looking for how to bet on NHL games. Because the operator has calculated the total expected number of goals that will be scored by both teams combined, you can choose the over or under in this scenario.

Totals betting involves odds that show your payment for the over or under, just like puck line betting does. Nonetheless, odds on totals should continue to be closer to even money than on puck lines since it is simpler for bookmakers to set what they believe to be an accurate total.

nhl betting over under

NHL Prop Bets

A fun way to gamble on the NHL without worrying about the outcome of a specific game is using proposition or “prop” betting. When you place hockey prop bets, you gamble on a game’s minor outcomes. This can involve hypothetical situations concerning skater statistics or results for teams or games.

Game props like whether a skater will record a goal, the number of goals a starting goalie will allow over/under, and the total points both teams will accrue throughout the match are examples of this type of bet. One of the finest ways to gain NHL betting odds that benefit the bettor more is through prop bets.

After you get the hang of NHL betting, one of our most significant tips for betting on hockey is to concentrate on props rather than sides or totals.

nhl prop bets

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NHL Parlay Betting

You can combine numerous bets with the possibility to win more money by parlaying NHL bets. With various limitations on same game parlays (SGPs) based on the picks and the sportsbook, this can be done by using wagers from multiple games or the same game.

Even though parlay betting can be entertaining, one of the finest NHL betting strategy tidbits we can give is to be aware of the danger and really consider concentrating on single bets rather than parlays. All legs of your parlay need to come good for the bet to win, which isn’t always easy to accurately predict.

Let’s imagine a simple wager where you back the Nashville Predators (-155) on the puck line along with the Toronto Maple Leafs (-135) on the puck line. If you placed a $100 wager on this two-pick parlay and both bets were successful, you would stand to gain $186.37 ($286.37 payoff).

NHL Live Betting

As more online sportsbooks start up for business, live betting has become more and more popular. The Stanley Cup Playoffs might provide even more in-game betting options than you would find during the regular season.

With live betting, you can wager on game outcomes with continually changing odds. In a game that has already started, a typical wager is on the moneyline, puck line, or over/under that has been established. You may also be able to bet on more precise in-game events depending on the sportsbook and the game.

NHL Futures Betting

NHL futures betting is a fun opportunity to take a longer-term position on events that will take place over the course of an entire season. A typical example is betting on which team will win the Stanley Cup or even which two teams will face off in the finals.

Betting on a skater to be the top goal scorer or a goalie to win the Vezina Trophy are two further NHL futures wager ideas.

Futures odds can be an exciting way to take pleasure in action over a protracted period, with the potential for significant rewards on long odds.

futures bet NHL

Types of NHL Events to Bet on

In this section, we’ll examine the various NHL betting scenarios. Let’s begin with the most fundamental.

Regular Season NHL Betting

There are 82 games in the NHL regular season. Which clubs advance to the postseason depends on their performance during this season. These individual NHL games occur most days during the NHL season and are all available for betting.

Stanley Cup Playoffs NHL Betting

After the regular season is over, the Stanley Cup Playoffs begin. When looking into how to bet on the NHL, you will find that it doesn’t get much more exciting than wagering on postseason play.

All-Star Game NHL Betting

Each year, an All-Star break is celebrated in the NHL. This is another opportunity to place wagers on NHL hockey betting sites. If you understand the nature of the All-Star Game in comparison to a regular season affair, you may be able to find the best NHL betting strategy for these types of games specifically and gain an edge.

NHL Preseason Betting

The NHL’s preseason is when teams play practice games to prepare for the regular season. There may only be a few options for betting on these games set by sportsbooks.

Although it can be pretty unpredictable because the games serve to prepare the players for the regular season, it is an outlet if you can’t wait for the NHL action.

NHL Betting Tips and Strategies

Now that you know how to bet on NHL events in general, let’s dive into five fundamental NHL betting recommendations. There are no NHL hockey betting tips that will give you an inborn formula for picking winners. Still, we can provide solid advice in our NHL betting guide based on years of expertise.

1. Make Plus-Money Underdogs Work for You

Statistics have consistently demonstrated that betting on NHL underdogs with a plus-money line rather than favorites is, on average, a more profitable course of action. This is an excellent way to gamble on NHL because you gain more money when your wagers win, but you also lose money when you pick losers to the same degree you would on a favorite.

Due to the unpredictable nature of the NHL, underdogs have a higher chance of winning than expected.

2. Avoid the Most Popular Choices

The prevalence of favorites among NHL bettors is known to oddsmakers. They can therefore take advantage of popular opinion and craft their odds and lines appropriately. You’ll frequently discover inferior odds on these bets since casual bettors place wagers on teams frequently seen in the win column, no matter the available odds.

3. Move Against the Grain

When seeking a straightforward answer on how to win NHL bets, the opposing strategy to whatever the public is doing makes sense because the general public frequently loses. The typical betting loser wagers according to instinct and recency bias, looking for favorites, home teams, and star players and excessively caring about recent success.

By going against the grain, we can take advantage of exaggerated public bias and put ourselves on the right side of the betting coin.

4. Keep Track of Injuries

It is essential to keep your eye on the news as injuries can significantly affect NHL hockey games. Whether a star skater is in or out can drastically increase or decrease the team’s chance of success.

5. Research the Starting Goalie

One of the best NHL betting tips we can give is to consider who is in net for any game. In the NHL, starting goalies are often given a rest, sometimes without significant notice before a game. If the backup is starting, this might have a prominent effect on the game that is not reflected adequately in the odds.

Try out our tested NHL betting strategies with low margin NHL odds at BetOnline.

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