Bambee HR Software Review 2024: Pricing, Features & Alternatives

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Companies can say goodbye to costly compliance errors with Bambee HR

Bambee differentiates itself from competitors with personalized HR support from its lowest-cost plans. Even if businesses can’t afford a dedicated in-house team, they can still manage compliance effectively and avoid penalties.

While Bambee serves this specific function well, it’s not an all-in-one solution. The software lacks many HRIS features like advanced performance management and employee engagement tools. For a more comprehensive tool, consider Gusto or BambooHR instead.


  • Personalized HR support
  • Unique policy management feature
  • Range of support options
  • Fixed monthly rates


  • No mobile app
  • Set up fee for most plans
  • Limited features and integrations

Bambee Pricing & Plans

Bambee stands apart from competitors like Gusto and Trinet Zenefits by having a fixed rate that’s billed monthly rather than a per-employee fee. That means you have more predictable costs and have more time to factor fee increases into your budget.

No Employees Yet 1-4 Employees 5-19 Employees 20-49 Employees 50-70 Employees
Monthly Cost $99 $299
(plus a one-time $500 setup fee)
(plus a one-time $500 setup fee)
(plus a one-time $1500 setup fee)
(plus a one-time $2000 setup fee)
Free Trial $1 for a 30-day trial $1 for a 30-day trial $1 for a 30-day trial $1 for a 30-day trial $1 for a 30-day trial
Users 1 2-5 6-20 21-51 51-71
Time & Attendance
Expense Management
Reporting Standard Standard Standard Standard Standard
Customer Support Chat and email Chat, email, and phone support, plus the dedicated HR manager Chat, email, and phone support, plus the dedicated HR manager Chat, email, and phone support, plus the dedicated HR manager Chat, email, and phone support, plus the dedicated HR manager

Altogether, there are six Bambee pricing plans, including a custom-priced one for organizations with over 71 employees. You can explore the features with the $1 month-long trial and cancel at any point.

No Employees Yet - $99 Per Month

The lowest-cost plan gives you the chance to set up your business and create policies before hiring any staff. You get access to the Bambee HR software, a limited number of policies, and basic customer support.

Although the plan may benefit some, we think most users can rely on the $1 trial instead. 30 days is ample time for most small enterprises to draft policies.

1-4 Employees - $299 Per Month

As soon as you hire your first team member, you’re eligible to receive personalized HR support. The price increases to $299 monthly and there’s a one-time $500 set up while Bambee gets to know your organization.

We feel the setup cost is well worth paying as Bambee assesses your business to look for areas of opportunity and possible issues. You could see a return on that investment in no time by finding suboptimal policies or compliance risks.

5-19 Employees - $399 Per Month

We consider this plan to be the best value for money. The setup fee remains at $500, and it’s only $100 extra per month, but you can manage up to 19 employees on it.

The limit on the custom HR policies jumps from two to four, so you can manage compliance for more of your operations.

20-49 Employees - $499 Per Month

On this plan, the one-time setup fee jumps to $1500. We thought this was a significant difference, but made sense when you can manage so many more employees.

You can also create up to eight custom HR policies for your team. That way, growing businesses can develop a comprehensive set of documentation tailored to their business operations and industry.

50-70 Employees - $1299 Per Month

We were happy to see that the setup fee only increased to $2000 despite all the extra employees you could include in this plan. You can also create up to 12 custom HR policies with the help of experts. As you also have the four core HR policies, you can clarify your expectations and responsibilities across most functions.

71+ Employees - Custom Pricing

Instead of increasing their fees proportionally, Bambee offers individual plans once you exceed 70 workers. You can choose the amount of policies you want to create and adjust your fees accordingly. As a result, you can gain more flexibility and control over your monthly costs as your headcount grows.

Bambee HR Overview

Starting price $99 per month
Best for Risk management
Customer support Phone, email, and chat
App integrations Limited
Security & Compliance Encryption, employee training, and CPRA compliance
Reporting & analytics Custom
Mobile app
Benefits administration
Auto-alerts and reminders

Bambee Standout Features

Now we’ve reviewed the prices, let’s take a deeper look at Bambee’s tools and how they perform.

HR Consultancy

Bambee's personalized HR services

Bambee is one of the very few platforms to offer access to personalized HR services. You get an assigned HR manager who meets with you to create custom policies, procedures, and plans for your business. Bambee HR representatives will also conduct HR audits to identify any gaps in your service and create a plan to get your internal HR processes up-to-date.

We were delighted to see the dedicated HR support also guides you through complicated issues like terminations and staff conflicts. Small teams can handle these situations professionally and avoid lawsuits without the need to hire an in-house legal, accounting, or HR manager. We also love that you have unlimited phone time with your dedicated manager, during business hours, of course.

Document Management

Bambee lets you manage HR documents and employee files

Similar to leading HR platforms like Deel and Bamboo, you can manage employee files and HR documents on Bambee. The software not only stores documents but also tracks whether your team has read and signed them electronically.

What really impressed us was how Bambee had incorporated compliance training into this feature. They take care of sessions on workplace safety and discrimination so your people are up to date and make sure you stay HR compliant. Then they give you a digital certificate so you can see everyone’s progress through the courses.

Guided Payroll

Bambee's guided payroll offers automatic tax calculations and payments

As compliance and wages often come hand in hand, we’re glad to see there’s a Bambee payroll support with Bambee’s Guided Payroll. It’s comparable with other leading platforms as it offers automatic tax calculations and payments. We also appreciated the breakdown of how Bambee is meeting all the various laws and regulations when they process payroll during each pay cycle.

We would’ve liked to see Bambee offer a mobile app like Bamboo HR and Gusto. However, the feature is very device-friendly, and we had no difficulty navigating around or using any of the payroll tools.

Employee Management

Bambee's employee management services

Bambee offers comprehensive employee management services tailored for small businesses. Their platform assists in various HR tasks, including terminating and training employees. When you terminate employees, Bambee provides guidance to ensure compliance with legal requirements and best practices. Additionally, they offer resources to train employees effectively, aiding in skill development and performance improvement.

Moreover, Bambee aids in creating and updating the employee handbook, ensuring alignment with company policies and legal standards. Overall, Bambee’s employee management offering provides essential support for small businesses in handling HR processes efficiently and compliantly.

Unfortunately, Bambee doesn’t offer any employee benefits administration or self-service. However, as the software is aimed towards HR needs with a dedicated HR manager, it’s understandable that the solution offers less to employees directly.

Bambee Integrations

If you want to integrate Bambee with another software platform, you might struggle. Currently, the software has limited compatibility with other tech solutions, so if you’re looking for HR services that integrate with existing payroll or accounting software, you’re better off choosing a solution like Bamboo HR or Rippling.

Bambee Customer Reviews

Bambee reviews are generally favorable, with an aggregate rating of 4.2/5 on TrustPilot and high scores on other third-party sites. They’re similar to the scores for other established solutions like Bamboo HR and HiBob.

Many Bambee reviews note that the service is essential for navigating complex federal and state laws in the US. As small businesses might not have the resources to hire in-house HR personnel, the service might be the only thing standing between them and heavy tax and legal penalties

My experience at Bambee HR has been great thus far. I run a small business in San Diego and as you may know, there are lots of rules in California, and then San Diego County adds its own level of complexity. Navigating conversation with team members along with having a sounding board on how your delivery is given is key. I feel that my HR Rep helps me in understanding the intricate path I need to traverse as an owner.

User review collected from TrustPilot.

Reviewers also praise Bambee customer service, saying the team helps them stay updated with document management and changing regulations. That way, they don’t just adhere to laws but maintain compliance over time.

One negative we kept noticing in Bambee reviews was mentions of bugs and glitches across the features. However, we didn’t notice any issues during our tests, and we’re aware they’ve recently updated the software.

What is Bambee Good for?

Our Bambee review found the solution was best for small to medium US businesses that don’t have the budget for in-house HR and legal teams and need HR help. You can pay a competitive monthly fee and wait to hire dedicated personnel until you’re at the right growth stage.

The fixed monthly rate is also well-suited to companies with limited resources. Instead of hiring consultants on an ad hoc basis, you can access expert guidance around the clock with unlimited phone support from your dedicated HR manager. That means you can maintain continuous compliance for a low, predictable fee.

Bambee vs Top Alternatives

Here’s a look at how Bambee stacks up against similar solutions on the market:

Bambee Rippling Bamboo HR Gusto
Best for Companies looking to outsource compliance management Medium- to large-sized companies looking for HR and IT solutions Organizations who want to invest in people experience and management Small businesses looking to manage HR in-house
Starting Price $99 per month $8 per employee per month Prices available upon request $40 per month plus $6 per employee
Free Trial
Standout Features • HR consultancy
• Policy management
• Native IT integrations
• Device management for off-site teams
• Applicant tracking system
• Performance management
• Employee wallet
• Benefits administration
Reporting Custom Custom Custom Custom
Mobile App ❌ – Employees only

Bambee vs Rippling

Rippling covers a broader range of HR functions than Bambee. You can access both HR and IT tools as well as using their PEO (professional employer organization) service.

As Rippling has modular and per-employee pricing, the costs add up faster than with Bambee. It’s best for larger companies that are looking for an all-in-one solution that encompasses all of their needs. Bambee, however, is better suited for small business owners who are just setting up core HR policies.

Check out our full Rippling review for more insights.

Bambee vs Bamboo HR

The main difference between the two platforms is the markets they serve. Bambee caters to US-based companies with its expertise in state and federal laws. On the other hand, Bamboo HR has more of an international presence and offers multi-language support.

However, both platforms have designed their payroll products for the US, including tax filings and compliance management. We do give the edge to Bambee for their HR audits and dedicated HR manager, but Bamboo HR is a more well-rounded solution for larger businesses.

Read our Bamboo HR review to learn more.

Bambee vs Gusto

While Bambee and Gusto offer similar tools, they have a different focus. While Bambee centers its products around HR policies and compliance, Gusto is more concerned with payroll taxes and employee benefits. They both offer these features from their lowest-cost plan.

The two platforms also have different pricing structures. Gusto’s low fixed rate and per-employee pricing work best for very small teams. However, Bambee becomes more cost-effective when your headcount approaches the 50 mark.

Explore our Gusto HR and payroll review for more details.

To see how Bambee compares to other leading platforms, read our review of the best HRIS software for 2024.

Verdict – Is Bambee HR Worth it?

Overall, we found Bambee HR to be worth your consideration. While the platform isn’t suitable for every use case, it offers a solution to unique problems that smaller businesses face. You can run payroll and hire employees with the help of their HR consultancy service, so you don’t have to worry about debilitating legal fees.

Bambee HR also performs well across many categories. The software may have a small learning curve, but it’s otherwise easy to use. You can reach out to support using a variety of methods if you have any difficulties.

How We Test HR Software

Understanding how we assess human resources software can help you see how we reach our verdict. Here’s the process we underwent during our Bambee HR review:

  • Pricing: We researched all of Bambee’s current prices and offers before comparing them to similar solutions on the market.
  • Features: With the prices in mind, we evaluated all of Bambee’s offerings and looked for any notable omissions. We determined the overall value for money of all the various tools and services.
  • Integrations: As companies need to connect with other tools, we explored all the different syncs that were available through Bambee.
  • Automation: Teams save the most time and reduce errors when they can automate processes like payroll and onboarding. That’s why we put the Bambee software through rigorous tests to check the speed and configurability of the tools.
  • Ease of use: We used the trial to see how easily we could use the features and get the results we needed.
  • Third-Party Reviews: Current customers can give the best idea of how Bambee performs in real-life situations and over time. We analyzed hundreds of recent reviews to get a deeper insight into how the software performs.

How to Choose the Best HR Software

If you’re still unsure how to choose, here are the key features to look for in HR software:

PriceFeaturesScalabilityEase of useIntegrationsCustomer support

There are a range of fees as HR platforms tend to cater to different markets. Find the prices that suit your budget the best.

HR software should do everything you need and not force you to pay for unnecessary tools. Check whether it has all the features you need at the right price.

Growing companies need the ability to add tools and increase costs when they’re ready. Ensure whatever you choose has flexible pricing so you can easily move between plans and get the same value as you keep upgrading.

HR platforms should meet your team’s challenge level. If you lack in-house expertise, you should aim for user-friendly tools that everyone can quickly learn and fit into their existing workflow.

Focus on whether you can access all the necessary apps for your upcoming business needs. You don’t want to discover you can’t sync with an essential tool in the future.

You’ll inevitably run into issues as you start using the software. Look for responsive support and extensive resources so you can get all your questions answered, whether they’re big or small.


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