How can a convolutional neural network enhance CRM?


The emergence of new neural network technologies means a lot for the field of artificial intelligence. Convolutional neural networks, or CNNs, have a particular build that can help companies with complex goals related to using AI for enterprise purposes.

One of the big benefits of convolutional neural networks is that they require relatively little preprocessing compared to some other choices. This capability can lead to leaner and more agile applications in enterprise software spaces – and one of those is customer relationship management, or CRM.

In customer relationship management, companies seek to understand who their customers are. They want to build relationships to improve sales, and also to serve customers better. CRM is one of the types of enterprise software that may benefit most from new CNN AI setups.

With that said, convolutional neural networks can handle CRM in many ways. A company might, for example, use the image recognition features that are a popular application of CNNs to improve how their CRM applications work. Because most popular CRM systems have an option to add a photo to a customer's identity profile, the CNN could automatically scrape those photos for identification information, and match it with photos elsewhere on the web. In other words, the computer would be doing the work that, in the past, needed to be exclusively done by humans – researching pictures to figure out who's in them and what they mean.

Another popular application of CNNs is natural language processing – that there is a whole open field of potential applications of CNNs to CRM here as well. Companies could mine data from audio customer calls in a call center, or utilize other audio records to build customer profiles.

Essentially, by doing this type of autonomous data collection, companies can learn more about what customers want, who they are, and why they're interacting with business. This would generate a whole new host of opportunities for marketers. It will greatly enhance customer service, and it will allow companies to get a lot more business intelligence without any humans really doing any significant work at all. This is likely to usher in a very new era of business software utilities and change the ways that CRM works in an enterprise technology framework.

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