Nvidia Stock Forecast 2024, 2025 & Beyond: Will the Rally Continue or Finally Stall Out?

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Why Trust Techopedia

It can never last forever, but for now, Nvidia (NVDA) is the darling of the investment world.

The NVDA share price has stalled at the $900 level following a mammoth 84% year-to-date rally and just snapped an 11-week win streak in the last week of March.

Nvidia (NVDA ) Stock YTD Percentage Growth.
Nvidia (NVDA ) Stock YTD Percentage Growth. Source: TradingView

Nvidia has found its place at the apex of the AI revolution as the manufacturer of the advanced chips needed to power artificial intelligence. But while some companies are simply riding the AI hype, Nvidia is seeing the kind of AI-fulled growth many startups would only dream of, all while valued at over $2.2 trillion.

Featuring expert analysis of Nvidia’s recent stock trends, this article contains the latest NVDA news, key market drivers, and Nvidia stock forecasts for 2024, 2025 and beyond to 2030, equipping you with the knowledge to make well-informed investments.

Key Takeaways

  • The stock stood firm in what was generally a soft end to the first quarter for tech stocks. Analysts have been mostly raising their Nvidia share price forecasts after the stock hit initial 2024 targets quicker than expected.
  • In February, Nvidia surpassed expectations again with a quarter where earnings easily exceeded forecasts. They reported earnings of $5.16 per share and revenues of $22.1 billion, outpacing the figures of $4.59 per share and $20.4 billion expected, respectively.
  • Among recent Nvidia news, the announcement of the B200 flagship microchip at their annual conference GTC 2024 was another big step to bolster their AI capabilities with a chip that is reportedly 30 times faster at certain tasks than its predecessor.
  • Nvidia is also nurturing the broader AI industry with its own investments into up-and-coming AI firms like SoundHound (SOUN), Nano-X Imaging (NNOX), Recursion Pharmaceuticals (RXRX) and TuSimple Holdings (TSPH).

Summary of the Analysts’ Nvidia Stock Forecasts for 2024 & 2025

The following table shows the latest Nvidia stock forecasts for 2024/2025 with analyst upgrades/downgrades over the past 30 days as of April 3, 2024.

Analyst Ratings and 1-Year Nvidia Stock Forecasts

As you can see, the analysts’ forecasts are unrelentingly positive. Some notable takeaways from them include:

  1. Almost all brokerages have increased their price targets for Nvidia, indicating a bullish outlook on the stock’s potential performance.
  2. The majority of the actions taken by these brokerages either maintain or assign buy and outperform ratings.
  3. The reported upside/downside percentages are predominantly positive, with many brokerages projecting significant upside potential from the report dates’ price levels.
  4. The diversity of financial institutions reviewing Nvidia’s stock illustrates broad market interest.

Nvidia Stock Analysis

Contrarian readers might look at the above NVDA stock forecasts as the kind of one-way street groupthink situation that often accompanies a long-term top in any given market.

While that might ultimately prove true once expectations exceed reality, any would-be short-sellers should strongly consider the NVDA chart below.

Will this near-straight line upward continue or break soon?

  • The NVDA stock price closed at $889.64 as of April 3, 2024.
  • After an already impressive 2023, Nvidia’s year-to-date return is +84%.
  • In the last 12 months, NVDA stock price is up +218%.

Note that past performance never guarantees future results.

Nvidia (NVDA) Stock 1-Year Performance.
Nvidia (NVDA) Stock 1-Year Performance. Source: TradingView

The Latest Nvidia News & Key Drivers to Consider

More Room to Run?

The sheer size of the move higher in NVDA stock, now the fourth largest by market cap in the US, should be factored into any NVDA stock forecast and investment decision.

While some people are cautious and thinking about when might be the right time to sell, others are excited and waiting for an opportune moment to buy in.

The New Blackwell GPU and GB200 AI Chip

Nvidia recently unveiled a new GPU platform called Blackwell, marking a significant step forward in AI technology.

This graphics processing unit powers the NVIDIA GB200 Grace Blackwell superchip, designed to be much faster and more efficient than previous models. Blackwell is specifically engineered to handle complex AI computations, making it fit for various applications, from data centers to autonomous vehicles.

Financial Results and Future Outlook

Nvidia did really well in the last part of the year, even better than any Nvidia stock predictions foretold.

Nvidia’s optimistic outlook on AI and data center spending, especially CEO Jensen Huang’s take on future tech integrations, paints a robust picture of Nvidia’s leading market role.

Taiwan Earthquake and Supply Chains

The Taiwan earthquake poses potential risks to Nvidia’s supply chain, as Taiwan is crucial for semiconductor manufacturing.

Any disruptions could impact Nvidia’s production and availability of its products, something Huang has cited previously as one of the biggest hindrances to growth.

Tech Stocks and Fed Rate Cuts

When the Federal Reserve cuts, or plans to cut, interest rates, it tends to be good news for tech stocks and underpins bullish Nvidia stock predictions.

Likewise, no or delayed plans to cut rates, as has been the case so far, tend to weigh on the tech sector.

AI Stock Hype

The hype is partly because AI technology is advancing quickly and is used in more and more industries, creating big growth opportunities.

However, when there’s a lot of hype, stocks can become overvalued, meaning their prices go up higher than their actual financial performance justifies.

This can create risks for investors, as the stock might eventually drop to a more ‘reasonable’ price.

Nvidia Stock Forecast: Analyst Views

The analysts’ NVDA stock forecast remains bullish over the medium and long term.

Victoria Scholar, head of investment, interactive investor, said:

“In the US, artificial intelligence (AI) stock market darling, Nvidia, continues to dominate the list thanks to its impressive share price performance, up almost 90% in the first quarter alone.”

However, there is some realism over short-term prospects.

The ‘pricing in’ of demand for AI chips, the strong performance of the so-called Magnificent Seven stocks, the proximity to earnings season, tech stock sensitivity to Fed rate cut expectations, and inflation data are all possible justifications for the current malaise.

Ivailo Chaushev, chief market analyst and lead project manager at Deltastock AD, summed up his own take to Techopedia as follows:

“Nvidia’s stock is currently taking a breather, as it appears to be fairly valued given its nearly monopolistic position and the current stage of the AI hype cycle. In the short term, we could see a corrective move driven by profit-taking and supply-chain disruptions resulting from the earthquakes in Taiwan, but there is still upside for the stock to reach around $1000 before the earnings next month.”

Technical analyst and market researcher Constantinos Loizou offered some specific price targets based on an analysis of Nvidia’s price action:

“The medium and long term trend in the Nvidia stock remains bullish. As things stand, we expect additional ascent following the upward break of the critical resistance of $977, with an upside target at the psychological $1,000 and higher at $1,080.

“On the other hand, any downward break of $840 could open the doors for some short-term corrections likely toward $772, as it will complete a bearish reversal pattern.”

UBS, the last investment bank to raise their Nvidia forecast from $800 to $1,100, were frank about their reasoning, saying it is “the only chip company that can create its own market.”

UBS’s Timothy Arcuri, wrote:

“Following the Blackwell launch and having attended several sessions at GTC, we believe NVDA sits on the cusp of an entirely new wave of demand from global enterprises and Sovereigns.”

Deutsche Bank, while also raising its price target, was probably the closest any of the analysts came to bearish, keeping its ‘hold’ rating as it sees Nvidia’s AI capabilities as widely recognized and already reflected in the company’s premium valuation.

Nvidia Stock Predictions 2024, 2025 & Beyond

The NVDA stock is a ‘moderate buy,’ according to 41 analysts’ ratings compiled by MarketBeat as of April 4, 2024. Thirty-eight offer ‘buy’ recommendations, while just three view the stock as ‘hold.’

Their consensus 12-month NVDA stock price target is $908.68, which represents a potential 2.14% upside over the $889.64 closing price on April 3, 2024.

Meanwhile, the Nvidia stock forecast 2025 of algorithm-based WalletInvestor is much more bullish, putting the stock at $1,363 in 12 months’ time. 

However, its five-year NVDA stock forecast expects it to move even higher and reach $3,200 by April 2029. This would represent a 27.8% increase over the most recent $889.64 closing price.

Meanwhile, another algorithm-based prediction platform, GovCapital, expressed an even more bullish 5-year Nvidia stock forecast, setting the NVDA target price at $4,324 for April 6, 2029.

Analysts and algorithm-based prediction platforms refrain from giving longer-term price targets. Therefore, Nvidia’s stock forecast for 2030 is not readily available.

Note that analysts’ and algorithm-based projections might prove to be wrong.

The Bottom Line: Should I Invest in Nvidia?

Nvidia has shown strong performance, especially with recent advancements in AI technology, which positions them well in a rapidly growing industry. However, like any investment, Nvidia’s stock comes with risks, especially given the volatility in the tech sector and market reactions to news and economic factors.

It’s important to do your research, consider the market context, and perhaps consult with a financial advisor to make an informed decision that aligns with your investment objectives.

Do your own research and always remember your investment decision depends on your attitude to risk, your expertise in the stock market, the spread of your portfolio, and how comfortable you feel about losing money.

The information in this article does not constitute investment advice and is meant for informational purposes only.


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