Best Stock Tips Services for 2024

Why Trust Techopedia
Why Trust Techopedia

There are many legitimate stock tipping services that consistently outperform market benchmarks, such as the S&P 500 and Dow Jones. But which stock tipping service is the most accurate in 2024?

This guide reviews the 8 best stock tips services for performance, reputation, pricing, and strategy. Read on to discover a profitable stock tipping service that can take your investment returns to the next level.

The Top Stock Tips Services Ranked

Here’s a list of the 8 best stock tips services in the market right now:

  1. AltIndex: AltIndex is a reputable alternative data provider that offers AI-powered stock tips. It ranks stocks from 0 to 100 based on social media sentiment, employee satisfaction, financial news mentions, website and app analytics, and other data metrics. AltIndex has produced average 6-month returns of 24% since its inception. Most AltIndex recommendations remain in play for several months and thousands of stocks and cryptocurrencies are supported. Prices start from just $29 per month.
  2. ShareMarketCap: ShareMarketCap offers near real-time data on thousands of stocks and ETFs from nearly a dozen global markets. Although it doesn’t send stock alerts, tips are provided via AI-powered technical ratings. It also offers SMC scores from 0 to 100. The higher the score, the more chance the stock has of outperforming the market. ShareMarketCap also offers a comprehensive stock screener, price predictions, and analyst ratings.
  3. Danelfin: Another AI-powered stock tipping service is Danelfin. It covers thousands of stocks and ETFs from the US and European markets. Based on ‘Explainable’ AI, Danelfin analyzes technical, sentiment, and fundamental data points. It then generates a score from 1-10, updated daily. From its inception in 2017, Danelfin’s recommendations are up 191%.
  4. Alpha Picks: Alpha Picks is a popular stock tipping service that utilizes quantitative data methods. It has an in-house team of analysts led by Steven Cress – the co-founder of quant hedge fund Cress Capital. The Alpha Pick algorithm focuses on a wide range of data points, such as profitability, price momentum, and forward valuations. The service costs $199 per year and has outperformed the market benchmarks by 20% annually since its inception.
  5. Kavout: Kavout is an established capital management firm aimed at investors with at least $100,000. It offers a fully-managed service and investment decisions are based on machine learning analytics. Since its inception in January 2020, Kavout has produced average annualized returns of 22.7%.
  6. Zacks Ultimate: Zacks Ultimate offers a leading stock tipping service with average annualized gains of 24.2%. These returns are based on over 25 years of service. Zacks Ultimate covers a wide range of strategies and markets. This includes short-term plays in the blockchain and bioscience fields, and long-term holdings in automobile and healthcare companies.
  7. is a relatively new stock tipping service that specializes in AI-powered recommendations. It sends 3 stock trading signals every week and the service costs just $9.99 per month. Since its inception in 2022, has produced average annualized gains of 23%.
  8. MorningStar: This popular research and analysis platform offers stock tips to premium members. MorningStar has a ranking system that ranges from 1-5. Those rated 5/5 are considered a ‘Strong Buy’ and trading at a discount from their perceived value. MorningStar covers a significant range of stocks, so is ideal for long-term diversification.

Best Stock Tips Reviewed

The best stock tips enable you to outperform the market without needing to do any research. When choosing a provider, you’ll need to consider past performance, risk, subscription fees, and other important factors.

Read on to find comprehensive reviews of the 8 best providers offering stock tips for beginners.

1. AltIndex – Overall Best Stock Tips in 2024 [Average 6-Month Gains of 24%]

AltIndex is a reputable alternative data platform that offers a fully-fledged stock tipping service. It doesn’t utilize human analysis processes to generate stock recommendations – all tips are based on alternative data sets. Here’s how it works: AltIndex extracts data from a wide range of sources to assess broader consumer sentiment.

This includes social media networks like Reddit, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. Data points include likes, followers, subscribers, shares, and comments. AltIndex will deploy machine learning and natural language processing tools to analyze the data and generate insights and trends. In addition, AltIndex also extracts website analytics, such as visits, time duration, and app downloads.

AltIndex review

It also analyzes employee satisfaction, job postings, Google trends, patents, and financial news mentions. Artificial intelligence is deployed to give each stock a ranking score. Stocks with a high score have a greater probability of outperforming the market in the short term. As a paying subscriber, you’ll receive stock tips based on these metrics.

Since its inception, AltIndex has produced average gains of 24% on a 6-month basis. Not only does it cover buy recommendations but also short-selling opportunities. This enables you to profit from rising and falling stock prices. Although AltIndex is suited for passive investing, investors also use the platform for independent research.

AltIndex stock picking

For example, you can click on the best energy stocks to assess their social metrics, which are updated every day. AltIndex also provides AI-powered price predictions. This can help you evaluate the stock’s performance over the coming months. While AltIndex offers high-level analytics, its dashboard is user-friendly.

AltIndex also offers stock alerts. Once you’ve added stocks to your AltIndex portfolio, you’ll receive an email alert when pre-defined conditions have been met. For example, if one of your stocks is witnessing a surge in positive social sentiment or a major decline in website visits.

AltIndex review

When it comes to pricing, AltIndex offers several plans. Your chosen plan determines how many stock tips you receive each month. For example, the $29/month plan gets you 10 stock tips. For 25 stock tips, you’ll pay $99/month. Although expensive, AltIndex offers good value for money based on its past performance. You’ll need to ensure that there is a suitable return on investment based on your average trade sizes.

Service Overview  Past Performance Price
AI-powered stock tips based on social media sentiment, website analytics, and other alternative data sets. Covers long and short positions. Average trade duration is 3-6 months. Supports US-listed stocks and cryptocurrencies. Average 6-month gains of 24%. Prices range from $0, $29, and $99 per month. The chosen plan will depend on the number of stock monthly tips required.

Pros pros

Cons cons

  • Unproven in prolonged bear market conditions
  • The ‘Pro’ plan costs $99 per month – which might be too expensive for some

2. ShareMarketCap – Free Technical Ratings and SMC Scores on Thousands of Stocks and ETFs   

ShareMarketCap offers an unprecedented amount of stock market data. It supports 11 global exchanges and over 5,800 stocks. All supported stocks come with a wealth of information, such as pricing, valuations, dividend yields, and financial ratios. ShareMarketCap also offers one of the best stock portfolio trackers.

You can add your stocks and receive real-time alerts on price changes and targets. Although ShareMarketCap doesn’t offer a stock tipping service per se, it does offer insights that can help you consistently outperform the market. For example, it has developed a proprietary SMC scoring system that leverages AI. This ranks stocks from 0 to 100 based on a range of metrics, including valuations, volume, and performance.

ShareMarketCap review

ShareMarketCap also leverages AI to generate technical ratings. For instance, if a stock is a buy, sell, or hold. We also like that ShareMarketCap supports custom alerts. This enables you to automate your research strategies. For example, you can receive an alert when a technical indicator reading is triggered on individual stocks.

AI-backed price predictions also offer valuable stock tips. This is updated every day and estimates the stock price in the following 7 days and 1 month. ShareMarketCap also offers a daily newsletter. This helps you visualize the best stocks to buy before the markets open. The main drawback of ShareMarketCap is that you’ll need to make your own investment decisions.

ShareMarketCap review

You’ll need to decide which investments to make based on its analytic findings, such as technical and SMC scores. That said, unlike other providers, ShareMarketCap doesn’t charge fees. This might change in the future, as the platform is a new market entrant. In addition to stocks, ShareMarketCap also tracks over 2,400 global ETFs. However, there is no support for other asset classes, such as commodities, currencies, and cryptocurrencies.

Service Overview  Past Performance Price
Data analytics on thousands of stocks and ETFs from 11 global exchanges. Stock tips include AI-generated price predictions, technical ratings, and SMC scores. Also supports custom stock alerts. N/A Free

Pros pros

  • Free data analytics on thousands of stocks and ETFs
  • Leverages AI to generate price predictions and technical ratings
  • SMC scores help you identify the best stocks to buy
  • Create custom stock alerts to stay up-to-date with market movements

Cons cons

  • You’ll need to decide which stocks to buy manually
  • Many data points are aimed at short-term positions

3. Danelfin – Stock and ETF Recommendations Based on an Explainable AI Methodology  

Danelfin is also one of the best AI stock picker services to consider. It uses an ‘Explainable AI’ methodology to analyze thousands of stocks and ETFs from the US and Europe. It covers more than 900 indicators – extracted from a wide range of data sets. This includes technical indicator readings such as the Fibonacci retracement and MACD.

Fundamental indicators include P/E and EPS ratios, plus profitability, revenues, and gross margins. Sentiment indicators are also analyzed, such as insider transactions and hedge fund backing. Every day, these metrics are evaluated by Danelfin to generate an AI ranking score. Based on its backtesting models and historical returns, stocks rated 10/10 will outperform the market by 20.08% in the following quarter.

Danelfin review

This is reduced to 13.37% on a 9/10 score. These predictions are based on a sample size of over 8.1 million data points. Danelfin currently ranks 5 stocks 10/10 – Albemarle, AGCO, D.RHorton, Meritage Homes, and Cable One. What’s more, Danelfin also generates short-selling recommendations – which have proven more profitable than long orders. For example, stocks with an AI score of 1/10 have historically underperformed the market by 30.92%.

If you’re interested in Danelfin, it offers a free plan with a daily newsletter. This provides the top 10 stocks to buy each day based on its AI rankings. However, if you want unlimited stock and ETF reports, plus additional trade ideals and alpha signals, you’ll need a premium plan. This ranges from $25 to $70 per month depending on how much functionality you need. Danelfin is offering a 50% discount for the first three months. It also offers a 14-day free trial.

Service Overview  Past Performance Price
Stock and ETF ratings based on explainable AI. The ranking system goes from 1 to 10. Scores with a 10/10 rating have historically outperformed the market by 20.08% in the following three months. Provides both buy and sell signals. 191% since January 2017. Prices range from $0, $25, and $70 per month. The chosen plan will depend on the features required. 50% discount on the first three months. Also offers a 14-day free trial.

Pros pros

  • Leverages explainable AI to generate stock and ETF ranking scores
  • Stock tips have returned 191% since January 2017
  • Daily updates on the best stocks to buy and sell
  • Covers markets in the US and Europe

Cons cons

  • Free trial only lasts for 14 days
  • Doesn’t cover the emerging markets

4. Alpha Picks – Quantitative Stock Tips Have Outperformed Market Benchmarks by 20% Annually Since Inception 

Alpha Picks is a stock tipping service backed by Seeking Alpha. Led by Steven Cress, Alpha Picks leverages quantitative analysis methods to select the best stocks to buy. Its in-house team examines a wide range of metrics, including forward valuations, price momentum, market capitalization, and financial ratios.

The Alpha Picks service is designed for buy-and-hold investors. This means that you won’t need to actively place orders. Alpha Picks sends two stock tips every month. When you sign up, you’ll also have access to its current portfolio. This enables you to mirror Alpha Picks like-for-like. Alpha Picks recommends reinvesting dividends back into your portfolio as soon as they are received.

Seeking Alpha stock picking service

This promotes long-term compounding growth. Since its inception, Alpha Picks has outperformed the market benchmarks by at least 20%. The service dates back to 2010, so these are impressive results. Alpha Picks charges $99 for the first year. Prices increase to $199 from year two. There are no monthly plans, so you’ll need to commit to at least a year.

Service Overview  Past Performance Price
Quantitative analysis methods with a core focus on profitability, value, market capitalization, and forward earnings. Sends two stock tips each month. Aimed at buy-and-hold investors. Claims to have outperformed the market benchmarks by over 20% since inception in 2010. Specific returns are not provided. $99 for the first year. $199 from year two onwards.

Pros pros

  • Annualized gains of over 20% above the market average since 2010
  • Costs just $99 in year one ($8.25/month)
  • Ideal for buy-and-hold investors who want to trade passively
  • Backed by Seeking Alpha – which has a great reputation for stock analysis

Cons cons

  • Does not offer monthly plans
  • Exact annualized returns are not provided

5. Kavout – Managed Stock Portfolios Driven by Machine Learning Insights  

If you’re looking for stock tips that offer a 100% passive experience, it could be worth considering Kavout. This provider offers professionally managed portfolios to investors with at least $100,000 in capital. If you meet this requirement, you’ll have access to one of the best-performing portfolios over the prior decade.

Since January 2020, Kavout has produced average annualized gains of 22.7%. In contrast, its benchmark index – the SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust, has averaged 9.7% annually over the same period. Although Kavout describes its strategy as ‘medium risk’, it mainly invests in US-listed large-cap stocks. Crucially, Kavout leverages machine learning to generate its stock investments.

Kavout review

It analyzes over 1,000 data points across many different sources, including research papers, technical indicators, and financial ratios. Machine learning tools also help Kavout reduce risk through adaptive asset allocation. This ensures that the portfolio has a good blend of fixed-income instruments and stocks based on market sentiment.

Service Overview  Past Performance Price
Leverages machine learning and adaptive asset allocation methods to build long-term wealth. Specializes in large-cap US stocks, but also invests in fixed-income instruments. Completely passive, as Kavout manages investor funds. Minimum capital outlay of $100,000. Average annualized gains of 22.7% since its inception in January 2020. Not stated – contact Kavout for management fees.

Pros pros

  • Generated average annualized gains of 22.7% since January 2020
  • Management portfolio services – invest passively
  • Utilizes machine learning and adaptive asset allocation methods
  • Low drawdown and volatility ratios since inception

Cons cons

  • Minimum investment of $100,000
  • You’ll need to contact Kavout for management fees

6. Zacks Ultimate – Top-Performing Stock Tips With Average Annualized Gains of 24.2% Since 1988 

Zacks Ultimate is an established stock tipping service with an unrivaled track record. The service was launched in 1988 and since then – has averaged annualized returns of 24.2%. During this timeframe, the stock markets have gone through several major recessions, which makes Zacks Ultimate’s performance even more impressive.

However, Zacks Ultimate is also one of the most expensive stock tipping services – it charges $299 per month. This is reduced to $250 when purchasing an annual plan. Before making a financial commitment, you might consider the $1 trial. This gives you access to Zacks Ultimate for 30 days.

Zacks Research stock tips

In addition to pricing, another drawback of Zacks Ultimate is that you’ll need to be active. While it also recommends long-term plays, many of its stock tips are short-term positions. Nonetheless, we like that Zacks Research offers a one-year guarantee. Put simply, if it doesn’t outperform the market, it will refund your annual subscriptions in full. This shows how confident Zacks Research is in its abilities.

Service Overview  Past Performance Price
Long and short-term stock tips across many industries and sectors. Covers everything from micro to large-cap stocks. Average annualized gains of 24.2% since its inception in 1988. $299 per month or $2,995 annually

Pros pros

  • Best stock tips services for performance
  • 24.2%  average annualized gains since 1988
  • Covers short and long-term investment strategies
  • $1 trial gets you unfettered access for 30 days

Cons cons

  • $299 per month or $2,995 annually
  • You’ll need to actively place trades – as many stock tips are short-term plays

7. – AI-Driven Stock Tips for iOS and Android Users is one of the newest stock tips services on this list. It was launched in early 2022 and specializes in AI-driven stock recommendations. You’ll receive three stock tips every week, each with full details on what trades to place. This includes the suggested entry and exit prices. tracks and analyzes over 6,000 stocks, so there’s plenty of variation to its recommendations. We also found that is the best stock tips service for smartphone users. It has a native mobile app for iOS and Android – both offer a user-friendly experience. review

In terms of performance, has produced average annualized gains of 23% since it launched. However, these results are based on less than two years of activity, so do bear this in mind. is competitively priced, with its stock tipping service costing just $9.99 per month.

Service Overview  Past Performance Price
AI-driven stock price tips that cover over 6,000 companies. Three stock tips are sent weekly. Tips are sent via push notifications on the iOS and Android app. Average annualized gains of 23% since its inception in early 2022. $9.99 per month.

Pros pros

  • One of the best stock tips services for iOS and Android users
  • Tracks and analyzes over 6,000 companies
  • AI-driven recommendations have produced average annualized gains of 23% since early 2022
  • Costs just $9.99 per month

Cons cons

  • Limited track record – established less than two years ago
  • Doesn’t provide much information on its AI methodology

8. MorningStar – Long-Term Stock Tips Focused on Companies Trading Below Their Perceived Value     

MorningStar is one of the best stock tips services for long-term investors. It covers thousands of stocks from every market and industry imaginable. Each stock is given a MorningStar rating of between 1-5. Its methodology is simple – stocks rated 5/5 are considered a ‘Strong Buy’.

This is because MorningStar believes the stock is trading at a discount from its perceived value. MorningStar is ideal for long-term diversification and risk management, as it typically has dozens of stocks that meet its 5-star rating. When a stock drops below 5/5, the position can be sold and the funds distributed equally back into the portfolio.

MorningStar Investor

The vast majority of 5-star stocks are not available to free members. Therefore, you’ll need to sign up for a paid plan to access the full list. The service costs $34.95 per month, or $249 annually. We like that MorningStar premium comes with a free trial, but this only lasts for 7 days.

Service Overview  Past Performance Price
Comprehensive research service that rates stocks from 1-5. 5-star stocks are believed to be trading below their perceived value – so are a ‘Strong Buy’. Usually has dozens of 5-star stocks, which is great for diversification. Not provided. $34.95 per month, or $249 annually.

Pros pros

  • Reputable stock research and analysis platform
  • 5-star stocks are ‘Strong Buys’ and are believed to be trading at a discount
  • Covers tens of thousands of stocks globally
  • Reasonably priced at $34.95 per month

Cons cons

  • Free trial only lasts for 7 days
  • You’ll need to constantly rebalance your portfolio to align with its 5-star rating system

Our Methodology When Ranking the Best Stock Tips Services 

To rank the best stock tips services for 2024, we utilized the following methodology:

  • Results: We focused on stock tips services that consistently outperform the market. This means generating higher growth than benchmark indexes like the S&P 500.
  • Timeframe: We gave additional priority to stock tips services that have an established track record. The longer the service has outperformed the market, the better.
  • Risk: Our methodology also considered the risk factor of each stock tips service. For instance, the types of markets the service invests in and its average drawdown percentage since inception.
  • Subscription Fees: We found that subscription fees often reflect the past performance of the stock tips service. However, pricing and value for money are still an important part of our methodology.
  • Strategy: Our methodology examined the strategy being deployed by each stock tips service. For instance, whether it utilizes human analysis processes or emerging technologies like AI and machine learning.
  • Trade Duration and Frequency: We also explored the average trade duration of each stock tip. This helped us understand whether the service was suitable for short or long-term investors. Our methodology also considered the frequency at which stock picks are distributed to members.

How do Stock Price Tips Work? 

Stock tips services help their members make investment decisions. In most cases, the service will analyze the markets on behalf of its members. It will then distribute a stock tip based on its findings. This means that you will be told which stocks to buy and sell. Stock tips services are suitable for all experience levels – particularly beginners. This is because no research or analysis is required.

You simply need to invest in the stocks recommended by the service. Some providers have in-house analysts who utilize technical and fundamental data. This is the traditional way of generating stock market tips. However, an increasing number of stock tips services are using automated technologies, such as machine learning and AI.

AltIndex review

Although a relatively new concept, AI-powered stock recommendations are showing great capabilities. We also came across stock tips services that leverage alternative data. This means that investment decisions are based on non-traditional metrics, such as social media sentiment and website analytics.

Regardless of the underlying research methods, the best stock tips services charge monthly fees. In return, you’ll receive stock recommendations that aim to outperform the broader market. You will usually receive stock tips via email, but SMS and push notifications are also commonly used.

Are Stock Trading Tips Worth it? 

There are many reasons why stock tips services make sense. For a start, you won’t need any prior investment experience. This means that you can invest in the markets without understanding research methods and analytical processes. Stock tips also make sense if you’re a time-starved investor.

Analyzing the market effectively can require many hours of legwork each day – which you likely won’t have if you’re employed full-time. What’s more, stock tips services offer expert insights that you might not have discovered yourself. For example, some services are run by experienced investors who have a proven track record in the market.

But the biggest benefit of using stock tips services is that they aim to outperform the market. This means making higher gains than the S&P 500 and other stock market benchmarks.

This is crucial, as investing in a benchmark index is cheap and simple. As such, to justify their monthly subscription fees, the best stock tips services must consistently offer higher growth. However, not all providers in this space are profitable. Some stock tips services can experience prolonged losing runs – so never assume that you’re guaranteed to make money.

How Much Should I Expect to Make From a Stock Tips Service?

  • Not only should you aim to make money when joining a stock tips service – but you should be outperforming the broader market.
  • The broader market is generally viewed as the S&P 500. This is a weighted stock market index that tracks 500 companies listed on the NYSE and NASDAQ.
  • Since its inception in 1926, the S&P 500 has produced average annualized returns of 10.16%. This is based on reinvesting dividends back into the index.
  • This means that the best stock tips services should be making more than 10.16% annually (including dividend reinvestments). In fact, you also need to build the annual subscription fee into this figure.

How to Pick a Stock Tips Service

Still looking for tips for investing in stocks? Below, we explain how to pick the best stock tips service in 2024.

Performance vs Market Benchmark

The most important metric is the performance of the stock tips provider. This should be clearly stated on the provider’s website in an easy-to-understand format.

AltIndex AI Stock Picks

We prefer performance metrics displayed as ‘average annualized returns’. This highlights the average percentage gains each year since the service was launched.

  • For example, suppose that the stock tips service has been operational for 4 years.
  • In years 1 and 2, the tips generated growth of 15%. In year 3, the service made just 2%. In year 4, the service made 10%.
  • In total, that’s growth of 42%. Based on 4 years of service, the tips made average annualized gains of 10.5%.

Once you know the average annualized gains, you can then make comparisons to the broader market. Just remember – the stock tips service should offer higher gains than benchmark indexes.

For example, if it invests in large-cap US stocks, the S&P 500 is the most suitable benchmark. If it’s investing in small-caps, then the Russell 2000 is more relevant. If the tipping service invests in UK stocks, then it’s the FTSE 100.

Established Stock Tips Services Have Greater Validity 

  • When assessing the past performance of a stock tips service, it’s crucial to consider its inception date.
  • This is the date that the tips service was launched. Naturally, average annualized returns have a lot more validity when they are based on a longer period.
  • This is why Zacks Research charges $299 per month – as it’s consistently outperformed the market for over 25 years. In contrast, tips for buying stocks from newer services typically offer more competitive fees.

Strategy and Methodology 

The best stock tips services are very clear in how they generate recommendations. This is important, as it ensures you’re investing with your eyes wide open. Understanding the underlying strategy will also give you confidence when acting on stock buying tips.

For example, AltIndex’s methodology is centered on alternative data. This gives AltIndex members a first-mover advantage, as data is not taken from traditional sources like earnings reports and financial ratios. AltIndex extracts data from website analytics, social media, job postings, and more. This is then analyzed by machine learning and an AI-powered stock rating is produced.

AltIndex review

Conversely, MorningStar employs a traditional methodology. It has a team of in-house researchers and analysts that constantly monitor the markets. They look for stocks that trade below their perceived value and will focus on fundamental data points. This includes revenue, profit margins, forward earnings, dividends, and P/E ratios.

Average Trade Duration and Tip Frequency 

The average trade duration should also be considered when choosing the best stock tips service. This is the average time that stock recommendations remain open until they are sold. In addition, you’ll also need to consider the tip frequency. In other words, how often you will receive stock tips from the provider.

If you prefer investing passively, then it’s best to choose a provider with a long-term outlook. This means you’ll receive fewer tips and stock recommendations remain active for longer periods.

If you’re happy investing actively, you might consider a provider specializing in short-term positions. This could be a swing trading strategy with an average trade duration of several weeks. You’ll likely receive a higher number of stock tips too.

Price and Value for Money  

The best stock tips services charge monthly fees. Some providers only offer annual plans, meaning you’ll need to make a much larger upfront investment. Either way, it’s crucial that you assess whether the subscription fee offers value for money.

You can assess this by the provider’s past performance and how long the service has been operational. In most cases, established stock tips services with superior returns charge higher fees. While this is reasonable, you’ll need to consider whether the monthly subscription aligns with your investment budget.

  • For example, suppose you’re planning to invest $500 per month.
  • The stock tips service averages annualized gains of 15% and charges $50 per month.
  • Over one year, you would have invested $6,000 and paid $600 in subscription fees.
  • On a $6,000 outlay, 15% returns make you $900. After subscription fees of $600, that leaves you with just $300 worth of profit.
  • This reduces your average annualized return to just 5% – which is far below the market average.

Therefore, you need to calculate your investment budget against the projected annual returns and subscription fees. This will help you determine whether the stock tips service offers value for money and a reasonable return on investment.

Are Penny Stock Tips Legitimate?

  • Some investors are attracted to penny stocks because of the huge returns on offer. Similar to the best low-cap coins, penny stocks are hugely speculative and volatile.
  • Moreover, penny stocks trade on over-the-counter (OTC) exchanges. This means that liquidity is often an issue and spreads are wide.
  • Although tempting, it’s best to stick with stocks listed on major markets – like the NASDAQ and NYSE.
  • This is especially the case when using a stock tips service. We found that the most reputable services avoid penny stocks and other ultra-high-risk assets.


In summary, stock tips are ideal if you want to target higher gains than the market average. Overall, we rank AltIndex as the best stock tips service for 2024.

AltIndex has produced average 6-month returns of 24% since its inception – far outperforming the S&P 500 and other benchmarks. Prices start from just $29 per month and stock tips are generated by AI-powered technology.



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