BreezyHR Review – Everything to Know in 2024

BreezyHR is an applicant tracking system that lets you create a branded career website, customize your recruiting pipelines, score and compare candidates, and automate candidate correspondence.

It lets companies digitize their hiring process and move away from paper resumes, saves you a ton of valuable time, and makes it easy to identify and engage with the most qualified people for the job.

In this BreezyHR review, we’ll go over the platform’s key features, show you what it excels at and what it lacks, and see how it compares to the leading HR software alternatives. Before we do, however, here’s a quick breakdown of BreezyHR’s main pros and cons:


  • Gives you all the tools you need to build a branded career website
  • Lets you simultaneously develop and run multiple recruitment pipelines
  • Offers candidate scoring and comparison on premium plans
  • Integrates with a variety of popular HR and collaboration tools
  • Automates candidate correspondence and ensures an excellent candidate experience


  • No functionality apart from recruiting
  • Customer support is slow at times
  • The free plan is quite limited
Table of Contents Table of Contents
Table of Contents

BreezyHR Plans & Pricing

BreezyHR offers four distinct pricing plans, including a free forever plan that lets you test out the platform before committing to an annual or monthly subscription.

It also offers a 14-day free trial of the premium plans (no credit card needed), which gives you access to the app’s premium features.

What’s also worth noting is that if you opt for one of the annual plans, you’ll also get two months free.

Plan Tier/Level Monthly Cost Number of Users Reporting Customer Support Payroll Benefits Admin
Bootstrap Free Unlimited N/A Email support No No
Startup $157/month Unlimited Real-time analytics and reporting Email support No No
Growth $273/month Unlimited Real-time analytics and reporting Email support No No
Business $439/month Unlimited Real-time analytics and reporting Email support No No

Bootstrap — Free

BreezyHR’s free plan gives you all the basics you need to recruit for one position or filter through a single pool of candidates. It comes with unlimited users but only lets you access candidate information if they have applied for the job within the last 30 days.

You’ll also be able to utilize the tool to build a branded career website, post your job ads on over 50 job boards, and leverage resume parsing in 20+ languages.

That said, you’ll still be lacking key functionalities like interview scheduling, video meetings, background checks, and email & calendar integration.

Startup — Starts from $157/month

Upgrading to the first paid plan gives you access to a wide variety of advanced features within the app, such as questionnaires, automations, customizable pipelines, Slack integrations, task management, and video assessments.

The Startup plan also includes real-time analytics and reporting and allows you to handle recruiting and even conduct interviews from the BreezyHR iOS and Android apps.

Growth — Starts from $273/month

With the Growth plan, you’ll enjoy the benefits of automated reference checking, customizable interview guides and scorecards, and employee referrals, on top of everything in the previous plan.

Most importantly, you’ll be able to simultaneously create multiple recruitment pipelines, so you can customize workflows that vary by role you’re hiring for and fill all of your open positions within the same hiring cycle.

Business — Starts from $439/month

The most expensive plan includes advanced, multi-path questionnaires, candidate comparison, nurturing email campaigns, custom roles and permissions, offer management, and integrations with your HRIS.

It also comes with priority support that makes it infinitely easier to get in touch with customer services and have your questions answered or problems resolved promptly.

BreezyHR Overview

Starting price Free
Best for Hiring top performers for every role in your organization
Customer support Help Center, email
App integrations Checkr, Gusto, Indeed, Criteria, ADP Run, Gmail, Outlook, Google Calendar
Security & Compliance Internal Information Security Management System (ISMS), annual security audits
Payroll No
Reporting & analytics Yes
Mobile app Yes
Benefits administration No
E-signatures Yes
Auto-alerts and reminders Yes


At its core, BreezyHR is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), so all of its features and functionalities are centered around recruiting. The core features and functionalities of the platform include the following:

  • Branded Career Site
  • Job Posting
  • Automations
  • Interview Self-Scheduling
  • Live Video Meetings

Branded Career Site

BreezyHR custom career page example

BreezyHR provides the tools required to build and host a branded career website, which lets you promote your company, advertise open positions, and highlight the benefits of working at your organization.

This acts as a form of passive recruitment and gives people who have organically searched for the position an opportunity to familiarize themselves with your company and apply for the role on the spot.

Job Posting

Types of job posting sites connected with BreezyHR

In addition to creating a career website, you’ll have the opportunity to create a job ad and distribute it across more than 50 reputable job boards.

The sites in question include both premium and niche job boards, as well as sites like LinkedIn. You’ll also be able to manually post your job ad on any job board or website of your choosing.


Examples of automations on BreezyHR

BreezyHR also features simple automations that can help streamline your recruitment process. You’ll be able to select triggers and corresponding actions to automate email correspondence with clients, interview scheduling, task creation for your HR leaders, and more.

Interview Self-Scheduling

Self-scheduling example on BreezyHR

You can integrate BreezyHR with your business calendar and allow candidates who make it to the interview stage to schedule video interviews with your HR representatives at a time that’s most convenient for them.

They’ll see all available time slots and will be able to select the one they prefer, and your HR team will immediately receive a notification.

Live Video Meetings

Options for video meetings on BreezyHR

If you opt for BreezyHR, you won’t have to rely on Zoom or other third-party video conferencing apps to conduct interviews. The platform has this capability built into it, and it automatically includes the link to the video meeting in the email candidates receive after scheduling their interview.


Example of integrations with BreezyHR

BreezyHR natively integrates with a variety of apps that facilitate the recruitment process. These include everything from assessment and background check apps, calendars, and emails to job boards and productivity tools.

Some of the most popular tools BreezyHR integrates with include TestGorilla, Checkr, Gmail, Outlook, Google Calendar, Slack, Zapier, Zoom, and OneLogin.

What’s worth noting is that BreezyHR also seamlessly integrates with several popular HRIS platforms, including ADP Run, BambooHR, Deputy, Gusto, Hibob, Rippling, Kallidus, Zenefits, and Namely.

BreezyHR Customer Reviews

BreezyHR has overall positive user reviews on all major review platforms, averaging around 4.0/5 stars.

BreezyHR review on TrustPilot

The users mostly appreciate the platform’s sleek design and ease of use, automations, easy integrations, and the fact that you can try out BreezyHR for free.

As far as cons go, users cite the inability to handle applicant data in groups, long waiting times for customer support responses and limited reporting capabilities.

What is BreezyHR Good For?

BreezyHR is great for developing distinct hiring pipelines for different open roles and leveraging automations to streamline your recruiting efforts.

It allows you to access all incoming applications in one place, quickly filter through applicant data, compare different candidates, and automate the bulk of tedious, repetitive tasks related to recruiting and the interview process.

It can be used by both SMBs and large enterprises, regardless of the industry, given that it allows you to post job ads on over 50 premium and niche job boards to quickly find the most qualified candidates for the job.

BreezyHR vs. Top Competitors

Provider Best for Starting Price Payroll Benefits Admin Reporting/Analytics Mobile App
BreezyHR Hiring top performers for every role in your organization Free No No Real-time reports with recruiting KPIs Yes
Rippling SMBs looking to streamline every aspect of their HR $8/month per employee Yes Yes Pre-built and custom workforce and compliance reports Yes
ClearCompany Talent acquisition, employee engagement, and performance management Quote-based No No Pre-built and customizable reports No
BambooHR SMBs that want to simplify every aspect of employee lifecycle management Quote-based Yes Yes Customizable reports, built-in report templates with key HR KPIs Yes

BreezyHR vs. Rippling

BreezyHR is a good choice if you’re looking specifically for a hiring tool that can help you streamline and automate the process. While it’s excellent at what it does, BreezyHR offers very little on top of recruiting and onboarding.

Rippling, on the other hand, features recruiting, global payroll, and benefits administration, so it’s a more robust option, especially if you want to hire global workers. It can act as an Employer of Record (EOR) for your international workforce, plus it handles compliance and eliminates the risk of misclassification.

Additionally, Rippling includes performance and learning management, time and attendance, and employee surveys as part of its Core HR package. You can read our Rippling review to find out more.

BreezyHR vs. ClearCompany

The two platforms are rather similar in that they both focus on hiring the right people for every role in your organization. That said, ClearCompany doesn’t stop at recruiting and onboarding but also helps make sure that you retain top performers through a variety of employee engagement and performance management functionalities.

Put simply, ClearCompany is a more robust option than BreezyHR, but the main drawback of this tool is that it’s quote-based and doesn’t offer a free plan.

BreezyHR is a much safer pick for startups who are just putting their team together due to the fact that you can get started for free and scale up as you grow your business.

BreezyHR vs. BambooHR

While BreezyHR is solely focused on hiring and onboarding, this is just one of many functionalities BambooHR offers. As a robust HR platform, BambooHR offers HR data handling and advanced reporting, time tracking, payroll, benefits administration, and performance management.

Put simply, BreezyHR might be a good option if you’re already using another HR platform and need a dedicated ATS, but BambooHR is a better choice for companies that want to streamline and automate every aspect of employee lifecycle management. You can learn more by reading our BambooHR review.

Verdict — Is BreezyHR Worth It?

BreezyHR is worth it if you only need a dedicated Applicant Tracking System for recruiting, given that it doesn’t provide any functionalities apart from hiring.

This makes it a solid option for companies who are just starting out and haven’t utilized an ATS before, especially since you can get started for free.

It can also be a solid option if you’re already relying on other HR software to cover the core HR functions of your business since it can seamlessly integrate with a variety of popular apps and tools, so you won’t have to worry about duplicate data entry or discrepancies between data from multiple platforms.

That said, if you’re looking for a more robust solution that can also handle payroll, benefits, time tracking, performance management, and other aspects of HR, you’re better off with one of the best HRIS software alternatives.

How We Test HR Software

There are several factors we take into consideration when reviewing, comparing, and ranking HR software. The core elements that we focus on include:

  • Ease of Use — How easy the platform is to set up and properly utilize in day-to-day business.
  • Features — What features does the platform offer, and what benefits do those features and functionalities provide to businesses of different sizes and in different niches?
  • Pricing — The features available on different pricing plans, free trials, and free plans, and the overall value for money.
  • Automations — The number of automations, as well as their implementation and use case.
  • Integrations — Native integrations with other popular HR tools and platforms, plus whether the platform provides an API (Application Programming Interface).

How To Choose the Best HR Software

There are dozens of excellent HR tools for the market, so it’s vital to know exactly what you should be looking for to ensure that all your needs are met and that the platform you end up choosing is a good fit for your business.

Here are the key factors you need to consider before making a long-term commitment:

  • Type of HR Software — As you’ve seen from this review, BreezyHR exclusively deals with hiring and onboarding. There are other platforms that cover recruiting but also offer a myriad of other functionalities. Consider whether you only need a dedicated ATS or want a more robust platform that can help you streamline other aspects of HR as well.
  • Value for Money — Most HR platforms offer multiple pricing tiers, with each one providing access to more advanced features. Carefully consider what features you need and choose the plan that covers all your needs and offers the most value for your money.
  • Ease of Use — The more feature-rich the platform is, the more difficult it will be to understand and fully utilize all of its functionalities. If you have no experience with HR tools, it’s best to opt for a simple platform that’s easy to use so you don’t have to spend months watching training videos and trying to figure out the platform.
  • User Reviews — Every software will market itself as the best possible solution. To get a realistic, unbiased opinion, check what other users of the software have to say about it. Pay attention to the most commonly mentioned advantages and disadvantages and try to gauge how those would impact your business (both positively and negatively).
  • Integrations — If you’re already using half a dozen apps in your business, introducing another one can make it difficult to ensure all your data is aligned. That is unless you can integrate the new app with the tools you’re already using. So, make sure your chosen HR software supports integrations with your existing software stack.
  • Customer Support — Consider all the different ways to get in touch with the platform’s customer service team. If they only offer email customer support, it might take days to get a response. The best options are platforms that offer Live Chat and phone support or assign a dedicated support rep to your account.


Is BreezyHR an ATS?

What can BreezyHR be used for?

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