Best Gaming Chairs for Any Budget | Top 12 Reviewed in Depth

The best gaming chair is more of an investment rather than an expense. Technological advancement has developed a new form of pastime. Many people, especially younger ones, typically spend much time in front of their home desks and playing their favorite video games. However, this type of enjoyment comes with a hefty price.

Spending long hours sitting will inevitably cause massive discomfort for anyone who doesn’t pay too much attention to their body posture. Back pains, cardiovascular problems, muscle fatigue, and anxiety are some of the many consequences of inadequate physical health care.

Because of that, investing in the best gaming desk chair is investing in your health. The best chairs for gamers are built to maintain a healthy body posture, relax muscles, and prevent back pain. Here we present the best gaming chairs in 2023, suitable for all budgets.

Best Chairs for Gaming Ranked

You’ll often find sponsored advertisements with shady chair manufacturers claiming to offer the best solutions at the lowest price. Because of that, we decided to do the legwork for you and test various solutions on the market. Here’s the list of our top 12 best chairs for gaming in 2023:

  1. BestOffice PC Gaming Chair — We rank this as the best gaming chair overall, with an adjustable seat, great lumbar support, a foot rest, and a 155° tilt, for just $59.99.
  2. Homall Racer — Super comfortable, with a 4″ seat cushion, elastic bands to keep the top and bottom pillows in place, and excellent weight support.
  3. Razer Iskur — Ergonomic Razer chair designed to perfectly align with your spine and help you maintain proper body posture, even during marathon gaming sessions.
  4. X Rocker Pro Series — Bulky, mounted chair with adjustable armrests, built-in speakers, and on-hit vibration, ideal for console gamers who want a fully immersive experience.
  5. Noblechairs Hero — Sturdy gaming chair, providing premium German quality, ultimate comfort, and superb skin breathability thanks to cold cure foam.
  6. Herman Miller Embody — The best gaming chair Reddit users recommend, made from high-quality, sophisticated materials, and with a flexible backrest and adjustable seat depth.
  7. Secretlab Titan Evo — Our top pick for the best PC gaming chair, with three sizes to choose from, a multi-tilt mechanism, and 4D armrests.
  8. X-Chair X3 ATR Mgmt — Excellent mesh chair resistant to spills and stains, with cooling, heat, and massage functions, and dynamic lumbar variable support.
  9. DXRacer Master Gaming Chair — Great option for all-day use, with cloud-like soft padding, and perfect for gamers who also work from home.
  10. E-Win Champion Series — Comfy, fully adjustable gaming chair with a wider seat, capable of supporting up to 400 lbs thanks to its class-4 gas lift.
  11. Cooler Master Hybrid 1 — Reliable gaming chair made from premium steel and foam, with breathable mesh, a 180° recline, and a 30.7″ seat height, ideal for taller gamers.
  12. DXRacer Craft Gaming Chair — Dozens of styles, great build quality, integrated 2D lumbar support, a 15° rocking angle, and an extendable footrest.

What’s the Best Gaming Chair? | Gaming Chair Reviews

We’ve decided to test each chair from our list. Read on to learn everything you need to know to decide on the best one.

1. BestOffice PC Gaming Chair — Overall, the Best Gaming Chair in 2023

BestOffice PC Gaming Chair is the best choice whether you’re a passionate gamer or spend a lot of time in your office. Its design allows you to rest your back and helps if you have chronic leg pain. More importantly, it’s easy to assemble and is one of the most affordable gaming chairs.

BestOffice PC gaming chair

Price Dimensions Seat Height Max.Weight Warranty Ergonomics
$59.99 28’’D x 27.4″W x 47.6’’H 17.7’’ 259 lbs 90-days

Head cushion


Adjustable seat and lumbar support

The first thing you’ll notice is its metal wheel base, which guarantees durability and chair stability. As a result, it boasts a maximum load of up to 255 lbs. The BestOffice PC Gaming Chair is adjustable, and you can customize it by pulling the lever under it.

You can tilt your chair up to 155°, making it ideal for occasional rest from gaming or taking a quick nap between playing sessions.

If you go to the maximum, it may feel unstable at first. Luckily, BestOffice PC Gaming Chair is built from solid materials, so you won’t have to worry whether it’ll hold down your weight.

The footrest is well-designed as it slides underneath the seat. So it won’t get in your way while moving your legs around when gaming or working. There’s a chance taller people won’t be able to put their feet on the footrest. However, this doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. People with longer legs can use the footrest feature to rest the knee area.

BestOffice PC Gaming Chair is the best gaming chair for people of all heights. It’s quite ergonomic and provides both neck and lumbar support. You can adjust the lumbar support pillow to your height. Thus, you’ll feel no pressure on your back, even after 10 hours of gaming.


  • Best budget gaming chair
  • Comfy and convenient
  • Seat height adjustment
  • Has a footrest


  • No adjustable armrest

2. Homall Racer — Best Budget Gaming Chair With a 4″ Seat Cushion and Great Weight Support

Homall Racer is the best cheap gaming chair, boasting phenomenal ratings on Amazon. You can adjust the chair’s height by pulling the lever — it can reach 21.5″ in height, measuring from the seat to the floor. As a result, it’s perfect for medium-height gamers (5 ‘4″) to up to much taller players (6 ‘7″).

Homall Racer best budget gaming chair

Price Dimensions Seat Height Max.Weight Warranty Ergonomics
$99.99 33.07’’ D x 25.79’’ W x 11.02’’ H 17.3’’ to 21.5’’ 278 lbs 1-year warranty + 30-day refund policy

Head cushion

Lower back pillow


Homall Racer is perfect for people that are broader in the beam. The seat is bolstered to provide a more comfortable gaming experience. Simultaneously, bolsters are 20″ wide, which allows people of up to 300 lbs to enjoy their favorite pastimes without worrying about durability.

Speaking about durability, the chair is supported by the industry-latest Class 3 gas lift. Even at the maximum weight, you can tilt the chair up to 155°. The armrest is fixed, which is probably the only thing that isn’t adjustable here.

Elastic bands hold the top and bottom pillows. It allows you to pull the cushions up and down for ultimate comfort. You can also remove the pads by simply removing the elastic band.

The 4″ thick seat cushion will make you feel like you’re sitting on a cloud. Homall Racer is one of the best gaming chairs for back pain or other sitting discomfort. Beyond this, as it’s built from solid materials, it’s a top pick for passionate players who spend hours in front of their gaming laptops.

The seat is made of high-quality synthetic leather. Consequently, you can enjoy gaming on hot summer days without worrying your skin will stick to the chair.


  • Great for tall and corpulent gamers
  • Supports weight up to 300lbs
  • 155° tilt + class 3 gas lift
  • 4″ thick seat cushion


  • No cloth on the seat

3. Razer Iskur — The Best Gaming Chair for Comfort

Razer Iskur has a long history of satisfying passionate gamblers. The seat cushion isn’t the softest you’ll find. However, considering you’ll probably spend countless hours gaming, it shouldn’t be. The Razer chair has found a perfect balance between the seat’s softness and hardness.

Razer Iskur chair for gaming

Price Dimensions Seat Height Max.Weight Warranty Ergonomics
$422.36 26.2’’ D x 29.35’’ W x 53.98’’ H 300 lbs 3-year

Lower back support

Adjustable lumbar curve

High-density foam head cushion

You can adjust the armrest by height and set it to align with your table if you don’t like resting your hands on the gaming desk. Moreover, you can adjust the armrest to your sitting position by moving them forward and backward, which is a great feature.

Compared to the previous best gaming chair, the Razer gaming chair has no lower back cushion. Instead, the chair is designed to align with your spine and maintain ideal body posture while spending long hours at your desk. The lever on the right side will also allow you to adjust the lumbar support.

If you decide to sit on the edge of the chair for some reason, the back seat will pop out to support your lower back. Beyond this, an elastic band holds the top cushion. You can move it up and down to support your sitting position. It’s built out of memory foam, which will adjust to any pressure, allowing you to rest your head and neck muscles.

Razer Iskur uses multi-layer synthetic leather, a more durable solution compared to PU leather seen in most low-budget chairs.


  • 4D Armrest
  • Multi-layered synthetic leather
  • High-density foam head cushion
  • Adjustable back seat


  • Not fit for taller people

4. X Rocker Pro Series — Built-in Speakers and On-Hit Vibration, Perfect for Console Gamers

X Rocker Pro Series is no joke. This chair is modern, stable, reliable, and packed with awesome features. Compared to other chairs on this list, X Rocker features no wheels. Instead, the chair is mounted on a round and firm pedestal.

While this allows superior stability, it somewhat limits your movements. You won’t be able to swing away from the desk to grab a glass of water or answer your phone quickly. Fear not, though. There’s much to love about the X Rocker Pro.

X Rocker Pro Series gaming chair

Price Dimensions Seat Height Max.Weight Warranty Ergonomics
$195 24’’ D x 24’’ W x 40’’ H 18’’ 300 lbs 1-year + 90-day return policy

Non-adjustable headrest

Ergonomic lower back support

4D armrest

That said, the X Rocker Pro Series is built of quality materials. As one of the best ergonomic chairs, it’s designed to keep your back upright and support gamers with back pain. The armrests are adjustable, like with most X Rocker chairs, and you can move them in several directions to make your sitting position more comfortable.

X Rocker Pro Series is also renowned for being the best gaming chair with speakers. The 4.1 surround sound will definitely provide you with maximum pleasure. It’s compatible with many platforms like PS5, PlayStation, and Xbox One. As such, it’s ideal for console players.

You just need to plug it in, set up the volume, and enjoy as the action unfolds throughout the room. So, you don’t have to sit in a chair to enjoy the sound quality. You can even use the chair instead of PC speakers.

The vibrator beneath the seat adds to the overall impression. Every time your character gets hit or shot, the chair will tremble (like joysticks on PlayStation). You’ll have the sensation of having your own 6D theater at your home.



  • A bit robust

5. Noblechairs Hero — A Perfect Mix of German Quality and Comfort

Noblechairs Hero provides premium German quality and is used by many professional gamers. The chair’s frame is steel and can support up to 330 lbs. So far, no one has confirmed whether it’s vulnerable to kryptonite. Besides this, the vegan PU leather allows your body to enjoy the ultimate comfort while gaming or spending many hours at the office desk.

Noblechairs Hero gamer chair

Price Dimensions Seat Height Max.Weight Warranty Ergonomics
$622.47 18.9’’ D x 22.45’’ W x 54.75’’ H 18’’-22’’ 330 lbs 2-year

Headrest with memory foam

Adjustable lumbar support

Rocking mechanism

The cold cure foam on the seat gives your skin enough airflow to breathe and prevents sweating in high temperatures. Accordingly, you won’t have to turn on the a/c after a couple of hours of playing. As a result, we can conclude Noblechairs Hero is an excellent budget-savvy solution.

The armrest is polyurethane, making it slightly softer than other gaming chairs. It’s flexible, and you can move it front and backward, left or right, and adjust it to your sitting position.

The wheels are also made out of polyurethane and have a nylon coating. As a result, you can move your chair around without making much noise. This is especially great if you like gaming at night, as you can freely move without the risk of waking anyone. In addition, the wheels are gentle enough not to waste your floor and will leave no movement traces.


  • Supports up to 330lbs
  • Vegan PU leather
  • Cold cure foam that allows airflow
  • Steel-based construction


  • Slightly heavy

6. Herman Miller Embody — Best Gaming Chair Reddit Users Recommend

Herman Miller Embody is the best gaming chair for those seeking ultimate comfort. From just a glance, you’ll notice this chair is like no other. Its design stands out from the rest of the crowd with an unusual silhouette. Still, it’s made from high-quality and sophisticated materials.

Herman Miller Embody | best gaming chair Reddit

Price Dimensions Seat Height Max.Weight Warranty Ergonomics
$1,999 24’’ D x 26’’ W x 35’’ H 16’’-20.5 300 lbs 12-year

Flexible backrest

Seat depth adjustment

Recline function

On top of this, the seat is quite broad, so gamers of different weights and heights can enjoy various poses. You can also adjust the depth of the seat by pulling the handles on the side. At first, it may seem like a clumsy solution; however, once you get used to it, you’ll certainly appreciate this chair’s additional comfort.

Embody doesn’t have classic memory foam pillows. Instead, the chair has a natural, flexible, supportive material with a high-end pixelated support system. Also, the backrest is highly flexible and perfectly adheres to every movement of your body. Because of that, this chair doesn’t feature a classic adjustable lumbar system.

Instead, you can adjust the back of the chair forwards and backward, looking for the perfect sitting position. Despite being among the most expensive gaming chairs, Herman Miller is one of the highest-rated on Reddit’s gaming chair reviews.

You don’t need to bother assembling the chair and reading complex manuals. Embody will come fully assembled. Thus, you can enjoy it instantly as it arrives. Also, countless Redditors expressed their amazement with the 12-year warranty on every part of the chair, which you’ll not see often.


  • High level of comfort
  • Flexible backrest
  • Fully assembled
  • 12-year warranty


  • No adjustable lumbar system

7. Secret Lab Titan Evo — Best PC Gaming Chair

Secret Lab Titan Evo aims to satisfy even the most distinctive tastes. This chair comes in three size types: regular, small, and large.

Secret Lab Titan Evo Gamers chair

Price Dimensions Seat Height Max.Weight Warranty Ergonomics
$589 19’’ D x 22’’ W x 51.2’’ H 17.7’’-18.9’’ 285 lbs 3-5 year

Adjustable lumbar support

Multi-tilt mechanism

4D armrest

Beyond this, it’s easy to assemble. Every piece of this chair is packed neatly and well-organized. Assembling the chair is a no-brainer, primarily thanks to the detailed and comprehensive guide. The manual contains several pictures, making the assembly process easy to follow.

This chair will provide added balance and stability thanks to the slightly wider footprint, plus, as it’s made of quality materials, you won’t have to worry about durability.

On top of this, Secret Lab offers a decent 5-year warranty, but you can probably expect your chair to last at least another 70 months in the worst-case scenario.


  • Various sizes
  • 5-year warranty
  • 4D armrest
  • Durable PU leather


  • The magnetic pillow may be unsteady sometimes

8. X-Chair X3 ATR Mgmt — Great Mesh Chair With Cooling, Heat, and Massage Functions

X-Chair X3 ATR Mgmt will leave you speechless with its attention-grabbing design and features.

X Chair X3 gaming chair

Price Dimensions Seat Height Max.Weight Warranty Ergonomics
$1,094 21.5’’ D x 26.5’’ W x 65’’ H 18.5’’-23’’ 330 lbs 5-years

Height-adjustable backrest

Heat and massage

Dynamic variable lumbar support

The combination of mesh and metal promises quality and durability. Even the plastic parts seem fancy and give away a long-lasting chair vibe. The company used high-end multi-layer knit polymer mash, resistant to spill and stain, which makes this chair extremely clumsy-friendly.

The height-adjustable backrest will support your spine and eliminate any potential critical pain points, even after continuous hours of gaming. This makes X-Chair X3 ATR Mgmt the best gaming chair for those with chronic pain in their lower back.

Heat and massage features are another great addition. It’s excellent for removing lower back pressure and relaxing your muscles. Moreover, these features come with long-lasting batteries, and you can plug them into your PC and charge them through the USB port.


  • Long-lasting fabric
  • Adjustable backrest
  • Heat and massage feature
  • Neat design


  • Some features are charged extra

9. DXRacer Master Gaming Chair – Ideal for All-day Use, With Cloud-like Soft Padding

The DXRacer Master Gaming chair is the best chair for mixed-use. By that, we mean gaming and home office work.

DX Racer Master Gaming chair

Price Dimensions Seat Height Max.Weight Warranty Ergonomics
N/A 28.5’’ D x 28.5’’ W x 53.5’’ H 275 lbs 2-year

Adjustable lumbar

Multi-functional tilt

Upgraded sliding memory foam pillow

The headrest is placed on a rail instead of elastic bands, so you can move it up and down to support your neck, and it’ll remain firm and steady. Alternatively, you can remove the headrest if necessary.

The replaceable mesh cushion will provide structural support and will maintain shape after long hours of use. This makes it one of the best gaming chairs for chronic tailbone pain.

On top of that, the chair’s lumbar support allows you to rest your lower back. You can adjust it by turning the knob, which will push the lever towards your body, fitting perfectly to your sitting position. Beyond this, the star-shaped aluminum base makes this chair stable, thus supporting up to 275 lbs.


  • Great for office work and gaming
  • Rail-based headrest
  • Helps with tailbone pain
  • Supports up to 275 lbs


  • People smaller than 5’3 may experience slight discomfort

10. E-Win Champions Series — Comfortably Supports Up to 400 lbs

E-Win Champions Series is among the top gaming chairs when it comes to ergonomics and material quality. The seat is made of high-density interior foam, developed by the company itself, and, in many ways, offers the same sensations as mesh would, for instance.

E-Win champions series gaming chair

Price Dimensions Seat Height Max.Weight Warranty Ergonomics
$445.89 21.7’’ D x 20.9’’ W x 37.8’’ H 15’’-18.9’’ 400 lbs 2-year

High-density foam

4D armrest

Neck support pillows

E-Win Champions Series boasts 4D armrests that move in four directions: up and down, back and forth. You can adjust the lumbar and neck support pillows to a more comfortable position. Cushions are attached with elastic bands that are made of the highest quality.

So, you don’t have to worry whether the pillows will hold their place after a couple of months of use. This gaming desk chair weighs 11 lb and is heavier than most others in this category. It uses a steel-based frame with a 16mm diameter steel tube.

Another distinction is the class-4 explosion-proof gas lift. For comparison, other chairs sit on an industry-standard class-3 gas lift.


  • High-density foam seat
  • 4D armrest
  • Lumbar support pillows
  • Class-4 gas lift


  • The chair is slightly heavier than other competitors

11. Cooler Master Hybrid 1 — Ideal for Taller Players

Cooler Master Hybrid 1 is both reliable and comfortable. Dressed in polyurethane leather, this chair boasts phenomenal strength and elasticity. It’s built on an aluminum wheel and can withstand heavy pressure. Speaking of pressure, you can tilt the chair up to 180°, and it supports a maximum weight of 330 lbs.

Cooler Master Hybrid 1 gamer chair

Price Dimensions Seat Height Max.Weight Warranty Ergonomics
$449 21.3’’ D x 21.3’’ W x 52.8’’ H 30.7’’ 330 lbs 2-year

Adjustable neck cushion

3D armrest

Adjustable lumbar support

Cooler Master Hybrid 1 features 3D armrests instead of the 4D types in other ergonomic gaming chairs. Also, you must flip the chair upside down to adjust the width of the armrest. You can do that by loosening the bolts. But you shouldn’t worry about that much, as Cooler Master will send you all the necessary gear to make adjustments.

With adjustable lumbar support and headrest, Cooler Master Hybrid will help you keep a healthy posture which is great if you spend long hours gaming or working from home.


  • Adjustable neck pillow
  • Supports up to 330lbs
  • Aluminum wheels
  • Reliable chair


  • 3D armrest

12. DXRacer Craft Gaming Chair — Perfect for Medium-Height Gamers

DXRacer Craft Gaming chair boasts fantastic building quality and accommodates different sitting styles. With a class-4 gas lift and firm aluminum base, DXRacer is the best chair for medium-height players. The recommended height is 5’7’’, and it supports a weight of up to 250 lbs.

DX Racer stylish gaming chair

Price Dimensions Seat Height Max.Weight Warranty Ergonomics
$652.32 27.5’’ D x 27.5’’ W x 52.5’’ H 13’’-15’’ 255 lbs 2-year

Integrated lumbar support

Neck rest cushion

Padded back cushion

The chair is covered with industry-standard 100% vegan PU leather. The material won’t stick to your skin even after long gaming sessions. At the same time, this special coating will allow your skin to breathe and prevent unnecessary sweating.

You can adjust the lumbar support by turning a knob on the right. There’s no classic separate lumbar support pillow. DXRacer installed the additional cushion to support your back — made of foam, it’ll help you retain a healthy body posture for a long time.

The neck rest cushion is tapped on the back, which is why DXRacer Craft Gaming deserves the “best chair for gaming” title. It ideally fits medium-height users. However, adjusting the pillow to height is impossible, so it’s not the most comfortable solution for taller people.


  • Class-4 gas lift
  • Top-notch PU leather coating
  • Padded back cushion
  • High crafting quality


  • Non-adjustable neck pillow

Top Gaming Chairs Compared Head to Head

Here are the 12 best gaming chairs compared:

Chair Name Price Dimensions Seat Height Max.Weight Warranty Ergonomics
BestOffice PC Gaming Chair $59.99 28’’ D x 27.4″ W x 47.6’’ H 17.7’’ 259 lbs 90-days

Head cushion


Adjustable seat height + lumbar support

Homall Racer $99.99 33.07’’ D x 25.79’’ W x 11.02’’ H 17.3’’ to 21.5’’ 278 lbs 1-year warranty + 30-day refund policy Head cushion

Lower back pillow


Razer Iskur $422.36 26.2’’ D x 29.35’’ W x 53.98’’ H 300 lbs 3-year

Lower back support

Adjustable lumbar curve

High-density foam head cushion

X Rocker Pro Series $195 24’’ D x 24’’ W x 40’’ H 18’’ 300 lbs 1-year + 90-day return policy Non-adjustable headrest

Ergonomic lower back support

4D armrest

Noblechairs Hero $622.47 18.9’’ D x 22.45’’ W x 54.75’’ H 18’’-22’’ 330 lbs 2-year

Headrest with memory foam

Adjustable lumbar support

Rocking mechanism

Herman Miller Embody $1,999 24’’ D x 26’’ W x 35’’ H 16’’-20.5 300 lbs 12-year Flexible backrest

Seat depth adjustment

Recline function

Secretlab Titan Evo $589 19’’ D x 22’’ W x 51.2’’ H 17.7’’-18.9’’ 285 lbs 3-5 year

Adjustable lumbar support

Multi-tilt mechanism

4D armrest

X-Chair X3 ATR Mgmt $1,094 21.5’’ D x 26.5’’ W x 65’’ H 18.5’’-23’’ 330 lbs 5-years Height-adjustable backrest

Heat and massage

Dynamic variable lumbar support

DXRacer Master N/A 28.5’’ D x 28.5’’ W x 53.5’’ H 275 lbs 2-year

Adjustable lumbar

Multi-functional tilt

Upgraded sliding memory foam pillow

E-Win Champion Series $445.89 21.7’’ D x 20.9’’ W x 37.8’’ H 15’’-18.9’’ 400 lbs 2-year

High-density foam

4D armrest

Neck support pillows

Cooler Master Hybrid 1 $449 21.3’’ D x 21.3’’ W x 52.8’’ H 30.7’’ 330 lbs 2-year Adjustable neck cushion

4D armrest

Adjustable lumbar support

DXRacer Craft $652.32 27.5’’ D x 27.5’’ W x 52.5’’ H 13’’-15’’ 255 lbs 2-year

Integrated lumbar support

Neck rest cushion

Padded back cushion

Gaming Chair Vs. Office Chair | Which is Best?

Many people find themselves in two minds when picking the right chair. Whether you’re a copywriter, engineer, content creator, or passionate gamer, you’re expected to spend countless hours sitting in front of your desk.

As a result, your body will inevitably be exposed to physical stress or chronic issues caused by prolonged sitting periods. Choosing the right chair can prevent that and result in a healthier physical and mental state.

Should you choose an office chair or the best gaming chair? We’ve compared the main differences between these two counterparts to help you make an educated decision. Here’s what you need to know:


The visual differences between office and gaming chairs are apparent at first glance. Unlike the standard grays and blacks used for work, gaming chairs usually come in bold colors. Furthermore, the height of chairs for video game enthusiasts is slightly higher than their office counterparts. Also, the width of the backrest is in favor of gaming chairs.


This is the category where the differences between these two types of chairs are much more apparent. The reason is simple and lies in its original purpose.

Gaming chairs usually have a pronounced headrest. Pillows help gamers keep their neck in a natural position. Also, on many, you’ll find cushions for the lower part of the spine, which keep the user in the correct body posture.

The armrests are multi-adjustable and often respond to the movements of the person sitting in the gaming chair.

Gaming chair armrest


Passionate gaming fans spend much time at their computers or consoles, enjoying their games with the best gaming headsets. It’s also known that they like to relax right in front of small screens. That’s why gaming chairs are enriched with additional equipment that supports up to 180° recline, allowing gamers to rest between sessions.

On the other hand, office chairs often don’t have head pillows. You’ll also notice the lack of a cushion for the lower back. However, this will generally won’t be a problem since office chairs are designed to adapt naturally to how you sit.

The armrest of office chairs is often fixed, so it’s impossible to adjust and move it. Instead, office chairs can be adjusted in height so that you can more easily adapt to the desk you are working at.


The best gaming chair will often have accessories to provide users with more comfort. As a result, you’ll often find chairs designed for video game fans with built-in LED lighting, speakers, or features for cooling and heating. Admittedly, this isn’t something you’ll encounter at conference tables or on Skype calls.


Last but not least is pricing. The price difference between office and gaming chairs is noticeable, and at first glance, it may seem to favor work seats. If you want to buy a decent office chair, you’ll need to spend between $100 and $150. Higher-class chairs go from $300 up to $500.

On the other hand, a decent gaming chair starts at $400. If you’re a fan of additional features and want to customize your chair, the bill can exceed $1,000. However, despite everything, it’s easy to find high-quality gaming chairs accessible to all budgets.

Take the example of the BestOffice PC Gaming Chair, which starts at $59.99. Consequently, you can get a premium ergonomic gaming chair with decent features – all for relatively little money.

How We Ranked the Best Gamer Chairs | Our Methodology

As someone who spends a lot of time at the computer to make the best choice for our readers and understand the need for a quality work environment, our dedicated team of specialists tested several dozen chairs in search of the perfect solution.

With that in mind, we compared each gaming chair’s appearance, ergonomics, and price. However, we didn’t neglect the smaller but equally important details, such as the quality of the wheels and stitching on the edges. Here’s how we found the best gaming chair options for you.


The overall design of the game chair shouldn’t be the main deal breaker. The looks should play a secondary role here. Remember, even the most beautiful princess during the day can become a hideous ogre at night. Joke aside, we agree that a well-designed chair with tasteful details will always be more appealing.

You can find premium chairs with astonishing and breathtaking details here on our list. If looks drive you, Herman Miller Embody may be precisely what you need. But, at the same time, this choice can strain your budget.

However, this doesn’t mean those with a limited budget will be deprived of the idyllic gaming landscape. On the contrary, chairs like Homall Racer come with an acceptable price and easy-on-the-eye looks. You can enjoy a simple design and carefully selected colors for significantly less money.

Chair Base

The logic is simple here; the more quality materials are used to make the chair, the more durable it’ll be. Because of that, we look to select the best gaming chairs with aluminum or steel leg bases. As a result, you can get a long-lasting solution that’ll serve you for many years.


Gaming chair wheels

You’ll find class-3 and class-4 gas lift gamer chair selections here. Consequently, the chairs we picked are proven to be stable and durable and typically support weights between 250 lbs and 400 lbs.

Wheels are often neglected. But remember that wheels are the only connection between the chair and your floor. As a result, you should look for a quality and less noisy gaming chair. On top of that, better wheel quality will prevent your chair from leaving traces on your carpet or game room floor.

Neck Support

You’ll often find yourself in a dilemma about whether you need neck support. Indeed, our bodies are different, as are our sitting positions and resting habits. Some gamers prefer a chair with neck support, while others don’t.

Still, you’ll find plenty of choices on our list. For the most part, the chairs we pick have adjustable neck cushions, so you can move them up and down, left and right, to enjoy maximum comfort. Finally, you can always remove them and put them back if needed.

You can choose good gaming chairs designed to fit naturally to your body. If your neck pillows are less comfortable, these chairs will be perfect. But bear in mind the dangers of sitting when choosing the right chair.

Lumbar Support

Chairs we pick feature additional cushions in the lower back area. Lumbar support is critical as it reduces tension in your spine and muscles. In addition, it improves your posture and helps to keep your body in a natural position.


Gamer chair lumbar support

As a result, by using the chairs we selected, you’ll feel relaxed and rested, even after long gaming/working sessions.


The highest quality gaming chair aims to feature adjustable lumbar and neck support. However, the quality of the material plays a big role here. That’s why we choose chairs with cushions of cold memory foam. Spending over 8 hours gaming or at the office desk exposes your body to significant stress.

As a result, cardiovascular problems can occur. Soft memory foam pillows help take pressure off your back, legs, tailbone, and hips. Thanks to this material, your body will sit naturally on the chairs we’ve chosen, and you’ll feel more rested and relaxed.


You’ll notice we often mention 4D armrests as a valuable feature. During our gaming sessions, our arms often move in unnatural positions. So, depending on the size of your gaming table or chair, for that matter, we often lean more towards the desk and spend more time in bad posture.

We do this mainly to avoid hard and often uncomfortable armrests. As a result, there may be increased pain in the elbow area and numbness in the same region.

The 4D armrest aims to follow your body movements. You can move the chair armrests in different directions: left and right, up and down, back and forth, and up to a specific angle. This feature lets you maintain a healthy body posture and protect your arms from fatigue.

Cover Material

No matter how modern and flashy a chair may appear, you won’t be too satisfied if it’s covered in cheap material. Drop cloth or lower-quality polyester chairs won’t last long. This is a known fact. Because of that, we’ve picked the best gaming chairs dressed in mesh and high-quality synthetic leather.

Mesh fabric has revolutionized the chair industry. In addition to its modern appearance and exceptional durability, this material contributes to comfort and back support and helps maintain good posture. Also, the mesh allows air to flow. Therefore, it refreshes and cools your body, preventing excessive sweating.

Finally, it prevents bacteria from settling on the seat or back of your chair. Today, the best gaming chair companies use PU leather more often. Thermoplastic polymer resembles real leather in both color and texture. As a result, PU leather chairs often look more expensive and sophisticated.

As such, you can use them as both gaming and office chairs without the risk of blushing in front of your CEO or other colleagues during Skype calls. If you want your chair to look new even after 10 years of intensive use, choose PU leather, and you won’t regret your choice.

Pricing and Warranty

Ultimately, it’s all for nothing if the price doesn’t fit your budget. Because of that, we’ve carefully selected chairs of different price ranges. You can find the best budget gaming chair that won’t cost you more than $60 and a few premium features with a 4-digit price tag.

Also, we have to consider that some people will change their minds. As a result, every chair on our list offers an extensive warranty. Combining different aspects, you can find what you’ve been looking for your entire life.

Even if some miracle happens, and the chair you picked fails your expectations, you can use the money-back guarantee.

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Conclusion | What’s the Best Chair for Gaming in 2023?

Finding the best gaming chair is challenging, as many opportunities exist. The harsh reality is that the more time you spend in front of the PC, the more you compromise your health. Many chair companies have spent a lot of time and resources developing various ergonomic solutions to protect your health while gaming or working long hours.

Still, that doesn’t mean keeping your health in order should be pricey. Many creative solutions provide a perfect balance between quality and budget-friendly prices. After months of testing, our experts have concluded BestOffice PC Gaming Chair is the best-buy gaming chair.

It boasts a metal base, which makes it stable and durable. For only $59.99, you can get a chair that could last 10+ years. On top of that, it’s comfortable and ergonomic. It boasts a well-supported footrest and adjustable lumbar support that prevents back pain after 8+ hours of sitting in the same position.

Don’t miss out on an opportunity and grab your BestOffice PC Gaming Chair at a bargain price now.

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