Top 10 Worst Hotels in Las Vegas

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A trip to Las Vegas is often one of the highlights of the year. But, if you’re not careful and don’t do your research, you could ruin your trip and end up at one of the worst hotels in Vegas.

Through first-hand experience and looking at reviews on top websites such as TripAdvisor, Reddit, Google, and poker forum Two Plus Two, we will share our picks for the 10 worst hotels in Vegas.

Las Vegas Strip
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10. Tropicana

The Tropicana in Atlantic City is where I started my poker career as a young 20-something and even then I knew that it was a terrible casino and hotel. While the Las Vegas version of the Tropicana is held in slightly-higher regard, it’s still worth mentioning in the discussion when it comes to the worst hotels in Vegas.

Despite being a Hilton hotel, those who are used to the high quality and consistency of the Hilton brand should be prepared to be disappointed.

Syd on TripAdvisor, a Hilton Lifetime Diamond Member, described Tropicana as the worst and most disgusting property despite staying at Hiltons in over 30 countries.

After discovering a filth-ridden HVAC filter in her room, she expected a complimentary room change but was only provided with a $25 bar credit. That’s good for about two beers in Las Vegas.

dirty filter - Tropicana hotel vegas
Image: TripAdvisor

9. Palms Casino Resort

The Palms Casino Resort undoubtedly has the best overall reviews out of any hotel on this list. Even in one-star rated responses, the casino itself is usually held in high regard. Unfortunately, they seem to be severely lacking when it comes to customer service.

Nearly every negative review we’ve seen mentions the rude staff as well as a lack of proper solutions.

Many of the reviews also claim they were swindled out of money from hidden fees that included charging Cathy S. (Yelp) $1.08 for a paper cup so she could drink water.

Do not stay if you’re going to be visiting on business and/or need a good night’s sleep. There are often loud events either on the premises or nearby, which can continue until sunrise.

8. Excalibur

Back when the Excalibur opened in 1990, it was the world’s largest hotel and considered a “super-casino.” Despite Excalibur’s rich history and fun medieval theme, it has now gained a reputation for being a dirty, smelly hotel.

There are several scathing reviews from TripAdvisor, many that have come within the last couple of days. “Jpk87144” has called for the Excalibur to be torn down while numerous others have reported mold, very loud air conditioners, clogged toilets, and smells ranging from bleach to raw sewage.

To add insult to injury, many who have left their stories from their awful experiences also reported spending in excess of $300 or more per night.

7. Luxor

There’s no doubt that the Luxor appeals to the masses simply because it’s literally one of the tallest pyramids in the world. But that’s where the allure ends and the problems begin.

The diagonal elevators can be a bit disorienting for many, while the hotel itself has fallen behind and has failed to upgrade their facilities.

Pershetta S. (Yelp) shared photos from a recent stay where the hallway was both soaked and partially demolished.

worst hotels vegas - excalibur
Image: Yelp

Brian G. (Yelp) complained about the absence of a handful of necessary amenities in modern-day hotel rooms, including USB outlets, a microwave, a coffee machine, a safe, or free TV channels.

Terrance Reid on Twitter admitted he found a pair of dirty underwear behind his dresser, though he was treated to a new room.

There are several reports that Luxor inherited Bellagio’s old furniture the last time they “updated”, which won’t sit well with people who value cleanliness.

6. Casino Royale Hotel & Casino

The Casino Royale Hotel & Casino has a reputation for catering to low-rollers, which has directly or indirectly turned it into one of the rather shady casinos on the Strip.

The casino used to be a late-night paradise with $1 beers and $1 hot dogs, with Denny’s and White Castle also on the premises.

While the late-night munchies remain on-site, Beau C. of Henderson, NV (Yelp), states that the beers and hot dogs are now $3 each, which can get expensive if you’re a guy like me.

Richard F. (Yelp) claims that he had crickets in his room while the alarms went off at 1:30am both nights that he stayed.

Wesley J. (Yelp) said that the parking garage is not connected to the hotel and had a scary encounter with the homeless population on the walk to his room. Furthermore, he claims that they were knocking on his door throughout the night.

Numerous robberies and decrepit conditions have also been reported.

5. Flamingo

The common theme of Flamingo’s plethora of negative reviews is cigarette smoke, being overcharged for everything, and being a run-down hotel.

If you go through the huge heap of Flamingo’s one-star reviews, you’ll be greeted with plenty of photo evidence proving it’s one of the worst hotels in Vegas.

Leslie B. (Yelp), who refused to stay in the room provided to her, wrote how Flamingo “felt like a sleazy motel” due to filthy walls, dirty showers, peeling paint, and hanging light fixtures.

While Flamingo is well-located on the strip, people claimed to be nickel-and-dimed left and right. Paying $64 for five bottles of beer is ridiculous, even in Las Vegas, while being charged $7.50 for a cup of coffee while not being allowed to have a coffee maker just hurts my soul.

One guest even revealed that she was told to pay nearly $200 for a chair at the pool, even though there were about 20 of them not being used.

4. The STRAT Hotel, Casino & SkyPod

If you love the smell of urine, dirty rooms, unreliable reservations, being nickel-and-dimed for every little amenity all at a very high price, then the STRAT might be for you.

While going up to the top of the tower and enjoying the activities at the SkyPod are very much worth your money, very little else is. Be warned: the in-house rides are often down for maintenance.

Antonio M. (Yelp) claimed the pool was closed for shock treatment at 7pm while it was still 100 degrees outside. Another visitor, Gabriela B. (Yelp), showed off her awful insect bites, claiming that she only received her resort fees and deposit back after being promised a full refund.

worst hotels vegas - strat
Image: Yelp

Countless reviews complained of terrible views, a lack of air conditioning (in 100-120 degree heat), smoke-filled rooms, all while paying upwards of $300 a night.

3. Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino

The former home of the World Series of Poker has been touted by professional poker players as “obviously” being the worst hotel in Vegas.

Numerous claims of long check-in lines, horrifically dirty rooms, and closed restaurants are superseded by the high-profile robberies, bedbugs and terrible location far from the Las Vegas Strip.

Poker cash-game grinder Joe Salvaggi was famously robbed at gunpoint back in 2019 for what was described as $8,000 in cash and casino chips in addition to his car keys. It’s worth noting that, according to his statement on my personal Twitter account, he lost a whole lot more than $8,000.

Darryl Robinson, also on my Twitter account, claimed that he was given a “murder room” with blood on the bed, a huge blood stain on the chair, and blood splatter on the curtains. Worst of all, he wasn’t given the option to change rooms.

With more than 25,000 reviews on TripAdvisor, the Rio’s reputation as being one of the best Vegas hotels is long-gone. TT Y (TripAdvisor) described the Rio as a lost cause, having “One-star service, one-star hotel, one-star hospitality, one-star restaurants, one-star cleanliness, and one-star gambling.”

2. Siegel Suites – Tropicana

While many properties on this list have mixed reviews depending on where you look, Siegel Suites’ harshly-negative feedback is nearly unanimous.

Siegel Suites is often considered a last resort for those desperate for monthly housing in Las Vegas, which is offered for as low as $268 per week.

Unfortunately, nearly every single review mentions terrible customer service and roaches. Lots of roaches.

If the cockroach infestation wasn’t bad enough, Siegel Suites is reportedly full of crime, with the lack of security being a serious concern in a not-so-pleasant area of Las Vegas.

Should that not be enough to deter you, Siegel Suites is notorious for its air conditioning units going down when it gets too hot. With temperatures typically between 100 and 118 degrees during the dog days of summer, that’s just not acceptable.

1. Circus Circus

Circus Circus has long had a terrible reputation in Las Vegas and has clung onto its absurd theme to stay in business since 1968. Despite having nearly 4,000 Yelp reviews, Circus Circus has garnered just 2.1 out of 5 stars, making it one of the worst hotels in Vegas.

You don’t need to look far to find Circus Circus horror stories. In addition to usually being full of kids and bedbugs while being located far from the action on the north end of the Strip, the Manor Motor Lodge section of the hotel is notoriously the worst-rated room on the entire Strip. Some of these rooms even still have those old CRT televisions.

Robert B (TripAdvisor) complained that there was a roach infestation, the elevators didn’t work while the buttons were caked in “grunge”, trash was in the hallways, and that he was given a dirty towel and no soap.

Robert B also said that he was a POW (prisoner of war) in Vietnam and that Circus Circus was barely a step above that.

While there are plenty of Manor Motor Lodge horror stories, a warning doesn’t come much stronger than that.

BONUS – Sin City Hostel

During my first trip to Las Vegas back in January 2022, I tried to save money by staying at the Sin City Hostel. The staff members were fantastic and most nights I had the shared room to myself.

While I was also located a few miles off the Strip between wedding chapels, a strip club, and a pretty good Thai restaurant, I had the rather unfortunate experience of being next door to a SWAT team raid. My neighbor was running from the law several states away and threatened to engage in a shootout with the law enforcement agents.

Having to duck-and-cover face-down in a shared Las Vegas bathroom was not an ideal experience. This was far from my only negative moment at the Sin City Hostel and I surely won’t be going back.


When you head over to Sin City, make sure you don’t end up at one of the worst hotels in Vegas. Obviously, your experience may be a bit different when you stay at these properties, so we’re not telling you to avoid these properties completely.

We are telling you to do your due diligence and look at multiple properties to see whether or not that pricey hotel stay will provide you with what you’re looking for.

Not all Las Vegas properties are created equal and sometimes it’s worth staying at home and playing at an online casino instead, all without a cockroach in sight.


Blaise Bourgeois
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Blaise Bourgeois
Poker and Gambling Expert

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