The Best 4K TV to Buy in 2024: Top 12 Compared

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Why Trust Techopedia

Getting the best 4K TV has more benefits than meets the eye. TVs that broadcast a picture in ultra-high resolution allow you to enjoy a more cinematic, immersive experience. Whether you like streaming movies, TV shows, watching your favorite sports, or gaming, 4K resolution will elevate your experience to a whole new level of awesomeness.

Ultra-high resolution technology has been around for almost a decade now, and as 8K is knocking on our doors, 4K TVs have become more affordable than ever before. As a result, we present you with the best 4K TVs to buy in 2024 for the US market.

The Best TVs Ranked

Our experts have analyzed over 200 TVs with 4K resolution and have found these are the 12 best 4K TVs that excel in pricing, durability, reliability, picture quality, and overall performance:

  1. TCL 55S425 Smart LED ROKU TV The best 4K TV as it offers a crisp and clear image supported by Direct Lid Led lighting and HDR features. It boasts a 120 Hz refresh rate and is ideal for streaming and gaming.
  2. Samsung Class Crystal UHD TU-8000 SeriesOne of the best 4K TVs you can get for under $500 for streaming, thanks to its powerful Class Crystal UHD processor.
  3. Amazon Fire TV 4-Series UHD Smart TVIdeal for both streaming and broadcasted TV lovers as it supports both HLG and HDR 10 technologies, plus it comes with a 4-year protection plan that covers electrical and technical failures.
  4. TCL LED Class 4-SeriesHas a great selection of smart features, including support for Alexa and Google Assistant, and it boasts quality built-in speakers that deliver a fantastic cinema-like experience.
  5. Samsung UN50RU7100A top choice as it delivers an extraordinary picture on its edge-lit LED screen that’s powered by the Intel Celeron CPU with 2.6 GHz boost speed.
  6. TCL 43S425 – A budget-friendly option that lets you use your smartphone as a TV remote, plus it boasts a simplified Roku TV interface loaded with free streaming services.
  7. Hisense A6 SeriesOne of the best Hisense TVs thanks to its innovative visual technology, such as the AI UHD Upscaler, and support for both HDR and HDR10 formats.
  8. LG Class 4KPerfect for any environment as it adjusts the screen brightness to fit the level of lighting in the room, plus it’s compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant.
  9. Vizio 65-Inch V-SeriesOffers excellent value for money with a full array backlight and useful features like voice commands, Dolby Vision, variable refresh rate, and DTS Virtual:X.
  10. Toshiba 75-inch Class C350 Series Offers striking clarity with its high motion rate (120 Hz), making it perfect for both streaming and console gaming.
  11. INSIGNIA Class F30 SeriesBest budget 4K TV that gives you access to 1+ million movies and TV shows for free, plus there are parental control options.
  12. Samsung Class Neo QLED Get a taste of premium quality with AI-powered upscaling and 4K HDR picture quality

OLED Vs QLED: What’s the Difference?

When looking for the best 4K TV, you’ll often find yourself in a dilemma – OLED or QLED. Indeed, what is the best TV to buy? Here are some crucial aspects that make a difference between QLED and OLED screens.

OLED Has a Better Contrast 

The best OLED TV will always have the advantage over their QLED counterparts when it comes to achieving deeper blacks. Because of the unique technology used to emit lights, QLED panels often suffer from something called “light bleed.”

You’ll notice this in action movies and high-intense games. Simply put, because of the light bleed, the dark parts of the pictures aren’t quite as dark as they’re supposed to be. As a result, you can notice a minor glow around the dark areas of the image.

QLED Produces Higher Brightness

When it comes to brightness, OLED panels will hardly compete against QLED. This is because of the way these two panels emit light. In OLED, each pixel emits its own light, whereas QLED screens use separate backlights.

OLED panels will do an excellent job in dimmed rooms. However, the same will struggle when it comes to lighter rooms or when put near the window. QLED screens have no such issues. If you need a TV for a room that receives a lot of natural light, you should go for QLED.

OLED Screens Have a Better Viewing Angle

QLED screens are somewhat limited in terms of viewing angles. The best way to watch content on this type of screen is to be at the center of the action. By moving right or left, you’ll notice minor changes in picture quality, brightness, and color.

On the other hand, OLED panels can achieve up to 160 degrees viewing angle. No matter how you move, in any direction, you’ll notice zero to no luminance degradation.

QLED Has no Burn-In Issues

OLED screens are known to have a burn-in potential. If a specific area of the screen is constantly lit in the same way, there’s a risk of the screen being burned. For example, if you watch the same channel for a long period, and once you change it after some time, you may notice the previous channel logo in the same place.

If you use your TV normally, you won’t have any issues as this “problem” is extremely rare. Even if it occurs, it’ll more likely fade away after a couple of minutes. A burn-in isn’t something you should really worry about, especially if you use your TV for 6-8 hours per day. On the other hand, if you plan to use it more often, then it’s probably best to consider QLED.

Should You Buy a 4K or Full HD TV?

A 4K or FHD – what is the best TV to buy? Read on as we explain the benefits of both.

The Advantages of FHD TV

The price is the most apparent difference between the best 4K TV and the FHD device. Even the best FHD TV is cheaper than the most affordable 4K TV. So, if you have a tight budget, going for the FHD is the best option.

Full HD TVs are more suitable for watching regular TV channels and live streams, as you’ll be seeing most of such content in 1080p, sometimes even less.

Also, if you prefer watching content while being further away from the screen, FHD will be a good match. In addition, if you plan to buy a TV with less than 32’’, FHD will do the right job for you. However, here are the benefits of opting for a 4k TV.

The Pros of Buying the Best 4K TV

When it comes to picture quality, brightness, contrasts, and screen size, 4K is an absolute winner. Because of the larger number of pixels used to reproduce a 4K picture, this type of TV is capable of delivering a sharper and crisper picture than any FHD screen.


Also, if you intend to buy a new TV to watch streaming content or play video games on your Xbox or PlayStation consoles, going for the 4K TV is the best option.

Also, if you need a larger screen, getting a 4K TV with HDR and Dolby Vision will provide you with a better viewing experience than getting the exact size FHD TV.

However, the best cheap 4K TV is simultaneously more expensive than any higher-end FHD. Check out the main differences between these two counterparts in the table below:

TV Pixels Total Pixels Count Best For Best Size Distance Price
FHD 1920 x 1080 2+ million
  • Livestreams
  • Broadcast TV
Less than 32’’ 3x of the vertical screen size Up to $200
4K 3840 x 2160 8+ million
  • Streaming channels
  • Gaming
43’’ and above 1.5x of the vertical screen size From $200

Reviews of the Top 12 4K TVs 

Stick with us and learn why these 12 products deliver the best bang for your buck. Here are the best 4K TVs for the US market.

1. TCL 55S425 – Overall, the Best 4K TV in the US

The TCL 55S425 4K Smart LED ROKU TV offers the best dollar-per-performance ratio. It’s affordable, reliable, and offers a crisp and clear picture for enhanced streaming pleasure.

This 55-inch TV uses LED lightning spread across the back panel. The so-called direct-lit backlighting method provides consistent lighting throughout the entire LCD panel and enhances color and viewing angles. Together with the high dynamic range feature, this TV provides the most lifelike picture you can imagine.

TCL 55S425 - Best 4K TV


Screen Size Panel Type Smart TV HDR Resolution HDMI Ports
$425 55’’ LED Yes HDR Supported 4K


Furthermore, the TCL 55S425 TV relies on the Creative Pro Upscaling Engine, which can recognize when the picture source emits picture quality less than 4K and will match it with the native panel resolution. For example, if the streaming source emits 2K, your TCL TV will scale the resolution, and you’ll still get a 4K quality.

As such, this TCL product is ideal for streaming movies and TV series, as well as watching your favorite sports events like NFL, NHL, or NBA. Furthermore, this TV has three HDMI ports. With HDMI 2.0 support, you can enjoy playing your favorite video games on a PS4 console in HDR. This is further backed by the 120 Hz refresh rate, which ultimately allows you to enjoy HD gaming at 60 – 80 fps.

You can grab this TCL 55 Inch 4K Smart LED ROKU TV on Amazon for only $425. Getting an HDR 4K TV with a 120 Hz refresh rate for under $1K is quite challenging, so our experts are confident that this TV is the best buy at the moment.

Pros pros

  • Supports HDR
  • 120 Hz refresh rate for gaming in 60-80 fps
  • 3x HDMI Ports
  • Works with Alexa

Cons cons

  • Tricky to reach the power cord when mounted

2. Samsung TU-8000 Series – The Best 4K TV Under $500

The Samsung Crystal UHD TU-8000 Series comes from a respected TV brand and, as such, promises immense quality. Powered by Samsung’s famous Crystal 4K processor, it delivers a superb picture and extraordinary sound.

This ultra-fast processor uses advanced algorithms to enable the best image quality during the most intense, fast-paced action. As a result, the TU-8000 series is the best 4K UHD TV for watching your favorite movies and TV shows.

The Samsung TU-8000 will also estimate the picture quality delivered by the image source and compensate for the frames to provide you with a high-quality level of detail. And although the 60 Hz refresh rate isn’t much, especially compared to the TCL 55S425, it is good enough to deliver a great picture and clear colors.

Samsung TU-8000

Price Screen Size Panel Type Smart TV HDR Resolution HDMI Ports
$394.99 43’’ LCD Yes Supported 4K 2x HDMI

This TV also boasts an Eco Sensor feature which adjusts the brightness on your TV depending on the room environment, thus producing a better picture quality and saving your TV’s energy consumption.

On top of all of this, this Smart TV device is easy to use, and it supports Alexa AI support. Thus, you’ll find it easy to browse your favorite apps over a simple voice command — this includes supported apps like HULU, Netflix, YouTube, Apple TV, and HBO, among many others.

Regardless of your streaming choice, the pleasure of watching your favorite movies in a superb ambiance is guaranteed. Overall, our analysts find that this is among the best 4K TV deals for all streaming lovers, and it costs only $394.99 on Amazon, making it easily one of the top options if you’re after the best 4K TV under $500.

Pros pros

  • Supports Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, Apple TV and HBO
  • Powered by high-end CPU
  • Eco Sensor power-saving feature
  • Supports Alexa AI assistant

Cons cons

  • Only 2 HDMI ports

3. Amazon Fire TV 4-Series – Supports HLG and HDR + A 4-Year Protection Plan

This Smart Amazon Fire TV comes with several helpful features to make your streaming or gaming more pleasurable. It comes in three sizes — 43’’, 50’’, and 55’’, and it stands out with an impressive image display and crisp sound.

It boasts HLG HDR — a solid display technology developed by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) — and if streaming isn’t your cup of tea, picking the best 4K TV with HLG support could be a great idea.

The Hybrid Log-Gamma feature (HLG) is similar to and considered a strong competitor of Dolby Vision and HDR 10. However, with one difference – HLG was created to improve one’s experience when watching broadcasted channels, while others focus more on streaming.

Amazon Fire TV

Price Screen Size Panel Type Smart TV HDR Resolution HDMI Ports
$259.99 (30% off) 43’’ LED Yes Supported 4K 4x HDMI

Regardless, this doesn’t mean the Amazon Fire TV 4-Series doesn’t support streaming in any form or shape. On the contrary, this is the best 40-inch 4K TV when it comes to streaming services. It is supported by HDR 10, which is a 10-bit video stream capable of delivering 1+ billion colors.

It’s also compatible with the Fire TV Stick 4K, which is one of the best streaming devices for 2024. All this combined makes this TV a powerful force when it comes to watching streaming and broadcasted content.

To top it off, the Amazon Fire TV 4-Series UHD Smart TV comes with a 4-year protection plan. This guarantee covers any product breakdowns during everyday use and protects you from electrical and mechanical failure costs in the future.

Pros pros

  • Great for streaming and watching broadcasted content
  • 4x HDMI ports
  • 4-year protection plan
  • Excellent value for money

Cons cons

  • Occasional troubles with Amazon products compatibility

4. TCL LED Class 4-Series – Boasts a Selection of Smart Features

The TCL LED Class 4-Series stands out with its stylish looks embodied in a narrow bezel display with an edge-to-edge glass design. It offers stunning picture quality and an excellent viewing experience.

This TCL TV is great for small and large rooms, and it can be mounted because, contrary to many other products, this TV comes with VESA-standardized screw holes on the rear panel.

As a result, mounting the TV on the wall is easy and takes about 35 minutes, from unboxing to watching your favorite content, whether it’s Netflix, Roku, or any other video player you might prefer.

TCL LED Class 4-Series

Price Screen Size Panel Type Smart TV HDR Resolution HDMI Ports
$344.99 50’’ LED Yes Supported 4K 3x HDMI

Speaking about Netflix and streaming in ultra-high definition, this is the best buy 4K TV you can find on the market. It delivers an extraordinary picture and also has decent speakers, which is a perfect combination for cinema-like pleasure.

Because of the high-quality picture and satisfying sound quality, this TCL LED TV can measure against most mid-end OLED TVs. If you ever find yourself in a dilemma of whether to purchase a middle-class OLED or higher-end LED screen, in instances like this, the latter is often better.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to boost your TV sound by adding extra, more quality speakers, though. This is because TCL TVs sometimes turn them off as it primarily (but not exclusively) accepts only TLC-engineered Bluetooth speakers. Still, as mentioned above, the sound quality of this product is enough to satisfy even the most distinctive tastes.

Pros pros

  • High-quality picture
  • Supports Netflix
  • Easy to mount on a wall
  • Intuitive interface

Cons cons

  • Often disconnects external speakers

5. Samsung RU7100 – A Premium Quality Screen With a Powerful Processor

The Samsung RU7100 comes as real evidence that you don’t have to pay the earth to enjoy an extravagant viewing experience on a 75’’ screen. It comes with a powerful 4K UHD processor and a 60 Hz refresh rate.

The Intel Celeron N3060 processor is the heart of this remarkable TV product created and designed by the famous Samsung. This CPU delivers a 1.6 GHz base speed and 2.48 GHz boost frequency. To put it simply, this TV has a more powerful CPU than some of the best HP gaming laptops, positioning this product at the top of any best 75-inch 4K TV list.

Samsung UN50RU7100FXZA

Price Screen Size Panel Type Smart TV HDR Resolution HDMI Ports
$1,999 75’’ LED Yes Supported 4K 3x HDMI

The RU7100 does exactly what it’s supposed to – it delivers a spectacular visual pleasure (primarily thanks to its incredible spectrum of colors) and a natural sound with decreased distortion and a wider soundstage.

Despite being released in 2019, thanks to the unique features that affect this TV’s picture quality, the Samsung RU7100 can measure against any of the best 4K TVs. It uses millions of pixels to create deep blacks and, as a result, produces an exquisite contrast.

Moreover, this TV boasts UHD dimming, an advanced algorithm that allows its software to recognize which areas on the screen need improvement and will adjust the brightness or contrast to distribute more explicit pictures.

You can get the Samsung RU7100 for $1,999 on Amazon, which makes it among the priciest TVs on our best 4K TV list. Still, considering the quality of its components and countless positive TV reviews, this Samsung TV will be worth every buck.

Pros pros

  • Powered by the 4K UHD processor
  • Lifelike picture
  • UHD dimming feature
  • Plenty of apps
  • Neatly designed TV

Cons cons

  • Slower customer service

6. TCL 43S425 – A Budget-Friendly Option With a Straightforward OS

The TCL 43S425 is a great low-tier TV that you can buy dirt cheap, and it’s simple to use and easy to set up, thanks to its intuitive Roku 4K TV operating system. This intuitive interface makes it especially useful for senior users who prefer limited functionality.

You also won’t find too many picture adjustments here. However, you can choose between 4 or 5 settings to adjust the picture according to your needs. In addition, you can download the smartphone app and use it to tweak noise reduction and gamma.

TCL 43S425


Screen Size Panel Type Smart TV HDR Resolution

HDMI Ports


43-inch LED Yes Supported 4K


Its remote is somewhat complicated, though. So we’d advise you to navigate through your TV apps via the app, as it’s more intuitive.

One of the biggest benefits of going for this TV is that the Roku OS is rich with a plethora of free streaming video channels. Thus, if you do not plan to pay for Netflix, BBC, Amazon, or any other streaming services, the good news is that you’ll be able to watch various content at no cost, thanks to its generous integrated operating system.

Even the best affordable 4K TVs cost over $500. So, if you’re not willing to stretch your budget for a high-end 4K TV with AI upscaling, Dolby Vision, and Dolby Atmos features, this is the best, no-fuss 4K TV for you.

Pros pros

  • Produces deep blacks, even in a dark room
  • Decent viewing angles for a LED TV
  • Supports Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Skype, Spotify
  • Adjust picture through a smartphone app

Cons cons

  • The remote’s design could be simplified

7. Hisense A6 Series – Best 4K TV for Gaming

The Hisense A6 Series is a reliable, feature-packed TV that’s ideal for gaming and streaming activities. This series relies on liquid crystal display technology (LCD), and its backlight diodes make it perfect for dimmed rooms, which is especially useful if you like playing console games late at night.

It’s capable of producing a clear and crisp picture with tons of details; plus, its 60 Hz refresh rate allows you to enjoy your favorite console games at high frame rates, usually between 60 – 80 fps, depending on the game (and your console, of course).

Hisense A6 Series

Price Screen Size Panel Type Smart TV HDR Resolution HDMI Ports
Around $288 55’’ LCD Yes Supported 4K 3x HDMI

Newer versions of PlayStation consoles are known to be demanding, requirement-wise. However, due to extremely low input lag and almost instantaneous response times, the Hisense A6 Series is the best 4K TV for PS5.

You can also use your smartphone as a remote to browse countless apps or cast content on your Hisense TV, and it’s incredibly easy to connect your mobile device. However, you won’t be able to enjoy the same pleasure as an iPhone user as Hisense TVs aren’t entirely compatible with iPhones and offer limited functionality.

Overall, the Hisense A6 Series is the best budget 4K TV for gaming as it costs just $288. This is further backed by countless positive TV reviews on Amazon and other e-commerce websites.

Pros pros

  • The Game Mode feature adds a variable refresh rate
  • Cast games through Chromecast
  • Upscales non-4K content to near-4K quality
  • Supports Dolby Vision technology

Cons cons

  • It doesn’t work well with iPhones

8. LG Class 4K – A Stylish Flat TV for Any Room

The LG 43-Inch Class 4K is one of the best flat TVs on the market and comes at quite an affordable price. Because of its slim design, it looks great on large walls or TV stands with little space.

Apart from looking aesthetically pleasing, this 4K TV delivers impressive picture quality as it supports HRD; hence you can expect a wide range of colors and brightness. As a result, you can enjoy a lifelike picture with crisp and distinct colors.

It has two HDMI ports and an option to connect it to the internet via cable. Alternatively, you can get one of the best WiFi routers for 2024 and enjoy browsing thousands of apps wirelessly.

LG 43-Inch Class 4K

Price Screen Size Panel Type Smart TV HDR Resolution HDMI Ports
$339.99 43’’ LED Yes Supported 4K 2x HDMI

If you don’t like using your TV remote, there’s also an option to control the TV via voice commands, as the LG Class 4K is compatible with both Alexa and Google Assistant.

Overall, if you’re looking for an elegant and attractive piece of electronics to decorate your room, this 43-inch beauty is the best 4K TV you’ll ever find — all for just $339.99. Performance-wise, it’s pretty similar to the Samsung TU-8000, though the Samsung has a slightly more powerful processor.

Still, despite many similarities between these two, this LG TV is $60 cheaper with a neat and stylish design with mid-to-high-end performance.

Pros pros

  • Stylish flat-screen
  • HDR-ready
  • Filmmaker mode feature

Cons cons

  • Slow when switching from Netflix to cable TV

9. Vizio V-Series – Large Screen and Great Picture Quality

The Vizio V-Series comes with a few useful extras like a variable refresh rate which comes in handy when gaming on PS5 or Xbox as it lets you enhance and control your game’s frame rate to make your gaming experience more pleasant.

You’ll also enjoy high-quality 3D sound thanks to DTS Virtual:X, which gives you a feeling like the sound is all around you. It’s not quite like having a room full of speakers, but it’s the closest you can get.

Vizio 65-inch V-Series

Price Screen Size Panel Type Smart TV HDR Resolution HDMI Ports
Around $398 65’’ LED Yes Supported 4K 3x HDMI

Beyond this, the Dolby Vision feature — a type of HDR — delivers a stunning picture with incredibly precise details. Beyond this, it boasts an incredible palette of 68.7 billion colors and will adjust the screen brightness scene by scene, which makes it great for watching any kind of content in sharp detail.

The price of this product is around $398, which is a bargain, considering this is one of the best 65-inch 4K TVs on the market. It’s well-designed, simple to use, and packed with many helpful features that’ll enhance your viewing experience.

For instance, this TV has only a 10’’ smaller screen than the Samsung RU7100 (75’’), but it also has a significantly lower price, which makes this Vizio V-Series the best budget 4K TV with a 65+ inch screen.

Pros pros

  • Supports Dolby Vision feature
  • DTS Visual:X for improved sound quality
  • Has a pixel-level adjustment feature for increased picture accuracy
  • Affordable price

Cons cons

  • Horizontal or vertical lines may appear after years of use

10. Toshiba Class C350 Series – Offers Striking Clarity With a High Motion Rate

The Toshiba Class C350 Series is a quality made TV with a 60 Hz refresh rate and 120 Hz motion rate. This delivers a crisp and clear picture with no motion blur, even when displaying the most intense scenes (action movies, sports events like basketball, or hockey).

It’s made of quality materials, which is no wonder, considering it’s manufactured by Toshiba, one of the best 4K TV brands. Thus, we weren’t surprised it has a super-fast and easy-to-use interface. You can easily connect to your Amazon account and transfer settings from your previous TV onto the Toshiba C350 Series.

Toshiba 75-inch Class C350 Serie

Price Screen Size Panel Type Smart TV HDR Resolution HDMI Ports
$549.99 (31% off) 75’’ LED Yes Supported 4K 4x HDMI

It has four HDMI ports, ultimately allowing you to perform multiple actions simultaneously. You can hook up your console to game with 4K resolution and connect your TV to other devices. For example, if you like playing video games and need a bigger screen, you can use one of the HDMI ports to connect your gaming PC for ultimate pleasure.

Setting up this TV is also straightforward. However, you’ll occasionally experience lags with your Amazon account. Still, such delays are minimal and shouldn’t be a deal breaker in this case. That said, the standard price of this model is $799.99 on Amazon, making it the best 4K TV under $1,000. Luckily, it often comes with a discount too.

It’s no secret you can find more powerful Toshiba TVs on the market. For instance, the M550 Series has a 480 motion rate and a Dolby Vision feature. However, the reality is that such models are significantly pricier. Because of that, the C350 Series is considered a Toshiba 4K TV best-buy model in 2024.

Pros pros

  • 4 HDMI ports
  • Cast from a smartphone using the Screen Mirroring feature
  • High motion rate for improved motion clarity
  • Intuitive interface

Cons cons

  • Occasional connection drops between the TV Antenna and the Amazon account

11. INSIGNIA Class F30 Series – Best TV for the Money

The INSIGNIA 50-inch class F30 Series is the best budget TV on our list. With its breathtaking picture and immersive audio, the F30 series can measure against the best 4K TV in any segment.

This makes it excellent for watching movies and TV shows, plus it boasts an intuitive Fire TV operating system that allows you to enjoy over one million streaming movies and TV shows, including from streaming channels like Netflix, Apple TV, Prime Video, Disney+, Spotify, HBO Max, and Hulu.

INSIGNIA 50-inch class F30 Serie


Screen Size Panel Type Smart TV HDR Resolution

HDMI Ports


50’’ LED Yes Supported 4K


Thanks to the high dynamic range feature, this TV can display a broader range of colors. As a result, you can enjoy a crisp and clear picture for little money.

All in all, this is a great TV for any use, especially for family movie nights. Also, INSIGNIA has several useful parental control options, which allow you to restrict certain content if needed — you can block content by rating or by channel.

The price of this item is jaw-dropping, to say at least. With a $199.99 price tag, the F30 Series is the best TV for the money, so if you’re looking for the best cheap TV with plenty of free apps and features to play with, this is the best you’ll find.

Pros pros

  • Great picture quality and excellent viewing angles
  • Supports ample streaming services
  • 60 Hz refresh rate for smooth motion handling
  • Affordable price

Cons cons

  • Somewhat confusing interface

12. Samsung Class Neo QLED – A State-of-the-Art 4K TV

The Samsung Flat 65-inch Class Neo QLED (also known as QN65QN90AAFXA) stands out with increased backlighting accuracy and exceptional brightness and is the best Samsung 4K TV in every single aspect.

Samsung QN90A Series 4k TV

Price Screen Size Panel Type Smart TV HDR Resolution HDMI Ports
$2,599.99 65’’ QLED Yes Supported 4K 4x HDMI

This TV uses one of Samsung’s most powerful CPUs – Neo Quantum Processor 4K. As a result, the Samsung 65-inch is able to remaster any content into 4K. We tested this TV by watching The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

Overall, we were able to see every single facial expression, the dirt, and even every drip of sweat in incredible detail. Watching movies on any other TV will never be the same.

That said, this is one of the pricier TVs on our list, as it costs around $2,599.99. You can opt to order the Q80R Soundbar together with this TV for $3,097.98, which is undoubtedly one of the best soundbars on the market.

Pros pros

  • Great bloom reduction from regular viewing angles
  • AI Upscaling feature that transforms 2K pictures into 4K
  • 120 Hz refresh rate delivers a vibrant picture with zero blur
  • Deep black levels

Cons cons

  • Pricey for an average consumer

Best 4K TVs Compared

Here’s a quick comparison between the best 4K TVs. What is the best buy 4K TV for you? Read the table below and find out:


Price Screen Size Panel Type Smart TV HDR Resolution HDMI Ports
TCL 55S425 $425 55’’ LED Yes Supported 4K


Samsung TU-8000 Series

$394.99 43’’ LCD Yes Supported 4K 2x HDMI
Amazon Fire TV 4-Series $259.99 (30% off) 43’’ LED Yes Supported 4K


TCL LED Class 4-Series

$344.99 50’’ LED Yes Supported 4K  3x HDMI
Samsung UN50RU7100FXZA $1,999 75’’ LED Yes Supported 4K


TCL 43S425

$326.98 43-inch LED Yes Supported 4K 3x HDMI
Hisense A6 Series Around $288 55’’ LCD Yes Supported 4K


LG Class 4K

$339.99 43’’ LED Yes Supported 4K 2x HDMI
Vizio V-Series Around $398 65’’ LED Yes Supported 4K


Toshiba Class C350 Series

$549.99 (31% off) 75’’ LED Yes Supported 4K 4x HDMI
INSIGNIA Class F30 Series $199.99 50’’ LED Yes Supported 4K


Samsung Flat Class Neo QLED

$2,599.99 65’’ QLED Yes Supported 4K


Key Factors to Consider When Choosing Which TV to Buy

The TV manufacturing industry is booming, primarily due to changing trends in consumers’ online buying behavior during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, you can find countless TVs for reasonable prices, which wasn’t the case a few years back.

With the 8K TVs entering the scene, their 4K counterparts have become more affordable than ever, which resulted in many TV brands’ aggressive marketing campaigns. Don’t trust advertisements, and always read the fine print.

You’ll find thousands of products with the “best 4K TV” label. The harsh reality is – not all 4K TVs are the same. Here are the most critical aspects you should bear in mind when choosing the best 4K smart TV:


Make sure to determine your budget before indulging in more in-depth research. The price of a TV will depend on several factors, including the brand name, inch size, and panel type.


As you might suspect, the best Samsung 4K TV is typically more expensive than the INSIGNIA or TCL counterparts. This is only natural considering Samsung has been operating since 1969 and has been delivering state-of-the-art quality ever since then. As a result, you’ll notice an apparent price disparity between the two TVs in the same category – Samsung RU7100 and Toshiba Class C350 Series.

Inch Size

The screen size makes another difference between the TV prices. For example, the TCL 55S425 ($425), the best 55-inch 4K TV, is more expensive than the 43’’ Amazon Fire TV 4-Series ($259.99).

Panel Type

LCD screens are considered older technology and are typically more affordable than newer-age LED, OLED or QLED panels.

However, we also have a few exceptions here. For instance, a higher-end LED TV (the one with richer specs) will be more expensive than a low-end LED-based 4K TV.

Screen Size

Price isn’t the only reason you should look at the screen size when choosing the best TV for your home. Many people often neglect the effect of ultra-high-definition television on ocular surface and fatigue. As a result, countless frequent TV users often feel discomfort when spending long hours in front of their TV devices.

Best 4K TV Distance

The distance between the user and the TV plays a crucial role in eliminating fatigue and potential ocular diseases.

Simply put, you should pick a screen size based on the size of your room. By choosing a suitable inch-size TV, you’ll protect your health and prevent fatigue, and maybe save some money along the way. Here’s a table that shows the ideal viewing distance range:

TV Size Distance
43’’ 2.95 ft
55’’ 3.28 ft
65’’ 3.94 ft
75’’ 4.60 ft
85’’ 5.25 ft

Panel Type

You’ll typically find different labels when searching for the best 4K TV. When it comes to the type of panel a TV uses, the most common labels are – LCD, LED, OLED and QLED.


Liquid crystal display (LCD) TVs produce consistent lighting due to a series of lamps that are evenly spread across the screen.

LCD screens belong to older technology, but they remain the backbone of the modern TV manufacturing industry. It uses a combination of fluorescent backlights, liquid crystals, and color filters to emit light, i.e. pictures.

Because of the unique lighting technology used to display a picture, LCD screens aren’t able to support some features, like local dimming.


LED displays rely on LCD technology, the only difference is in the light source. While LCD screens use fluorescent lights, LED screens use LEDs as the source of light.

LED screens typically deliver a better picture quality than LCDs. Also, LED panels can support local dimming as well as many other features that affect picture quality. Moreover, LED-based screens can achieve deeper blacks and can be significantly brighter than an LCD TV.


While LCDs use a backlighting unit to emit a picture, every pixel emits its own light on an OLED (organic light-emitting diode) screen. This makes OLED screens able to produce almost perfect blacks, meaning it offers a far better picture quality than both LCD and LED screens.

Also, OLED panels offer a wider viewing angle, and you’ll rarely notice any motion blur or ghosting on this type of screen.

The Best 4K TV OLED

Besides providing a clearer and crisper picture, OLED TVs are lighter and thinner than their LED or LCD counterparts. As a result, OLED-based TVs are pricier than the two previously mentioned types.


TV manufacturers have succeeded in creating energy-efficient displays through blue quantum dot technology. As a result, you can now enjoy countless smart TV 4K displays with QLED panels.

Quantum dots are nothing but nanocrystals based on semiconductor materials. Depending on its size, a quantum dot will emit a different color.

Larger particles will emit red, mid-size reflect yellow, while the smallest quantum dot displays as blue. Combining different size quantum dots, QLED screens are able to emit a perfect picture and distribute a high level of brightness.


Many people look at resolution as the primary aspect when they shop for a 4K TV for their living room or bedroom, which is a common mistake. Theoretically, a 4K TV delivers a better picture than the FHD (1080p). However, in reality, picture quality depends on various factors like screen size and additional features (like HDR).

Sometimes a 1080p TV with a 32″ screen can give you a better visual impression than a 52″ 4K TV. A common rule of thumb goes as follows – the bigger the screen, the higher the resolution. For example, a small 4K TV with HDR feature can deliver a clearer picture than an 85’’ 8K TV.

It’s better to pick a smaller TV with a lower resolution but more features than a larger TV with a higher resolution but less technology that improves picture quality.


High Dynamic Range (HDR) is a technology used to produce images that resemble what we see with our own eyes. A UHD TV that supports HDR will produce pictures with better contrast and color.

HDR adds extra luminance, which, as a result, creates a lifelike picture. The way it achieves such detail is by making dark scenes darker and bright parts of the image brighter.


Having the best 4K TV with HDR is great if you love watching Netflix or playing console games. However, you should remember that enabling HDR while gaming will affect the fps rate. For example, a 4K TV with a 120 Hz refresh rate with HDR enabled will be able to achieve around 60 fps.

Smart TV features

Today’s smart TVs are packed with extra features designed to improve your overall viewing, but also user experience as well. If you’re looking for which TV to buy, you should first think about what you need in the first place.

For example, if you like watching movies and TV shows, you should look for a TV that supports streaming on-demand and is compatible with the preferred streaming service, whether it’s Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Disney, HBO, or any other.

Also, the best 4K TV for streaming will have a few extras that enhance both picture and sound quality. For instance, if you’re looking for an improved picture, make sure the TV supports Dolby Vision. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a cinema-like sound, just search for a TV that has the Dolby Atmos option.

Sometimes, people can find remotes complicated. Thus, if you wish to avoid all the confusing buttons, simply choose a TV that supports either Alexa or Google Assistant (or both) and control your TV with your voice. Having a TV that supports Skype is also a good option if you work from home and spend lots of hours on conference calls.

Finally, if you’re buying a TV for the whole family, you should look for a device with lots of parental control options. As a result, you can control which type of content your kids can access and restrict certain options to protect your children from harmful programs.

Conclusion – What’s the Best TV for 2024?

Our experts have confirmed the TCL 55S425 Smart LED is the best 4K TV on the market. This TV boasts a 4K Ultra HD resolution and supports HDR technology, which is beneficial for delivering superb-picture quality.

With a 120 Hz refresh rate, it’s the best 4K TV for both streaming and gaming. You can play any console with HDR enabled and get between 60 – 80 fps on any game. Plus, it works with hands-free voice commands, making it a top choice for less tech-savvy users.

Furthermore, the Creative Pro Upscaling Engine can make any 2K image appear as 4K, which is ideal if you like watching live streams and broadcast TV channels. On top of that, it has the best positive/negative rate ratio on most TCL TV reviews, where users boast of its simplicity, reliability, and the high performance it delivers.

Finally, with a price of only $349,99, this TV is currently one of the most affordable 4K TVs on the market. Don’t miss your chance to get an ultimate viewing experience; enjoy premium content now.

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