Introducing Green Bitcoin $GBTC: Earn Sustainable Rewards for Accurate Bitcoin Price Predictions.

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Green Bitcoin ($GBTC) is a newly emerging crypto project that’s starting to gain momentum due to its long-term reward structure.

The project introduces a revolutionary Gamified Green Staking model that combines staking with Bitcoin price predictions, providing consistent rewards for those predicting accurate forecasts.

The presale is just getting started, and investors are already piling in as they believe the platform provides long-term 50x potential due to exceptional tokenomics.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Green Bitcoin Incentivizes Community Engagement for Long-Term Rewards

Green Bitcoin is a new project that lets you predict the price of Bitcoin and earn massive rewards.

It combines the legacy of Bitcoin with the Ethereum eco-friendly blockchain, creating a greener alternative to Bitcoin that provides long-term rewards.


Its Gamified Green Staking model allows you to stake your $GBTC tokens to place forecasts on the price of Bitcoin, with accurate forecasts providing a passive income stream. It also incorporates 100% token bonuses with new live challenges every week.

The Green Bitcoin platform is designed to incentivize long-term participation with various staking options to help compound earnings.

With its Proof-of-Stake (PoS) mechanism being 10,000 times more eco-friendly than Bitcoin’s Proof-of-Work (PoW) mechanism, Green Bitcoin introduces an environmentally conscious entrance into the Bitcoin world.

How Does Gamified Green Staking Work?

Green Bitcoin gamified staking

The Gamified Green Staking ecosystem is designed to provide passive income to users, with higher rewards for long-term believers.

Users are required to stake their $GBTC tokens every day to have the opportunity to place predictions on the following day’s Bitcoin price movement.

Participants are required to stake their $GBTC and place their price prediction by the 11:30 PM EST deadline.

The next round starts at 12:00 AM EST, and users can cast their subsequent calls for the following day.

At midnight every day, the smart contracts behind the platform tally the day’s stakes against the Bitcoin price.

Accurate price predictions then earn a cut of the day’s staking rewards, distributed every ten minutes – in line with the original Bitcoin block reward schedule.

Users can claim the aggregate of their day’s rewards after each 24-hour cycle.

This ecosystem allows direct daily engagement into a platform that provides rewards, with a more significant share of rewards distributed to long-term stakers.

Those staking their tokens for a week are entitled to a 5% bonus on top of their regular daily rewards as recognition of their extended commitment.

Furthermore, monthly stakers receive a 10% bonus.

True believers that stake for more than six months receive a considerable 15% boost in daily rewards for their long-term engagement.

Exceptional Tokenomics For Sustainable Growth

One thing that’s driving investment into the project is the exceptional tokenomic structure that’s been carefully designed to ensure long-term sustainability.

40% of the total $GBTC supply is being sold in the presale, with early adopters obtaining the token at lower prices.

Another 27.5% of the supply is set aside for staking rewards for a two-year distribution period.

Then, 17.% is set aside for marketing initiatives, 10% for DEX listings, and 10% for CEX listings.

The final 5% is reserved for community rewards in the live challenges.

The best part about the project is that Green Bitcoin intends to be around long-term by creating meaningful collaborations and partnerships.

The team will focus on obtaining connections with industry leaders, green tech companies, and eco-conscious organizations to help boost the ecosystem through technological integrations, educational programs, and community-building initiatives.

Get Positioned Today and Take Advantage of Early Adopter Prices

With the presale just starting, you are incredibly early to the party as the early adopter prices remain active.

The early presale prices for $GBTC are set at $0.309. With the listing price set at $0.6, this provides an almost 100% return on your investment once the token launches.

The regular presale price is set at $0.333, which still provides an enormous 80% on listing. However, you can take advantage of the more favorable price if you act quickly.

To participate in the presale, head to the project’s website and swap ETH, USDT, or USDC for $GBTC on the presale dashboard.

Adding further to the reasons to invest is the fact that those staking their tokens during the presale will earn an additional 100% APY on their purchase – helping to average down their entry prices.

Overall, Green Bitcoin is an intuitive platform that provides rewards for those accurately predicting the trend of Bitcoin, creating a platform that incentivizes direct interaction and provides long-term sustainable rewards.



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