What is Rory McIlroy’s Net Worth?

Rory McIlroy, among golf’s leading names, has won three of professional golf’s four major championships and is set to pursue the one that’s missing, The Masters, beginning April 11 in Augusta, Ga.

During his standout career, McIlroy has been ranked No. 1 in the Official World Golf Ranking (OWGR) for 100 weeks, winning the 2011 US Open, 2012 PGA Championship, 2014 Open Championship (British Open), and the 2014 PGA Championship.

McIlroy is not hurting for cash, landing eighth among the (UK) Sunday Times’ richest under-35 list and carrying a net worth well into nine figures.

Rory McIlroy
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Rory McIlroy Net Worth

As the years pass, Rory McIlroy’s net worth continues to expand, now estimated at between $170 million and $255 million.

His golf winnings now pale in comparison to his commercial endorsements and business income that have significantly boosted his net worth.

McIlroy, who turns 35 in May 2024, remains as popular as any player in the golf world.

Salary & Career Earnings

Any discussion of Rory McIlroy’s net worth and salary must include “on-course earnings” because much of McIlroy’s wealth comes from endorsements and business ventures.

Based on his career golf tournament earnings, roughly $140 million, his on-course salary would land at comparatively paltry $8.75 million per year.

PGA Tour Bonus Money

The PGA Tour’s Player Impact Program (PIP), a lucrative additional source of income that debuted in 2021, is tailor-made for exceptionally popular players such as Rory McIlroy.

The program rewards players for their role in promoting the PGA Tour, acting as the face of golf and elevating its popularity through engagement and publicity.

McIlroy finished first in the 2023 PIP, pulling in another $15.5 million.

Rory McIlroy
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Endorsements & Sponsors

Rory McIlroy’s net worth is greatly boosted by sponsor and endorsement partnerships.

A career that has included past agreements with companies such as Bose, EA Sports, Titleist, FootJoy and Oakley now boasts sponsors such as NBC Sports Golf Pass, TaylorMade, Workday, Nike and Omega.

The TaylorMade deal alone is reportedly worth $100 million ($10 million per year for 10 years).

His original deal with Nike was worth north of $20 million per year but was reduced to “only” $10 million per year when Nike stopped producing golf clubs and other golf equipment.

McIlroy collects nearly $40 million per year solely from sponsorship deals.

Business Ventures

Rory McIlroy works hard but also is making his money work for him.

McIlroy’s investments are headlined by his recent journey with Tiger Woods, forming TMRW Sports (they’re pronouncing it “Tomorrow” Sports).

Using the latest and greatest in tech, the golfing giants are heading up the TGL (Tomorrow Golf League).

It was to debut in early 2024 but the Palm Beach Gardens, Fla., venue was damaged and the league opening was pushed back to 2025.

The league is designed to bring two-hour weekly competition among the league’s six teams at SoFi Center, as the TGL site says, built specifically for TGL on the campus of Palm Beach State College. The matchups will be carried on ESPN and ESPN+ in the U.S.

McIlroy also is an investor in the Alpine F1 racing team as well as having forged a partnership with NBC Sports in 2019 to launch GolfPass, a subscription service to help golfers with their game.


While the Rory McIlroy net worth question can be answered in relatively vague terms – the amount ranges from $170 million all the way up to $255 million, there’s no question he’s become a global golfing icon.

His sponsorships and investments provide an extremely comfortable cushion, but his desire to complete golf’s Grand Slam ranks higher than just making obscene amounts of money.

McIlroy tees off at the Masters April 11, 2024, again chasing the one major that has eluded him.

A win this month in Augusta, Ga., would be his first Masters and first major since the 2014 PGA Championship.

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