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A2 Hosting provides excellent hosting options and lots of flexibility

If A2 Hosting has one thing going for it, it’s the speed of its service. Its Turbo plans offer exceptional loading speeds, which are critical for SEO ranking and customer satisfaction. In our opinion, this is one of the best website hosting providers around, and with 20+ years in web hosting, we wouldn’t expect anything less.


  • Worldwide server locations
  • Wide range of advanced features
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • Free daily backups
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Complex pricing plans
  • No free domains
  • No Windows Hosting

Our A2 Hosting review digs into everything you need to know about the provider. If you’re looking for fast website hosting with top-notch features and excellent customer support, A2 Hosting is the place to go – whether you’re creating a website for the first time or building an online business. In our opinion, it’s one of the best hosting solutions around for business and WordPress websites.

A2 Hosting Price & Plans

There are a lot of A2 Hosting plans to choose from, with the plans broken up by hosting type and with both managed and unmanaged hosting for VPS and dedicated hosting plans.

Plans Price (Lowest Price) Number of Websites Free Domain Free SSL Storage Bandwidth Free email accounts
Shared Hosting $2.99/month 1 – unlimited 100GB and Unlimited Unmetered Unlimited
WordPress Managed Hosting $11.99/month 1 – 5 and unlimited 50GB, 250GB, and unlimited Unmetered Unlimited
VPS Hosting $2.99/month 1 – Unlimited 20GB – 450GB Unmetered Unlimited
Dedicated Hosting $105.99/month Unlimited 2 x 1TB SSD Unmetered Unlimited

Shared hosting is an excellent option for users who’re just getting started with their website and are looking to stay on budget. While there are many options to choose from, shared hosting remains the most popular solution, so we’ll now look into the shared hosting plans more closely.

Startup ($2.99/month with 12-month plan)

A2 Hosting’s most basic plan is also its cheapest. It allows you to host one site with a generous 100 GB of SSD Storage. You also get unlimited bandwidth, unlimited subdomains, unlimited free email accounts, a free SSL certificate, a free website builder, and, unusually, the ability to choose which data center location you’ll use.

Site migration is free and easy, and there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee if things don’t work out, as well as 24/7/365 support available by phone, live chat, and email.

Drive ($5.99/month with 12-month plan)

Drive builds on the basic plan, enabling you to host unlimited sites and add-on domains and offering unlimited SSD storage – making it a great option for growth.

The upgrade also includes free automatic backups to safeguard your site, unlimited databases, and the option to protect your site from traffic spikes.

Turbo Boost ($6.99/month with 12-month plan)

Turbo Boost adds rocket fuel to the mix by moving your site to A2’s Turbo servers and the LiteSpeed Web Server, which can drive up to 20 times faster page loads and handle almost ten times as much traffic, with high-speed caching and improved CPU performance.

You also get upgraded to unlimited NVMe SSD storage, which can read/write up to three times faster.

Turbo Max ($14.99/month with 12-month plan)

A2’s ultimate shared hosting package significantly boosts your resources again, going from 2GB of physical memory to 4GB and two cores to four to ensure your site loads lightning fast.

What Hosting Types Does A2 Hosting Offer?

Now we’ve seen what plans are available, let’s take a look at what these plans have to offer.

Shared Hosting Small-to-Medium Websites

Shared hosting scales from the option of managing one website with 100GB of SSD storage at the base level to running unlimited websites on higher-tier plans with unlimited NVMe SSD storage.

Migrating an existing website is free and is a fairly painless process. Other features include a free website builder and the option to pick your data center location.

Higher-tier plans come with growth features, including greater resources for faster server response times and free A2 cloud backups powered by JetBackup. A2 Hosting also comes with cPanel and the Softaculous apps manager, which makes it easy to install WordPress, along with a wide range of other apps.

WordPress Managed Hosting – Best Hosting for Beginners

A2’s managed WordPress hosting plans are strong contenders in the field of the best SEO web hosting solutions. They are an excellent option for first-time site creators, with plans going from $11.99/month to $41.99/month for a full ecommerce package.

These packages all run on A2’s Turbo Servers, which offer much faster website response times – which is great for SEO rankings and reducing bounce rates.

Depending on your plan, you can manage one, five, or an unlimited number of websites, all with NVMe SSD storage, starting at 50GB and scaling to unlimited. All the managed WordPress hosting plans come with A2 Optimized, an exclusive WordPress plugin that provides auto-configuration to ensure your site is fully optimized.

Smart Updates is another great feature, which reduces the chance of potential problems. It automatically tests WordPress updates, including themes and other plugins, before making them live. It’s easy to see why A2 is among the best WordPress hosting providers around.

VPS Hosting – Advanced Hosting for Developers

This package provides dedicated resources to ensure your website is performing as expected. Managed VPS hosting comes with access to cPanel and up to 32GB of RAM and 450GB of NVMe SSD storage, while the server setup is managed for you. Managed VPS plans cost from $35.99/month to $99.99/month, depending on the performance you require.

Unmanaged VPS hosting provides command-line management and a choice of Linux distributions. You’ll get between 1GB and 32GB of RAM and storage at up to 450GB NVMe SSD. Unmanaged VPS hosting is cheaper, but maintenance and security updates will be left up to you, so you’ll need an IT team in place. Unmanaged VPS plans run from just $2.99/month up to $89.99/month.

On the downside, A2 no longer offers Windows hosting, and data transfer limits are capped at between 2TB and 8TB a month, with no on-plan option to add more. In addition, the managed starter plans are on the expensive side.

Dedicated Hosting – Best for Enterprises and Larger Sites

A2 offers managed and unmanaged dedicated hosting for sites requiring significant levels of power and performance. Unmanaged plans run from $105.99/month to $455.99/month, while managed plans go from $155.99/month to $505.99/month.

The plans include up to 15TB data transfer caps and between 16GB and 128GB of RAM. Managed dedicated hosting is equipped with the CloudLinux operating system, while unmanaged hosting allows you to choose between several Linux distributions. Both offer full root access plus cPanel access for managed solutions.

A2 Hosting Features

A2 Hosting cPanel Login
A2 Hosting cPanel Login

A2 Hosting has no shortage of features to help you manage your site. Let’s take a look at some of the standout functionality on offer.

Turbo Plans

A2 Hosting’s Turbo Plans come with upgraded servers that offer a 40% faster CPU. The storage is also optimized to be around three times faster than standard plans and comes with increased RAM.

A2 also ensures these servers have limited occupancy, meaning they are never overloaded, and they offer advanced caching software and optimized configurations. If you have a large business that experiences heavy website traffic, this is one of the best hosting options for enterprises.

A2 Optimized

This free plugin has been designed to enhance and secure websites, with a range of features to boost performance for WordPress and other CMSs. Reducing HTML, CSS, and JS file sizes, for example, can result in significant bandwidth savings and greatly improve site performance.

A2 Optimized also performs page caching, database caching, and object caching, which further enhances the speed of your website loading times for visitors.

The plugin also offers a range of security features for extra peace of mind. For example, it can make it harder for users to access admin editing capabilities and can help prevent bots from brute-force attacking your login page by changing the URL from the default to a random address.

A2 SiteBuilder

This feature is available for all of A2’s shared hosting plans, and it can help you quickly build a professional website.

It offers a range of features, including a drag-and-drop interface, an easy-to-use text editor, and simple website preview and publishing tools. All of this means you can get started and rapidly launch a site without needing extensive technical skills.

How to Set Up A2 Hosting

Let’s take a look at the steps required to get started with web hosting from A2. We’ll provide step-by-step instructions on how to set up shared hosting, but the process is similar for all hosting packages offered by A2.

  1. Go to the A2 Hosting Home page

    Go to A2 Hosting and click on “Hosting” in the top banner.
    Go to the A2 Hosting Home page
  2. Select Hosting Type

    You’ll see a drop-down menu when you hover over “Hosting.” Select the hosting type you want.
    Select Hosting Type
  3. Choose Your Hosting Plan

    Once you’ve selected the relevant hosting type, you’ll be presented with the different plans. We suggest opting for the “Startup” shared hosting plan. Click on “Get Startup.”
    Choose Your Hosting Plan
  4. Complete Registration Form

    Once you’ve selected a plan, you’ll be asked to complete a registration form.
    Complete Registration Form
  5. Select Domain Option

    You can either use an existing domain name or create a new one. In this setup process, we’ll create a new domain by selecting “Create a New Domain.”
    Select Domain Option
  6. Select Server Location

    One of the advantages of A2 Hosting is the fact that you can choose a server location. Not many hosting providers offer this, and many limit you to U.S. locations, which is a disadvantage for sites where traffic mainly comes from outside the U.S.
    Select Server Location
  7. Set Up Payment Options

    Next, pay for your plan with a credit card, PayPal, or a bank wire.
    Set Up Payment Options
  8. Auto Install Applications

    Under “Additional Options,” you’ll be able to select applications you want to be installed. With A2 Hosting, unlike some competitors, installing WordPress can be done automatically. This makes getting started with a CMS quick and easy.
    Auto Install Applications
  9. Finish Setup

    Once you’ve selected any additional applications, you can click continue. This will take you to the terms and conditions page. Select “I have read and agree to the Terms of Service” and “Complete Order.” On completion, you’ll receive an email from A2 with information on how to continue your setup process.
    Finish Setup

Control Panel

A2 offers cPanel, where you can add domains and install WordPress and other applications. You can also set up email accounts and manage security settings, as well as tinker with performance optimization.

cPanel is one of the easiest control panels to navigate, and it remains a favorite for web hosting management. While other hosting providers have begun to implement their own custom control panels, A2 Hosting solely offers the cPanel control panel.

A2 Hosting Website Migration

If you want to migrate an existing website over to A2 Hosting, the process is free of charge. You’ll get access to A2’s dedicated migration specialist team for the task, so you’ll have a 100% worry-free experience.

All you need to do is sign up for a hosting plan and request a free site migration, sit back, and let them handle it for you.

A2 Hosting Performance

When it comes to hosting performance, A2’s slogan is “Our speed, your success.” A2’s Turbo plans are 20 times faster than their standard server plans, and they can handle nine times more traffic. This makes them perfect for high-traffic websites.

The Turbo plans offer LiteSpeed servers, which can make page loading up to 20 times faster and optimize caching for both mobile and desktop.

A2 also comes with a 99.9% uptime guarantee, and while server response times will vary depending on your chosen data center, they’re generally impressive, with an average response time below 180ms.

Is A2 Hosting Secure?

A2 Hosting takes security very seriously. As with many hosting providers, you get a free SSL certificate. Additionally, you can rest easy knowing that you get an overall network firewall and a server firewall to prevent unauthorized access.

You’ll also get reinforced DDoS attack protection and two-factor authentication (2FA). There are also options for Secure Server Hosting and features like HackScan, which blocks attacks before they can cause damage, and brute force defense, where A2 monitors and blocks attacks running in programmed sequences.

A2 Hosting Reviews From Customers

A2 Hosting Trustpilot reviews
A2 Hosting Trustpilot reviews

A2 Hosting has a score of 4.5 out of 5 on Trustpilot. This is drawn from over 2,000 customer A2 Hosting reviews, giving it an excellent rating overall. Users praise the speed of A2’s servers and the company’s highly professional customer care.

Many customers say they’ve tried other providers like GoDaddy and BlueHost and found that while these are decent hosting providers, they tended to come back to A2 for its excellent customer service.

Given the affordable plans, you might think customer support would be lacking, but according to A2’s clients, the situation is the exact opposite. You can see our guide to the best web hosting for small business for more details.

What is A2 Hosting Good For?

If you have a website and want reliable customer service, high-speed performance, and the space to grow, then A2 Hosting is for you.

This is the perfect provider for companies launching an ecommerce store or an easy-to-use WordPress solution. A2 Hosting is also an excellent hosting provider for those who want to prioritize security.

While it doesn’t offer free domains, it’s a very affordable service, and that’s particularly true with the provider’s unmanaged hosting plans.

The Best A2 Hosting Alternatives

A2 Hosting offers excellent speed at an affordable price, but they aren’t the only hosting provider to do so. Let’s see how A2 Hosting compares to the competition.

Provider A2 Hosting Bluehost InMotion Hostgator
Best for Growing websites and online stores Building and hosting WordPress websites Businesses and websites of all sizes Beginner websites and small businesses
Starting Price $2.99/month – 12-month plan $2.95/month – 12-month plan $2.29/month – 3-year plan $3.75/month – 12-month plan
Domain Paid Free Paid, free with upgrade Free for first year
SSL Free SSL certificate Free for first year Free SSL Free for first year
Storage (from) 100GB SSD 10GB SSD 100GB SSD 10GB SSD
Monthly Visitors Unmetered Unmetered Unlimited Unmetered
Automatic Backups Free with every plan above Startup Free daily backups (first year) for plans above Basic As an add-on Courtesy website backups
Server Locations U.S., Europe, and Asia U.S., Asia U.S., Europe U.S.

A2 Hosting vs Bluehost

Both of these providers offer shared hosting, cloud hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, and domain registration, as well as WordPress solutions. That said, Bluehost doesn’t offer reseller hosting or unmanaged hosting solutions.

A2 also offers significantly more storage, starting at 100GB SSD with its most basic shared hosting plan, while Bluehost only offers 10GB of SSD storage.

A2 Hosting vs InMotion

On the surface, it would seem that these two hosting providers are evenly matched – both companies focus on speed – but there are some key differences. While both are pretty affordable, InMotion is slightly cheaper, starting at $2.29 per month, and it offers a 99.99% uptime guarantee, adding a decimal place ahead of A2.

However, InMotion offers a free domain with all upgrades, while A2 Hosting doesn’t offer a free domain at all. When it comes to email accounts, though, A2 offers an unlimited number for free, while InMotion only offers ten free email accounts.

Both companies offer money-back guarantees, but InMotion is more generous with a 90-day guarantee, while A2 has a 30-day guarantee and an anytime refund for unused services.

HostGator vs A2 Hosting

These two hosting companies differ in a few key areas. A2 Hosting focuses on performance and security, while HostGator is known for its ease of use, but it’s slightly more expensive than A2 Hosting, with plans starting at $3.75 per month.

As with BlueHost, HostGator offers storage starting at 10GB SSD, while A2 has a comparatively impressive 100GB of SSD storage.

As an introductory offer, HostGator also provides a free domain for the first year, coming ahead of A2 Hosting in this respect.


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