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Deel is ready to handle the toughest recruitment aspects of HR

We found Deel to be a great choice for growing global companies. Its main benefits lie in:

  • Eliminating the need to set up foreign legal entities
  • Removing misclassification risks
  • Ensuring compliance with local employment laws
  • Handling global payroll services and employee benefits

That said, Deel is certainly not a one-trick pony for new global hires. It offers valuable insights into your entire workforce, ensuring you have all relevant employee information and generating in-depth reports.

In terms of what is worth your money, it depends on your business size and needs. It’s important to understand that Deel isn’t an all-in-one solution for HR. It’s primarily focused on hiring an international workforce but doesn’t include functionalities like time tracking and performance management.


  • Free core platform for organizations under 200 employees
  • Outsource global payroll, tax filing, and benefits
  • Acts as a central repository for employee data
  • Easy-to-use and integrate with existing software
  • Advanced reporting for hiring, headcount, and payroll


  • No performance management or time tracking capabilities
  • Expensive to add on all available functions and services

To help you determine whether it’s right for you, our in-depth Deel review covers its core features and pricing plans before comparing it to top HR software providers.

Deel Plans & Pricing

We always begin our analysis by looking at the pricing structure, but in this case, our Deel review found a rather unique pricing plan – every Deel module is sold separately.

In addition to the core HR platform, the company offers EOR (Employer of Record) services, global payroll, contractor management, and immigration services. While these are among its best features, some companies might see it as a disadvantage that these are not included in a simple plan.

Module Cost Reporting Customer Support Payroll Benefits Admin
Deel HR (core platform) Free for teams of up to 200 people Simple HR reports Live chat, email No Available as an optional add-on
EOR $599/month N/A Live chat, email Yes Yes
Contractors $49/month N/A Live chat, email Yes No
Global Payroll Custom quote In-depth payroll reports Live chat, email Yes Yes
Immigration Custom quote N/A Live chat, email No No
Deel HR Core Module – free for companies under 200 employees

Deel HR Core Module – free for companies under 200 employees

The core HR platform, Deel HR, is free for companies with up to 200 employees. We could not find a price available for 200+ teams, so larger businesses will have to get a quote from the Deel customer support sales team.

As a free HR tool, the offering is very generous. The free version of Deel HR lets you:

  • Collate employee data
  • Collect and organize work documents
  • Manage time off, expenses, and bonuses
  • Automate your workflows
  • Track churn and retention rates
Employer of Record Module – from $599 per month

Employer of Record Module – from $599 per month

Deel offers an EOR service with a fixed monthly price, including everything you need to hire international employees. The company acts as an official employee for your workforce (on paper) and handles everything, including local payroll, taxes, and compliance.

Deel also creates and distributes localized benefits packages to your global workforce, all while ensuring full protection for your intellectual property. While we do think this module is expensive, it’s more cost-effective than setting up legal entities in every country where you want to hire people.

Contractors Module – from $49 per month

Contractors Module – from $49 per month

If you need to use Deel to hire international contractors and freelancers, you’ll pay an extra $49 per month. We think that this flat rate isn’t too high, especially considering that Deel helps you to:

  • Collect any local tax agreements
  • Automate invoicing and time off
  • Pay your entire team in one bulk payment

Deel also helps mitigate compliance and misclassification risks, which can often result in hefty fines, making this module well worth the price.

Global Payroll Module – quotes only

Global Payroll Module – quotes only

This extra service is perfect for businesses that want to outsource globally:

  • Payroll
  • Onboarding
  • Offboarding
  • Taxes
  • Benefits

For everything else related to managing a global workforce, Deel handles it all while ensuring full compliance. You can also centralize payroll management, which is often a more cost-effective approach.

Immigration Module – quotes only

Immigration Module – quotes only

With the immigration services module Deel offers, you can sponsor visas for workers in over 30 countries. Deel can handle ongoing visa support, seek support from local immigration experts, and help you track visa applications and their status.

It’s an incredibly helpful module for companies who can’t keep up with all the admin associated with global employee expansion.

Deel HR Overview

Starting price Free
Best for Outsourcing global hiring and payroll
Customer support 24/7 Live Chat, email
App integrations Zapier, Slack, DocuSign, QuickBooks, NetSuite, Xero
Security & Compliance SSL, AES-256 encryption, SOC2, GDPR Compliance
Payroll Yes
Reporting & analytics Yes
Mobile app No
Benefits administration Yes
E-signatures No
Auto-alerts and reminders No

Features of Deel

The core Deel HR platform is a great starting point to build upon. While this mainly acts as a central data repository to keep things organized, you can then add any optional paid extras to the platform.

We liked the fact that you can pick and choose which features and functionalities you need. The platform feels clutter-free and easy to use, plus you’re only paying for features that you need for day-to-day business.

After checking out all the options in our Deel review, we found the main features include:

  • Onboarding
  • Human resource management
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Recruiting, benefits, and payroll

Deel Onboarding Features

deel review

Most of Deel’s extra features are geared toward global hiring, and employee onboarding is no exception. The platform helps you localize everything. For example, Deel will:

  • Show you the minimum wage in the country the new hire is from
  • Let you choose an employee’s payment currency
  • Help you request country-specific documents to ensure compliance

You can also create custom access levels based on different roles in your team, as well as automate app provisioning based on permissions. This means hires can get started as quickly as possible.

Human Resource Management

An overview of deel's HR services

We loved the core platform’s dashboard, offering a people directory where you can see all your employees, their contact information, status, and wages.

Additionally, each employee will have a detailed personal profile on Deel. You’ll also be able to access, review, and update all relevant employee documents, as well as track compensation changes.

With organization charts, every new hire can quickly see the structure of the company, know exactly who they are working with on the team, and see who they report to.

Analytics and Reporting

an example of deel analytics

Throughout our Deel review, we found that reporting is primarily tied to recruiting and expenses. You’ll be able to:

  • Track the overall global costs
  • Keep track of your headcount
  • Download in-depth payroll reports
  • Create and share custom dashboards with graphs, charts, and filters

All in all, these tools feel perfectly suited for you to gain valuable insight into business performance.

Recruiting, Benefits, and Payroll

a visual of how international payroll works on deel

Although these are three separate functionalities, we’ve categorized them together as they’re all paid add-ons. They’re not part of the free Deel HR platform.

  1. Recruiting – hire from a global workforce in over 150 countries, with global employment comparisons, salary insights, and an employee cost calculator. It’s the most expensive add-on by far, at $599 per month, so it might only pay off if you’re looking to hire for dozens of different roles.
  2. Benefits – some packages are included with the EOR module, as well as being tailored to each country. With impressive employee benefits, you can stand out from other companies in your niche that are hiring globally.
  3. Payroll – global payroll is a standalone functionality, but the price depends on the number of employees in your organization. As a fully outsourced function, Deel will handle every aspect of your global payroll runs, tax filing, and compliance.

Integrations with Deel

examples of integrations with deel

Deel natively integrates with a wide variety of financial, time-tracking, communication, and hiring tools. Some of the most popular integrations with Deel include:

  • Slack
  • QuickBooks
  • Xero
  • NetSuite
  • BambooHR
  • Greenhouse
  • Bob
  • Zapier

We were glad to see that Deel also offers an API. With this, you can build custom integrations and connect with every app or tool in your existing software stack.

Deel Customer Reviews

As well as carrying out our own Deel review, we looked at third-party review sites to see what other users thought of the platform.

We found that Deel had excellent customer reviews, averaging around 4.7/5 stars on all major review sites.

In terms of the main benefits of Deel, users commonly highlighted:

  • Clean, easy-to-use interface
  • Global hiring and payroll services
  • Compliance tools
  • Ease of managing international contractors

As for the negative points of Deel, these mainly revolved around:

  • Response speed of customer support
  • Steep pricing
  • Occasional delays with payment processing

What is Deel Good For?

Deel is an excellent platform for fully remote or hybrid companies looking to hire talent from all over the world. This is especially true if you want to fully outsource your global payroll and hire Deel as an EOR for your global workforce.

Instead of handling the admin, you can focus on growing your business. However, these add-ons can be very costly.

If you’re more budget-conscious, the free Deel HR platform is an excellent solution for:

  • Collecting employee data
  • Organizing critical documentation
  • Generating reports on expenses, headcount, and payroll

The best part about Deel HR is that you can get started for free but then upgrade with paid add-ons as the need arises. This means you can scale the platform as you grow your business.

Deel vs Top Competitors

Provider Best for Starting Price Payroll Benefits Admin Reporting/Analytics Mobile App
Deel Outsourcing global hiring and payroll Free for teams of up to 200 people Yes Yes Global payroll, cost, and headcount reports, custom dashboards No
Rippling Global hiring, time tracking, and performance management $8/month per employee Yes Yes Pre-built and custom workforce and compliance reports Yes
Gusto Talent management, payroll, and benefits administration $40/month + $6/month per person Yes Yes Customizable, advanced reports No
TeamTailor Leveraging AI to streamline and optimize recruiting Quote-based No No Advanced and custom reports Yes

Deel vs. Rippling

The two platforms are similar in their offering of recruiting, EOR, and global payroll and benefits services. The main difference is that Deel lets you fully outsource global payroll, whereas Rippling provides you with tools for your own global payroll runs.

However, Rippling also offers time-tracking, performance management, and learning management services. It’s a better all-rounder for SMBs in need of HR features on top of global hiring. Deel, on the other hand, is fully focused on enterprises hiring a large number of international workers.

Read our Rippling review to learn more.

Deel vs. Gusto

Gusto’s main advantage over Deel is again being a stronger all-encompassing HR platform. It offers tools for managing current employees, such as performance review templates, automated feedback requests, and built-in integrations with learning and development apps. Deel is not a self-service platform for employees to get involved with, it will sit firmly within your recruitment and HR teams.

That said, Gusto lacks EOR capacity. Deel can fully outsource every aspect of global payroll, benefits administration, and tax filing. Additionally, Deel offers more robust reports, especially when it comes to tracking headcount and workforce costs.

Read our Gusto review to learn more.

Deel vs. TeamTailor

TeamTailor’s software is built for recruiters who want to identify, engage with, and hire top performers. It relies on the power of AI to facilitate job posting, candidate comparison, and content creation for your unique branded career website.

However, Deel is more focused on the admin rather than the personal side of recruitment. It also offers a lot more functionality on top of recruiting, namely global payroll services and employee benefits.

Put simply, TeamTailor is ideal if you’re only looking for an ATS, whereas Deel is a better choice for hiring global workers while ensuring compliance with local laws.

Learn more and compare the best recruitment software products.

Deel vs Sage

Sage is a simple, effective payroll solution for your local workforce. It lets you complete payroll runs in just four easy steps, features automatic pension enrollment, and helps you schedule shifts and track leave and absence. Tax filing isn’t a part of Sage Payroll, but you can get the standalone module (Making Tax Digital) as part of the larger Sage Accounting platform.

Deel is focused on global payroll and compliance with international and local payroll regulations, so it’s only viable if you’re running a remote or hybrid company with hundreds of employees spread all over the world.

Read our Sage review to learn more.

Deel vs OnPay

OnPay merges payroll with other HR functionalities, so the app can help you track your employees’ PTO, handle benefit enrollment, file taxes, automate onboarding, and ensure everyone is paid the right sum on time. It doesn’t feature time tracking or shift scheduling, so if you’re looking to automate local payroll runs, both Gusto and Sage are better options.

When it comes to the comparison with Deel, the apps are fundamentally different. Deel lets you outsource global payroll, while OnPay simply facilitates payroll for your local team.

Read our Gusto review to learn more.

How We Test HR Software

When reviewing and comparing HR software, we analyze the following factors to form an unbiased opinion:

    • Features – We check out the features and functionalities the platform offers and how these benefit businesses of different sizes and industries.
    • Automation – The types of automations supported, including customization options and ease of implementation.
    • Integration – We find out about integrations with other HR, finance, time-tracking, and project management software, plus the availability of an API.
    • Reporting – Type of reports available, depth, and the level of customization they support (graphs, charts, color coding, filters, and so on).
    • Pricing – Value for money of the pricing plans/tiers, free plans, free trials, and demos available.
    • Ease of use – The level of technical knowledge required to implement and use the platform’s features and functionalities.
    • User reviews – Commonly cited advantages, disadvantages, or complaints from real users on third-party review sites.

How To Choose the Best HR Software

When deciding whether a particular HR tool is a good fit, you should consider the following:

Type of HR softwareEssential HR featuresPricingEase of useIntegrationsCustomer support

Type of HR software – Carefully consider what role the software needs to play in your business size and ensure that it meets all your needs.

Essential HR features – Study the features on different plans. Some tools might offer features you won’t use, so don’t overpay if you won’t need most of the tools.

Pricing – Check out the annual and monthly pricing plans for different tiers. Compare the tool you’re considering with its top alternatives.

Ease of use – Schedule a demo and see how the platform works before committing. Ideally, you want an HR tool that’s straightforward for your entire team.

Integrations – Make sure it can integrate with the apps and tools you’re already using. You can build custom integrations if the platform offers an API framework.

Customer support – Check customer support options to see how easy it is to get in touch and how quick they are to respond.

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