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InterServer offers reliable hosting, a 99.9% uptime guarantee, and great customer service

InterServer is a solid hosting provider for a wide range of website needs at a selection of price points, and it’s great for beginners.

Its customer-centric approach means its team will help you with just about everything, and InterServer will migrate your website for free – something that 70% of clients take InterServer up on.

One of the few drawbacks is that all servers are based in the U.S. That said, thanks to the Cloudflare CDN, if the bulk of your traffic comes from outside of the U.S., InterServer will optimize your content so visitors still get fast speeds while browsing.


  • Unlimited storage on all plans
  • Free migration services
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Extremely fast loading times


  • No free domain name
  • User control panel feels dated
  • U.S. data centers only

Our InterServer review covers every detail about the provider to help you decide whether it’s worth your money. InterServer has stood out in the market as an eye-catching option for web hosting ever since its launch in 1999.

While it offers a range of hosting types, designed to accommodate diverse needs, it’s also hard to ignore its competitive pricing, reliable services, and a 99.9% uptime guarantee. That said, is it the best web hosting solution for your needs?

InterServer Hosting Plans & Pricing

For our InterServer review, we need to start with something that’s most important to a lot of potential customers – the price.

We love the 30-day money-back guarantee, as well as the price lock guarantee, meaning the price you sign up with is the price you will pay for as long as you stay with InterServer.

But when it comes to pricing tiers for different types of hosting beyond shared, there are also some additional costs:

Plans Price (lowest) Number of websites Free domain Free SSL Storage Bandwidth Free email accounts
Shared Web Hosting $2.50/month 1 Unlimited Unlimited Yes, unlimited
Cloud VPS Hosting
$6/month Unlimited Starts at 30GB Unlimited Yes, unlimited
Dedicated Hosting
$45/month Unlimited Starts at 1TB Unlimited Yes, unlimited
Windows ASP.NET Web Hosting $8/month 25 Unlimited Unlimited Yes, unlimited
Reseller Web Hosting Starts at $19.95 Unlimited Starts at 80GB 500GB/month Yes, unlimited

As most users tend to go for shared hosting plans, we’ll cover each of these in a little more detail below. The most important thing when picking your shared hosting plan is determining what requirements you have for your website needs – you don’t need to overspend if you don’t need big site specifications.

Standard Shared Hosting – from $2.50 per month

With four SQL cores, 200 emails per hour capacity, and 2GB of RAM, we can’t imagine many small businesses would struggle with the specifications at that price.

Intersever will start you off with its standard shared hosting plan. This means that you share the server space with other websites – in most use cases, this is enough.

Moreover, like all shared hosting plans, the Standard plan offers unlimited ultra SSD storage, over 450 cloud app integrations, and InterShield Security as part of the package.

At such a low price, it sounds too good to be true. That’s because, like all InterServer plans, you also need to pay $7.99 to register the domain itself – not something that all hosting providers add as an extra cost. Nevertheless, we rate InterServer to be one of the best cheap website hosting providers around.

Boost 2 Shared Hosting – from $9.95 per month

When you upgrade to Boost 2, you can pretty much consider it as doubling up on the standard plan.

It has all the same features, but all of the numbers double up, for example, 400 emails per hour capacity, 8GB of RAM, and so on. You will of course get everything included in the standard plan, but with a more robust performance overall. It’s ideal for a growing business if you’re starting to outgrow the standard plan.

Boost 4 Shared Hosting – from $19.95 per month

If you’re a larger business with a lot of traffic and emails to handle, Boost 4 shared hosting might be more up your street.

Following the same pattern from Standard to Boost 2, you can once again double up on the specifications to get to Boost 4. While 8GB of RAM should be more than enough to match the 800 emails per hour capacity, you will of course get all of the features in the Standard plan too.

Boost X Shared Hosting – from $69.95 per month

With a high price tag comes an enormous level of capacity for shared hosting. Breaking the mold from the Boost 4 capacity, this pricing tier really takes things up a notch.

You can go well over double in this case, with a massive 20GB of RAM and the capacity to handle 2000 emails per hour.

While this plan will primarily interest larger companies with a lot to manage online, it’s good to know that you can remain on shared hosting with such a high-powered list of specs. Many providers can only offer such powerful abilities on a different type of hosting, like a dedicated server or VPS.

What Hosting Types Does InterServer Offer?

InterServer cPanel
InterServer cPanel interface

During our InterServer review, we hoped to find it offering hosting types that can empower you and your website. Any good provider should have several different hosting options available – but for you to choose what’s best, you need to understand what each type means.

To summarize its pricing on various plans, you can choose different hosting types within these main options:

  • Shared InterServer web hosting from $2.50 per month (Standard plan), making it the perfect place to start.
  • Windows ASP.NET hosting plans from $8 per month.
  • Reseller hosting from $19.95 per month, but this is for much more specialized web needs.

The Reseller plan is very unique to this platform, which certainly makes it stand out among the competition.

Shared Hosting Services

As the most common option, InterServer offers shared web hosting on its standard plan from $2.50 per month, plus the $7.99 domain fee. Shared hosting means a server’s resources are shared among all websites hosted on that server.

It’s a good solution for small websites and entrepreneurs, and one of the most common types of top hosting solutions for small businesses. InterServer also offers three ‘Boost’ plans within its shared hosting option, meaning you can supercharge features like RAM and hourly email capacity within this hosting type.

Cloud VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting

This cost-effective alternative to dedicated web hosting uses virtualization technology to provide a private hosting resource on a shared server. It splits the server into multiple, private server environments. This is a good choice for mid-sized websites, e-commerce stores, developers, and larger businesses.

InterServer offers Cloud Virtual Private Servers starting from $6 per month. But it has many different types of VPS available within the category.

Webuzo VPS for WordPressLinux VPSStorage Optimized VPSWindowsVPS Hosting
  • 1 core, 2GB memory, 30GB SSD storage, Webuzo control panel pre-installed – $6 per month
  • 1 core, 2GB memory, 30GB SSD storage, 2TB transfer – $6 per month
  • 2 cores, 4GB memory, 60GB SSD storage, 4TB transfer – $12 per month
  • 3 cores, 6GB memory, 90GB SSD storage, 6TB transfer – $18 per month
  • 4 cores, 8GB memory, 120GB SSD storage, 8TB transfer – $24 per month
  • 1 core, 2GB memory, 1TB SATA, 2TB transfer – $6 per month
  • 2 cores, 4GB memory, 2TB SATA, 4TB transfer – $12 per month
  • 3 cores, 6GB memory, 3TB SATA, 6TB transfer – $18 per month
  • 4 cores, 8GB memory, 4TB SATA, 8TB transfer – $24 per month
  • 1 core, 2048MB memory, 30GB SSD storage, 2TB transfer – $10 per month
  • 2 cores, 4096MB memory, 60GB SSD storage, 4TB transfer – $20 per month
  • 3 cores, 6144MB memory, 90GB SSD storage, 6TB transfer – $30 per month
  • 4 cores, 8192MB memory, 120GB SSD storage, 8TB transfer – $40 per month

This type of hosting goes all the way up tp 16 cores, with the price and other specifications increasing accordingly.

For more information about how to choose the best VPS hosting, check out our top VPS hosting reviews.

Dedicated Server Hosting

A hosting environment that is 100% dedicated to your business, dedicated server hosting from InterServer comes with features like DDoS protection and floating IPs (a fixed IP address that can move between different servers to distribute heavy server loads and reduce loading times).

Dedicated server hosting is an excellent solution if you need a highly optimized or secure environment. If your website experiences extremely high traffic, this would also be the most useful type of hosting.

While there’s a plethora of options for dedicated hosting with InterServer, you can find Buy It Now options for immediate set-up, including:

  • Xeon E3-1230 v6 for $69 per month
  • 2 x Six-Core E5-2620 for $180 per month
  • AMD RYZEN 5900X for $180 per month

You can also customize any of InterServer’s range of AMD RYZEN servers starting from $73 per month, depending on the configuration and mount of cores you need.

Rapid deploy servers start at $45 per month, again based on the specs you require for your website.

ASP.NET Web Hosting

As well as the perks included in standard shared hosting plans, this more advanced type of hosting is best for Windows Developers. From $8 per month, the ASP.NET hosting comes equipped with:

With Web Deploy and the Plesk control panel, you can simplify your development process if you’re a subscriber to this InterServer plan too.

Reseller Web Hosting

Starting at $19.95, Reseller is a very popular choice for developers and professionals who run and resell many websites.

With such high volumes, it allows for unlimited domain registration and the total space usage across all resold accounts starts at a massive 80GB. General web users won’t need this type of plan, but certain businesses make all their income on this type of work, making this an invaluable option.

Private Email Hosting

InterServer offers everything you’d need to run a top email hosting service as part of your business. You get a 25GB mailbox, plus unlimited aliases, group lists, and forwarding.

It integrates with Outlook and you can access it on any mobile device. Moreover, InterServer’s premium filter keeps your inbox clear of spam and viruses for extra peace of mind.

InterServer Features

InterServer cPanel SitePad website builder
InterServer cPanel SitePad website builder

All good web hosting providers need to display a range of shiny features to catch the eye of our reviewers. Luckily, during our InterServer review, we found a plethora of excellent features available. Notably, the safety and security features were extremely well thought-out.

InterServer Free Website Builder

We loved InterServer’s free drag-and-drop website builder, called SitePad. Equipped with over 300 themes, over 40 widgets, and a simple one-click publisher.

Making websites is easier than ever before, plus it feels encouraging for beginners in particular. While it may not be the best website builder, it’s excellent as an integrated feature.

InterShield Security

InterShield is essentially a layer of added security that ensures your websites stay safe from attacks. We were very impressed with this free service offered to all sites hosted on InterServer.

As InterServer’s in-house security solution, InterShield uses the Litespeed web server and the RBL (real-time blackhole list) rule, blocking any malicious activity such as hacking and uploading of malware from a blacklisted IP. It also checks for hacking strings and immediately blocks any it finds.


This InterServer feature cleans up compromised, hacked, or exploited accounts. It is offered as a service to new, migrating clients in case your website has been attacked in the past.

As part of the service, Inter-Insurance will investigate any weak points and restore them to their original strength. If further action needs to take place, InterServer will fix the underlying causes to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

Inter-Proxy Caching and CloudFlare

We loved the fact that InterServer offers Inter-Proxy Caching and CloudFlare integration for free.

However, it will only benefit you if the bulk of your site’s visitors are from outside of the U.S. It involves a CDN (Content Delivery Network) which helps to improve page loading speeds, ensuring a better browsing experience.

Choice of Control Panels

As UI is an important part of your everyday use once you’ve built your site, we were impressed to see that InterServer provides a choice of four different user control panels. You can pick from:

  • cPanel
  • CloudLinux
  • Plesk
  • DirectAdmin

If you opt for the standard or VPS hosting solutions, DirectAdmin is free. If you want access to the others, they come at a cost. That said, it’s worth it if you’re getting a control panel that you’re used to.

How to Set Up InterServer

We tested the setup process as part of our InterServer review, so we can now give you a step-by-step guide on how to sign up. Our example will go through to how purchase a shared web hosting plan. We’ll also look at how to install a CMS like WordPress.

  1. Sign up

    Simply navigate to the home page of InterServer. Click on ‘Buy Now’.
  2. Enter domain information

    If you have an existing domain name, insert it on this page. Alternatively, enter a new domain name. If the name has been taken, InterServer offers a tool where you can look for a variation of the selected domain name. Click ‘Continue’ once you’re done.
  3. Complete the details section

    Fill out information like your name and email address. When this page is filled out, hover on the left side of the page, if there are any available coupons, use them here. Then simply click ‘Create account and place order’.
    <strong>Complete the details section</strong>
  4. Make the payment

    The next step is to initiate the payment process by choosing an appropriate payment method from the provided options. You can pay by standard bank payments, Paypal, and crypto.
    <strong>Make the payment</strong>
  5. Set up your website

    Now that you have an InterServer hosting account, you can transfer an existing website through InterServer’s free migration tools. Simply ask them for assistance and they will do it for free. If not, you can use the free website builder to create a new website.

How to Install WordPress on InterServer

For some users, you’ll need to then follow our step-by-step guide on how to install WordPress on your new InterServer site.

  1. Log into your account

    Using your email address and password, log in to your newly created InterServer account.
  2. Navigate to DirectAdmin

    Once you’ve logged in, click on the option that says ‘Login to DirectAdmin’, which should sit below ‘Web hosting’.
    <strong>Navigate to DirectAdmin</strong>
  3. Use the Installatron Application Installer

    Click on ‘Extra features’ and navigate to Installatron Application Installer.
    <strong>Use the Installatron Application Installer</strong>
  4. Search for WordPress

    On this page, you should be able to see WordPress. If you can’t find it, a simple search will do the trick.
    <strong>Search for WordPress</strong>
  5. Select the WordPress version you need

    The latest version of WordPress is selected by default, but if you want an earlier version, choose it from the drop-down menu. After filling out the applicable details of your website, scroll to the bottom of the page and click ‘Install’.
    <strong>Select the WordPress version you need</strong>

InterServer User Control Panels

There are four control panels for users to choose from. We’ll cover all four in our InterServer review.

With cPanel being the most popular among webmasters, this simple yet powerful control panel can empower many websites. But what else can InterServer’s four control panel options offer to you?


If you prefer cPanel, you’ll need to purchase a license. You’ll find this under ‘cPanel hosting’ and pricing starts at $23 per month. With this, you can have a maximum of five admin accounts.

cPanel interface
Using cPanel user controls with InterServer

DirectAdmin Panel

We think that DirectAdmin is the best alternative to cPanel, especially when it comes to expandability. This easy-to-use Linux-based control panel helps you maintain your website, and you’ll have this option included in all InterServer hosting packages.

DirectAdmin interface
Using the Linux-based, DirectAdmin control panel with InterServer

Plesk Control Panel

Plesk offers a centralized control panel on a single dashboard, allowing you to:

  • Manage updates
  • Handle onboarding
  • Monitor performance

Pricing starts at $14 per month, with the possibility of adding ten domains. If you have more domains:

  • You can manage unlimited domains on a virtual server for $32 per month.
  • You can manage unlimited domains on a dedicated server for $52 per month.
Plesk control panel interface
Using Plesk’s centralized control panel with InterServer

CloudLinux Panel

An excellent choice for businesses, CloudLinux allows you to run any type of Linux distribution without having to worry about server compatibility. It’s certainly more niche and useful for developers than for users who want to build a basic site.

CloudLinux interface
Using the CloudLinux user control interface with InterServer

InterServer Website Migration

We checked how easy it is to migrate an existing website to InterServer. InterServer offers this service for free. It should be complete in 24 to 48 hours, and you should experience little to no downtime.

For those who use cPanel, you can also get assistance with all your site files, databases, and emails during migration.

InterServer Performance

With guaranteed 99.9% uptime, InterServer sits proudly among the most reliable options available.

Furthermore, a Sucuri speed test showed a responsive time averaging around five milliseconds.

Response time
InterServer’s fast response times, as shown in a Sucuri speed test

However, the U.S.-based server locations mean these metrics come from a U.S.-based account. In other words, if you are based in another region, the response time will be slightly longer. We didn’t have any way of testing this, but it’s something to bear in mind if you have an international audience.

Is InterServer Secure?

Security was a hugely important factor in our InterServer review. As well as a free SSL certificate, InterServer provides you with InterShield and Inter-Insurance. These features are free for new migrating users.

InterShield Security
Free features available as standard with InterShield Security
  • InterShield security. InterShield responds to online attacks by monitoring thousands of servers and websites and replicating protective measures across different servers.
  • Inter-Insurance. This works as a backup option only if InterShield fails. It guarantees that the technicians will fix any hacked or compromised accounts, protecting them against future attacks.
Free services available from InterServer’s Inter-Insurance

InterServer Reviews from Customers

To get a full picture of the brand, we looked at third-party user reviews as part of our own InterServer review.

On Trustpilot, users rated InterServer a very healthy 4.3 out of 5 stars, with many people praising the customer service.

Users also love InterServer’s low costs and fast turnaround times. We thought it was reassuring to see that InterServer responds to all user reviews, even the bad ones.

TrustPilot ratings
InterServer scores a solid 4.3 out of 5 on Trustpilot reviews

On that note, some clients say that the live chat feature could be improved – they found it difficult to receive helpful responses.

That said, the wait time can be a few minutes for help. Furthermore, customers said it would be beneficial to have server locations in regions other than the U.S.

What is InterServer Good For?

If you need shared website hosting with a fixed month-to-month payment plan, then InterServer is for you.

The standard plan is extremely cost-effective and packed with useful features for small and medium-sized businesses in particular. InterServer is an excellent choice for business owners who prioritize value more than anything. We also think it’s an excellent choice if you’re looking for top security for your site.

InterServer vs Top Competitors

As InterServer is not the only top web hosting solution on the market, let’s take a look at how it compares to other brands.

Provider InterServer DreamHost BlueHost
Best For Business owners who prioritize cost Webmasters or businesses looking for a unique domain extension Web hosting for small and large businesses Basic WordPress websites
Starting Price $2.5/month (introductory cost) $3.75/month (billed as $45 for 12 months) $2.59 for 3-year plan $2.95 for 12-month plan
Domain Paid Free for 1 year Free for 1 year Free for 1 year
SSL Free Free Free Free for 1 year
Storage (from) Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 10GB SSD storage
Monthly Visitors No limit No limit No limit No limit
Automatic Backups Weekly backups Paid weekly backups Daily backups Daily, weekly, and monthly backups
Server Locations U.S. U.S. with some locations around the world U.S. India, U.S., China, and London

InterServer vs

Compared to, InterSever has a fairly unique pricing model. plans will lock you in for at least 12 months, while InterServer offers month-to-month payment which means more flexibility.

Speaking of pricing, while they are both very affordable, InterServer offers free weekly automatic backups where whereas demands extra fees for automatic backups.

When it comes to domain registration, comes out on top though. You get a free domain name for the first year, while InterServer charges $7.99. That said, this does make sense in light of being a domain registrar that offers web hosting, whereas InterServer is purely a web hosting provider.

InterServer vs DreamHost

InterServer might not have been around for as long as DreamHost, but it doesn’t mean the longer-running platform comes out on top.

InterServer offers cPanel hosting, while DreamHost only has a custom control panel. With a potentially steeper learning curve for custom panels, we think cPanel hosting would be the better option.

Other than that, both offer unlimited storage with no limits on the amount of visitors your website can receive. An advantage of DreamHost over InterServer is getting a free domain for a full year. In order to register a domain with InterServer, you need to pay $7.99.

InterServer vs Bluehost

If you have a WordPress website, Bluehost is a great fit. WordPress has had an exclusive partnership with Bluehost since 2005, making it one of the best WordPress hosting providers and you’ll find Bluehost on the WordPress recommendation list, unlike InterServer.

With intelligent WordPress SEO and content tools included, Bluehost also takes the crown as one of the best SEO web hosting providers.

Regarding the amount of data centers, Bluehost comes out on top again. It’s a better fit if the bulk of your visitors come from outside the U.S. Where InterServer proves better is the sheer amount of website cloud applications it offers.

Bluehost has 15 in total, but InterServer has well over 400 to choose from. Other than that, InterServer can offer an unlimited amount of websites in contrast to Bluehost, offering only five in their higher-priced Pro plan.

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