All You Need to Know About NBA CrunchTime & How to Watch For Free

If you’re a basketball fan and enjoy watching the very best players in the world, it’s important to know about NBA CrunchTime.

This in-app viewing option provides you with live “whiparound” coverage of NBA games, focusing on the “crunch time” minutes so you don’t miss any close finishes.

All you have to do is download the NBA App in the US and Canada, find NBA CrunchTime, and you’re good to go.

NBA CrunchTime includes a host, who takes you to all the action with an explanation and serves as the director of the broadcast by deciding on when to go “full screen” with a singularly interesting game in its final moments.

NBA CrunchTime
Image: Twitter/Jared Greenberg

How Can I Watch NBA CrunchTime?

You can watch NBA CrunchTime on your smart TVs and streaming devices by accessing the NBA App.

The live streams of NBA games can be found by clicking the NBA CrunchTime “Watch” option.

The show airs eight times during March, and then nine times during the first two weeks in April – the final 14 days of the NBA regular season.

The start time for NBA CrunchTime is 8:30 p.m. ET in the US.

When you open the NBA App on an NBA CrunchTime broadcast day, you’ll find the CrunchTime option.

The screen will provide up to four games at once, among other iterations, along with “look-ins” when one game becomes particularly interesting.

NBA CrunchTime Remaining Schedule

  • Tuesday, March 5
  • Wednesday, March 13
  • Saturday, March 16
  • Saturday, March 23
  • Monday, March 25
  • Wednesday, March 27
  • Friday, March 29
  • Sunday, March 31
  • Monday, April 1
  • Tuesday, April 2
  • Wednesday, April 3
  • Friday, April 5
  • Sunday, April 7
  • Tuesday, April 9
  • Wednesday, April 10
  • Friday, April 12
  • Sunday, April 14

How Does NBA CrunchTime Work?

NBA CrunchTime, found within the NBA App, provides you with access to all NBA games on a CrunchTime broadcast night.

NBA CrunchTime is hosted by veteran sports host Jared Greenberg, who narrates the broadcast and explains the details of the games being played.

Greenberg, 40, attended Hofstra University and began voice-over work for NBA-TV in 2005.

He landed his first big network job with TNT, hosting a show called The Jump in 2012 before adding TNT game sideline reporting and high-visibility NBA-TV duties to his plate.

NBA CrunchTime
Image: Twitter/New York Post

Is NBA CrunchTime Free?

NBA CrunchTime is free to anyone in the US.

Basketball fans should not confuse NBA CrunchTime with NBA League Pass, which is a subscription option that enables you to see all NBA games (excluding those already broadcast on a national TV partner such as NBA-TV, ESPN, and TNT).

NBA CrunchTime can be accessed through the free NBA App and a subscription is not required.

What Teams Are Worth Watching on NBA CrunchTime?

As the NBA regular season slides into March, several prominent story lines have emerged – and they will play out for all to see on the NBA CrunchTime show.

With the NBA CrunchTime schedule, you can match the nights your favorite team on the NBA schedule is playing with the opportunity to watch that team in CrunchTime.

In the Eastern Conference, the Boston Celtics are the betting favorite to win the NBA Finals, and have a large lead in the race for the conference’s No. 1 seed.

The teams chasing the Celtics all have found significant hurdles and are not likely to challenge Boston for the top seed.

Among those with a chance to make the Finals, the Milwaukee Bucks have better chemistry and are playing improved basketball with two-time MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo leading the way.

The Cleveland Cavaliers have put together a surprising run, but they are a “prove it” team, meaning we’ll believe they’re good when they win a couple of playoff series.

The Philadelphia 76ers lost the defending MVP Joel Embiid to injury and, unless Embiid returns 100 percent before the playoffs, they aren’t likely to scare the Celtics.

The Miami Heat always seem to rise to the occasion, and Jimmy Butler knows how to win in the playoffs. Keep an eye on these guys.

In the Western Conference, the upstart Oklahoma City Thunder and Minnesota Timberwolves have been pleasant surprises, but doubts remain about their postseason viability.

The defending NBA champion Denver Nuggets are strong again, and will be popular on NBA CrunchTime as they chase the No. 1 seed down the stretch.

Other possible contenders to reach the NBA Finals include star-driven teams such as the Dallas Mavericks, with Kyrie Irving and Luka Doncic; the Phoenix Suns, with Kevin Durant and Devin Booker; and the Los Angeles Clippers, with Kawhi Leonard and Paul George; and, of course, the Los Angeles Lakers, with LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

Long story short: NBA CrunchTime will offer plenty of high-quality NBA games for fans during March and April.

NBA CrunchTime
Image: Jay Dieffenbach

How Can NBA CrunchTime Help With NBA Betting?

If you enjoy placing a bet on NBA games, the NBA CrunchTime benefits are clear.

First, Greenberg doesn’t shy away from the increasingly popular gambling aspect, having said he wants to give viewers everything they seek.

Second, you are able to watch more than one game at a time while not having to toggle among options; NBA CrunchTime does it for you.

Now, you are able to freely operate a second screen such as a sports-betting app, including online sportsbooks such as those we recommend here at Techopedia.

Viewing the NBA games via NBA CrunchTime enhances your access to multiple games and allows a more informed opportunity to bet on live, in-game markets.

More games to view means more chances to gain knowledge of a team’s current state, including late-breaking events and injuries that can help influence your NBA betting.

Room For Improvement

With a unique sports-viewing option, NBA CrunchTime has just about everything you would want.

The experience is a little like being in the passenger seat of a car, allowing someone else to do the driving. And that’s not always a good thing.

Greenberg occasionally is too late in switching to the audio of a spotlight game, talking over important moments. I would rather hear what the game’s in-arena play-by-play announcer has to say.

Of course, you would love the opportunity to decide which games go big-picture and which games are part of a multi-box format – especially on very busy game nights in which as many as 10 contests could be going down to the wire.

Those are mild nitpicks, though, and the NBA CrunchTime production is a valuable piece of the NBA picture.

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