MAGA Meme Coin Has a New Celebrity Competitor – Fight Night Sets a Stage for a Hot Presale Launch

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There has been an influx in the number of meme coins that are hitting the crypto market. What’s even more interesting is that more than half of them lack any utility, and some of them even turn out to be pure pump-and-dump coins.

MAGA Trump Coin, inspired by the slogan “Make America Great Again,” is one meme coin that has been popular this year because of its political theme and the association with Donald Trump’s name. However, a new meme coin is here, posing a major competition to MAGA with its celebrity association.

Let’s try to understand why Fight Night could be a big competition for MAGA.

MAGA Trump Coin: A Politically Themed Meme Coin

MAGA Trump Coin is a political themed meme coin that uses the popularity of former President Donald Trump. The coin was also launched with the slogan “Make America Great Again.” This is with the aim of attracting supporters of Trump and capitalizing on his recent vocal support for cryptocurrencies.

According to CoinMarketCap, this meme coin has surged by +169667.59% since last year.


Fight Night: A New Competitor with Celebrity Appeal

While MAGA Trump Coin focuses on political themes and Trump, Fight Night focuses on the storyline around Mike Tyson and his boxing match against Jake Paul. Here’s why Fight Night might potentially stand out among thousands of other meme coins.

Celebrity Collaboration

Fight Night centers around the storyline of Mike Tyson. Tyson is teleported into a pixel world where he meets Muhammad Al. Ali gives Tyson his magical gloves to defeat Evil Jake and his gang.

The theme of Fight Night focuses on the Tyson vs. Jake Netflix match. However, they are adding a twist to it by turning them into retro pixel characters. The project is also integrating this theme into a web3 retro boxing game, webtoon, and an AI platform.

Media and Marketing Strategy

Fight Night is leveraging a robust media and marketing strategy to reach a wider audience. The project utilizes various media channels (mostly crypto media outlets with articles) and powerful social and viral marketing through Key Opinion Leaders (KOL).

The project also plans to advertise through media and participate in offline events like the Tyson vs. Jake Netflix match and Fight Night interviews.

Charitable Initiatives

A portion of the proceeds from Fight Night tokens are donated to various charities, including Binance Charity. By participating in Fight Night, investors can contribute to important causes such as the Opioid Awareness Foundation, Breast Cancer research, UNICEF, and Parkinson’s research.

Fight Night is planning to list its token on major centralized exchanges (CEX). They also expect this exposure to offer a return on investment (ROI) of over 10x to 20x, as we all know how coins can pump when listed on a major exchange. Additionally, the project has also been audited by

The Roadmap

Fight Night has a clear and well outlined roadmap that outlines its growth and development phases.

In the first phase, the project focused on building the celebrity team and developing the storyline. This phase also includes a private sale that focuses on raising $500k.

The second phase involves the official launch of the Fight Night website, smart contracts, and whitepaper. The project is also planning to launch a web3 financial wallet and staking platform.

In the third phase, Fight Night will launch a web3 game, an AI video platform, and a webtoon. The project also plans to list its token on major exchanges.

Fight Night targets 1 million active users, 100,000 token holders, and 1 million community supporters in its final phase.

Fight Night

Next Crypto Presale to Watch?

To sum it up, MAGA Trump Coin has enjoyed its pump and popularity with its association with Trump’s name, while Fight Night is planning to be the next meme coin that will leverage the popularity of the Tyson and Jake boxing match.

With its storyline around this highly-anticipated match, media and marketing strategy, charitable initiatives, Fight Night could potentially be the next meme coin that can repeat MAGA’s success.

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