Green Bitcoin’s ($GBTC) Gamified Green Staking – A Strategic Move for Investors Seeking Long-Term Crypto Rewards.

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Green Bitcoin’s Gamified Green Staking concept is gathering traction after the presale crossed the $900,000 milestone this week.

The platform offers rewards for those predicting the price of Bitcoin in a new predict-to-earn ecosystem.

Investors are keen on becoming early adopters of the protocol as they believe the staking part of the ecosystem, which is required for participation and rewards, will cause a supply shock on the open market, leading to a sudden price pump following the presale.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Green Bitcoin Raises Impressive $900K As Investors Rush For Predict-to-Earn.

What is Green Bitcoin

The presale for Green Bitcoin ($GBTC) has already raised an impressive $900,000 as investors rush toward the predict-to-earn concept.

The platform allows participants to predict the future price of Bitcoin and earn huge rewards scaled to their level of investment through its unique staking model called Gamified Green Staking.


The protocol is 10,000 times more eco-friendly than Bitcoin as it uses the Ethereum proof-of-stake consensus mechanism, hence the name Green Bitcoin. However, it pays homage to the legacy blockchain by ensuring the staling rewards are distributed at ten-minute integrals, in line with the original block reward schedule.

Users must stake $GBTC to be eligible to place a forecast on the next day’s price of Bitcoin. If guessed correctly, they stand to earn rewards from the staking rewards pool.

The team will be adding new challenges every week to provide more excitement to the ecosystem.

Gamified Green Staking to Bring Rewards and Supply Shock?

Gamified Green Staking is bringing a wave of excitement for investors as they believe it has the potential to lead to a supply shock on the market.

This is because participants must be staking $GBTC to be eligible to place a forecast on the price of Bitcoin to earn rewards.

Users are required to place their predictions by 11:30 PM EST every day. The smart contract behind the platform counts all the day’s forecast at midnight and compares it to the current Bitcoin price trend. Accurate predictions earn a cut of the day’s mining fee rewards, distributed at ten-minute integrals and collected once every 24 hours.

These predict-to-earn contents are designed to create a blockchain project where engagement and activity are at the heart of the ecosystem.

Instead of a project for pure speculation, the act of staking ensures that there’s always activity on Green Bitcoin, which has the potential to turn it into the most utilized project on the market.

The team has allocated 27% of the total $GBTC supply to the rewards pool to provide rewards for those placing accurate price predictions for the next two years.

Green Bitcoin gamified staking

Rewards earned for successful forecasts depend on the level of investment made and the duration committed to the ecosystem, as those staking their $GBTC tokens for more extended periods earn higher rewards. For example, participants who choose to stake their tokens for at least a month earn a 10% bonus on top of their regular daily rewards as a recognition for their extended commitment.

Investors are particularly excited to get positioned as early as possible in $GBTC as they believe the staking activity will cause a supply shock on the open market, which should lead to higher prices.

This is because users must lock their tokens away to participate in the protocol and earn rewards, meaning incoming users don’t buy those tokens. As a result, those looking to join in the price prediction contents following the presale might struggle to buy $GBTC as there will be a shortage on the open market, leading to a price surge.

Furthermore, those buying $GBTC in the presale can earn an incredible 100% APY during the fundraising period, adding further incentive to get positioned early.

Presale Continues Seeing Success – Get Positioned Now

With the presale continuing to see increased success, the best time to get positioned in $GBTC is right now.

The presale is selling 40% of the overall supply for $0.4642. However, it’s using a rising price strategy, so those getting positioned the earliest benefit the most from the lower entry prices.

Of the remaining supply, 27.5% is reserved for staking rewards, 17.5% for marketing, 20% for DEX and CEX liquidity, and 5% for community rewards.

Overall, Green Bitcoin is causing a buzz as investors anticipate massive supply shock pumps in the coming weeks, making it an opportunity not to be missed.

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