What is Cristiano Ronaldo’s Net Worth?

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Cristiano Ronaldo
Image: Twitter/Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo’s net worth is understandably in the stratosphere, given that he remains one of the more recognizable, popular athletes in the world.

Known informally as the most beautiful man in the world, the Portuguese star’s soccer skills have equaled his good looks.

Ronaldo has entertained soccer fans for the better part of two decades, displaying elite skill to complement an engaging off-the-field persona. 

His popularity has made him a favorite at the best online sportsbooks too, and there have been multiple Ronaldo prop betting markets over the years.

Ronaldo’s net worth has pushed upward as his relevance in the sports world remains in place. 

Cristiano Ronaldo Net Worth

Cristiano Ronaldo’s net worth is reportedly now well above $800 million, and, according to Barron’s, the soccer superstar joined the billionaire’s club for the first time in 2023.

Ronaldo, along with fellow soccer legend Lionel Messi, joined Tiger Woods, LeBron James, boxer Floyd Mayweather and retired tennis player Roger Federer as first-time billionaires.

Michael Jordan has been on the list since 2014.

Salary & Career Earnings

His yearly salary was pegged at averaging a “paltry” $46 million, but in 2020 he reportedly earned a whopping $70 million in salary alone.

In a Forbes profile, Ronaldo was listed as the first active athlete playing a team sport to reach $1 billion in career money earned.

On the pitch, Ronaldo played for legendary Manchester United of the English Premier League from 2003-09, then agreed to join Real Madrid where he attained great success in team and individual accomplishments.

In 2018 he joined Italy’s Juventus and then switched back to Man United in 2021. 

After a roller-coaster year, he moved on in December 2022 to greener (as in money) pastures and with Saudi Arabia’s Al Nassr.

Ronaldo has been honored with FIFA’s player of the year award five times.

Cristiano Ronaldo
Image: Twitter/Cristiano Ronaldo

Endorsements & Sponsors

Cristiano Ronaldo’s net worth is garnished with a mind-numbing amount of money from sponsors and endorsements.

In 2020, Ronaldo earned $50 million from partners such as Herbalife, Panini, Altice, Therabody, Binance, and Clear Shampoo.

He also has a reported $1 billion lifetime deal with Nike, though the specifics are not known. Ronaldo reportedly accepted a $100 million signing bonus. 

That’s nice.

Ronaldo’s plate of endorsements is still quite full.

Forbes recently put his sponsor deals and endorsements, along with his contracts, at approximately $90 million per year.

Celebrity Net Worth pegged Ronaldo’s yearly money at approximately $60 million in salary and $40 million in endorsements.

Business Ventures

Cristiano Ronaldo has both feet in the business sector as well. He has stakes in companies that specialize in travel, health and fitness, hotels and more.

In 2015, Ronaldo joined with Portugal’s Madeira-based Pestana Group, a company with a focus on hotels, leisure and tourism that opened an additional hotel chain using Ronaldo’s brand CR7.

His most recent move, in the fall of 2023, landed Ronaldo among investors who now own Cofina, a media company in Portugal.

Ronaldo also bought into a company in 2017 that was rebranded 7EGEND (Ronaldo wears No. 7) and executes strategies within the sports world.

Ronaldo is no doubt pleased with 7EGEND’s association with the Portuguese Football Federation as well as firmly established European soccer teams Porto and Valencia.

Staying with the number seven, Ronaldo owns several gyms which push his CR7 Fitness Crunch health and fitness plans.

Cristiano Ronaldo
Image: Twitter/Cristiano Ronaldo


Cristiano Ronaldo’s net worth, similar to that of many top-class athletes, began with his success in sports.

As he nears the end of his remarkable playing career – five times honored as soccer’s best player in the world – Ronaldo remains extremely active in seeking the leading edge of business and partnerships.

As a newly minted billionaire, the future certainly seems to hold only the brightest prospects.

Jay Dieffenbach
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Jay Dieffenbach
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