Remofirst Review 2024: Pricing, Features & Alternatives

Our Verdict

Simplified Global HR and Payroll for Remote Teams

Remofirst is a great option for small businesses that are beginning to venture abroad and hire remote employees. The simple interface suits basic operations, and the low monthly costs help you stick to a slender budget. If you encounter any compliance issues with global hiring, HR, or payroll, Remofirst’s on-the-ground experts can help you navigate them.

Larger, more established businesses will struggle with Remofirst’s limited HRIS features and integrations. They’d be better suited to a more comprehensive global HR provider like Deel or Rippling.

Despite some shortcomings, our Remofirst review is positive. We believe it excels at meeting the needs of its specific target market.


  • Intuitive user interface
  • Affordable pricing plans
  • No setup fees
  • Ultra-responsive customer support


  • Limited HRIS features
  • Lacks integrations
  • No mobile app

Remofirst Pricing & Plans

Remofirst has modular pricing like many similar products on the market. You can mix and match the features you need, so you don’t have to pay for any unnecessary tools.

There are two main plans:

Employer of Record Contractors
Monthly Cost $199 per person per month $25 per person per month
Free Trial ❌ – option to book a free demo ❌ – option to book a free demo
Users Unlimited Unlimited
PTO Management ❌ – but not applicable
Expense Management
Reporting Custom Custom
Customer Support 24/7 support from a dedicated account manager 24/7 support from a dedicated account manager

All the modules on Remofirst are monthly payments, not annual plans. You can get certain services like immigration and equipment provisioning as needed.

Remofirst has a generous referral program for its clients. If you introduce someone to the platform and they just book a meeting, you get $250 in gift cards. Successful signups will get you $750, which could amount to months of free service.

Employer of Record - $199 per person per month

Starting at just $199 per person, Remofirst has some of the lowest prices for an employer of record (EOR) on the market. You don’t have to worry about the platform compromising on quality, though — it covers 180 countries and offers a range of features.

Here are the features you can access through Remofirst’s EOR service:

  • International hiring
  • Payroll for global teams
  • Localized contract creation
  • Benefits administration
  • Compliance management
  • Employee self-service portal

One drawback is that Remofirst does have fewer native HR tools than alternatives like Rippling and Remote. It doesn’t have communication or performance management capabilities. However, we feel the low price more than justifies the stripped-down feature set.

Contractors - $25 per person per month

The pricing for Remofirst’s contractor management plan is equivalent to what we’ve seen competitors offer. Like the EOR service, you can use this feature in over 180 countries worldwide.

We were happy to see that Remofirst includes worker classification support in the same plan. As misclassification is one of the biggest risks that international companies face, it’s an essential feature for global HR platforms.

Additional services

As well as these two modules, Remofirst offers the following modules as add-ons:

  • International benefits administration – Pricing starts at $55 per month. Remofirst brokers health insurance to ensure your team has coverage that meets their needs and complies with local employment laws.
  • Equipment provisioning – The pricing is tailored to your specific requirements. With this service, you can send devices and equipment to remote workers no matter where they are.
  • Immigration services – The pricing varies according to the location and services you require. Remofirst helps you manage the application process to help hire international workers and relocate your existing team.

It’s worth noting that custom pricing is standard for the services listed above. Equipment provisioning and immigration are too variable for global HR platforms to feasibly offer fixed rates.

Remofirst HR & Payroll Overview

Starting price $25 per month per contractor
Best for Remote-first companies on a tight budget
Customer support 24/7 access to a customer support manager
App integrations Limited
Security & Compliance Encryption, vulnerability testing, and security awareness training
Reporting & analytics Custom
Mobile app
Benefits administration
Auto-alerts and reminders

Remofirst Standout Features

Now we’ve explored what you get for the pricing, let’s look at how Remofirst’s top features perform:

Employer of Record Service

When we tried out Remofirst, the feature that impressed us most was the EOR service. The feature not only covers over 180 countries but also makes managing these global teams very easy. Adding an employee only took a few steps but allowed us to set up benefits, equipment, and more.

Remofirst also makes it easy to monitor remote employees from different locations via its directory. You can log in to view a table with all employee details and any outstanding issues you need to resolve.

Payroll for a Global Workforce

Much like the EOR service, we found Remofirst’s payroll very easy to set up. Only a few actions were required to arrange payments, calculate taxes, and generate invoices. You always get a clear view of the timeframe, so you won’t miss deadlines and accidentally delay payments.

Remofirst arranges payroll around the 15th of every month. We would’ve liked to see more flexibility over the dates. However, it’s common practice for global payroll providers to set payroll for one day out of the month.


Remofirst's document management tools

Compared to solutions like Remote and Deel, Remofirst doesn’t have many advanced HRIS features. It lacks performance management, and people experience tools, for example. However, we were glad to see the tools they do offer are well-designed.

As we explored the platform, we found the document management and employee self-service tools very intuitive. We appreciated how Remofirst guided us through setting up our accounts and uploading our forms correctly. Often, these tasks can be stressful and offputting for new hires.

We were also happy to see Remofirst has some native time and attendance tools. Although they’re basic, they allow you to keep a record of your team’s hours. Not all global HR providers include this feature on their platform.

Visa and Immigration Services

Remofirst offers Visa and immigration support

Given that Remofirst is a simpler product than many alternatives, we were very excited to see it offered visa services. This feature can be a game-changer for small businesses that want to benefit from global talent or employee relocations but don’t have in-house legal experts.

Remofirst manages the entire application process and beyond for over 80 countries. That means you can still seek advice on visa compliance and renewals once you get approval. You can use Remofirst to calculate hiring costs and upload all the documentation via the centralized platform.

Remofirst Integrations

As a new platform, Remofirst is prioritizing its core features which has resulted in fewer integration options. To find the full list of possible integrations, you’ll need to speak with customer support.

Remofirst Customer Reviews

Remofirst reviews are overwhelmingly positive, with an aggregate rating of 5/5 on Trustpilot.

Many Remofirst reviews rave about responsive customer support and how staff not only address issues but also make improvements. Some say they’d switched from competitors and found there was a significant difference in the time they saved and their overall experience.

Amazing customer service throughout! Everyone in the Remofirst team that I interacted with were outstanding: super friendly, fast comms, very helpful. Makes you really feel valued and taken care of. I’d used Oyster HR before and never felt that I got this level of attention and helpfulness as an employer from them. Would highly recommend!

User review from

While Remofirst reviews are positive, some say the lack of integrations can be a hindrance. It’s still a relatively new platform, so we’re confident it’ll offer more connections in the upcoming years as it expands its portfolio.

What is Remofirst Good for?

Remofirst is ideal for small to medium businesses that want to expand overseas but don’t have the infrastructure to support these ventures. The low starting prices are budget-friendly and won’t strain your resources. However, Remofirst covers a wide range of locations so you won’t limit your possibilities.

What’s more, Remofirst customers always praise the quality of the support. If you don’t have the in-house expertise, you can depend on them when it comes to hiring and paying your employees compliantly.

Remofirst vs Top Alternatives

To get a better idea of Remofirst’s pros and cons, let’s compare it to similar solutions:

Remofirst Rippling Remote Papaya Global
Best for Remote-first companies on a budget Organizations looking for comprehensive HR and IT solutions Start-ups with remote employees Fast growing companies
Starting Price $25 per contractor per month $8 per employee per month $29 per contractor per month $30 per contractor per month
Free Trial ✅ – but only for contractor management ✅ – 30-day free trial
Standout Features • Global payroll management
• Immigration services
• Remote device management
• Remote app management
• Free HRIS
• Discounts for startups and nonprofits
• Agent of record
• Global regulatory compliance
Reporting Custom Custom Custom Custom
Mobile App ✅ for employees and contractors

Remofirst vs Rippling

While both Remofirst and Rippling cater to a global workforce, they have slightly different use cases.

Rippling has a wider range of HR and IT features with modular pricing which means they can support growing companies as they expand. They allow for more control over costs but tend to have higher fees than Remofirst, so they’re less suitable for startups with limited resources.

Some companies may find they prefer Remofirst’s basic tech stack. Rippling is a reputable platform but its range and depth of products may be too overwhelming for small teams with basic operations.

Read our Rippling review for more information.

Remofirst vs Remote

At first glance, Remofirst and Remote are similar. They both have modular pricing at competitive rates with a selection of HRIS, EOR, and contractor management features.

However, Remote offers more generous pricing at the start and increases their fees more rapidly. They’re better suited for fast-growing startups which can adapt to the price increases. Small businesses may find Remofirst’s low fixed monthly fees more budget-friendly.

Remote also has more HRIS features, while Remofirst focuses more on benefits administration and an international workforce. The former doesn’t have a dedicated health insurance module.

Read our Remote review for more information.

Remofirst vs Papaya Global

Unlike Remofirst, Papaya charges based on the number of full-time employees you have. If you have limited resources, you may find Remofirst is a better option out of the two. Your monthly fees won’t increase as dramatically when you hire new staff.

Papaya does have one unique offering that may entice businesses which is its agent of record. The service is similar to an EOR but for contractors instead.

Read our Papaya Global review for more information.

Verdict – Is Remofirst Worth it?

We found that the Remofirst platform offered great value for its low monthly fees. If you’re just starting to expand your small business abroad, you can get extensive support with hiring an international workforce and payroll. Remofirst’s simplified approach to HR software won’t leave you feeling overwhelmed, either.

While Remofirst has limited features and integrations compared to some alternatives, we’d say this is typical of new platforms. We think it’s well worth following this company as they invest in their product and expand their offerings.

How We Test HR & Payroll Software

Here are the steps we take to assess each software and pinpoint their best use cases:

  • Pricing: We examine the software’s pricing and current offers to see how well they match the budget of their target market.
  • Features: Considering the needs of different users, we look at whether the platform has all the essential tools and any unique offerings.
  • Integrations: We check whether the software connects with all the popular apps most businesses are likely to use.
  • Automation: As automation is key to most HR and payroll platforms, we test how smoothly the tools work and how easily we can configure them.
  • Ease of use: The best software should reduce your workload, not add to it. We check that the tools require little maintenance and fit into most company’s workflow.
  • Third-Party Reviews: Trustpilot comments and reviews from other third-party sites give us an idea of how the software performs over time in real-world situations.

How to Choose the Best HR and Payroll Software

To help you finalize your decision, here’s a checklist to see whether your HR and payroll software ticks all the boxes:

PriceFeaturesScalabilityEase of useIntegrationsCustomer support

The platform not only suits your budget but offers good value for money. You can access all the tools you need to optimize your business.

You can perform all the tasks you need smoothly and with a high degree of accuracy. As technology advances, the company quickly updates its tools or adds new ones to its plans.

There’s a choice of pricing plans at affordable rates so you can upgrade when your business is at the right growth stage.

Ideal HR and payroll platforms meet the challenge level of your staff, so you can onboard it quickly and have your whole team use it every day.

You should be able to connect with all the most important tools for your business size, location, and industry.

The company should have wide availability, an excellent response rate, and a variety of contact options. That way, you can get support for all your issues, big or small.


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