Paycor Review 2024: HR and Payroll Solution Tested & Rated

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A robust, analytics-driven HR platform that unifies payroll, people management and compliance

Paycor is a great full-service human capital management (HCM) platform for medium and large organizations looking to unify all HR-related data into one intuitive platform. With modular functionality and a wealth of features spanning benefits, talent management, time and attendance, and basic payroll features, Paycor makes HR management and payroll processing simple and data-driven. This solution is perfect for growing organizations that want to make their HR function a competitive differentiator.

However, smaller organizations might find the platform’s rich feature set overwhelming. For this audience, we’d recommend Gusto or QuickBooks instead.


  • Fantastic range of HR, payroll, and talent management features
  • Modular apps mean you can 'build your own' platform
  • Pay on-demand functionality
  • Powerful compliance automations
  • Intuitive interface


  • Lacks transparent pricing
  • Setup fees for each plan
  • Capabilities may be too extensive for small businesses and startups

Paycor Pricing & Plans

Paycor is a powerful human capital management (HCM) platform with capabilities spanning payroll, talent management, compliance, and more. While it’s not the cheapest provider on the market, its breadth and depth of features mean this platform would be a fantastic asset to almost any HR team.

In this Paycor review, we’ll explore the software’s features in-depth, looking at Paycor’s pricing, standout capabilities, and how it fares against competitors.

Monthly Cost Bespoke
Free Trial ✅ – 1 month free trial
Users Bespoke
PTO Management
Expense Management
Reporting Custom reporting
Customer Support 24/7 chat support and phone support Monday – Friday

Like HCM providers such as ADP and Paychex, Paycor’s pricing is opaque in nature. While this can be frustrating to potential customers, there’s a reason: Paycor’s platform is highly modular.

Instead of taking a one-size-fits-all approach, Paycor’s suite of solutions–spanning HR, payroll, and benefits, to name a few–are customizable, meaning you only pay for the capabilities you choose to use. This can make using Paycor features a very cost-effective solution for businesses large and small, as the price varies depending on each customer’s needs and size. Moreover, the flexibility of the platform makes it a great choice for organizations planning to scale up–you can simply add more capabilities as your company expands.

Saying this, for very small organizations, Paycor’s complexity in price and features could be off-putting. For this audience, we’d recommend a simpler, more transparent HR and payroll solution like OnPay or Gusto.

To summarize, whether you have 50 or 500 employees, you’ll have to contact the Paycor sales team to find out the exact per-month pricing for your business.

One thing we like about Paycor’s pricing is that it includes support services during the implementation process. Paycor provides implementation and onboarding for new companies to seamlessly integrate the system alongside or instead of existing software.

Paycor HR & Payroll Overview

Starting price Bespoke
Best for Mid-sized organizations looking for complete, automated payroll and HR
Customer support 24/7 chat support and phone support Monday – Friday
App integrations TrackTik, Instant Pay, and Clear Star
Security & Compliance SOC 2 Type 2, encryption, multi-factor authentication
Reporting & analytics Custom
Mobile app
Benefits administration
Auto-alerts and reminders

Paycor Review: Key Features

Paycor’s range of features is outstanding. If you want a platform to manage all payroll, talent, and HR processes, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more comprehensive solution than this one. With automated payroll, HR tasks, recruiting software, time tracking, and even more available within the platform, Paycor can truly become your one-stop shop for streamlining people management.

Here’s a closer look at our highlighted Paycor features.

Powerful HR Capabilities

Paycor Dashboard - HR

Paycor’s analytics-driven HR dashboard is designed to help your HR department automate time-intensive processes like managing expenses, paperwork, and employee onboarding.

We found the interface to be easy to use, although it does take some initial work to set up the automated workflows you’d like to include. However, once this is done, the platform does all the hard work for you brilliantly.

In terms of HR reporting capabilities and other insights, Paycor’s approach is fantastic. We loved the AI assistant, which alerted us to trends like increases in employee absences and benchmarked performance against other organizations. These are the kinds of management features that enable HR personnel to make truly strategic decisions, so we can definitely see their benefit in larger organizations.

However, for smaller companies, Paycor’s depth of features might be too powerful. We think the platform is best for organizations with at least 100 employees–it’s only then that Paycor’s tech-driven features become valuable.

Paycor Payroll

Paycor Dashboard - Payroll

Payroll processing on Paycor is a dream. Not only can you automate the process completely so it’s no-touch, but there are also integrations that allow you to offer your employees on-demand pay, which they can easily request from the user-friendly mobile app.

We also loved Paycor’s depth and breadth of payroll reports, which make it simple for HR leaders to gain granular visibility into cash requirements, tax liabilities, and so forth. Speaking of tax, Paycor also automates tax requirements on your behalf, taking away the stress of tax filings, W-2, and 1099 processing. Other tax services include state and local tax services, as well as compliance support.

As a payroll provider, Paycore performs well. It’s easy to use the system, and the payroll services are excellent. Unlimited payroll runs make it a good choice of payroll software for restaurant owners if you are processing payroll on different schedules or need to do a one-off payment.

Expense Management

Paycor Dashboard - Expense Management

If you’re choosing Paycor, you’re also choosing an easy-to-use system for expense management. It’s easy to create and change your expense categories, so the software can be customized for every business, and during our testing, we found the milage tracking to be highly accurate.

Using only one platform to review, reimburse, and report on expenses makes tax filing a breeze. For business owners as well, this helps in compensation planning and allows employees to be proactive by uploading mobile receipts directly in the self-service mobile app.

Additional features for employees include fast reimbursements via direct deposit, as you’re using the same provider for expenses as payroll.

Time and Attendance

Paycor Dashboard - Time & Attendance

Organizations with hourly workers will be pleased to know that Paycor also offers excellent time and attendance features with time tracking, which connect directly to the payroll function to minimize manual calculations.

With time tracking, your employees can punch in on the intuitive mobile app, as well as make paid time off (PTO) requests. On the backend, you can click on the time dashboard to gain a granular view of hours worked, overtime, and PTO.

To make the most of this feature, you’ll need to set up some automated workflows, such as setting an overtime limit, automatically approving PTO based on certain conditions, thresholds for tardiness, and so forth. We found this quite simple to do, although it does take a few hours.

Performance Management & Talent Development

Paycor Dashboard - Talent Management

If you’re looking to boost employee retention rates and improve workplace culture, Paycor’s talent management suite is sure to be of use. With this module, each of your employees will gain access to an employee self-service portal, displaying personalized insights like their goals, learning and talent development opportunities, and benefits administration.

Of course, setting this up will require some effort from HR teams and managers, but this digitized approach to talent and performance management is one of the best we’ve seen–and sure to impress your workforce.

We like the ease of use for setting up performance reviews, 1:1 conversations, and building job profile templates. This helps with employee retention by facilitating internal moves, progression, and learning. When you’re using Paycor, you can find additional management features like leadership development, which Paycor offers under Paycor Paths. This offering includes a library of learning materials and coaching available for all employees in a leadership position.

When it comes to recruitment, Paycor also delivers. Its AI-driven platform makes it easy to generate accurate job descriptions, post them to job boards, and manage candidates. You’ll also get access to useful insights like time-to-hire and lead sources, which can help with streamlining future recruitment drives.

Recruitment & Talent Acquisition

Paycor Dashboard - Recruitment

Paycor offers an easy-to-use applicant tracking system (ATS) with a user-friendly interface that’s designed by recruiters to help businesses attract and hire the right people for their business.

You can access AI-powered candidate sourcing, automated offer letters, in-depth candidate and new hire reporting, and compliance support with built-in EEO and OFCCP compliance.

During our testing, we found the integration with over 25,000 job boards to be a little overwhelming on paper, but as it’s a smooth process to create and upload, a big benefit in real life. You can easily integrate with sites like LinkedIn, Monster, and ZipRecruiter. An added bonus is the employee referral system which works seamlessly on the mobile app so existing employees can share open roles with their network and directly refer someone.

Employee Mobile Application

Paycor Dashboard - Employee Self-Service Mobile App

We also want to mention the Paycor mobile app for employees, which is one of the best self-service apps we’ve seen. The super intuitive application is packed full of useful features that allow employees to easily view their wage slips, request time off, enter payment information, and benefits administration. We also loved that the mobile app includes financial wellness resources to help with things like budgeting and saving.

Paycor Integrations

Paycor’s range of integrations is solid and carefully curated to enhance the features of the platform. You can integrate, for example, with software providers that offer background checks, global payroll services, point-of-sale functionality, and tip distribution. We think this is a thoughtful approach that highlights Paycor’s commitment to being useful to organizations across industries.

One thing to note is that Paycor’s accounting software integrations are limited. If you use QuickBooks or Xero, you’ll need to use an app like Zapier as a middleman to connect these applications.

Paycor Customer Reviews

So far, we’ve been thoroughly impressed by Paycor’s thoughtful, powerful approach to human capital management. But that’s just our view. We also wanted to see what long-term users of the platform thought, so we took to TrustPilot and other review sites to gather their feedback.

On most review sites, users praised Paycor for its excellent functionality, employee application, and ease of use. A repeated criticism was the learning curve involved in deploying the platform. But, once users set up their desired automations, they generally loved it. There is also, which is typical for any software, feedback around customer service. In general, users seem to agree that customer service is fair.

What is Paycor Good for?

Paycor is a great platform for medium and large-sized businesses, across sectors looking to benefit from a unified platform for all things human resources, payroll, and talent acquisition and management. For smaller businesses, we think a simpler, less comprehensive solution like Gusto or QuickBooks would be a better option.

Paycor vs Top Alternatives

As part of our Paycor review process, we compare Paycor to top alternatives. We’ve chosen to analyze the software against three big names – Gusto, Deel, and Rippling.

Paycor Gusto Deel Rippling
Best for Medium-sized organizations looking for a complete HR solution Small organizations Remote first companies International organizations
Starting Price Bespoke $40 per month + $6 per employee Bespoke Bespoke
Free Trial ✅ – 1 month
Standout Features • End-to-end HR capabilities
• Predictive insights
• Fantastic employee interface
• Intuitive interface
• Strong range of employee benefits
• Rapid onboarding process
• Multi-country payroll
• Immigration and sponsored VISAs feature
• Excellent contractor management capabilities
• Global payroll
• Geo-based time tracking
• Localized tax and benefits options
Reporting Custom reporting Custom reporting Custom reporting Custom reporting
Mobile App

Paycor vs Gusto

Paycor and Gusto serve slightly different audiences. With its clean, intuitive interface and solid range of easy-to-use features, Gusto is a great option for startups and small businesses looking to automate payroll and offer enhanced employee benefits.

Paycor provides all this and more, with a wealth of HR features, employee development capabilities, and predictive analytics to help HR leaders excel in their roles. In that sense, they’re made for different companies: Gusto for smaller businesses and Paycor for growing ones.

Learn more in our Gusto review.

Paycor vs Deel

While Paycor empowers HR teams to bring all processes in-house, Deel is a completely outsourced payroll service. With this provider, you’ll get access to a team of payroll experts who’ll take responsibility for all payroll matters, including taxes by country if you have international employees, deductions, benefits, and payslips.

While Deel excels at payroll, its HR features are lacking, meaning you’d need to purchase the platform and invest in a separate piece of HR software to build a complete solution. Paycor, on the other hand, offers all of this from one unified platform.

Learn more in our Deel review.

Paycor vs Rippling

As with Gusto, Paycor and Rippling serve slightly different audiences. Paycor is a great HR platform for US-based companies. While it has integrations that enable you to access global payroll, it’s not what the platform was built for.

Rippling, however, is designed for exactly that. It’s a software provider aimed at multinational companies with global payroll, localized benefits, and swift international payment processing.

Learn more in our Rippling review.

Verdict – is Paycor Worth it?

Overall, we think Paycor is an excellent, thoughtfully designed platform for medium-sized organizations that operate domestically. Its range of features empowers HR teams to reduce manual paperwork, make strategic data-driven decisions, and enhance the employee experience.

If you’re an organization that’s looking for a holistic, automated human resources solution, Paycor is undoubtedly a worthwhile choice.

How We Test HR & Payroll Software

When we test payroll and HR, we consider the following criteria every time:

  • Pricing – Our approach to pricing involves a thorough review of the structure and plans offered by each platform. Beyond just the initial cost, we delve into the details to assess affordability and value for money. We understand that transparency is key, so we meticulously uncover any hidden fees or additional charges that could impact your budget.
  • Features – Our exploration of features extends beyond mere functionality to encompass aspects such as speed, ease of use, and overall capabilities within the platform. For example, when you process payroll, you need automation, direct deposits, and, ideally, an employee self-service portal.
  • Integrations – Integration capabilities are a crucial aspect of modern HR software. In our assessment, we thoroughly evaluate the variety of integrations offered by each platform.
  • Automation – We take a hands-on approach to test out the automation capabilities of each provider. From evaluating available options to assessing the ease of setup and the efficiency of automated processes, we aim to provide insights that empower you to make informed decisions.
  • Ease of Use – Usability is paramount when it comes to HR software. That’s why we put ourselves in the shoes of a new user, testing each platform to gain a firsthand understanding if the platform is easy to use or requires onboarding.
  • Third-Party Reviews – In addition to our own evaluations, we understand the importance of incorporating third-party perspectives into our articles. By leveraging insights from reputable sources, we aim to offer you a comprehensive and balanced view of each HR platform.

How to Choose the Best HR Software

Choosing an HR software platform is an important business choice. ou want to make sure you’ve made the right decision before you commit. So, here are the key factors to bear in mind:


When considering pricing, it’s crucial to delve beyond the advertised costs. Be on the lookout for hidden fees lurking in the fine print, as these can significantly impact your budget. Additionally, pay attention to any extra features that may incur additional charges, as they could unexpectedly hike up the overall price tag.


While browsing through different HR platforms, it’s essential to ensure that the one you choose encompasses all the features necessary to streamline your business operations. Think of it as finding a one-stop shop for all your human resources needs, from recruitment, time tracking, and onboarding to payroll management and performance evaluations.


As your business expands, so should your human resources and payroll services Look for a platform that can seamlessly scale up to accommodate your growing workforce and evolving needs. Scalability isn’t just about adding additional users; it’s also about accommodating increased data volume and complexity without sacrificing performance or user experience.

Ease of Use

A platform that’s intuitive and easy to use saves time and reduces the learning curve for both administrators and employees. A visually appealing and well-designed interface can also contribute to a positive user experience, fostering adoption and engagement among your team members.


Prioritize platforms that offer robust integration capabilities through APIs or pre-built connectors. This allows you to leverage your existing tech stack while expanding the functionality of your software.

Customer Service

Beyond the features and functionalities, the customer support experience can make or break your experience with an HR platform. Assess the available customer service channels, response times, and the expertise of the customer support team.


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