Super Bowl Gatorade Color Prop Betting Guide, Odds & History

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NFL fans around the world love a good celebration. And what better stage than the Super Bowl to spotlight a strange but enduring tradition?

The subject of the Gatorade color at the Super Bowl is always a hot topic. The act of the Gatorade shower, according to most reports, began in the mid-1980s and continues today. It’s so popular, in fact, that sportsbooks take action on the color of the drink.

Of all the widely varying options for Super Bowl prop wagers, betting the color of the Gatorade is among those at the top.

Super Bowl Gatorade color
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Value can certainly be found within this prop bet. As the Kansas City Chiefs celebrated their Super Bowl title last February, players poured purple liquid over coach Andy Reid.

Purple was a long-shot bet at +750 all the way up to +1800 among sportsbooks taking action.

Some Gatorade color “analysts” believe these wagers should include consideration for a team’s colors, but that didn’t apply last season – the Chiefs’ primary colors are red and yellow.

Super Bowl Gatorade Color Odds

The odds for Gatorade color at Super Bowl 58, to be played in Las Vegas Feb. 11, began appearing a week and a half before the big game.

This season’s matchup features the Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers. Despite two teams whose primary color is red, the defending Gatorade color champ, purple, opened as the favorite at Bovada.

  • Purple +185
  • Red +260
  • Blue +400
  • Yellow/Green/Lime +420
  • Orange +550
  • Clear/Water +900
  • No liquid to be poured on coach +2000

Purple was also the early favorite at BetUS, at +190, with red and blue tied for second-favorite at +250.

For last season’s Super Bowl, the BetOnline odds for the Gatorade shower color were:

  • Blue +100
  • Yellow/Green/Lime +225
  • Orange +300
  • Clear/Water  +1800
  • Purple  +1800
  • Red/Pink +2000

Super Bowl Gatorade Color Trends

From the first appearance of the Super Bowl Gatorade shower, orange has been the most likely color to be seen.

The yellow-green Gatorade color has been a popular drinking choice since its inception, but not a winning selection for those betting on the Gatorade color at the Super Bowl.

In fact, the yellow or green color has appeared far less frequently than the trending favorites of orange, blue and clear (or water), which – beginning in 2001 – have registered 13 “victories” as the Gatorade shower color of choice.

Over the years, some astute handicappers correctly applied the “cranky coach” theory as it related to the New England Patriots.

That team won six Super Bowls, each under the direction of coach Bill Belichick. The combination of frequent victories and a no-nonsense coach led to the betting option of “none” to win three times.

When Belichick’s Patriots lost to the Eagles in Super Bowl 52, the color yellow was the Gatorade shower of choice – yellow’s first time in the winner’s circle in more than 10 years.

While it’s difficult to apply any true betting analytics to the Gatorade shower, there are always those who believe it’s a puzzle to be solved. And that makes it one of the most popular Super Bowl betting options for fans of America’s biggest game.

Beginning with the Jan. 25, 1987, Super Bowl, won by the New York Giants 39-20 over the Denver Broncos, the color orange has “won” 12 times.

Blue has won three of the past five years, but purple took the victory at the most recent Super Bowl as a long shot of +750 to +1800, depending on the sportsbook.

Missing from the equation are the colors red and pink. Not manly enough to put into use?

Number of Gatorade colour wins at Super Bowl, starting in 2001:

  • Orange – 5
  • Clear – 4
  • None – 4
  • Blue – 4
  • Yellow – 3
  • Purple – 2
  • Red/Pink – 0

Super Bowl Gatorade Color Results by Team

Some Gatorade shower handicappers believe a team can be tied to the color of its Gatorade. Unfortunately, there isn’t much evidence to support that from the historical perspective. 

Here’s a look at the year, team and Gatorade shower color.

Super Bowl  Winner Color
57 Chiefs Purple
56 Rams Blue
55 Buccaneers Blue
54 Chiefs Orange
53 Patriots Blue
52 Eagles Yellow
51 Patriots None
50 Broncos Orange
49 Patriots Blue
48 Seahawks Orange
47 Ravens None
46 Giants Purple
45 Packers Orange
44 Saints Orange
43 Steelers Yellow
42 Giants Clear
41 Colts Clear
40 Steelers Clear
39 Patriots Clear
38 Patriots None
37 Buccaneers Purple
36 Patriots None
35 Ravens Yellow
30 Cowboys Clear
29 49ers Clear
28 Cowboys Clear
25 Giants Clear
21 Giants Orange

If you’re interested in this kind of prop betting, the only trend appearing over the past 10 years or so is that the Patriots used blue twice in their past three Super Bowl victories, with “none” being the third.

The problem in applying that trend to the 2024 Super Bowl? The Patriots failed to qualify for the playoffs.

Super Bowl Gatorade
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Why Do Coaches Have Gatorade Dumped on Them?

By most accounts, the beginning of the tradition that led to discussing Gatorade color at the Super Bowl was the 1984 NFL season during which the New York Giants’ Jim Burt doused his coach with the sports drink.

Burt was reportedly upset with Giants coach Bill Parcells — he told Joan Rivers on a talk show that it was a case of picking on the “chubby guy” — at various points that season, prompting his passive-aggressive move with the Gatorade during a regular season game.

Harry Carson, a standout linebacker for the Giants, said the coach pushed Burt to the point of putting a plan into action. Carson said in a Rolling Stone interview that Burt told him “Parcells is such a prick. Let’s get him!” Carson added that the entire scene was one of joy, not anger.

The Giants kept the idea alive and, after a terrific 1986 season, celebrated their victory in Super Bowl XXI by dumping orange Gatorade on Parcells following a 39-20 win over the Denver Broncos.

How to Bet on the Super Bowl Gatorade Color

To make a wager on the color of the Gatorade poured over the winning coach at the conclusion of Super Bowl 58, check your local sportsbook’s rules and regulations. Some states do not allow sports betting.

We always recommend offshore sportsbooks such as BetOnline, which will take action on the Gatorade color. You can place bets at offshore operators safely and securely, and they tend to offer better odds than local sportsbooks.


There is a two-week break between the conference championship games, which determine the Super Bowl teams, and Super Bowl 58.

During those days leading up to the Feb. 11 Super Bowl, a waterfall of proposition bets will be posted.

Be sure to carefully examine all the options to see whether the Gatorade color at the Super Bowl will be among your options.

Yes, there are other Gatorade shower markets that include whether there will be more than one bucket dumped, the timing of the Gatorade shower (before the final whistle or after), and the position of the player/players responsible for pouring the bucket on the coach.


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