Top 10 Tallest Soccer Players Ever

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To make the list of the tallest soccer players, a bigger athlete must find the right way to use his advantage against his opponents.

The players who are very, very tall are not always so nimble as their rivals, but they seek to employ physical dominance. The vertically blessed are generally confined to the goalkeeper and striker positions.

The advantages to playing goalkeeper are obvious, while those tall stars playing the striker position use their height, rising high to head a crossing pass into the net.

Here we give you an array of tall soccer players, past and present.

Our list of the tallest soccer players ever includes many who toil in relative anonymity, but that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve a small bit of recognition for reaching the pro level while lugging around all that extra square footage.

Rank Player Height
10. Peter Crouch 6ft8
9. Jan Koller 6ft8
8. Lacina Traore 6ft8
7. Costel Pantilimon 6ft8
6. Jason Mooney 6ft9
5. Kyle Hudlin 6ft9
4. Vanja Ivesa 6ft9
3. Jacob Samnik 6ft9
2. Kristof Van Hout 6ft10
1. Simon Bloch Jorgensen 6ft11

10. Peter Crouch – 6ft8

Peter Crouch
Image: Twitter/Pedro Vasconcelos

This English player makes our list of the tallest soccer players – even though he’s also listed as 6ft7 in some references – because he is widely known as a talented big man.

The striker earned 42 caps for the English national team (2005-10) during which time he scored 22 goals. Crouch also appeared at the World Cup twice.

Adding to his legacy are his English Premier League stats: 467 matches, 106 goals, and 68 assists.

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9. Jan Koller – 6ft8

Jan Koller
Image: Twitter/WhiteboardFC

A talented forward, Jan Koller used his towering physical presence to score 55 goals in 91 matches for his Czech team.

He was with Borussia Dortmund for its Bundesliga title in 2002, proving his impressive skills matched his impressive height. Koller also played for Sparta Prague, Monaco, Nuremberg and others.

8. Lacina Traore – 6ft8

Lacina Traore
Image: Twitter/DGriffiths65

Another striker, this center-forward was strongly recruited in 2012 to play for Russia’s Anzhi club. Later in his career, he scored 11 goals over 35 matches for Monaco and was brought to Everton.

Traore played in 45 European matches and made 13 appearances for the Ivory Coast national team.

7. Costel Pantilimon – 6ft8

Costel Pantilimon (left) and Joe Hart
Image: Twitter/CrazyMkenya

A backup goalkeeper for Manchester City in the English Premier League, Pantilimon collected 29 caps including one in the Champions League match.

A sought-after player, Pantilimon also joined EPL sides Sunderland and Watford. He is credited as the tallest soccer player ever to play in the Premier League.

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6. Jason Mooney – 6ft9

Jason Mooney
Image: Twitter/Jason Mooney

The Northern Irish goalkeeper had a good run in Ireland, providing a welcome presence for several Irish sides during his career.

At his peak, perhaps, Mooney spent the 2011-12 season on loan at Oxford City of the Southern League Premier Division. That team won a promotion with a playoff win over AFC Totton.

5. Kyle Hudlin – 6ft9

Kyle Hudlin
Image: Twitter/FabrizioPvfc

The British-born striker, 23, is a valued commodity, having youth and height, since studies have shown taller soccer players have a better chance for success.

Hudlin, having played for Burton Albion on loan from EFL Championship club Huddersfield Town, is targeted to rejoin Huddersfield in May 2024 on loan.

He had joined Huddersfield from National League side Solihull Moors after scoring 15 goals in 62 matches.

4. Vanja Ivesa – 6ft9

Vanja Ivesa
Image: Twitter/superliglegends

Another goalkeeper who showed that tall players at his position can produce consistency well into their late athletic stages.

Ivesa remained active in professional soccer past his 44th birthday.

3. Jacob Samnik – 6ft9

Jacob Samnik
Image: Twitter/blazers_on_fire

The American-born (Atlanta, Ga.) goalie signed with a Romanian club in 2019 and – although this was probably a publicity stunt – was too tall to fit in the photo that recorded his signing.

His height puts him high up on our list of the tallest soccer players ever.

2. Kristof Van Hout – 6ft10

Kristof Van Hout
Image: Twitter/footybible_uk

The well-regarded Belgian goalkeeper played in the top level of Belgian soccer, as well as with Genk for seven Europa League matches.

Van Hout played 2015-22 for Westerlo in Belgium’s First Division.

1. Simon Bloch Jorgensen – 6ft11

Simon Bloch Jorgensen
Image: Twitter/Cole_World200

The German goalkeeper is generally accepted as the tallest soccer player ever, given no player on record at the professional level is listed at 7 feet or taller.

Jorgensen, who turns 32 in September 2024, played for Waltham Abby FC and for Frem in Holland.


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