iPad Pro 2024: Release Date, M3 Chip, OLED Display, New Features & Price

With his iconic tradition of Apple’s product reveals, many will remember how Steve Jobs left an indelible mark with his suspenseful “One More Thing” announcements. This legacy, now stewarded by CEO Tim Cook, continues to thrive, most notably with the unveiling of the Vision Pro mixed reality headset. However, Apple is transitioning from conventional spring events to an online platform for its latest product announcements.

The new MacBook Air was revealed at the start of March 2024, with the online announcement increasing excitement about other product releases, such as the highly anticipated AirPods Max 2.

However, the absence of a new iPad release since 2022 means that the imminent release of the new iPad Air and iPad Pro has people talking.

The virtual stage is set for the 2024 iPad Pro to redefine Apple’s lineup of tablets. Here at Techopedia, we have rounded up all the iPad Pro 2024 leaks and rumors to help you understand precisely what is coming and which model will be the best new iPad for you.

Key Takeaways

  • Apple is expected to equip its new 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro models with an OLED display for the first time.
  • However, OLED iPad Pro models could be significantly more expensive.
  • Many predict the new iPad Pro Model will feature the new M3 Chip.
  • Rumors suggest five storage options: 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, 1TB, and 2TB — and possibly even a 4TB option.
  • Alongside the new iPad? Potentially a new Apple Pencil 3 and Magic Keyboard with a larger trackpad.
  • The iPad Pro could be officially announced within the next few weeks, with a possible May launch window.

When Will the New iPad Pro be Released?

Expected Release Date: April-May 2024

The release window for the much-anticipated iPad Pro 2024 remains a topic of considerable speculation and anticipation within the tech community.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman originally suggested a launch in March (now gone) or April.


In his weekly newsletter, Gurman, who has a track record for successful predictions, says:

“Look for that new hardware around the end of March or in April, as that’s when the accompanying iPadOS 17.4 software should be ready to go.”

He also suggested the iPad Pro will launch alongside new iPad Airs, including a 12.9-inch version, a new Magic Keyboard with larger trackpad, and an upgraded Apple Pencil 3.

However, he later updated his estimate to early May, based on sources ‘with knowledge of the matter‘.

The sooner, the better for many Apple fans, given the anticipated transition to OLED displays for the iPad Pro.

This move will enhance display quality, power efficiency, and overall user experience, marking a significant evolution in Apple’s tablet offerings.

Meanwhile, Digitimes provided a contrasting perspective, suggesting a release might be pushed to mid-to-late 2024, specifically in the summer or fall.

iPad Pro 2022
The latest iPad Pro so far, released in October 2022 — what will Apple do next? (Apple)

iPad Pro 2024 Tech Specs & Features

Will the Rumored 4TB Storage Option Be a Game Changer?

Recent iPad Pro 2024 leaks even suggest a 4TB storage option. This rumor injects a layer of intrigue into the conversation around potential upgrades. While the veracity of this claim remains uncertain, the current storage offerings for the iPad Pro — spanning from 128GB to an impressive 2TB — provide a broad spectrum to accommodate varying user needs.

Selecting the appropriate storage capacity is a critical decision that will immediately impact cost efficiency and help you avoid future frustrations by not choosing enough space.

Prepare for the OLED Experience

We expect Apple to introduce OLED displays in its new iPad Pro models for the first time in a notable shift in Apple’s tablet offering, departing from previous models’ LCD and mini-LED screens.

This transition to OLED is expected to enhance visual quality, and offer improved contrast ratios, color accuracy, and better energy efficiency  — translating into better battery life.

Now Even More Powerful with the M3 Chip

The iPad Pro 2024 specs are also rumored to include the M3 chip and enhanced graphics capabilities, offering a significant performance boost. These upgrades aim to refine the user experience, catering to both professional and everyday use.

But will it be enough to convince users to spend more than a thousand dollars on a new tablet rather than a laptop?

‘Space Black’ to Be the New iPad Pro 2024’s Color?

In addition to technical advancements, there is speculation about the new iPad Pro 2024 colors. Since Apple redesigned the iPad Pro in 2018, Apple has provided Space Gray and Silver options, just like the high-end MacBook Pro.

But after introducing space black to the MacBook Pro last year, this would make this an obvious addition to the classy-looking new iPad Pro.

Space Black Macbook
Apple introduced space black to the MacBook Pro in 2023. Could we see the same treatment for the iPad Pro? (Apple)

Will We Get a New Apple Pencil 3 and a New Apple Magic Keyboard?

The Apple Pencil 2 was released in 2018, with a slimmer, USB-C-equipped refresh coming out in 2023, but there have been no hints about a potential Apple Pencil 3… until now.

Apple fan sites are buzzing after a Weibo post on March 5 from a leaker with a high success rate, who suggests a new version of the Pencil will be announced within weeks — with potential new features including compatibility with Find My Phone, bringing it in line with AirPods and AirTags.

iPadOS 17.4 also brings with it PencilKit 3, but Apple is again being tight-lipped about what the Application Programming Interface (API) brings with it — time will tell if the Pencil 3 is real and what it offers above previous generations.

Bloomberg’s Gurman also said a new Magic Keyboard will debut with the new iPad Pros, with the stand-out feature being a larger trackpad, a core complaint of the first model since 2020.

iPad Pro 2024 Unconfirmed News and Rumors

Unconfirmed reports suggest a slimmer build and a reimagined camera setup on the back. The introduction of a landscape-oriented front camera, alongside other subtle design tweaks, is also welcome, even if they are more evolutionary than revolutionary.

As Apple continues elevating the iPad’s capabilities, drawing them closer to those of entry-level Macs, incorporating OLED displays and the M3 processor could position the iPad Pro not merely as a complement to a Mac but as a viable alternative for specific users and applications.

It has also been speculated in Korean media that this strategy will include expanding OLED technology to other products next year, with potential inclusion in the iPad Air and iPad mini models by 2026. This gradual integration across the iPad range underscores the technology’s perceived value and Apple’s direction towards uniformity in display standards.

iPad Pro 2024 Prices

Expected Price: Starting at $1,500

The introduction of OLED technology to the iPad Pro lineup initially concerned users with rumors of it causing a potential price surge. This was sparked by reports from The Elec and Korean publication Naver, which hinted at a considerable price increase for the forthcoming models, with anticipated starting prices of $1,500 for the 11-inch iPad Pro and a substantial $1,800 to $2,000 for the 12.9-inch version.

The highly speculated price range dramatically increased from the current starting prices of $799 and $1,099 for the 11-inch and 12.9-inch models, respectively. The prospect of such a hike raised concerns about the accessibility of these advanced devices to a broader user base, considering the substantial financial commitment they would require.

However, more recent rumors provide a much less daunting outlook on the pricing strategy for the new iPad Pro models. The price increase for the 11-inch and 12.9-inch models equipped with OLED displays could only be around $160 more than their predecessors, suggesting a more moderated approach to pricing than initially feared.

This adjustment would place the starting price of the 11-inch model under $1,000 and the 12.9-inch model somewhere between $1,200 and $1,300. 

Such a revision could significantly impact sales and consumer acceptance, as the less steep price increase may make the latest technology more attainable for a wider audience. Despite the higher cost, the improved display technology and the potential inclusion of Apple’s M3 chip could justify the price for those seeking tablet performance and display quality.

The Bottom Line

Central to the 2024 model’s appeal is the iPad Pro 2024 M3 chip and, for the first time, an OLED display. But whether it’s worth an expensive requirement will depend entirely on your specific needs.

As soon as the official details are released, we will update this article and compare the specifications of the new iPad Pro, iPad Air 6, and M3 MacBook Air to help you purchase the best Apple device for your needs.


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