What Is Ryan Reynolds’ Net Worth?

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Ryan Reynolds net worth
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Ryan Reynolds is a living, breathing example of a driven actor-turned-entrepreneur who pursues – and succeeds at – items that interest and inspire him.

He really has it all.

The 6-foot-2 Canadian is an accomplished actor, producer, venture capitalist and the owner of a professional sports franchise that became a prime example of a win-win relationship.

He’s 47 and has a seemingly endless runway for more success.

Ryan Reynolds has been moving quickly north among his “richest celebrities” peers and recent business maneuvers show his hunger for an even bigger piece of the pie.

Ryan Reynolds net worth

Ryan Reynolds’ net worth is reported to be in the ritzy neighborhood of $350 million.

The guy who was paid $150 per episode, according to Business Insider, for his role in the 1991 series “Fifteen,” and was a working actor on daytime dramas before 2000, gained attention with roles including National Lampoon’s Van Wilder in 2002 and “The Proposal” in 2009.

But then Reynolds made a huge splash with “Deadpool,” a movie that grossed nearly $800 million in 2016.

He eagerly jumped at the chance to reprise his role in the sequel, “Deadpool 2,” that delivered a similar number after its release in 2018.

Oh, and “Deadpool 3” is reportedly targeted for a late 2024 release.

Two of his signature businesses, Aviation American Gin and Mint Mobile, were wildly successful and drove Ryan Reynolds’ net worth forward by seven figures when he sold them.

Salary and career earnings

Ryan Reynolds
Image: Twitter/theswiftsociety

Ryan Reynolds’ salary for movie roles — especially pushed higher by the “Deadpool” franchise — is conservatively in the $25 million range.

He was reportedly paid $27 million for the Netflix film “6 Underground,” and upwards of $30 million for the 2022 version of “A Christmas Carol.”

Although Reynolds’ net worth is $350 million-plus, those businesses are worth an additional $10 billion to $15 billion, according to Forbes. Therefore, Reynolds’ career earnings, counting his business dealings, are well into the billions.

Ryan Reynolds and Wrexham AFC

Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds
Image: Twitter/Morning Brew

Ryan Reynolds really hit a significant cultural touchstone In November 2020 when he and “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” creator and actor Rob McElhenney, also 47 years of age, bought a soccer team, Wrexham AFC.

It was a long process, but the two poured resources into building a prominent club, and Wrexham has moved up two leagues since the purchase.

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It had been 15 years since Wrexham was last a member of the English Football League.

The best part of the purchase and subsequent journey is the documentation of the process, named Welcome to Wrexham via FX and Hulu.

In its third season, Wrexham stars Reynolds and McElhenney, along with the coaching staff and players, in the once-sleepy town in Wales.

But down the road, would anyone doubt that Wrexham could reach the Premier League over the next five to 10 years?

Endorsements and Business Ventures

Ryan Reynolds and wife, Blake Lively
Image: Twitter/SeriesBrasil

Ryan Reynolds, married since 2009 to Blake Lively (with whom he shares four children), has business ventures that are perhaps more diverse than his range as an actor.

As we covered in the Wrexham section, Reynolds loves sports and wants to be immersed in team ownership.

Here is a short list of other opportunities pursued:

Ottawa Senators

The National Hockey League is a lucrative opportunity and natural fit for the Canadian-born Ryan Reynolds, but the bid was unsuccessful.

Reynolds was among a team considering purchasing the Senators in March 2023. The franchise received a Forbes valuation of $800 million, but Reynolds and Ontario, Canada, developer Remington Group were said to be bringing an offer in excess of $1 billion to the table, according to the Ottawa Sun.

Various circumstances scuttled the effort, though, and Reynolds still finds himself without an NHL team to own.

F1 Team Alpine

Ryan Reynolds likes fast cars, too, and owns as much as a quarter of the Formula 1 racing group, Team Alpine. The deal was secured in June 2023 in concert with business buddy Rob McElhenney.

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Aviation Gin

Reynolds, who purchased about a quarter of Aviation Gin ownership in 2018, was its creative director.

The shrewd business moves continued, as Reynolds sold the company for a reported windfall of more than $600 million.

Maximum Effort

Every captain of business – especially in the entertainment industry – needs a production company as well as a marketing agency.

Reynolds founded Maximum Effort in 2018, and employed its resources to promote “Deadpool,” which was a great way to give the firm a leg up.

Mint Mobile

This was another unique breakthrough for the actor. Reynolds bought this wireless carrier in 2019, used his persona to promote and market the brand and then sold it for a massive profit.

Turns out, people really like Ryan Reynolds.

Yahoo Finance reports that Mint Mobile – lovingly associated with Reynolds by his adoring fans – increased its revenue by a staggering 50,000 percent in four years.

According to Bloomberg, T-Mobile took Mint Mobile off of Reynolds’ hands for a cool $1.35 billion.

How does Reynolds do it? Forbes devoted an entire article attempting to explain and answer that question.

Reynolds also is a primary investor in 1Password, a company valued at $6.8 billion that manages password software, and Wealthsimple, a money-management company valued at $5 billion.

A pair of other famous Canadians, music star Drake and actor Michael J. Fox, are investors in Wealthsimple as well.


Ryan Reynolds has carved an incredibly successful path in business and entertainment, and his likeability rating is virtually unrivaled in worldwide culture today.

People want to be in the Ryan Reynold business, and Reynolds has the business acumen to make the most profitable decisions.

There really seems to be no limit to the riches Ryan Reynolds can create in the years to come.

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