Green Bitcoin Presale Continues to Thrive As Investors Hurry to Price Prediction Reward Platform

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The presale for Green Bitcoin ($GBTC) continues turning heads after selling out its first stage in just 24 hours, raising over $250,000 in the process.

The fundraising has since progressed beyond the $360,000 milestone as investors continue to pile into the predict-to-earn staking ecosystem that provides long-term rewards for active participation.

The concept behind the project is to let users stake their tokens to take part in a prediction game to guess the price of Bitcoin and earn massive rewards.

Green Bitcoin Continues Turning Heads as Investors Hurry to Price Prediction Platform

Green Bitcoin continues to gain momentum as investors hurry to the price prediction platform, pushing the fundraising beyond the $360,000 milestone this week.

Green Bitcoin combines the eco-friendly blockchain of Ethereum with the legacy of Bitcoin, giving birth to a novel predict-to-earn rewards platform.

The platform introduces a novel staking model called Gamified Green Staking that provides rewards scaled to the level of investment and commitment to the ecosystem.


The platform is 10,000 times more eco-friendly due to its Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism, earning it the Green Bitcoin reputation.

Furthermore, its reward distribution for participants correctly predicting the price of Bitcoin follows the Bitcoin block schedule, releasing rewards every ten minutes.

Gamified Green Staking To Introduce Active Participation With Rewards

Gamified Green Staking is a novel staking ecosystem that encourages long-term commitment and regular participation in making predictions on the price of Bitcoin to earn daily rewards.

The platform offers new challenges every week, enhancing the user experience to keep participants engaged.

The concept for Gamified Green Staking involves users staking their $GBTC tokens and forecasting the next day’s price movements.

Those who correctly predict the future price of Bitcoin in the “Green Zone” are rewarded with a proportionate share of the daily staking reward pool.

The team allocated 27% of the total $GBTC supply, roughly 5.8 million tokens, for the incentivized staking to reward users for the next two years.

The staking system is intended to foster engagement and activity within the ecosystem.

How Does Gamified Green Staking Work?

Green Bitcoin gamified staking

Users are required to place the $GBTC price prediction by 11:30 PM EST every day they want to participate.

At midnight, the platform will tally the day’s stakes against the actual Bitcoin price trend, and accurate predictions earn a share of the day’s mining fee rewards – distributed every ten minutes.

Winners can claim the aggregate of the daily rewards after each 24-hour cycle.

Furthermore, those staking more $GBTC for more extended periods earn higher rewards.

For example, those who choose to deposit their $GBTC for more than a week receive an additional 5% bonus on top of their regular daily rewards.

Monthly stakers are rewarded even more with a 10% bonus on top of their rewards, and six-month stakers are entitled to the highest rewards as they receive a 15% bonus.

These rewards are intended to reflect the project’s commitment to those who support the $GBTC ecosystem with their long-term engagement.

In addition, these long-term staking options create an atmosphere of scarcity for the token and could cause a supply shock on the open market. As a result, newcomers to $GBTC following the presale might be forced to pay higher prices.

Get Positioned Today Before Prices Continue Climbing

With the presale rapidly gaining popularity, it’s essential to get positioned as quickly as possible.

The presale sells 40% of the total $GBTC supply at incrementally increasing prices during subsequent presale stages.

27.5% of the remaining is set aside for staking rewards – ensuring rewards are distributed over two years. Another 17.5% is set aside for marketing purposes to ensure the platform gains the eyeballs it needs to make the prediction game exciting.

Of the final 25%, 20% is reserved to add liquidity to decentralized and centralized exchanges, with 5% reserved for community rewards.

The presale is currently selling $GBTC for $0.3453.

With the token set to launch at $0.6, this provides remarkable returns for those positioned in the presale.

However, many investors are expecting the price to surge much higher than the listing price, with some even suggesting that they’re holding for 50x returns.

Overall, the sheer speed to reaching the $360,000 fundraising milestone demonstrated the building confidence behind the project. As a result, $GBTC is setting the foundation for an impressive market entrance following its presale.

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