17 Best Forex Signals Telegram Groups in 2024

There’s no requirement to analyze currency prices, trends, or broader economic news when using a forex signals service. This is because signals tell you which currency pair to trade, alongside the suggested limit, stop-loss, and take-profit prices.

This guide ranks and reviews the 17 best forex signals Telegram groups for 2024. Read on to discover top-rated Telegram signal services for past performance and accuracy, pricing, reputation, and target markets.

The Best Forex Signals Telegram Groups Ranked List

Listed below are the 17 best forex signals Telegram groups to consider today:

  1. TopTrading Signals – Top FX platform with a high 78% win rate, delivering four daily Forex and gold signals.
  2. AnabelSignals: Offers daily forex signals, advanced risk management, and 24/7 VIP support.
  3. ProSignals FX – A top TradingView star run by a team of ex-hedge fund traders. Only 1 TP and 1 SL.
  4. SignalProvider – A trusted FX Telegram trading platform, SignalProvider offers a 70% win rate and 3+ daily signals.
  5. United Signals – Popular Telegram channel for FX trading created by EU-based professional traders. Adopt Smart Money Concepts, access free copy trading, and get 5 daily signals.
  6. EliteTradingSignals – Created by a team of ICT & fundamental analysis experts, EliteTradingSignals offers 2 free FX trading signals. Popular Telegram channel with 21.5K followers. Develop their own indicators.
  7. VasilyTrader – Famous YouTube trading coach with 10+ years of full-time trading experience. Uses price action and multiple timeframe analysis. Get up to 3 daily trading signals. Win rate of approximately 70%.
  8. 1000pipBuilder – FX Telegram group gives 1-5 daily trading signals on 15+ currency pairs. Monthly target of 350 pips.
  9. Learn2Trade: This reputable provider offers five premium forex signals every day – delivered in real-time.
  10. WOLFX Signals: Offers 1-4 premium forex signals every day via its Telegram group, which has over 86,000 subscribers.
  11. FxPremiere: Aggregates forex signals from over 50 providers, allowing users to diversify their positions.
  12. AltSignals: Established in 2017, AltSignals is a popular signals provider that covers forex and crypto.
  13. Ultreos Forex Signals: Premium members pay $75 per month or $110 per year for two daily forex signals.
  14. BL Tech Pro: Aims to make 2-3,000 pips each month and claims a historical win rate of between 85% and 90%.
  15. Sureshot FX: With nearly 40,000 Telegram subscribers, Sureshot FX is experiencing rapid growth.
  16. PipsAlert: Offers 3-7 daily forex signals with all entry and exit prices. New members can claim a 30-day free trial.
  17. Billionaire Forex Signal: This Telegram signal provider targets an average risk-reward ratio of 1:2.

Top Forex Signals Telegram Channels Reviewed

We’ll now take a much closer look at which providers offer the best Telegram forex signals in 2024.

1. TopTrading Signals – Overall Best Forex Signal Telegram Chanel With a 78% Win Rate and Four Daily Signals 

TopTrading Signals is our top pick for the best FX Telegram group. This platform targets traders looking for concise and strategic trade tips, promising a 78% win rate and a 1:2 risk-reward ratio.

It focuses on Forex and gold, providing four daily intraday signals. What sets TopTrading Signals apart is its simplicity and clarity: each signal comes with an entry point, a stop loss, and a single take profit target, capped at a maximum stop loss of 40 pips.

VIP Signals

TopTrading Signals has impressive performance metrics, with an annual growth rate exceeding 187% and a monthly return rate of 15%, all while maintaining a maximum drawdown of 11%. These figures suggest a high level of consistency and a solid track record in the volatile Forex market. They share accurate daily forecasts in their free Telegram group.

Moreover, the author of the group is an ex-banker. Consequently, TopTrading Signals features a strategy from a bank where the author had previously worked, implying a professional approach to trading.

This claim, combined with the promise of not having a single losing week in the year and a net weekly winnings of over 600 pips, shows a highly disciplined trading strategy.

VIP Signals Telegram Group

The platform’s track record, with over a decade of trading experience, adds to its credibility.

Additionally, the tiered membership options offer flexibility for different levels of commitment and investment, promising to turn trading from a mere activity into a consistent income stream and possibly even a path to financial independence.

Users can get started with the VIP signals plan at $79 per month, a $199 yearly plan, or buy a lifetime membership at just $299.

No. Signals 4/day
Free Signals? Yes
Pricing For VIP Signals Group – Basic: $79/month, Standard: $199/year, Premium: $299/lifetime
Top Features 78% Win Rate, 1:2 Risk-Reward, Single TP/SL, Bank-Sourced Strategy

Pros pros

  • High win rate with a transparent 78% success record.
  • Access to both free and premium signal services.
  • Simple pricing with lifetime access option.
  • Expertise derived from a decade of professional banking strategy.

Cons cons

  • Crypto signals require a separate plan

2. AnabelSignals – Promising Forex Signals Group With Five Daily Signals And A 76% Success Rate

AnabelSignals is a Telegram-based Forex trading group managed by Anabel, a UK trader now residing in Dubai. This free channel identifies exciting opportunities in Forex, commodities, and indices. It provides trading signals, helping users find optimal market entry and exit points.

The platform offers a free signals plan, allowing users to gauge its success rate before subscribing to the VIP group, which includes additional features. 

The VIP package includes 3-5 daily signals based on market trends and technical indicators like Moving Averages and the Relative Strength Index, suitable for day trading.

AnabelSignals is favored in the UK for its focus on risk management. Strategies include entry points, stop loss orders, and take profit levels, balancing risk and reward with a single take profit option.

AnabelSignals Telegram group

The platform has a monthly profit potential of up to 4000 pips and a 76% success rate. The reward-to-risk ratio stands at 1:2, offering regular monthly gains.

The profits depend on the investment amount in the recommended positions. VIP membership is easily accessible, with various payment plans: $99 monthly, $199 for three months, and $299 annually. Beginners are advised to start with the monthly plan to familiarize themselves with the platform.

Customer support is available 24/7, but only for paying members. They can reach out to the group administrator for queries or assistance.

However, the platform’s claims and success rate haven’t been independently verified. It also has no refund policy, so investors should research before committing to the paid service.

No. Signals 3-5 daily
Free Signals? Yes
Pricing Monthly: $99, Quarterly: $199, Yearly: $299
Top Features Real-time signal notifications, suitable for day trading (based on MA and RSI), 24/7 customer support (for VIP members), and risk management tools (entry points, stop loss.

Pros pros

  • Provides 3-5 daily intraday signals.
  • Free signals are available for evaluation.
  • Comprehensive risk management tools included.
  • 24/7 customer support for VIP members.

Cons cons

  • Relatively expensive monthly plan.

3. ProSignals FX – Reputable FX Signals Telegram Group Offering an Impressive 76% Win Rate 

ProSignals FX is a popular forex signals Telegram group that has been created by a team of ex-hedge fund traders. Following the motto, ‘Enter the trade and forget about it,’ ProSignals FX adheres to high-security standards and tight risk management protocols. 

ProSignals FX Telegram

The monthly subscription costs just $79. Notably, ProSignals FX offers three daily forex signals, and guarantees 4,000 pips a month. Once you register, signals are provided directly through the Telegram group.

In the month of February 2024, the Telegram channel has already provided 488 pips. ProSignals FX provides 1 TP and SL only, offering no half closes. Furthermore, the platform provides free chart setups and adds basic entry, stop, and target levels for each trade.

The yearly subscription plan comes to $199, while you can get lifetime access for just $299. You are also guaranteed 45,000 pips annually with this Telegram group. Traders can use the account management service to customize their risk profile. However, you need $10,000 in your broker account to avail of this service. 

ProSignals FX price

ProSignals FX follows a conservative strategy by using the lowest and most optimal risk techniques. For instance, correlation-based techniques are used to guarantee high levels of security. 

This platform is popular on Tradingview, where it is followed by more than 37,000 people. 

No. Signals Three daily FX signals
Free Signals? No – Part of paid subscription
Pricing Monthly: $79, Yearly: $199, Lifetime: $299
Top Features Uses correlation-based techniques to increase security and reduce risks, account management service, offers 45,000 yearly pips

Pros pros

  • Guarantees 45,000 yearly pips
  • Heavily followed on Tradingview
  • Provides account management services
  • Tailor-made risk profiles

Cons cons

  • Account management service requires a $10K deposit

4. SignalProvider – Get 3+ Daily Signals Directly on Telegram 

SignalProvider offers daily forex trading signals through its Telegram channel. The platform offers a variety of tools, ranging from fundamental and technical analysis to money management services. 


On SignalProvider, you are guaranteed a 70% win rate. The platform conducts technical and fundamental analysis and uses correlation metrics to reduce overall risks. After scanning the markets 24/7, SignalProvider updates the Telegram group when a profit-making opportunity arises. You are provided with 3+ daily FX signals. 

SignalProvider guarantees 800+ weekly pips and 3,000+ monthly pips. There is only 1 Take/Profit available. Users can access the money management service, which expertly manages your funds. The service creates a diversified portfolio – encouraging investments in FX and Gold markets. You can also customize your trades depending on your risk appetite. 

A $10,000 deposit is required to access the money management service. The Signals subscription plan starts from $79 per month. You can receive a yearly subscription for only $199 and a lifetime subscription for $299. 

SignalProvider Telegram

For forex and Gold trading, this trusted platform uses IC Markets, one of the top trading platforms in the world. Any doubts and queries can be addressed with the customer support team, available 24/7. 

No. Signals 3+ daily FX signals
Free Signals? No – part of the subscription plan
Pricing Monthly: $79, Yearly: $199, Lifetime: $299
Top Features Customize risk appetite with the money management service, Uses FA and TA to reduce overall risks, connects with trust global brokerages

Pros pros

  • Offers a 70% win rate
  • Manages your funds with the money management service
  • Connects with trusted global brokers
  • 24/7 customer support provided

Cons cons

  • Money management service is expensive

5. United Signals – Get 5 Daily FX Trading Signals with this Telegram-Famous Channel

The next top Forex trading signals Telegram group is United Signals. With this FX Telegram channel, users can sign-up and receive 5 daily signals. United Signals is built by a team of EU-based professional traders and focuses mainly on Forex and Gold trading. 

United Signals

Trading positions are provided on major FX pairs such as USD/CAD, USD/JPY, and GBP/USD. Notably, United Signals gives the exact entry and exit positions per trade. A Stop-loss is also provided to limit losses. Furthermore, United Signals also uses Smart Money Concepts (SMC), to find the best trades to initiate.

To keep you updated with current events, United Signals provides key market updates, which could affect price movements throughout the day. 

This Telegram channel also summarizes its performance through weekly updates. As per the last week, United Signals offered a total profit of 1517 pips to VIP customers. 

Finally, traders can also access United Signals’ free copy trading tool to initiate FX trades.

United Signals Telegram

Interested users can purchase a monthly plan for just $70 or pay $199 for yearly access. Alternatively, you can access lifetime membership for only $299. 

No. Signals Up to 5 daily FX signals
Free Signals? No – part of the subscription plan
Pricing Monthly: $70
Top Features Over 10 FX pairs, up to 5 daily trading signals, offers S/L 

Pros pros

  • Get up to 5 daily signals 
  • Created by a team of EU professional traders
  • Free copy trading is supported
  • Created by professional traders

Cons cons

  • Expensive monthly subscription plan

6. EliteTradingSignals – Telegram Channel with 21.5K Followers, Get 2 Free FX Signals 

EliteTradingSignals is another popular Telegram channel that offers forex trading signals. Notably, this platform could be suitable for traders with a low budget, as it offers 2 free daily FX trading signals. 

Elite Signals home

Along with the 2 free signals, EliteTradingSignals offers a stop-loss, entry, and daily target. You can make both long and short trades on EliteTradingSignals.

The EliteTradingSignals platform has been created by a team of ICT and fundamental analysis experts, offering a proper explanation for every signal it suggests.

The platform conducts proper research by analyzing the 1-week timeframes and tracking resistant lines. Adding a new approach to trading, EliteTradingSignals, develops its own indicators.

On average, EliteTradingSignals offers over 1,000 pips a week and 4,000+ pips a month. It has a success rate of 76%. With its VIP trading signals, users can access up to 4 daily signals and a Take-Profit. 

EliteTradingSignals Telegram

One of the top FX trading platforms on Telegram, EliteTradingSignals has more than 21,500 Telegram followers. EliteTradingSignals provides trading signals for more than 15 FX pairs through its Telegram channel. 

No. Signals 2 free daily FX signals 
Free Signals? Yes – 2 daily free signals 
Pricing Free up to 2 signals
Top Features Free FX trading signals, offers T/P and entry levels, 15+ FX pair signals 

Pros pros

  • Provides free daily FX signals 
  • Created by ICT & fundamental analysis experts
  • Provides T/P and entry levels
  • 21,500 Telegram channel followers

Cons cons

  • Little information available about the development team

7. VasilyTrader – YouTube Famous Trading Coach Offers Up to 3 Daily Signals 

VasilyTrader is a popular Youtube trading coach who has more than 10 years of trading experience. Along with providing daily trading signals, VasilyTrader offers free education services and a VIP academy. 

VasilyTrader homepage

With VasilyTrader’s VIP signals program, users can get between 0-3 daily signals. Every day, VasilyTrader offers an intraday trading strategy with entry/stop/target levels.

The platform uses price action and multiple timeframe analysis before offering its signals. VasilyTrader offers a win rate of over 70%, and a maximum drawdown of 15%. 

The monthly and quarterly subscription plans cost $99 and $249, respectively. You can opt for the yearly subscription plan, which costs $499. With VasilyTrader, users can also access free educational articles on smart money concepts, candlestick patterns, and price action analysis. 

VasilyTrader Telegram

You can also learn how to trade FX and other assets by joining the VIP academy – costing $399 for lifetime access. VasilyTrader has more than 20K Telegram followers, and 23K YouTube followers. 

Apart from Forex, you can trade Gold, Silver, Oil, and US indexes with VasilyTrader.

No. Signals Up to 3 daily signals
Free Signals? No – part of the subscription plan
Pricing Monthly: $99
Top Features Free educational articles, intraday trading strategy provided, access to VIP learning academy

Pros pros

  • Get access to free educational materials
  • 10 years experience as a full-time trader
  • Learn trading with the VIP program
  • 70% win rate

Cons cons

  • Does not offer lifetime access for VIP signals 

8. 1000pipBuilder – Receive 1-5 Daily Signals on 15+ Currency Pairs

1000pipBuilder is one of the leading Telegram channels offering daily signals for forex trading. The platform was created by Bob James, a London-based forex trader. James has over 10 years of experience working in several leading financial services institutions. 

1000pipBuilder home

This forex trading Telegram group is best suited for day traders. 1000pipBuilder wants investors to maximize the probability of getting the best trades by studying the markets throughout the entire trading session. 

By using trading strategies such as ‘Trend Capture’, 1000pipBuilder focuses on analyze long-term trends and then look to capitalize on short and long-term price movements.

On average, you can expect to receive between 1 and 5 trades daily from the Telegram channel. 1000pipBuilder’s monthly target is 350 pips a month. A highly acclaimed platform, 1000pipBuilder boasts a 4.8 rating on Trustpilot, featuring 200+ votes. 

1000pipBuilder platform

1000pipBuilder offers impressive results, as verified by MyFXBook, and regularly supports members. 1000pipBuilder is running an ongoing discount, which has brought the monthly cost of £77 to just £44 a month. Currently, more than 85,000 people have joined the 1000pipBuilder Telegram channel to receive daily signals for more than 15 currency pairs. 

No. Signals 1-5 daily FX signals
Free Signals? No – part of the subscription plan
Pricing Monthly: £77 (£44 currently with discount)
Top Features 15 currency pairs, 1-5 daily FX signals, verified by MyFXBook

Pros pros

  • Offers 1-5 daily FX signals
  • Offering discounted subscription plans
  • High rating on TrustPilot
  • High monthly target of 350 pips

Cons cons

  • No information available on the development team

9. Learn2Trade – Reputable Forex Signals Provider With a 79% Historical Win Rate [5 Signals per Day]

Learn2Trade is an established forex signals provider that offers a transparent and cost-effective service. It has a team of in-house traders that analyze the forex markets around the clock. Most trading suggestions are opened and closed on a same-day basis. That said, Learn2Trade also covers swing trading positions.

Nonetheless, Learn2Trade offers five premium forex signals every day. No prior trading experience is required, as you’re told exactly what positions to enter. For example, the signal might tell you to place a buy order on EUR/USD at 1.0604. You’ll also receive a suggested price for take-profit and stop-loss orders.

Learn2Trade forex signals

This means you’ll be trading semi-passively, as positions are automatically closed once one of the order prices has been triggered. We found that most Learn2Trade signals come with a risk-reward ratio of 1:3. This means that just 1% is risked to make 3% gains. This is a healthy and sustainable strategy that protects your trading bankroll over time.

In terms of markets, Learn2Trade covers a wide range of forex pairs. While the majority of signals focus on majors and minors, exotics are also targeted when suitable trading conditions arise. We found that Learn2Trade has a solid track record – since its inception, its forex signals have a historical win rate of 76%. To replicate this performance like-for-like, you’ll need to follow every signal that Learn2Trade distributes.

Learn2Trade forex signals

All signals are posted to the Learn2Trade Telegram group in real-time. Not only are the suggested orders provided but also a comprehensive analysis of the trade. This ensures that members have an understanding of the methodology being utilized. More than 40,000 traders use Learn2Trade’s signals, highlighting its positive reputation in the market.

There are several plans to choose from at Learn2Trade. The flexible plan costs £40 per month – which can be canceled at any time. Longer-term plans offer a sizable discount. For example, those paying for a bi-annual plan reduce the price to just £21.50 per month. All plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Learn2Trade forex signals prices

Learn2Trade also offers free forex signals on Telegram. No payment details are required and you’ll get three signals per week. These are the same signal format as the premium plan – meaning you’ll get the suggested entry and exit prices. In addition, Learn2Trade also offers the best Telegram crypto signals. This requires a separate plan and there’s also the option of automating each signal directly with crypto exchanges.

No. Signals 5 premium signals per day
Free Signals? Yes, 3 free signals per week
Pricing £40 per month for a flexible plan. Discounts are available on longer-term plans.
Top Features 76% win rate since inception. All signals come with the suggested limit, stop-loss, and take-profit prices. Free signals do not blackout key data points

Pros pros

  • Since its inception, a historical win rate of 76% has been achieved
  • Premium members receive 5 signals every day
  • 3 free signals per week for basic members
  • Used by more than 40,000 forex traders

Cons cons

  • Customer service doesn’t operate 24/7
  • Crypto signals require a separate plan

10. WOLFX Signals – Popular Forex Signals Provider With Over 86,000 Telegram Subscribers

WOLFX Signals is one of the most popular forex signal providers around; its Telegram group has over 86,000 subscribers. WOLFX Signals has a team of experienced analysts who research the forex markets and send signals when a trading opportunity has been discovered. Signals – which are sent via the Telegram group, come with all required data points.

This includes the pair, whether you should go long or short, and the suggested entry and exit prices. Signals are typically sent between  10 am and 10 pm (UTC+1), which should appeal to most global traders. In terms of pricing, WOLFX Signals offers premium and free signals. The premium plan costs $89 per month or $279 for lifetime access.

WOLFX Signals review

This gets you between 1 and 4 premium signals per day. If you want to start with the free Telegram group, you’ll get just 2 signals per week. That said, no information is blacked out, so you’ll get a feel for how the service works. In addition to forex, WOLFX Signals also offers crypto signals. This also costs $89 per month. If you want both forex and crypto signals, you’ll pay $139 per month.

Multiple payment methods are supported, including debit/credit cards and PayPal. WOLFX Signals also accepts some of the best cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tether. Although WOLFX Signals publishes its weekly results via Telegram, there isn’t any information about its historical win rate. This makes it challenging to assess its past performance since its inception.

No. Signals 1-4 premium signals per day
Free Signals? Yes, 2 free signals per week
Pricing $89 per month or $279 for lifetime access.
Top Features More than 86,000 Telegram subscribers. Get up to 4 premium signals per day. Also offers daily crypto signals

Pros pros

  • Has built its Telegram signal group to over 86,000 members
  • 1-4 premium signals are posted each day
  • Free members receive 2 signals per week
  • Signals are sent between 10 am and 10 pm (UTC+1)

Cons cons

  • Doesn’t publish its historical win rate
  • Premium plans don’t come with a free trial

11. FxPremiere – Forex Signal Aggregator Covering Over 50 Providers Under One Subscription

FxPremiere offers an aggregator service, meaning it doesn’t generate trading signals itself. Instead, it imports signals from over 50 other providers and forwards each suggestion via the FxPremiere Telegram group. This means that FxPremiere members receive plenty of signals throughout the day – no matter which time zone they are in.

In addition to forex, FxPremiere also covers other trading markets. This includes gold, silver, oil, and indices like the Dow Jones. Therefore, FxPremiere is a good option if you’re looking to diversify across multiple assets. There are three plans to choose from at FxPremiere.

FxPremiere review

The cheapest plan costs $97, which gives you access for 4 months. The annual plan costs just $200, which offers a huge saving but comes without a money-back guarantee. There’s also a lifetime plan at $500 – which never expires. That said, new users can also opt for a 1-month trial, which costs $67. All plans come with 24/7 customer support via the Telegram app.

No. Signals Not stated, but aggregates signals from over 50 different providers
Free Signals? None – paid plans only
Pricing $67 (1 month trial), $97 (4 months), $200 (1 year), $500 (lifetime access)
Top Features Aggregates signals from over 50 providers. Signals are sent 24/7. More than 445,000 Telegram subscribers

Pros pros

  • Imports forex signals from over 50 different providers
  • Suitable for all time zones – signals are posted 24/7
  • Established in 2010
  • Also covers gold, silver, oil, and indices

Cons cons

  • An overwhelming number of signals will be sent each day
  • You’ll need to decide which signal providers to follow

12. AltSignals – Established Forex and Crypto Signals Provider With Monthly Profit Targets of 1,000 Pips

Launched in 2017, AltSignals is an established signals provider that specializes in forex and cryptocurrencies. While AltSignals doesn’t cover exotics, it trades all major and minor pairs. All forex signals come with suitable risk management tools, including suggested stop-loss and take-profit orders.

AltSignals review

AltSignals publishes a monthly report detailing its performance. In August 2023, its forex signals generated gains of 810 pips. This is slightly below its monthly target of 1,000 pips. That said, in September 2023, AltSignals reported gains of 2,372 pips – more than double its target. Although its recent performance is notable, AltSignals is considered expensive.

The flexible monthly plan costs $120 per month. Although there’s also a quarterly plan, AltSignals only accepts Bitcoin. This currently costs 0.014 BTC, which is about $427. Therefore, the quarterly plan is more expensive than paying monthly. Moreover, the monthly plan accepts traditional payment methods, including debit/credit cards.

No. Signals Not stated
Free Signals? None – paid plans only
Pricing $120 (1 month), 0.014 BTC (3 months)
Top Features Established in 2017. Aims for 1,000 pips per month. Covers all major and minor pairs

Pros pros

  • Publishes performance reports at the end of each month
  • Made 2,372 pips in September 2023
  • Aims for at least 1,000 pips every month
  • Also supports crypto signals – including Binance futures

Cons cons

  • $120 per month is considered expensive
  • Doesn’t offer any free Telegram forex signals

13. Ultreos Forex Signals – 2 Premium Signals Sent Daily With a Claimed Win Rate of 85%

Next up is Ultreos Forex Signals, which distributes two signals every day to premium members. Like most signal providers, members are told exactly what entry, stop-loss, and take-profit orders to place. Ultreos Forex Signals covers 61 currency pairs, meaning all majors, minors, and a broad selection of exotics.

It claims to have a historical win rate of 85%, but we were unable to verify this independently. Ultreos Forex Signals also claims to have a weekly profit target of 350 pips. All signals come with a brief overview of the trading idea, such as which technical indicators have been triggered.

Ultreos Forex Signals review

Most signals come with a modest risk-reward ratio of 1:2. In terms of pricing, Ultreos Forex Signals charges $75 per month. This is a flexible plan that can be canceled at any time. For an extra $35, you’ll get access for 12 months. There’s also a lifetime plan at $230.

No. Signals 2 signals per day
Free Signals? None – paid plans only
Pricing $75 (1 month), $110 (1 year), $230 (lifetime access)
Top Features Modest risk-reward ratio of 1:2 on most signals. Covers 61 currency pairs. Claimed win rate of 85%

Pros pros

  • Aims to make 250 pips profit every week
  • Claims to have a historical win rate of 85% since its inception
  • Supports all majors and minors, plus plenty of exotics
  • Charges just $110 for the entire year

Cons cons

  • Doesn’t offer a free trial
  • We were unable to independently verify its claimed performance metrics

14. BL Tech Pro – Free and VIP Forex Signals With Monthly Targets of 2-3,000 Pips 

BL Tech Pro offers forex signals across multiple device types. Not only on Telegram, but it also has a native mobile app for iOS and Android. The Android app has been downloaded over 500,000 times and has a 4.1/5 rating. The iOS app is rated 4.3/5, but this is based on just 37 reviews.

Nonetheless, BL Tech Pro offers free and VIP forex signals. Its free signals have a profit target of 12-40 pips. In contrast, VIP signals target 50-300 pips. Over the course of a month, BL Tech Pro aims to make 2-3,000 pips in net profit. Signals can remain in play from just one day up to a week, so flexibility is required.

BL Tech Pro

In addition to signals, VIP members also get news updates, daily analysis, and one-on-one consultancy. 3-5 VIP signals are sent each day and BL Tech Pro claims a historical win rate of between 85% and 90%. When it comes to subscription fees, BL Tech Pro charges just $50 for two months. For an extra $30, you can extend this to four months.

No. Signals 3-5 VIP signals per day
Free Signals? Yes, free signals are available – but their frequency is not published
Pricing $50 (2 months), $80 (4 months)
Top Features Aims for 2-3,000 pips profit each month. Available via Telegram or a native iOS/Android app. Charges just $50 for two months

Pros pros

  • Receive 3-5 VIP signals every day
  • VIP plans cost just $50 for two months of access
  • Aims to make 2-3,000 pips every month
  • Claims to have a historical win rate of between 85% and 90%

Cons cons

  • Offers free signals – but not at any set frequency
  • Outdated website with lots of grammatical errors

15. Sureshot FX – Nearly 40,000 Telegram Members and up to 8 Forex Signals Daily  

Sureshot FX is one of the fastest-growing Telegram signal groups around and one of the most prevalent Telegram channels as it now boasts nearly 40,000 subscribers. It covers various strategies, including intraday and swing trading methods. Sureshot FX covers Asian, European, and US trading hours – so is available to most users worldwide.

All signals come with enhanced risk management advice, ensuring that users are guided on each suggestion. There are three premium plans to choose from, each offering 2-8 signals every day. Flexible plans cost $44 per month. This is reduced to just $14 per month when paying for a bi-annual plan. There’s also a lifetime plan, costing just $154.

Sureshot FX review

Many payment methods are accepted, including debit/credit cards, e-wallets, Bitcoin, and some of the best altcoins. In terms of performance, Sureshot FX claims a historical win rate of almost 90%. It aims to generate profits of over 3,000 pips per month. In 2022, Sureshot FX claims to have made over 48,000 pips, although we were unable to verify this.

No. Signals 2-8 signals per day
Free Signals? Yes, free signals are available – but their frequency is not published
Pricing $44 (1 month), $84 (6 months), $154 (lifetime access)
Top Features Claims to have made 48,000 pips in 2022. Telegram group has nearly 40,000 subscribers. Also offers gold trading signals

Pros pros

  • Premium members get up to 8 signals every day
  • Competitive pricing – flexible plans cost just $44 per month
  • Growing Telegram group with almost 40,000 subscribers
  • Aims to make at least 3,000 pips each month

Cons cons

  • Historical results cannot be verified
  • Doesn’t offer any information on its free signals service

16. PipsAlert – Free 30-day Trial Without Any Payment Details Needed [Up to 7 Daily Signals]  

PipsAlert is also one of the best forex signals Telegram groups to consider today. We like that PipsAlert offers a 30-day free trial without requiring any payment information. This gives you unfettered access to its premium signals group – allowing you to try the service risk-free.

Not only that, but PipsAlert also has a 30-day ‘Pips Protection’ scheme. Put simply, if PipsAlert doesn’t reach its monthly profit target of at least 1,750 pips, you’ll get the next month’s subscription for free. This highlights that PipsAlert is confident in its signal service.

PipsAlert review

In terms of fees, prices start from $74.95 per month after the free trial. You’ll save $100 and. $300 when purchasing a 6-month or annual plan, respectively. All plans receive between 3-7 forex signals every day. The main drawback is that it can take up to 24 hours to access PipsAlert after registering.

No. Signals 3-7 signals per day
Free Signals? No, but offers a 30-day free trial with unfettered access. No payment details are required.
Pricing $74.95 (1 month), $349.68 (6 months), $599.40 (1 year)
Top Features Full 30-day free trial without payment details. Offers a free month if it doesn’t meet its profit targets. Get up to 7 signals per day

Pros pros

  • Try the premium plan for 30 days without needing to add payment details
  • Premium members get 3-7 signals every day
  • Aims for a minimum of 1,750 pips per month
  • Get the next month free if price targets are not met

Cons cons

  • Takes up to 24 hours to get set up
  • Standard plans cost $74.95 per month

17. Billionaire Forex Signal – 93% Accuracy Rate Covering Major, Minor, and Exotic Currency Pairs   

Last on this list of the best forex signals Telegram groups is Billionaire Forex Signal. This provider claims to have a historical win rate of 93%. It also claims to make a minimum of 500 pips per week. Like many forex signal providers, this information cannot be verified independently.

Nevertheless, Billionaire Forex Signal covers dozens of major, minor, and exotic pairs. The latter includes EUR/TRY, USD/ZAR, and USD/NOK. Telegram members receive 5-8 daily forex signals delivered in real-time. Each signal comes with one stop-loss and take-profit suggestion.

Billionaire Forex Signal review

Members also receive a full analysis of each signal, including a pricing chart with trend lines. Most signals come with a risk-reward ratio of 1:2. Prices are a bit steep, with monthly plans costing $90. Discounts are available on longer-term plans. For example, you’ll pay just $29.16 per month when paying annually.

No. Signals 5-8 signals per day
Free Signals? None – paid plans only
Pricing $90 (1 month), $130 (2 months), $280 (6 months), $350 (1 year)
Top Features Claims an accuracy rate of 93%. Covers a broad range of exotic pairs. Average risk-reward ratio of 1:2

Pros pros

  • Claims to make a minimum of 500 pips per week
  • Also claims to have a 93% accuracy rate
  • Covers dozens of major, minor, and exotic pairs
  • Has an average risk-reward ratio of 1:2

Cons cons

  • Makes lots of unverified claims – including unfounded ‘guarantees’
  • Prices start from $90 per month

What are Telegram Forex Signals?

Telegram forex signals are aimed at traders who don’t have the time or experience to analyze the currency markets. Signal providers send trading suggestions via the Telegram app, informing members exactly which trades to place. Not only does this include the currency pair and entry price, but stop-loss and take-profit orders too. 

Here’s a quick example of what a Telegram forex signal looks like:

  • Currency Pair: EUR/USD
  • Order Type: Sell Order 
  • Limit Price: 1.0670
  • Stop-Loss Price: 1.0701
  • Take-Profit Price: 1.0602

In the above example, the signal tells the trader exactly which forex positions to deploy. For instance, the signal suggests placing a sell order on EUR/USD. This means the signal provider believes the pair will decline in value. A limit order of 1.0670 has been suggested – so the position won’t be executed until this price point is triggered. 

Learn2Trade forex signals

In addition, the signal suggests a stop-loss order of 1.0701. Should EUR/USD increase to this price, the position will close automatically. This is also the case with the take-profit order, but at a price of 1.0602. 

Telegram forex signals are usually posted by experienced analysts. They’re tasked with researching the markets on behalf of members, ensuring that the signals process is passive. 

Some signal providers also use artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies to generate trading ideas. Nonetheless, the only requirement for signal members is to place the suggested order types. 

How do Forex Telegram Signals Work?

We’ll now elaborate on how Telegram forex trading signals work in a lot more detail. 

Research is Undertaken Behind the Scenes

Telegram forex signal providers research the markets so you don’t have to. Behind the scenes, the provider will have their own analysis methods and trading strategy. 

  • Some signal providers will focus on longer-term plays through fundamental research.
  • For instance, they’ll make trading decisions based on economic events, such as interest rate movements, CPI data, and job growth.
  • After all, these metrics will have a direct impact on the value of a currency. 

Irrespective of the underlying methodology, you won’t need any research or analysis experience when using forex signals. This makes signals ideal for beginners who want to trade forex without dedicating months or even years to learning their craft.

Signals are Posted in Real-Time via Telegram

Now we’ve established how providers research the currency markets, let’s explore how the signal process works. Once your chosen provider has generated a trading strategy, it will publish the signal to its Telegram group. 

The best forex signals Telegram groups provide the following information:

  • Currency Pair: You’ll be told which currency pair the signal relates to. This will usually be a major or minor pair, but some providers also cover exotics. 
  • Order Type: The signal will also inform you whether you should go long or short. This is reflected by a buy or sell order, respectively. 
  • Limit Price: Most forex signals come with a limit order price. This is the price which the buy or sell position will be executed. The position will remain pending until the price point is triggered by the markets. If it remains pending for too long, the signal provider might suggest canceling the order. 
  • Stop-Loss Price: You should also receive a suggested stop-loss order price. This protects your trading bankroll, as you won’t lose more than the stop-loss suggestion.
  • Take-Profit Price: Take-profit orders are also included with forex trading signals. This is the price target set by the provider. If it’s triggered by the markets, the position will automatically close, meaning you’ve locked in your profits. 

What if Multiple Take-Profit Targets are Provided?

  • Some Telegram forex signals come with multiple take-profit prices.
  • This enables traders to choose a price target that aligns with their risk profile.
  • For example, conservative traders should choose the lowest price target, as there’s a higher chance of it being triggered.
  • And conversely, adventurous traders might opt for the higher price target, as this offers the widest profit margin.

Placing the Signal Suggestion With a Forex Broker 

The final part of the process is to place the suggested orders with your chosen forex broker. This shouldn’t take you more than a couple of minutes from start to finish. First, you’d need to search for the forex pair and choose from a buy or sell order. 

eToro forex markets

After selecting a limit order, type in the entry price suggested by the signal. Similarly, you can also type in the suggested take-profit and stop-loss orders. Once you’ve confirmed the position, there’s nothing else for you to do. 

Only one of three things can happen thereon: 

  • If the limit order price isn’t triggered, the signal provider might suggest canceling it. This means the trade is no longer active in your account. 
  • If the take-profit order is triggered, the trade will close in profit. 
  • If the stop-loss order is triggered, the trade will close at a loss. 

It’s important you keep a record of how your forex signals are performing. The most effective and risk-averse strategy is to begin with a demo account. 

The best forex demo accounts replicate the markets like-for-like. But you’ll be placing orders with virtual funds, so you won’t be risking any real money. 

How to Pick a Forex Signals Telegram Group: Our Methodology 

We came across countless providers when reviewing the best forex signals Telegram groups. In order to rank the top providers, we developed a meticulous research methodology. 

Read on to discover the most important considerations when selecting a forex signals group. 

Reputation and Transparency

The first step is to evaluate the signal provider’s reputation. A good starting point is to check how long the signal provider has been in business. Like any other investment service – the longer the better. 

  • We would then suggest reviewing third-party websites to extract experiences from other users.
  • For example, TrustPilot allows users to rate signal providers from 1 to 5. Users can also leave a detailed review. 
  • Unfortunately, some signal providers pay for positive reviews, so you’ll need to make an informed judgment. 
  • Fake reviews are often left by users with only one TrustPilot contribution, so these should be ignored. 

Reddit is another useful source – search for the signal provider and see if any relevant threads or posts are available. Crucially, use as many legitimate sources as possible to build a profile on the signal service. 

In addition, the best forex signals Telegram groups are transparent. For instance, the provider should explain its methodology, trading strategy, and preferred currency pairs. It should also offer guidance on how many signals are sent and the respective time zone. 

Win Rate

The win rate should be published by the forex signals provider. This shows the percentage of successful trades since the signal service was launched.

If the signal provider doesn’t publish its win rate, you won’t be able to make an informed decision on its past performance. Moreover, even if the win rate is provided, it’s crucial that you’re able to verify it independently. 

In an ideal world, the signal provider will be connected to MyFXBooks. This is a third-party website that tracks brokerage accounts in real-time. In other words, the signal provider cannot manipulate their historical performance. 

What’s the Difference Between the ‘Win Rate’ and ‘Past Performance’? 

  • Most Telegram signal providers publish their historical win rate. This is the percentage of signals that have returned a profit since inception. 
  • However, each profitable trade might have returned different amounts. For example, one trade might have made 3%, while the next made 7%. 
  • If a past performance percentage is provided, this offers a more structured overview of the signals service. 
  • For example, suppose the signals have made average annualized returns of 17% per year since the service began. This gives you a much clearer idea of what to expect.   

Timezone and Signal Frequency 

Rarely do Telegram forex signals groups operate 24/7. In most cases, the provider will generate trading ideas over a set period each day. This means you’ll need to assess the timezone that the signals are generally posted. 

  • For example, if you’re based in New Zealand and using a signal provider based in the US, they’ll likely arrive in the middle of the night.
  • Just remember – forex signals are usually for day trading positions.
  • This means you’re advised to place the suggested orders as quickly as possible.
  • If you act too late, you might not be entering the markets favorably.  

You should also assess how many Telegram forex signals you’ll be receiving each day. There isn’t an ideal amount, but if you receive too many signals, you might become overwhelmed. Ultimately, we prefer signal providers that are consistent. 

Target Markets

Some forex signal providers cover a wide range of currency markets, while others niche down to just a few pairs. Either way, you’ll need to check whether its target markets align with your risk profile. 


For example, if you’re a risk-averse trader, opt for a signals provider that focuses on major currency pairs like EUR/USD. If you’re happy to take on more risk for additional gains, you might be more suited for exotics like USD/TRY.  

Which Broker Should I Use for Telegram Forex Signals?

  • Choosing a suitable forex broker is crucial when using a signals service. First, you’ll need to make sure the broker supports all of the currency pairs targeted by the signals provider.
  • The best forex brokers support dozens of major, minor, and exotic pairs. This ensures that you can place all suggested signals with the same broker. 
  • You’ll also need to ensure the broker offers low fees – especially when it comes to commissions and spreads. 
  • Most importantly, your chosen broker should be regulated by a reputable financial body. 


While some Telegram signal groups offer free access, the best-performing services charge a monthly subscription. It’s important that the subscription fee represents value for money, based on your personal circumstances. 

After all, you’ll only make a profit once you’ve covered the monthly fee. If you’re trading with very small amounts, turning a profit becomes even more challenging. 

That being said, you shouldn’t choose a signal provider simply because it offers competitive fees. There is often a correlation between pricing and performance – meaning the best forex signals Telegram groups charge higher fees. 

As long as the subscription fees offer a viable return on investment, it’s worth paying extra for signals that make consistent gains.  

Money-Back Guarantees

We mentioned the importance of initially testing a forex signal service with demo funds. In doing so, you can evaluate profitability without risking any money. However, you’ll still need to pay the signal subscription fee upfront. 

Therefore, we prefer providers that offer a money-back guarantee. This means that you can ask for a full refund if you’re not satisfied with the service. 30 days is the ideal minimum timeframe, as this is long enough to assess performance. 

Alternatively, some Telegram signals come with a trial period. This will either be free or at a significantly reduced price. 

Just remember, you should never purchase a longer-term plan without first testing the signals. Instead, it’s best to start with a flexible monthly plan that can be canceled at any time. 

Free Telegram Forex Signals

This section discusses free Telegram forex signals and whether or not they’re worth considering. 

Free vs Paid Signals  

The reality is simple – if you’re looking to make consistent gains in the forex market, free signals aren’t the way to go. There isn’t a legitimate provider globally that would spend countless hours each day generating trading ideas, just to give them away for free. 

L2T forex signals

And even if you do come across a free signals provider, you should question how accurate and profitable they’re likely to be. Ultimately, the best Telegram forex groups charge a monthly fee. 

This ensures providers are financially motivated to research the markets effectively and distribute profitable signals. This is the same concept found with the best stock tip services – credible providers don’t offer their time and expertise for free.

Are Telegram Forex Trading Signals Profitable?

The simple answer is that some Telegram forex signals are profitable, while other services aren’t. This is why it’s so important to do your research before proceeding. Not only should you assess the provider’s historical win rate but also if their claims can be verified independently.

It’s easy to make bold claims in the forex signal space. But whether or not the claims are credible remains to be seen. Ideally, you’ll want to choose a signal provider with a proven track record that extends for several years. 

What’s more, top-rated services have an excellent reputation in the public domain. Check websites like TrustPilot and Reddit to assess broader sentiment on the signals. Another consideration is that profitability can depend on your average stake sizes. 

For example, if you’re staking really small amounts, your profits might not cover the monthly subscription fee. You also need to factor in brokerage fees, such as commissions, spreads, and secured overnight financing rates

It’s also important that you follow each and every signal being received, rather than dipping in and out. Otherwise, you won’t replicate the same returns being made by the signal provider. As such, you’ll need to ensure you’re able to place trades as soon as signals arrive.  


In summary, Telegram signals remove the guesswork in forex trading – you’ll be told exactly what positions to place. In our view, the most reputable signal provider is TopTrading Signals.

For just $79 per month, investors can receive four daily signals. Furthermore, TopTrading Signals promises a 78% win rate, and offers a 1:2 risk-reward ratio.


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